Android : AppWidget's RemoteViews Be Edited / Created Dynamically - Only From XML?

May 28, 2010

I suspect the answer is no, but it only seems possible at the moment to update an AppWidget via a RemoteViews object which is inflated from a static XML file.

Is there any way to build a RemoteViews object on the fly, or edit the layout of one that is already there?

The requirement is that I don't know until runtime exactly how many ImageViews I want to display in my AppWidget.

Currently I am setting all the ImageViews I may need in the layout XML file as invisible and then just making the ones I want visible, but am I then limited to what I have in the XML file to start with. It would be far more convenient to be able to just add the ones I need on the fly, and set their properties when updating.

Anyone know if there is a way to do that?

Android : AppWidget's RemoteViews be edited / created dynamically - only from XML?

Android :: How To Add EditText Field To An AppWidget - RemoteViews

May 14, 2009

I am trying to add a "EditText" Field to an AppWidget. I took the AppWidget example from here: oid/apis/appwidget/index.html and modified it by replacing the TextView with a EditText. It doesnt work... Compiles and runs but the Widget sais "Problem loading Widget" when it shows up.

Maybe an example? Is the default Google Search Widget open source? Can someone give ma a link to the source?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1/X2 :: Contacts Already Created Can't Be Edited Completely / Do It In Phone?

Sep 30, 2010

Contacts already created can't be edited completely in Xperia X2 phone.

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Android :: Way To Set A Layoutmargin On A Dynamically Created Checkbox?

Oct 30, 2010

I'm writing a task manager app that downloads a list of tasks and subtasks from a server and creates a new checkbox for each item and adds it to a linear layout (called ll below). The problem I'm having is that I cannot set the "layout margin left" using Java like I can with XML (this is for the subtasks to indent them a bit on the screen). I can set most other XML properties, but cb.setMargins() doesn't work (says undefined for type checkbox).

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Android :: Generate / Create Ids For Views That Are Created Dynamically?

Oct 15, 2010

I am trying to dynamically create a interface using a relative layout. I would like to align different views with each other and am finding the need to know the id of a previously created view so that I can use them in subsequent layout params.

Is there a preferred or best way to generate or create ids for views that are created dynamically?

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Android :: Get Text Of Dynamically Created Radio Button Selected By User?

Jun 18, 2010

How can i retrieve the text of a dynamically created radio button
selected by the user? Here's my code...

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Centering Table In Dynamically Created Layout

Sep 28, 2011

i have tried almost everything i can think of to center a programitacally created table in a pragmatically created layout. I've tried all the usual layout params center setting but still nothing: Score List is a set of pairs of scores (Name, Score). I'm just looping through and adding them to cells in a table and its always aligned left when i run it.

ArrayList<Score> scoreList = new ArrayList<Score>();
public LinearLayout getHighScoresView(Context context) {
final RelativeLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = new

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Save Dynamically Created Layout On Screen Rotation?

May 9, 2012

I am creating a layout dynamically when the activity first starts, the problem is when the screen is rotated it is hitting the database again to create the layout. How can I save the layout so it isn't recreated each time the screen orientation is changed?

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Android :: ImageSpan Not Supported In RemoteViews?

Dec 7, 2009

One of the component of my app widget is TextView which i want to be filthy rich one: ForegroundSpan seems to be working but i cannot see ImageSpan to appear.

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Android :: RemoteViews And SetEnabled - When Is It Supported

Jul 23, 2010

I have a widget, working happily on 2.2, which includes this line:


When I run it on 1.5, I get this:


Unsuprisingly, the widget doesn't appear. But I'm not quite sure what is not supported here. RemoteViews.setBoolean is documented as supported since API level 3, and ImageButton.setEnabled has been there forever.

Is there some separate question about which functions setEnabled is prepared to do business with ? Or, if not, what could possibly be wrong here ?

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Android :: AppWidgets - Reusing RemoteViews Instance Leaks Memory?

May 21, 2009

I'm writing a widget. Currently, I'm have a simple ImageView, and calling RemoteViews.setImageViewBitmap(). I'm using a service to do the updates.

I thought it might be a good idea to reuse an existing RemoteViews instance, so I'm only querying it the first time around, and subsequently simply call setImageViewBitmap() with the new image.

This works well initially, but after some time I first start getting "!!! FAILED BINDER TRANSACTION !!!" errors, and later, an OutOfMemory exception.

Simply creating a new RemoveViews instance every time works flawlessy on the other hand. I'm just curios why that would be, any ideas?

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Android : Can Droid OS Be Edited?

Aug 18, 2010

I am working on a project that includes some editing in android can anyone please tell me that is it possible to edit Android source code i want to edit its SIM Card access. please if anyone can help do reply me as soon as possible my email id is

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Android :: SIM Contacts Edited But Update After Restart

Apr 2, 2010

I am able to insert the contacts into SIM card and delete from it. But it needs to be phone restart to update the changes. The below is the code woks for delete the conatcs,

Uri simUri = Uri.parse("content://icc/adn");
Cursor cur = context.getContentResolver().query(simUri, null, null, null, null);
prn("Number of SIM Contacts are.."+cur.getCount());
int row =0; while(cur.moveToNext()){
String name = cur.getString(cur.getColumnIndex("name"));
prn("Name..."+name); String data = cur.getString(cur.getColumnIndex("number"));
if(!data.equals("")) prn("Number.."+data);
String where = null; if(!name.equals("") && !data.equals("")){
where = "tag =" + name + "AND" + "number =" +data;
else if(name.equals("") && !data.equals("")){
where = "number ="+data;
else { where = "tag ="+name+ "AND" +"number="+null;
} context.getContentResolver().delete(simUri, where, null);
row++; } prn(row+" are deleted"); cur.close(); cur = null;

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General :: How Are Custom Roms Edited

Jun 12, 2012

How would i go about download, editing and compiling android source code. preferable on windows known but i have use ao ubuntu as well.

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Android : Save (large) Edited JPEG With Full 24bit Colordepth Without Getting OutOfMemoryErrors?

Apr 13, 2009

I managed to handle a full size image (2048x1536) (moving around, zooming, some colorfilters, etc). However, i can only load these images in memory as RGB_565, one at a time. I try to free as much bitmap memory as possible (by recycling every possible bitmap cached/ open in my app), and then load the full-sized image in RGB_565 format. This works well.

The user can make some modifications (color balance, brightness, etc) and I like to save the resulting image in a JPEG file. However, on screen, all edits are shown in RGB_565. You can see the posterization because of the reduced pixel-depth. The quality degradation on the screen is a minor problem. My main problem is to apply these edits to the actual and higher quality ARGB_8888 data of the original JPEG file.

Trying to load a ARGB_8888 JPEG file with size 2048x1536 is not possible. I get an out-of-memory error. Is there any way to apply color-filters to ARGB_8888 data (instead of RGB_565) so that i won't lose a lot of image-quality when trying to save modifications into a JPEG file?

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Android :: Put Bold To Android:textStyle Of TextView From RemoteViews?

Aug 18, 2009

I have a widget with a TextView. I can change text and color of this TextView like this: remoteViews.setTextViewText(, "Sample"); remoteViews.setTextColor(, Color.RED); But I need to put this TextView "bold" conditionnaly... How can I do that?

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General :: Edited Heapsize And Xperia Arc Does Not Start

Nov 5, 2012

I was inventing the heapsize lowering the build.prop to 8m and mobile is not starting anymore. It sits at the boot screen looking like it is failing to boot and is restarting. How do I edit the build.prop by the computer so I can change the heapsize in build.prop?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Way To Get An Edited .wmv File To Play Properly?

Nov 16, 2010

My phone is working very well and plays .wmv file all the time. I had a .wmv file that I wanted to edit and shorten. I got the software and did the job and put it back on my phone. When I try to play it all I get is the sound now and no video. I checked the size of the video and it's still the same size but while the media player shows the progress and it rolls in to the landscape mode it won't show the picture.

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Motorola Droid :: Take Video Edited And Saved In IMovie 09 , Convert It For Viewing On Phone?

Apr 20, 2010

What is the best way to take a video edited and saved in iMovie 09 and convert it for viewing on the Motorola Droid?

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Android :: How Can One Get Appwidget's Own ID?

Jul 31, 2010

I am trying to debug a problem where my widget becomes invalid and a new one fills in.This only happens once at the beginning of time and then it remains the second widget forever.So, I want to put code in to narrow down the point in time when it happens.Then I would get a list of all the enabled IDs and see if I am in the list. I cannot find a method, member, attribute, etc. that would give me my id?

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Android :: Apps Not Able To Edit Email Docs / Send Edited Docs?

Oct 6, 2010

I am new Android user and very happy with HTC Desire. However, frustrated that common Office apps not able to edit e-mailed docs, or send edited docs. Have looked at Quick Office; Documents To Go; & Office Suite Pro. Anybody know of a suitable app - this seems like a significant limitation to me. Adam

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Android :: AppWidget Is Not Updating

Jan 3, 2010

I am attempting to query a database and update information in the appwidget screen based on changes to the database done while in an activity so that when the user exits, the changes are reflected in the widget on the screen.The appwidget is being updated with a broadcast from OnPause() and OnStop() in my primary Activity.Relevant pieces of the code are below.The Toast shows me that the data is correctly being pulled when OnUpdate() is called.But the widget refused to change

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Android :: How To Set Listview Into Appwidget?

Aug 9, 2009

I have a problem, I want a appwidget with a listview, but it seems that appwidget does not support this is there any way to reslove it?

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Android :: What UI Elements In AppWidget?

Apr 25, 2009

Just wonder what limitations there are for UI elements in AppWidgets? I tried a ListView and was met with an error. I saw the other post that EditText isn't available.Just wondering if there was a full list somewhere?

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Android :: AppWidget Changes Id After Reboot

Dec 31, 2009

I have a strange problem, on a few devices. I have developed an AppWidget, and it uses a database to store the configuration for each instance of the widget. The widget id is the key in the database.Everything works on most devices, but I got a bug report a couple of days ago. A user said that the widget never worked after reboot. The user who was very helpful sent me a log from his phone, and I could then see that the widget got a new id each time he did a reboot.

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Android :: What Views Can Use In An AppWidget

Jan 10, 2010

Can anyone tell me what views can I use in an appWidget?

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Android : Get TableLayout In An AppWidget?

Jul 31, 2010

LinearLayout just works fine in an AppWidget. However, when I change the layout's xml to a TableLayout, I am unable to get the widget working :(.

Can anyone point me to a sample? [could not find anything on the web]

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Android :: Launching Appwidget From Another Application

Nov 9, 2009

Is it possible to launch an app widget from another application.

For example, I have a button in an application. When I click on that button, an appwidget must be launched.

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Android :: Trying To Update An AppWidget Manually

Sep 7, 2010

I am trying to update an AppWidget manually when a user setting changes on the device.I can tell that my AppWidget onUpdate method is being called as a result since I log some debug strings to logcat in the code. However the AppWidget itself doesn't change on the screen.Here comes the interesting part: if I rotate my device and force a refresh of the home screen (from PORTRAIT to LANDSCAPE or vice-versa) then finally my AppWidget gets updated. However rotating the device does not trigger the onUpdate method to be called, so the AppWidget must be using the RemoteViews provided in the earlier update. Can somebody explain me what to do to force the home screen redraw of my AppWidget when it processes an update?

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Android :: What Is Sprint Hero AppWidget?

Nov 4, 2009

I wrote a widget that has been working fine for most folks. However, I started getting bug reports about how the widget would be blank on reboot (not receive an update?), and it seemed that the Sprint Hero continually came up. I thought I was crazy but I'm finding that other people are having the same problems:Searching Google for "sprint hero appwidget problems" yields:"Added warning about the problem on the Sprint Hero device: On the Sprint Hero (HTC ROM the AppWidget API is broken in such a way that it won't."I e-mailed the author in hopes of getting an answer, but I haven't received any response. Does anybody with a Sprint Hero know what the problem is?

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