Android :: Exception With Web Service ( Permission Denied) In Android

Nov 23, 2010

When I call a Web Service, it returns me this exception: Permission denied. I dont know waht is the actual problem. I don't know how to solve this? page:............

Android :: Exception with web service ( Permission denied) in Android

Android :: Java Socket IO Exception - Permission Denied

Nov 2, 2010

i am trying to connect to a server on my network running a tcp listener using the following java code. I am getting am IOException - Permission Denied. It is from an android 2.2 emulator.Does anyone know why?Socket socket = new Socket("", 1111);PrintWriter out = new PrintWriter( socket.getOutputStream(), true);Out.println("test");socket.close();

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Android :: Android Application - SocketException Permission Denied (No File Or Directory)

Sep 25, 2010

when I try to adapt the code to my project, things are not running well since I bumped to this exception (SocketException). Somehow, I keep getting it even after setting the permission in the manifest to have Internet permission (and yes, I have an Internet connection working):...............

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Android :: Permission Denied When Calling Web Service

Jun 7, 2010

I'm trying to use .net SOAP web service with ksoap2 lib. Example from shows how to do it correct. Below the code from that example. everything shoud work ok, but when I try to do a call inself ( I get "Permission denied (maybe missing INTERNET permission)" exception. Moreover, I don't see in the Application info window among permissions the internet permission alert. Tried this on emulator and Google phone. Will be very appreciated if somebody could help with it. Thanks.

public void CelsiusToFahrenheit()
String SOAP_ACTION = "";
String METHOD_NAME = "CelsiusToFahrenheit";
String NAMESPACE = "";
String URL = "";..............

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Android :: - Operation Not Permitted

Sep 11, 2010

nexus 2.2, device connects via wifi port not blocked datagram send works from android 1.5 moto blur.

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Android :: - Connection Reset

Jul 17, 2009

i got this ( Connection reset ) exception on server program when i try to read inputStream sent by client. BufferedReader.readLine(); is anybody know what can be the reason for this exception?

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Android :: - Operation Timed Out - Not Behind Proxy

Feb 25, 2009

I'm developing an app which needs to connect to the internet, but when i send a request using DefaultHtpClient.execute() method it takes 2-3 minutes and then the stacktrace says timed out............

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Android :: Su Permission Denied

Apr 14, 2009

Any idea why I get permission denied when I run su in adb shell? I've seen multiple posts here claiming all you have to do is run su, but it never works for me. Why?

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Android :: Tcpdump Permission Denied

Mar 4, 2010

I rooted my Motorola Cliq successfully in order to start using tcpdump. I copied tcpdump inti /system/bin. And I am logged in as root. When I try to run tcpdump I get Permission denied I am really blocked. I was trying to root my phone for 2 days just to be able to use tcpdump.

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Android :: Permission Denied For Using Go To Sleep

Jan 29, 2009

I wanted to use the funcion goToSleep() in PowerManager Class to force the device to sleep. But I'm getting an exception and the application crashes when I call this function. I already have added the DEVICE_POWER permission in Androidmanifest.xml. When I checked the logs I could see below error "E/AndroidRuntime( 2158): Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Neither user 10 020 nor current process has android.permission. DEVICE_POWER." Has anyone faced this issue before. Does application have DEVICE_POWER permission. or is it disabled.

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Android :: Google Map - Key Store Permission Denied

May 26, 2010

I use this code to get the finger print in android emulator I got message "keystore: permission denied".

$ keytool -list -alias androiddebugkey
-keystore <path_to_debug_keystore>.keystore
-storepass android -keypass android

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Android :: Getting Permission Denied When Trying To Write To A File

Jul 30, 2010

I am trying to take a dump of encoded data stream to a file. I had added the code to make the file dump in pvmf_omx_enc_node.cpp file, in the Fillbufferdoneprocessing () function. But i am getting the error 'permission denied' for fopen("/sdcard/enc_bitstream.bin,"wb+""); what i need to do to enable the permission to write to sdcard

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Android :: Application Not Working On 2.2 Simulator / Permission Denied

Oct 15, 2010

My application which can work on 2.1, but when I use 2.2 simulator, I got error on create file: Permission denied.

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Android :: How To Overcome Permission Denied Error When SystemProperties.set

Mar 11, 2010

I have a system property named "", and able to get its value by SystemProperties.get(), but when I set it using SystemProperties.set("", "value"), i got error saying that


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Android :: Why Does Sqlite3 Command Using The Adb Shell Return Permission Denied

Sep 5, 2010

Specifically, I was trying to use the sqlite3 command with the adb shell to run some queries on the database of the Android application I'm building. I kept getting "sqlite3: permission denied". I'm developing on a Nexus One that I purchased from Google. Does my phone need to be rooted or something?

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General :: Failed To Copy Android Database - Permission Denied

Jan 19, 2013

My Android (Samsung Galaxy 5 (Samsung GT-i5500)) has blocked, after many attempts and now ı'm trying to unblock.

I'm doing like in this video: [URL] .....

adb pull /data/data/

It shows me

failed to copy 'adb pull /data/data/' to './settings.db': permission denied

Anyother way how to unblock my phone ?

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Android :: Sqlite Exception:java.lang.Illegal Argument Exception Column Id Does Not Exist

Jul 14, 2010

I created a sql lite database with the following columns:
static final String dbName="demoDB";
static final String tableName="Employees";
static final String colID="EmployeeID";
public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
colName+" TEXT, "+colAge+" Integer);");
I want to select all the records in the database like this and display them in a gridview:SQLiteDatabase db=this.getWritableDatabase();Cursor cur= db.rawQuery("Select "+colName+", "+colAge+" from "+tableName, new String [] {});String [] from=new String []{DatabaseHelper.colName,DatabaseHelper.colAge};
int [] to=new int [] {,};
SimpleCursorAdapter sca=new SimpleCursorAdapter(this,R.layout.gridrow,c,from,to);
GridView grid=(GridView)findViewById(;
grid.setAdapter(sca);but i receive the following exception:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: column '_id' does not exist.the db table does not have a column with name '_id'so what is wrong with this code

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Android :: Media Recorder Class To Record Audio / Permission Denied

Jun 4, 2010

I'm new in Android development and I have the next question/problem. I'm playing around with the Media Recorder class to record just audio from the microphone. I'm following the steps indicated in the official ://
So I have a method that initializes and configure the Media Recorder object in order to start recording. Here you have the code:
//initializes audio recorder
//configure the input sources
//set the output format
//set the audio encoding

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Android :: Using Intent To Call Activity From Another Program Results In Permission Denied

Oct 16, 2010

In my very simple app (based on the default Hello World app but with a button added) I try to open one of my phone's (a SE X10 Mini) preinstalled activities, like this:

Intent calendarIntent = new Intent();

However, it does not work, I get the following error in the log:

E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: starting Intent { cmp=com.sonyericsson.calendar/.dayview.DayActivity } from ProcessRecord{302cf238 2215:com.klibb.quickappointment/10079} (pid=2215, uid=10079) requires null
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at android.os.Parcel.readException(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at android.os.Parcel.readException(
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at
E/AndroidRuntime( 2215): at com.klibb.quickappointment.QuickAppointmentActivity$1.onClick(

Is there anything I can do about this or is this type of code a no-no? When searching the web I see people changing the intent filters in what I assume is their own app, but I obviously cannot change anything in a preinstalled app.

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Android :: Command Access Device Shell / Terminal Permission Denied Error

Nov 22, 2010

By using command prompt access the device shell/terminal. then use the su command getting permission denied error. Why this happening? how can i solve this problem.

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Android :: Gears Or HTML5 Location API On 1.5 - Getting OnFailure Callback With Permission Denied Error

Apr 21, 2010

I am trying to use gwt-mobile-webkit, particularly its location api. It works well with iPhone (both device and simulator) and Firefox and on G1 with 1.6 Android, however, it does not work on G2 with Android 1.5 on it. In result I am getting onFailure callback with Permission Denied error.

So it seems, that there is some geolocation API (gears or HTML5) in the browser available, but it just does not want to ask user for granting permissions. Do you know if there is any workaround or just enable it somewhere in settings?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Permission Denied While Rooting 2.2?

Sep 13, 2010

following the method on XDA for 2.2 Evo. I have all the files copied and in the correct folders. However, when I attempt to adb push /sdcard/, I get failed to copy permission denied!! WTH, anyone else have this problem? I tried searching but no luck at all here or XDA. USB debugging charge only on phone. Now it still mounts on my computer as removeable harddrive and I "safely remove", I have tried it both ways without removing and just leaving it there.

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General :: ADB Permission Denied

Jan 17, 2013

So I Just Tried Editing My Systemui.apk File, So Now I'm Trying to Use ADB to Push it back to My Phone. So I Go to ADB and Type the ADB Command " ADB Push systemui.apk /system/app " And It Says Permission Denied...

- It Seems Like I Need to Grant ADB root Permissions, So How Do I That? Some su Command Right ? What Exactly Is It
- My Phone Is Rooted, and im Using Super SU

How do i bypass this permission denied thing?

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KitKat 4.4 :: Permission Denied To SD Card

Mar 27, 2014

After updating my galaxy s4 to android 4.4.2, sd card (samsung 64gb) is not working correctly. I can read files, but can't edit or delete them by any file explorer. Message: "permission denied".

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General :: ADB Pull - Permission Denied

Mar 6, 2013

To retrieve a file from my tablet and put it in a folder in my PC

I used the command: adb pull in the command prompt in Windows but it returns the following error: Permission denied.I tried with su but the same

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General :: ADB PUSH Permission Denied?

May 4, 2014

ASAP, as my device is currently in a bootloop because a boot animation app didn't work as well as I thought it would and my Dell Streak 7 will not boot up.

The device does still respond to adb commands, so there's a chance at saving it.Unfortunately, I cannot get adb push to work, it says no permission when I try to do:

adb push /system/media

It says permission denied. I either need to know how to get adb push working or how to COMPLETELY reset the tablet, including all the system files such as

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HTC Incredible :: Permission Denied Error Trying To Root

Jun 29, 2010

Alright, so I'm trying to root and I've managed to get adb shell to work in recovery but when I try to push any of the files I get a permission denied error and nothing can push to it. Has anyone else had this issue or know what I'm doing wrong?

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General :: How To Re-grant App Permission As Wrongly Denied

Jul 21, 2012

how I can re-grant the app permission as wrongly denied... Try to re-install the app but still unable to get the SuperUser allow to grant. Is that means once denied one app, then this app will never be get the permission fever ?

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Android :: Android Adding Audio Files To Emulator Update Permission Denied

Apr 15, 2010

For debugging purposes, I wanted to have a couple of mp3 files located somewhere "in" my android emulator. Is there anyway to directly push files from my OS file system to the storage system of android? If so, which directory does android keep audio files?if not, how can I access an SD card via emulator?[update2]: The problem in update1 solved. Should use adb push.[update1]: I followed kgiannakakis's advice to create an sdcard for my avd. However, I got Permission denied error when I try to create new directory inside it.
$ cd sdcard
$ ls
$mkdir musics
mkdir failed for musics, Permission denied
$ su mkdir musics
su: uid 10016 not allowed to su

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Android :: Permission Denied Error While Call Webservice Using HTTP In Android Application

Oct 14, 2010

I'm working in android application.I create a web service in java.Now i want to refer a webservice using HTTP. but i got 'Permission Denied' Error while the debugger reached the last line. The Code is:


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