Android : Displaying Content In Linearlayout - How To Extend Height

Aug 2, 2010

I have problem in displaying content in Linearlayout, how to extend layout height.when large number layout used for displaying content..

Android : Displaying content in Linearlayout - How to extend height

Android :: How To Extend LinearLayout?

Feb 4, 2010

I'm am trying to learn how to create LayoutGroups. For a start, I created MyLinearLayout which is supposed to force all children into same width (yes, there is layout_weight, but that's beside the point.

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Android :: Get Height Of A Linearlayout

Nov 1, 2010

I'd like to get the height of a linearlayout. I found more information in this answer

View.getWidth()/View.getHeight() won't give you a meaningful answer until the view has been measured.

How will I know that view has been measured? Is there some event for it?

Solution for me is to get layout's height in overriden onWindowFocusChanged()

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Android :: Dynamically Extend The Height Of ListView Row Background Image

Apr 23, 2010

I am loading a listview dynamically. I have set a .9.png image as row background image. The main purpose of using .9.png image was to extend the height of the image dynamically according to the contents of the listview. But, the image is not getting extended. The contents which can be displayed within the height of the row are being displayed and the rest are being cut.

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Android :: Dynamically Changing Linearlayout Width / Height

Sep 29, 2010

I am trying to change linear layout or any other widget width or height dynamically but throwing how can I change the dimensions dynamically.....

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Android :: Dynamically Extend The Height Of The ListView Row Background Image In Android

Apr 23, 2010

I am loading a listview dynamically. I have set a .9.png image as row background image. The main purpose of using .9.png image was to extend the height of the image dynamically according to the contents of the

But, the image is not getting extended. The contents which can be displayed within the height of the row are being displayed and the rest are being cut.

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Android :: Setup Slider Drawer With Height Of Its Content?

Nov 3, 2010

I have a slider drawer in my application. If I set wrap_content as a value for the layout_height field, the slider drawer will stretch on the whole screen. Using a constant as a height is not a good alternative either.
Is it possible to have a slider drawer with the height of it's content? code....

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Android :: Way To Find Height Of HTML Content Displayed In A Webview?

Apr 8, 2009

My application generates an HTML file which needs to be displayed to the user . For this purpose I'm using the loadData() API provided by Webview. This HTML file is updated every 2 secs & the same is loaded again using loadData() to display the updated values. On reloading the file the Webview starts displaying again from the top of the file causing the user to always scroll down to the location where he previously was. This causes a very bad user experience. To overcome this issue an alternative that I could think of was to split the file to multiple files that can exactly fit in the the screen. For this I need to find the height of the HTML content that can loaded in a web view. From the WebView documentation I found that an API getContentHeight() is provided for this purpose. Although this method returns me 0 on the first attempt. On subsequent attempt it gives me the height of the page that was previously loaded.

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Android :: Displaying Folder Content In Dialog Box

Jul 10, 2009

I would like to create a dialog with the list of files from selected folder.Does anyone know about any good example available on the web or just briefly describe how to solve this task?

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Displaying XML Content Within SwipeView

Aug 24, 2013

I have the ability to play a video in one app and the fact that it references the Eclipse default SwipeView, now have another app with 4 swipe view pages.

However I cannot for the life of me find out how to make the content of each page show the text I have within the xml documents (basically, I want to combine app 1 and app 2).

It seems to come down to two parts:

[HIGH] @Override
public Fragment getItem(int position)
// getItem is called to instantiate the fragment for the given page.
// Return a DummySectionFragment (defined as a static inner class
// below) with the page number as its lone argument.


The site I gave suggested a case statement:

public Fragment getItem(int position) {
Fragment fragment = new Fragment();
switch (position) {
case 0:


and I tried this, creating the relevant classes. However I could not get any further. The classes remain empty.

I have an xml document for each page content so all I need the select case to do is display the relevant xml document.

Oh, and shouldn't the above select case have a break within each case? Or am I missing something in this code?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Internet Browsers / Capability In Displaying Certain Content On Web Pages

Jun 9, 2010

I was wondering about internet browsers and their capability in displaying certain content on web pages. I go back and forth between the stock internet browser that came with the Evo and Xscope Browser. I noticed two things, on that it doesn't display animation on GIFs. I wanted to know, is there a plug-in one can download or a browser that would run the animation on the page? The reason I ask is because right now I can�t tell the difference between a JPEG and GIF on the page when it loads up. Its only when I decide to download it that it displays the extension. My second question is about playing Quicktime files on trailer websites that run QT. I can�t play these back. Is there a plug-in or browser that I can use to play those videos on my Evo?

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Android :: TextView Inside LinearLayout Stretches The LinearLayout

Aug 21, 2010

If I have 2 LinearLayouts split %50/%50 everything is fine. Weights are 1 and 1. As soon as I add a TextView inside the top LinearLayout, it stretches that layout. I use "wrap_content" as the documentation says I should when it comes to weights. As you can see the red and green should be split evenly and text on grey background should be inside red box.

Here is the code:..............

Now if I switch to "fill parent" as follows it actually works but it creates another problem. Here is the code (so far so good):

So looking at above we were forced to use "fill_parent" and we would think like we fixed the problem but here is the problem if we are using "fill_parent" (I took out the textview just to show the problem, textview doesnt make the problem go away anyways):

As you can see I assign the weights 3 (top red) and 2 (bottom green) but what actually happens is they get flipped: The red becomes 2 and bottom becomes 3. Just measure the pixels too see.

Here are the results of the 3 codes:

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Android :: Bottom Of One LinearLayout Being Hidden By Other LinearLayout

May 25, 2010

I have a RelativeLayout that has two LinearLayouts in it. One is a bunch of TextViews and EditTexts that make up a form and the other is a ButtonBar that submits the form.

anyways, everything looks great in portrait, but when i switch to landscape mode the bottom TextView/EditText element is being hidden by the buttonbar.

screenshot to show the problem. as you can see some of the "email" textview and all of the email edit text are being hidden by button bar.

and xml:


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Android : Min Height Fill_parent And Height Wrap_content In ScrollView - Or Just The Email App Compose Layout's Code

Oct 7, 2010

If I have the following:


How can I get the body (second EditText) to fill the rest of the screen, but still have the scrollview kick in when the contents of the body are too long? Like a height="wrap_content" and minHeight="fill_parent"

layout_height="fill_parent" seems to not do anything if you put them in a scrollview

A working example of what I want is the email app compose window

I tried this and the EditText elements act like they are wrap_content and no filling is happening. Just scrolling if you type enough


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Android :: When Listview Height Is Higher Than Screen Height It Goes Under Button

Oct 28, 2010

This is my layout that suppot delete from listview ,the problem is when listview height is higher than screen height it goes under the button , so need a solution for avoding it

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Android :: How To Get Button's Height To Match Another Element's Height

Nov 15, 2010

I want to put a button next to a EditText and I want their heights to match.For example, from the built in Android browser:

The Go button is the same height as the EditText field.I know I could wrap both these views in a parent layout view, and set both of their heights to fill_parent, and that would make them match.However, I would like to do this without having to give the layout a static size.I would rather have the EditText take whatever height it needs based on the font size and then have the button next to it match whatever height that might be.Is this possible with an xml layout?

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Android : RelativeLayout Height Not Following GridView Height

Aug 28, 2010

I am having problem with a GridView within a RelativeLayout, which is again within a ScrollView. The problem is that the height of the RelativeLayout is not following the height of the contents of the GridView. When there are more than one rows, the GridView is clipped and a scrollbar appears, which is undesirable. I have tried to illustrate my problem using an screenshot from the Android hierarchy viewer. You can see how the red RelativeLayout box has clipped the second row of the GridView. I am pasting the XML layout of the page (page.xml) and the individual grid item (griditem.xml). I have used the following code to inflate the grid items in the gridAdapter code:


What I should do to have the height of the RelativeLayout follow the full length of the gridView?

Here is the screenshot:

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Android :: LinearLayout In LinearLayout

Jun 25, 2009

Why is the following code causing an exception? The Code throws a "mBaselineAlignedChildIndex of LinearLayout set to an index that is out of bounds" exception.


If l2 is dont added to l1 than it works.

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Retrieve And Set ListView Items (cells) Height Depending On ListView Height

Apr 4, 2012

I have some class In the onCreate method I retrieve ListView:

ListView list = (ListView)findViewById(; then:


In addition there are login.xml layout - there are:

android:layout_height="match_parent" >
and sn_row.xml:


At the moment I have cell's height 100dp, I need that cell's height will depend on device, I mean I have here 5 cells showing at login screen in ListView and I need that these 5 rows will fit the ListView (cell's height = ListView's height/5).

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Android :: Switching Content Providers For Same Content URI

Aug 12, 2009

This may seem like a stupid question but I need to be sure. I was wondering if it was possible to pro-grammatically change the Content Provider used when making a query given a Content URI. The reason being I need to know if it's possible to force the Calendar/Contacts applications to read from a different database via a different Content Provider temporarily while my application is running, so that I can reuse those applications to display my own data. Since the Content URI s are hard coded in each of these applications the only way it might be possible is if we could somehow temporarily change the Content Provider used for a given URI. I know this probably isn't possible, I just need to show it isn't. Could someone confirm this can't be done?

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Android : Content Provider - No Link Between Content Provider And Its CONTENT_URI Declared In Another Class

Mar 1, 2010

I am having a hard time understanding content providers. In the notepad example and others, the content provider never even declares its CONTENT_URI anywhere inside itself, yet the docs say to publicly declare this. It's declared in a different class. So when an activity queries a content provider with a CONTENT_URI, how does Android know which one I want. I see no link between a content provider and its CONTENT_URI declared in another class.

I also don't how to think about intents and content providers. I know that you don't call an intent on a content provider. But an activity queries a content provider without an intent, and an activity has a mimetype attribute in the manifest that would seem to tie it to a content provider.

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Android :: How To Extend Intent?

Oct 6, 2010

I am using the following code to play video..

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Android :: Way To Extend An ArrayAdapter?

Apr 10, 2009

I'm running into difficulties overriding an ArrayAdapter to be displayed in a ListActivity. The ArrayAdapter is filled asynchronously. What I'm trying to do is add a special "sentinel" object that sits at the beginning of the list to show the progress of the computation. Ultimately this may be a progress bar, but right now I am just using a TextView as a placeholder. The problem is that the sentinel seems to get inserted multiple times into the list - not just once at the beginning. It *seems* to be appearing once per "page" of list data (so if 8 list items fit on the screen, my sentinel appears as the 1st, then 9th, then the 17th, etc..), but that interpretation may not be accurate. While maybe not how ArrayAdapters were intended to be extended, I thought something like this should work by simply overriding getView() to show my custom TextView for index.

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Android :: Extend Core Apps In The SDK

Jul 15, 2009

I know this topic has been covered a lot, so apologies if this is redundant. I would like to work in the SDK and simply extend a core app that already exists, and then override some functionality. For example, I would like to extend Contacts, but then overwrite the entire ContactsListActivity class, for my own experimental MyContacts.apk.

In this youtube video:

Dianne talks about the ringtone picker, did she just extend the core ringtone picker and work in the SDK?

I DO have the entire platform source code, and have made some changes to core apps there, but rebuilding takes awhile (even useing mmm, and snod), so I was hoping to speed up development by working in the SDK (where building and running the emulator seems to go faster). Not sure if this is realistic or not.

This is all just for some internal experimentation, I am not looking to contribute the the core apps.

In another post, someone had referred to ".... classes available in the SDK....". How can we see what classes we have access to, in the SDK.

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Android :: How To Extend Calendar On Droid?

Feb 19, 2010

I mean, is there any way to add more functionality add/remove events synchronize with other then Google calendars/formats (authorized).

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Android :: Way To Use A MapView Without Having To Extend MapActivity?

Jul 27, 2010

Currently in my design I've got a base abstract class that all of my activities extend from, however I discovered recently that in order to use a MapView you need to make your activity extend MapActivity. Since Java does not have multiple inheritance I was wondering if there is any way I can use a MapView without having to recreate my design for my application.

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Android : Way To Extend Lifetime Of Certificates?

Mar 24, 2010

I recently formatted my computer and updated to Windows 7. I backed up my keystore and tried to sign my apk with it but it gave me an error that said my certificate expires in 22yrs. which is just shy of what the market requires to upload the apk. So now I am stuck not being able to update my app... Is there a way to extend the lifetime of certificates so that I can update my app?

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Android :: Looking For Possibility Of Extend C2DM To Other Platform

Jul 7, 2010

We are looking for possibility of extend C2DM to other platform such as WM. And want to check the technology or protocol behind android 2.2 Cloud to Device Messaging.

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Android :: Way To Have A SeekBar's Thumb Image Extend Outside Bar?

Jun 11, 2010

I have set negative paddings on my custom seekbar so that the round thumb image can go outside the bar, but the thumb isn't rendered out there, is there anyway to force the thumb to be drawn outside those bounds Sorry guys, I'm new to Android development, and have been tasked with fixing an existing application. The problem is that we have a custom rounded looking track bar, which consists of two rounded 'end cap' images and a 1 px background that is tiled to create the seekbar. As far as I can tell there was never one image that could be set as the background of a normal SeekBar, which is why a custom one was created. The thumb is a circle and needs to 'fit' into the end caps - the three pieces of the bar are in a relative layout. Right now I'm kind of unclear as to how the 1 px background png gets stretched as the seekbar bg, otherwise I would try to tack on the two endcaps onto that drawable some how?

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Android :: How To Extend Resources Xml With Custom Views?

Aug 30, 2009

Does anybody knows if (and how ) I can write a custom view/widget and then use it in resources in layout defintions?

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