Android :: Implement Gesture Detector Onfling In Webview In Droid?

Nov 24, 2010

Can anybody give example how to implement gesture detector onfling in webview in android.

Android :: Implement gesture detector onfling in webview in droid?

Android :: ViewFlipper - Gesture Detector

Mar 25, 2010

I am using gesture detector to catch "flings" and using a view flipper to change the screen when this happens. Some of my child views contain list views. The the gesture detector wont recognize a swipe if you swipe on the list view. But it will recognize it if it is onTop of TextView's or ImageView's. Is there a way to implement it so that it will recognize the swipes even if they are on top of another view that has a ClickListener?

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Android :: Possible To Implement Both Ontouch And Also Onfling In Same Listview?

Nov 15, 2010

I have a listview and implemented onclick and also onfling.problem is when i do fling(swipe left to right), onclick event of listview is also getting executed.How to overCome this problem? how to differentiate touch(tap) and fling(swipe) in listview? code...

P.S: is it possible? to comment the onclicklistener of listview and writing the same logic in any onTouchEvent? but still i doubt onfling will call ontouch. right?

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Android :: Purpose Of Events In Gesture Detector Of Android?

Jul 2, 2010

I am developing an android application and I am novice in Touch enabled Android Application. I have read the article about "onFling" and "onScroll" event on:
But I didn't get exactly what is the meaning and for what we can use OnFling and onScroll event?

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Android : Webview Swipe Gesture Detect With Multitouch Zooming Enabled Withing Flipper

Jul 14, 2010

So is there a way for a webview control to detect a swipe while capable of doing multitouch zoom and having build-in zoom controls?

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Android :: OnClick Seems To Be Blocking OnFling

Nov 23, 2010

I have an Activity that implements a Gesture Detector to catch the user fling input for navigation to other screens. That was working fine - but - I recently updated a class that derives from my BaseActivity to add an onClick function and now that click event seems to block the onFling from being hit. The onClick is tied to a TextView area (in a LinearLayout) I have on my screen. The resultsClick method is wired to the TextView using its onClick property in the XML layout.

I've tried changing the return values in onSingleTapUp and onDown without luck. I've also tried adding log statements to all the functions below as well. None of them fire when I fling in the TextView area but they do on other areas of the screen.

Maybe I am using the wrong search terms, but I couldn't seem to find an example that addressed this - yet I'm sure this problem has been solved before.


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Android :: Delete An Item From ListView On OnFling Event

Jun 25, 2010

I want to delete an item from a ListView, to which have attached a GestureListener. I have overridden the method onFling for that GestureListener to return true of false based on my criteria.

But I don't know how to fetch the last selected item in the ListView. Fling does not select an item in ListItem.

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Android :: Microwave Detector Using Phone's Antenna

May 21, 2010

Every cell phone has a microwave emisor/receptor and it is used to make calls. My question is Do we can use it as a microwave detector to detect another cellphones, microwave oven leaks? Also use it as a mw radar.

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Android :: Does Anyone Know Of Any Sample Code For Simple Shake Detector?

Jul 16, 2010

I'm looking for an android code example on how I would be able to make my phone listen for a "shake" and then have it trigger webview.reload(); to simply reload the webview on the activity. Anyone have any insight on this topic?

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Motorola Droid :: Google Gesture

Mar 4, 2010

"Wednesday night, Google added gesture search for Android phones, which allows a user to "write" a gesture (such as a letter) instead of type in a character."

Android Phones Can Now Search via Gesture - Reviews by PC Magazine

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Motorola Droid X :: Swipe Gesture On LP Dock

Sep 3, 2010

Does anyone use the swipe gesture on the dock icons for Launcher Pro? If you don't know about it... long press an icon on your dock and you can program what you want the swipe gesture to do when you swipe up on the specified dock icon. I recently rediscovered it and am trying to find any good ideas of how I can utilize them. Also, it would be good to share with everyone else!

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Motorola Droid X :: Gesture Search Flip

Aug 12, 2010

Just downloaded this...Can anyone get it to work on the X? I changed it to easy and flipped and flipped, tried going back to the Moto homescreen to see if that helped, but no dice...

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HTC Hero :: Loose Connector / Motion Detector With A Moving Part?

Nov 2, 2009

I got my Hero 3G (the one with the chin) a few days ago and I just noticed that when I tap the back of the phone near the camera or when I bounce it on my bed, I hear a tiny sound like there is something loose inside the phone. Is this normal? Is it something like a motion detector with a moving part for instance?

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Android :: Implemented An Android Shake Detector That Works Well On Most Phones?

Jul 11, 2010

Has anyone implemented an Android Shake Detector that works well on most phones?I thought it would be fairly simple to implement but I keep getting false results. Basically, what I'm doing is setting up a sensor Listener, checking to make sure it is a SensorManager.SENSOR_ACCELEROMETER event, then only checking the event if the last event I received was more than 50 milliseconds ago (to try to reduce the amount of checking I do).Then I look for 3 "Shakes" within 4 seconds.A "Shake" to me being a speed reading of over 1000 followed by a speed reading of less than 400 within 1 second. If I don't get three "Shakes" within 4 seconds then the counter is reset to zero.At times it seems to work well but I continue to have instances where I just pick up the phone, and it triggers all three shakes, which makes very little sense to me because at other times, I can physically shake the phone quite hard, and not trigger all three shakes.As I said.. it works about 90% of the time correctly, but a 10% error rate is making the feature I want to implement useless.

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Android :: Gesture

Jul 31, 2009

I would like to know what is meant by gestures in typical mobiles more specifically android ones. Android supports gesture recognition.

Is a gesture termed as when user holds the device and shakes it(say upwards, downwards or side- side)?
Is a gesture termed as when a finger is placed on the screen and traced UP,DOWN,RIGHT,LEFT? If so what is the difference between touch screen and gestures.

I am confused between 1) and 2) option.

What is a gesture exactly?

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Android :: How To Implement TLS For Droid App?

Jul 13, 2009

Is there any available guide to implement TLS for Android applications?

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Android :: Gesture Over A Button

Oct 6, 2010

I create some gestures and they are working, but if I add a button the gesture doesn't work over the button. I split the display resolution to make different gestures and i get x, y coordinates. If i make a gesture starting with the button the coordinates are both 0, only under them i get normal coordinates. It's like the coordinates are starting only after the button.

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Android :: Gesture In Listview

Oct 13, 2010

I have to add a gesture to my listview,i want to implement the same functionality of contact application.
when i left swipe it should send a message,right swipe it should call. can anyone help me how to do those gesture detection... i have implemented it in various other views... but i couldn't do for listView... i don't what going worng...

My code is:


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Android :: How Does Touch Gesture Processing?

Dec 15, 2009

I want to know that android has a touchscreen requirement about hardware and software.And how does touch gesture processing where, for example, in driver layer or framework or application,

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Android :: Crash On Gesture Recognize

Sep 3, 2010

I got a crash with the following stack trace:


Line 130 in my code is: ...........

What's wrong and what checks can I perform on gesture before sending it to recognize to avoid this crash?

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Android :: Gesture Recognition Library

Apr 11, 2009

I had developed a simple gesture recognition library for Android (not for accelerometer; I mean touchscreen - finger gestures). I had to abandon it for quite a while, but recently I was able to clean it a bit and port it to 1.0 SDK. It is released under GPL. Here are some sample videos: [url]

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Android :: New Gesture Recognition Application

Apr 30, 2009

Me and some of my friends have made a gesture recognition application for android. It allows you to customize gestures that will call, text, or email one of your contacts or launch an application. Please check out our blog and demonstration video and comment to let us know what you think.

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Android :: Gesture Or Shorthand Keyboard

Apr 30, 2010

I got pretty good at using the Palm shorthand for entering text. I'm pretty sure that a similar "shorthand keyboard" would work out well on the Android phones, but I haven't seen any apps that will replace the keyboard with a "shorthand" pad.

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Android :: ScaleGestureDetector Not Detecting Gesture End

Oct 31, 2010

I have hooked in a ScaleGestureDetector to an OnTouchListener as instructed in Android documentation. For some reason the ScaleGestureDetector does not always detect end of a pinch gesture. This happens mostly when pinching fast from large to small.

The effect is that after I have released both fingers the detector does not fire the gesture end event. If I touch the screen with one afterwards it still thinks I'm continuing the scale gesture (keeps firing onScale events). I have to do another gesture to get the detector to fire end event.

I have added logs to the OnTouchListener and when the scale gesture gets stuck I still get motion events normally when using one finger and event.getPointerCount() is 1.

I have made sure that I don't have any other listeners intervening. View that has the onTouchListener is not the only view on screen but this effect happens also when I'm very careful to begin and end the gesture inside this one view.

Is there any way to improve the end detection?

Or if there a way for me to manually set the ScaleGestureDetector to fire onScaleEnd and change scaleGestureDetector.isInProgress() to false?

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Android :: Using Gesture On Top Of Menu Buttons

Feb 2, 2010

What I want is to have an options menu where the user can choose to navigate the menu between:

1) touching a button and then pressing down on the trackball to select it, and

2) drawing predefined gestures from Gestures Builder

As it stands now, I have created my buttons with OnClickListener and the gestures with GestureOverlayView. Then I select starting a new Activity depending on whether the using pressed a button or executed a gesture. However, when I attempt to draw a gesture, it is not picked up. Only pressing the buttons is recognized. The following is my code:


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Android :: Gesture To That's Used On Start Screen

Jul 6, 2010

What Android Api is used to get the scrolling to the left or to the right on the start screen on Android?

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Android :: Implementing Gesture Recognition In An App

Jul 26, 2010

I am adding gesture recognition to my app. I have added the view as described in the Android Developers Gestures article but when it comes to adding:


where do I put this in my code, do I have to create a new class for it, or can I have it in an inner class, or does it not need a class at all?! I have a set up similar to Lunar Lander which comprises of two files, one of which is a thread that handles pretty much all the physics and drawing of the game. The other file begins the thread and saveInstanceState method. Furthermore, what type is mLibrary?! I cannot find out anywhere! I imagine I will put the OnGesturePerformed method in my thread as this is where I handle all keyUp and Down events.

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Android :: How To Use Map To Zoom With Hand Gesture

Apr 15, 2009

How do you use the Android API to zoom in and out maps with the 2 finger gestures like iPhone?

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Android :: Implement MVC Pattern In Java For Droid?

May 27, 2010

Is it possible to implement the Model-View-Controller pattern in Java for Android? Or is it already implemented through Activities? Or is there a better way to implement the MVC pattern for Android?

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Android :: Implement Drag'n'drop App In Droid?

Nov 8, 2010

I want to write an app for my thesis that it will have some items/icons and i will drag'n'drop them in a box and then it will make a query in a database and return the result..but i can't find information on how to combine the drag'n'drop with the box...

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