Android :: Buying Numbers Vs Developing Numbers

Oct 10, 2010

It would be interesting to know if the number of people buying apps is growing as fast as the number developing them. Has anyone seen data about either?

Android :: Buying numbers vs developing numbers

Android :: How To Attach Name To Numbers?

Dec 26, 2009

I just got my htc hero yesterday and im loving it. did a search but couldn't find what im looking for....with my hand cent when i get a message the contacts number is only being displayed can u have the name attached to the number displayed in the hand cent? also is there a way of having your texts received as the displayed message? currently the message i have replied with is the messaged displayed in the in box.

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Android :: Block All Numbers Except Few

Nov 26, 2010

We need to block ALL numbers incoming and outgoing (calls and texts) from a cell phone (of a teenager) with the exception of a few numbers. All applications we have researched block only certain numbers where we need to allow only a few telephone numbers to text or call incoming or outgoing from this cell phone.

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Android :: Can't Text Certain Numbers

Feb 1, 2010

I have been able to text these individuals in the past but all of a sudden my messages aren't received. they are sent on my end (or at least I press send).

I'm not sure what the problem is- but one of them is my boss and we have been able to text with no issues then all of a sudden he thinks I'm not answering his texts when in fact I received his text and replied back the information he needed but he didn't get the reply. I've sent several "test" texts and they just aren't going through; I can receive from him but can't send back. But I can text my sister perfectly.

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Android :: Resource With Name From Numbers

Oct 13, 2009

I had imported several .png files with names like 1.png, 2.png untill 59.png in my Android Project.But it gives this error:

Description Resource Path Location Type Syntax error on token "48", invalid VariableDeclaratorId / TVGidsBelgie/gen/com/woutergo/tvgids line 14 Java Problem

How can i solve this?

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Android :: Want Multiple Gv Numbers To 1 Phone

Jun 1, 2010

I just posted this in another thread, and then realized that it was actually located in the Sam sung Moment Sub-Forum. So, I am posting it here for more universal viewing and input. Here's a rough explanation of my situation: I'm a leader in a large PS3 gaming community (4-500 active members) - go ahead and call me a dork. With all the things I do there, I occasionally have to give my number to members. I try to stick to msn/skype/google chat. However, that does not always work out. I have many separate G mail accounts for dispersing to different people; specifically, I have one designated as my gaming account. So, I would like to associate my gaming g mail with a specific GV Number. Knowing all that, if I were able to obtain an additional G V invite for that account (I do not currently have one and I probably sound selfish), would it be possible to have 2 different accounts going to the same phone?

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Android :: How To Use Arrays In Addding Numbers?

Jun 10, 2010

Hey Can anyone tel me how to use arrays in Android.I need to add the numbers given by the user

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Android :: Get Phone Numbers Of Contacts

May 24, 2010

I am new to Android and have been working on an app that needs to get all of the user's contact's phone numbers. Apparently the code I have does not work with the 2.1 SDK. So far here is the code I am using:

String[] projection = new String[] { Phone.NUMBER };
Cursor c = managedQuery( Phone.CONTENT_URI, projection, null, null, null );
int colIndex = -1;
try {
colIndex = c.getColumnIndexOrThrow( Phone.NUMBER );
} catch( Exception e ) {
print( e.getMessage() ); }
print( "Column Index = " + colIndex );
//count is equal to 3
for( int i = 0; i < count; i++ ){
try {
print( c.getString( 2 ) ); //the 2 used to be colIndex
} catch ( Exception e ) {
print( e.getMessage() );} }

It seems that no matter what I pass into c.getString() it keeps telling me that I passed in -1. But I even hardcoded the 2, and it says the same thing. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Android :: Silence All Calls Except Those From Certain Numbers

Sep 11, 2010

Is there an app that will put the phone in silent mode for all incoming calls except for certain numbers of your choosing?

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Android :: Numbers Aligned To Right In EditText

Mar 16, 2010

Is it possible to align text in the EditText widget to the right? I do not see any such a property. Am I missing it or maybe there is no such an option.

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Android :: Trying To Showing Numbers On Textview?

Aug 6, 2010

What i m trying to do is, just showing numbers from 1 to 100 in a textview, randomly, and keep on changing until the view is active.

But i am not able to continuously change random number when view is active.

it is just like a timer showing decrement from 10 to 0, but the only difference is i need to show random numbers in between 0 to 100.

How can show this on my view. this is how i am trying to do something..may be a better approch will help me out. Code...

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Android :: ProgressDialog - How To Remove Numbers

May 9, 2010

I was following the progress dialog example in the ApiDemos. all went great except for one thing - I want to remove the numbers that appear underneath the bar (those running numbers that run from 0 to .getMax().

couldn't find how to do it.

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Android :: Possible To Remove Facebook Numbers

Nov 11, 2010

Is it possible to remove a contacts phone number that they have listed on fb without unlinking facebook? I still want their updates and pictures but not their outdated numbers!

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Android :: ProgressDialog - How To Remove Numbers

May 9, 2010

I was following the progress dialog example in the ApiDemos.
all went great except for one thing - I want to remove the numbers that appear underneath the bar (those running numbers that run from 0 to .getMax().

couldn't find how to do it.

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Android :: Message Blocking From Preselected Numbers?

Jun 22, 2010

I would like not to read the messages from some preselected numbers. Some person is annoying me (as it always happens in life), and I dislike receiving stupid and incongruous messages from that person. How could I achieve this? I found apps for blocking calls, mostly for WM, but I here look a tool for my Android, and, moreover, for messages. (A call blocker would be nice too, though, but I did not find one, even by looking in older posts in this forum.

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Android :: How To Prevent Phone Numbers From Becoming Links?

Jul 26, 2010

I am coming from a proffesional environment using Windows Mobile and am in culture shock as i have decided to give the Droid X a shot. I am alarmed at how inefficient the emailing system is. It has taken everything out of me to get the VERY basic functionality of pop accounts. You can only set 1 signature for all emails? You can't compose an email with a font size smaller than 12? The Droid X is an amazing device and should make any young person elated, but to a professional it is proving to be nothing more than an expensive toy. It is too late for me since i have the Droid X already, but i strongly URGE any professionals out there to AVOID Android like the plague if you rely on emails to get your work done on a daily basis. Googles handling of email is embarrassing and inexcusable. Okay my rant is done.I have my phone setup so that i can barely make it by with day-to-day emails (GOD i miss Windows Mobile email! - nothing else) As a professional, consistency is crucial to me. There is a stark contrast to the emails sent from my computer vs emails that i send with the Droid X. When sending from my Droid X, all the phone numbers (my signature) get converted to links which look very tacky and serve no purpose in my environment. i understand, that in some cases, someone may want to use their phone, click on the number and add it to their contacts. In a professional environment this is not necessary and looks terrible. More importantly, it is inconsistant with the emails i send from my pc. Since emails are handled soooo poorly with Android i am guessing i will just have to live with it, but does anyone know how to prevent the phone numbers from becomming links? It is very irritating.

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Android :: Running Several Emulators With Different Phone Numbers

Apr 14, 2009

I'm working on a client-server Android application and trying to figure out how to identify different phones/users to the server unambiguously. My first attempt would be to use the phone number on the SIM card. Although now that I think about it, how common is it these days that your phone number changes when you e.g. change carrier? I guess it depends from country to country etc.Anyway, I've been trying to figure out, since I don't have actual Android phones, how to change the phone number of the emulator phone to simulate different users. Is it possible or should I just think about alternative ways of identification?

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Android :: Parsing HTML Numbers Dom Parser

Nov 9, 2010

I am developing an android project. I am using dom parser to parse the xml file. Issue is my xml file contains HTML numbers like (semicolon will come in the end of every char code) for example <quote>We "love" our nation</quote> which is nothing but <quot>We "love" our nation</quote> I am not able to parse this HTML number in dom parse, when I try to get the node value, I am getting null. Can anyone tel me how to parse this HTML character codes? or How to convert this HTML char code as either text char code or unicode char set in my xml feed?

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Android :: Contacts / Numbers Data To ListView

Mar 31, 2010

Does someone know how to get a 'flat' map / list of the contacts and there phone numbers. I am currently using this to build a datastructure, so I can display it in a lIstView, which is not really fast. The code shows that I do two queries. Would it be possible to do this with one query so that I end up with a just one cursor. The structure ideally would be: contact name number number contact name number

This would then allow me with a custom listView Adapter to display the data and make the names non clickable.................

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Android :: Display All Contacts With Numbers In One ListView

Apr 8, 2010

I am struggling on how to display all the contacts and all their phonenumbers in one ListView. Because the persons and their phonenumbers are in two seperate dbase tables I need to do two queries. First one, is to get the user _ID the second one is lookup the phones tabel and based on that _ID get the numbers. Using a Cursor and a ListActivity with a single query is not that difficult, but what to do in this case where I need to do sub queries. I tried building my own datasctructure, but that is to slow and to expensive to do every time. How do I go about this. The end result would look like this, where each number is separately click-able.

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Android :: Accessing Contact Phone Numbers - Corresponding ID

Oct 30, 2009

I'm trying to adapt my application (Personalytics) for the brand new Android 2.0, however I'm facing an issue while accessing contacts' phone numbers. What I need to do is to retrieve the name associated to a stored contact based on his/her phone number. At present I'm doing this in two steps:
1) from a phone number I get the corresponding ID of the stored contact (if present)
2) I retrieve the contact's name based on that ID

I managed to use the correct CONTENT_URI for reading contacts by using reflection to be fully compatible with Android 2.0 (ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI) and the previous versions (People.CONTENT_URI). Now I'm trying to do the same for Phones.CONTENT_URI (Android <= 1.6) and ContactsContract.PhoneLookup.CONTENT_FILTER_URI (Android = 2.0) which is needed by step 2) mentioned above. But as soon as I try to get a contentResolver by using ContactsContract.PhoneLookup.CONTENT_FILTER_URI I get the following exception:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown URL content://

This looks really strange to me, since it should be correct (it is part of the official API)! Moreover, I tried to look at the "API Demos" project, in particular to the classes:
which are still using the deprecated People.CONTENT_URI and Phones.CONTENT_URI and thus no data (i.e. contacts) is loaded (of course I have sample contacts in the emulator). Is there another approach I can use to get the name of a contact based on one of his/her numbers? (This must work on all versions of Android).

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Android :: Find Some Performance Numbers For FindViewById

Apr 13, 2009

trying to find some performance numbers for findViewById - need to convince to change bunch of the findViewById for the same widget to member variable with just one findViewById on create . Or may be i'm wrong and it's fine ?

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Android :: App To Block Certain Numbers From Calling And Texting?

Dec 20, 2009

I know Handcent can blacklist a number from texting. I tried Call Filter and I didn't like it, any great app that I can tell it to block whatever number I want from calling and/or texting?

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Android : Way To Select Numbers Between A Range (1 To 100) In Sqlite?

Nov 22, 2010

I am struggling from long time to get this done i know some of the solutions in sql but couldn't find any of them from sqlite.

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Android : Selective Numbers Only / Ringing Profile Possible

Nov 11, 2010

Is it possible on this or an Android to have customizable 'profiles', like Nokia phones have? So that say in a meeting, only certain numbers would ring and messages could be on silent etc? Have been sticking to Nokia only for this function but would love to shift to Android if I can do this. Eg: Nights, I want my hospital number to ring but no other number. In Nokia, I can set a group of numbers by name nad only that group will ring in a given profile.I know that a lot of Nokia users stick to Nokia for this feature.Search showed a lot of profile managers, but none that had this 'selective number' ring only stuff.

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Android :: Display Phone Numbers In Droid App?

Jun 19, 2010

What's the easiest way to display an active (initiating a call on click) phone number in an Android app?

It would have been great if there was a View subclass, called something like PhoneNumberView, that has all the functionality and UI integrated.

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Android :: Press Extra Button While Typing Numbers

Aug 3, 2010

I came over to Android from Windows Mobile and hate when typing numbers you have to press an extra button. Is there a way I can have it so I only have to tap one button to type a number?

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Android :: Display Contact Names Without Visible Numbers

Nov 19, 2010

Is there any way to display contact picker that has both number and contact name? Now I'm calling picker: startActivityForResult(new Intent Intent.ACTION_PICK,Contacts.Phones.CONTENT_URI),1);

But in a result I get only Contact names without visible numbers. To make things worse, if one contact has two numbers it occurs twice.

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Android :: Adding Numbers And Displaying Answer In Two Activities?

Sep 2, 2010

Just learning and thought this would be neat to learn. Basically getting the value from editText1 and editText2, then by pressing an add button, be able to show the result answer on a second activity. I know this is probably very easy, but I wanted to learn more about how I can do simple math practice while learning the language. Adding two numbers from editText in first activity and displaying the answer on a second activity?

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Android :: Transferring Contacts - Phone Numbers Format

Jun 19, 2010

I'm currently a Blackberry 8330 user and will be upgrading to either the Droid X or Droid 2 later this Summer. It will be my first Android phone and I'm looking forward to it! I have one simple question about this transition. I already have a Google account and have all my contacts saved there. I read a post a while back on here that if you don't have your phone numbers formatted in a certain way in your contact list, it may cause issues when transferring them to a new Android phone (multiple entries, missing entries, etc.).

Maybe that wasn't a correct statement, but I wanted to ask the question anyway. Are Android phones picky about phone number formats? For example, should I save them online as xxx-xxx-xxxx or maybe 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx instead? Or should I not save them with any hyphens? I just want a seamless transition of my contacts from my Google account to the new phone without a bunch of re-typing or deleting, etc.

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