Samsung Vibrant :: Review - Amzer Jelly Silicone Skin Case For Vibrant

Aug 10, 2010

I was really hoping to save 55% off the cost of the Tmobile Gel Case but alas it was not to be. When my wife saw the case installed on the phone she said "what the heck?" That's because the case fits the Vibrant unevenly. And it doesn't wrap around the bezel fully.

Here is my review:
The Amzer "Silicone Skin Case" is completely unacceptable to me in terms of fit, feel and function. The Vibrant is a top of the line, expensive and amazing device deserving of quality accessories. This case is basically junk and not commensurate with the quality or value of the Vibrant.

First the fit: It slides onto the Vibrant easily enough (too easily in fact - it feels like it might fall off) and the cutouts are all lined up with the camera, USB, etc. However, the case barely fits around the bezel and it fits the face of the phone unevenly so you can see the bezel on one side but not the other side. The last point about the fit is that the phone feels like it could pop out of the case if you squeezed the sides; this is a very unsettling feeling. A case should make you feel more secure not less and it shouldn't detract from the quality appearance of this device.

Second, the feel: The case feels much too thin along the sides, the corners feel nice and thick as they should be to protect the phone. The sides however offer little in the way of protection. It just feels cheap and not nearly thick enough to offer much protection.

Third, the function: I bought a case to protect the phone from damage in the event it is dropped. I want protection around the bezel and the sides and back of the phone. The Amzer case only seems to protect the Vibrant on the corners where this case is thicker. I feel like if I dropped the phone and it landed on the side there would be little to prevent the phone from being damaged.

Needless to say I was disappointed when I tried the Amzer on my Vibrant this afternoon. So much so that I immediately called Amazon to arrange for its return. I have the Gel Case from Tmobile which by comparison is vastly superior although 55% more in price.

In this case you get what you pay for. And I do not want to skimp on protection a device as valuable as the Vibrant. Let's see, save $6 on a case for a $500 phone? No way, not when it's ugly when installed, feels cheap and insecure in the hand, and offers less protection. The Tmobile case fits snugly, wraps evenly around the bezel, is thicker to better protect the phone in the event of an impact.

I give this case 1 out 5 stars. The Tmobile Gel Case gets 4.5 stars.

Samsung Vibrant :: Review - Amzer Jelly Silicone Skin Case For Vibrant

Samsung Vibrant : Case For Phone - A Gel Skin?

Jul 23, 2010

Please if anyone knows lemme know too. anywhere but HONG KONG, HONG KONG!!! that's all i see from ebay .

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HTC EVO 4G : Need Amzer Luxe Argyle Skin Case

Jun 1, 2010

Not familiar with these cases. Are they similar to a silicone case? In that I mean, or they flexible or are they rigid? Also, I'm considering a silicone type case but I'm worried about having trouble with it sticking to my pocket when I try to get it in and out. Should I not worry about this and just deal with it, or is there some cases out there where this won't happen.

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Samsung Moment :: Fommy Amzer Jelly Case

Nov 16, 2009

Has anyone tried the Amzer jelly case for the Moment? They have youtube videos showing it on other keyboard slider phones and it looks ok but I was just hoping for personal experience.They also sell other cases that look like all hard plastic and hard plastic with a rubber coating.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Wirefly Review Is Up On The Vibrant

Jul 12, 2010

Now it may not be the most critical review ever (since they are selling it...) it's the longest demo I've seen with the actual Vibrant variant. YouTube - Samsung Vibrant Review (T-Mobile)

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Samsung Vibrant :: Samsung Vibrant Hybrid Hard Rubber Case

Aug 20, 2010

Any of you looking for a light weight smooth finish case, the hybrid case was my favorite by far. Its very comfortable as well. I got the black one. I received a discount coupon for a next time purchase. "During checkout, leave a seller a note" Add, "Comeback10OFF" for 10% off your purchase. The seller will refund 10% back! Excluding shipping.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Anyone Skin Your Phone

Aug 25, 2010

I just hate the solid black look on the face of the phone. I'd like to add a skin to brighten it up. I am not sure if it would mess up the capacitive buttons though. Does anyone know if this can be done? I was thinking something along the lines of the Decal Girl skins.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Review Of LauncherPro

Sep 24, 2010

It didn't take much time for me to fork over the $2.99 to buy the full version of LauncherPro (avaliable free, however some features are locked). This home menu is incredible. You can literally customize everything. LauncherPro is extremely responsive. I haven't experienced any lag using LauncherPro. My phone is rooted, and I use OneClickLagFix (free on market). I have not tried LauncherPro without the lag fix.

Before, I was using Home++, and was unhappy with the amount of lag I was experiencing. Even with OneClickLagFix, Home++ was laggy. I've tried numerous different home menus, and thought Home++ was the best I was going to get. I'm glad I found LauncherPro.

The feature I liked the most is the dock on the bottom. As you look at the pictures I've provided, you'll notice the dock changes on each photo. You have the option to set the number of docks you want, up to 3. The dock floats, and you can slide through the docks on any screen. I like this because I dont like having all my applications scattered across my home screen. LauncherPro comes with the option to use their custom icons for applications, rather than the default icons. I used LauncherPro icons for my main dock, and default icons for the other 2 docks. You have the option to display the number of unread messages or unread emails. You can see below, I have 2 unread emails.

On my default home screen (screeenshot1.jpg), I've got the Google search widget, Clock widget (free on market), Weather (weatherchannel app free on market), Battery Watcher (free on market) and Signal Strenght widget (free on market). You'll notice I have no applications on my home screen (as mentioned before). All the applications are on my dock. You'll notice that the google search bar doesn't take up a whole row like it normally does. LauncherPro allows you to resize your widgets. Just long click the widget you want to resize, and a resize box will appear. Resize is another one of my favorite features.

I have 3 home screens on my Vibrant, however you can have up to 7. On the screen above, I used the LauncherPro Messages widget. This widget posts all my text messages so I can read and reply to them. To reply, just click on the message you want to reply to. I also have the Power Control widget on the bottom.

On the screen above, I used the LauncherPro Facebook Widget. I find this widget a lot more easy to navigate than the default facebook widget. I resized the widget, because the default takes up the whole screen. I added the Pandora widget to the bottom. Pandora is free on the market.

Finally, the above picture is my application drawer. You'll notice towards the bottom, the applications look like they're folding into space. This is a beta option on LauncherPro, may not work so smooth on some phones. It works great with my Vibrant. It reminds me of the Star Wars introduction. You also have a home key option.

The screenshots and descriptions are some of the major features of LauncherPro. Download LauncherPro on the market, and play around with it yourself. It's easy to navigate. You wont be disappointed.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Samsung Vibrant Review

Sep 30, 2010

I have had my new Vibrant since Tuesday, September 21st. And I have had ample time to play around with it and explore alot of its nuances and quirks. So I believe I can give a pretty extensive and in-depth assessment of how it rates.

Before I begin, I would like to point out a couple of things:

1. My previous phone was a G1, which was my very 1st "smartphone". So the Vibrant is only my second. I point this out because I have no way to compare it to the MyTouch or Cliq or any other smartphone.

2. To tie into the 1st point, people who are just realizing the awesomeness of a smartphone, or the Android OS in general, may find this review more enlightening than smartphone vets that have tried several others.

3. Throughout this review, I will try and touch on some of the complaints that keep popping up on the forums (poor battery life, etc.)

4. I apologize in advance for the length of this post! I will try to make it an interesting read.



WOW!!! This phone is super-lightweight. But it does NOT feel cheap or plasticky to me at all. I do admit that, for me, the power/lock button on the right side took some getting used to. Sometimes it's hard to press. The USB slot being placed on the top is different, but it is not something that will detract from enjoying the device. The volume rocker on the left side is a little tricky also for me, but that's just me.

The infamous "camera with NO FLASH"... I have never had a camera with flash, but I can tell you that the pictures the Vibrant takes look pretty amazing to me! The colors are nice and vibrant, and the focus selection works very well. Low-light pics look very good also. Comparing the Vibrant's pictures to my regular camera's pics, the Vibrant's 5MPs get the job done comparatively very well. I say the camera is fantastic, and you will be proud to show off the pics it takes.

The Swype "keyboard" is hardware, I suppose. So I will put that here. Swype is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen! Definitely the coolest thing I have ever seen on a mobile phone. Even when you TRY to make a mistake, Swype may STILL get your word right! It is hard to imagine without going into a store near you and trying it out like I did. Swype is not Vibrant exclusive. But I think it deserves special mention because of how it so drastically changes texting and whatnot, which of course is HUGE with the teenagers! (Me too, to be honest)

As far as the Super AMOLED screen. 5 words... UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE. Movies, pictures, wallpapers. They all look stunning. I usually am a firm believer in screen protectors (my Zune HD, my old G1, my old PSP, etc.). But when I saw how much it reduced the quality of the Vibrant's gorgeous display, I yanked that sumbich off with the quickness! Trust me, the screen is a huge draw!


This is one area that I am truly surprised about. For me, my G1 had noticeably BETTER call quality than my Vibrant! I am still trying to figure out what may be the culprit, because I refuse to believe that this is supposed to be the case. Will update when I get some more insight on this matter...


As I stated from the beginning, this is only my 2nd smartphone. So I do not have experience with Blur or Sense or previous iterations of TouchWiz. Having said that, I found TouchWiz 3.0 to be quite intuitive and fun to use. Its behavior is very snappy, thanks to the Hummingbird 1ghz processor I'm sure. For the average user, it will make the Vibrant a very good experience.

Now, having said THAT, I am a bit of a tinkerer and a personalization freak. So I downloaded LauncherPro and upgraded to Plus. I HIGHLY recommend this App for anyone who wants to make their Vibrant their own. And as far as I'm concerned, that should be everyone. An open source OS like Android is all about tweaking, isn't it? Isn't that one of the main reasons you chose this phone, and Android?


If you are like me, and you researched on Internet forums, then you know that the battery life has been a very hot topic. Here's what I have found...

Look up "conditioning battery". The Vibrant uses a Lithium-Ion battery. Conditioning is NOT a myth or a scam. It is 100% true and impressively effective! I conditioned it the 1st nite I had it, so I can't speak on the effects that had versus pre-conditioning. But I did notice some of the things others have spoken of in forums.

1. Battery starts draining almost immediately after unplugging from a fresh full charge. Drops 5-10% in a matter of minutes.

2. Battery indicator in notification bar is not accurate compared to readings in "Settings".

For my 1st week, the battery life seemed to be ok. But I definitely had to be mindful of my settings (screen brightness, wireless settings, 2G vs. 3G, etc.). And that's just the way it is. You have to realize, THIS IS A HANDHELD COMPUTER!!! It just happens to make calls also! That's why you bought it, because it does everything your PC does, and more in some cases! It uses battery to do all of that awesome stuff.

But not all hope is lost, I found. Last nite (Tuesday), a week after I first got my phone, I conditioned it again. It died COMPLETELY (MAKE SURE you keep powering it back on until it does not power on anymore; completely dead) at about midnite. It was fully charged about 3 AM, so appx. 3 hours with the supplied wall charger. I used it for about 3.5 hours, and left it plugged in during that time. Dramatic difference! Before, if I would have had my phone on constantly from 7 AM until now (almost 6 PM), it would most surely be plugged in somewhere.

In these 11 hours, I have sent a couple of texts, made some phone calls, downloaded several apps from the Market, and played some games. I have even had Wi-Fi on, albeit briefly to download the Market apps. I am at 72% charge left, 10 hours 54 mins since unplugged. To me, that is a HUGE improvement! I will update this review when I condition it a 3rd time and run more accurate tests.


I am a technophile. Technology, especially the newest and the greatest and the most advanced, excites me greatly. I do like to have the newest and shiniest toy on the block. And I can say this without pause..The Samsung Vibrant is one of the most exciting pieces of technology I have ever owned. Sure, it has a few quirks, and it takes some getting used to because of how powerful and versatile it is. But so does ANY piece of new technology, bar none. DO NOT make the mistake of giving this phone up if you get one that doesn't seem to perform very well. Do yourself a favor, and consider an exchange or something. STAY WITH THE VIBRANT!!! Check in the Market to see if an app can help you and your particular case or problem.

I know I'm probably leaving some things out. When I think of them, I will add them in other posts in this thread. ENJOY YOUR NEW VIBRANT!

Oh, and one last thing.....


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Samsung Vibrant : Burning Rubber Smell With Official T-Mobile Gel Skin

Jul 23, 2010

That's right. I picked up the gel skin at a T-Mobile store today. Charging my phone tonight when I smelled a burning rubber type scent. Lovely.

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Samsung Vibrant : Case For Phone Other Than Through Ebay?

Jul 20, 2010

Does anyone know of U.S. suppliers of a gel / silicon case for the Vibrant?

My local T-Mobile store only ordered three of them (not smart).

I see a number of them on Ebay, but they seem to all come from Hong Kong, so I'd be looking at two weeks of shipping to the U.S.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Use Skin/case-Don't Use Skin/case

Jun 4, 2010

And how many people use a skin or case, or even screen protector. Personally, I won't leave the house without my otterbox commuter case on, I just feel like it would be for me to leave me house without clothes on, Dones't feel right.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Tmobile Web2go Unlimited Data Works With TMO Vibrant Galaxy-S

Jul 15, 2010

Grandfathered $5.99 T-Zones Data: Discuss All Related Questions Here ONLY

Someone confirmed it there. This would make this the only other Tmobile branded android phone to work with the cheap data plan other than the Behold 2.

For how long who knows, the behold 2 has been going on for years, but tmo, nor anyone really cared about that phone

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Samsung Vibrant :: Can Create Backups For Vibrant / Work Without Installing And Reinstalling Voodoo Lag

Nov 5, 2010

Is there any way that I can create backups for the vibrant that work without installing and reinstalling the voodoo lag fix everytime? I know that clockwork recovery doesn't work with voodoo installed, and messes up my phone if I try it.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Will Rooting Vibrant Effect Pending Froyo / TMO Updates?

Oct 10, 2010

I have a question for all you rooting mavens. How, if at all, will rooting my Vibrant effect the pending Froyo and TMO updates that are due out soon. Will the updates take place the same as if the phone was not rooted at all or must other steps be taken to take advantage of the pending updtates.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Speaker Volume Level For Vibrant Decreased Considerably

Jul 25, 2010

the speaker volume level for my vibrant decreased considerably even though the various volume levels in my settings haven't changed. Music and GPS instructions are barely audible. I am new to Android and hope I may be overlooking something.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Create Music Playlist From Computer For Vibrant

Jul 17, 2010

I have a mac, obviously with itunes on it, and i wanted to create a workout playlist and the only way i find that i can so far is by opening the music player on the vibrant and physically picking each and every song that i want which is taking forever. is there anyway to create playlists and to even sync the vibrant with my itunes?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Unable To Upgrade To Android 2.2 - Vibrant Tmobile?

Jul 22, 2010

Will I ever be able to upgrade to Android 2.2 (and newer) on my Vibrant (tmobile) (that has 2.1)?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Vibrant Connect To Wifi / Use It For Data / Calling?

Nov 13, 2010

This may seem like a really dumb question but I have been told several different things by several different people who should know. Does the Vibrant connect to a Wi-Fi and use it for data and calling? I have a Blackberry Curve at present and I have no reception inside my house. I connect my Curve to my Wi-Fi network and can do all data things and talk with zero dropped calls. I'm hoping to be able to do this with the Vibrant. If I can't I will have to consider another phone (I can't live with no reception in my house). I don't care if I can tether from it, I just need ot be able to use the Wi-Fi for data and calls on the handset.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Remove Inbuilt Applications From T-mobile Vibrant

Oct 21, 2010

I am using unlocked version T-mobile Vibrant in INDIA.

You must be aware that apps like amazonmp3, kindle, slacker will be of NO USE here

I have already Rooted my device + having Root Explorer installed.

Can someone please help me to remove these apps from my phone.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Way To Tell Vibrant To Show Certain Groups Of Google Contacts?

Sep 8, 2010

I'm sure this first question has been answered, but I haven't been able to find it. I have a Vibrant and a Mac Book with OS 10.6.4. When I plug in my phone and mount the SD card, nothing happens. I've learned elsewhere that this seems to be a problem with this phone and Macs and I've enabled USB debugging. That works, but for me it is not a proper workaround. Has this problem been fixed? Is there some update for either my phone or my computer I can install that would make it work like it should? Also, a question about my contacts. Like most, Gmail saves every person I email in my contacts. This is fine because on they're separated into "my contacts" and "other contacts". On my G1 I was able to only have "my contacts" in my contacts, but on my Vibrant it just threw everyone in there. I was able to get around it by saying only show contacts with numbers, but that's not exactly what I want either. Is there a way to tell the vibrant to only show certain groups of your google contacts?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Vibrant's Signal Indicator Is Completely Useless

Jul 29, 2010

So I just get off the phone with a friend and I notice that the phone is miraculously showing full bars. I'm in the basement no less where it usually shows zero bars. After checking I now see it's showing zero bars again! I've never seen any phone with this much of a swing in the signal meter. To me, it's become almost humorous to watch it go from 4 to 0 then back again all in 10 seconds time. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, I hope Samsung fixes this problem in a future update as well. If no one else is having this problem I may exchange this phone for a new one.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Dropped Vibrant / Screen Is Completely Destroyed

Sep 11, 2010

So I dropped my vibrant (with rubber SGP Silk case) about 4 feet from the ground and the screen is completely destroyed. There is no external damage, but functionality is completely gone. I got my vibrant about a month ago.

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Samsung Vibrant :: YouTube - TMobile Vibrant TV Commercial

Jul 28, 2010

YouTube - T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant TV Commerical

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Samsung Vibrant :: ROM - Stock - Vibrant - Flashable Rom Via ClockWorkMod

Jul 30, 2010

I spent the night working on an for everyone, I know the likely of it being used is far and between, but wanted to give people Option's for flashing as well being able to flash on the go like I do

Before we start, I installed the Factory Rom here > True Stock 2.1 firmware for vibrant - xda-developers

This likely don't matter, I just flashed based on Reports it had better signal.
To boot Downloader Mode, Power off Phone!
Hold Volume up + Down & Hit the Power button ( Do not Hold the Power button, only Both Volume Key's )

Secondly, I had Flashed this Root method here > Root your Vibrant - xda-developers

To Root my Phone before I started
You can also boot into Recovery by Holding Volume Up + Power

From this Point, I installed Koush Rom Manager app & selected Vibrant when asked ( P.S. Huge fan of Koush's work ).

After I had downloaded the Recovery via Rom Manager, I booted into recovery and ran the which booted me into ClockworkMod Recovery mod.

Once inside ClockworkMod the Power button on my Phone no longer Select the Option you are wishing to use, I did however Noticed that the back key ( Next to the Search ) did however work for making selection via Menu.

For now, this update will not flash the zImage, I'll be adding that in the Next update, or trying to once I get more familiar with the Phone.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Vibrant Can Customize Notification Tone?

Nov 10, 2010

Vibrant can customize notification tone? any idea? how?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Vibrant Only Boots To Galaxy S Screen

Nov 7, 2010

I downloaded a kernal on ryans lag fix and then it made my phone get stuck on the VIBRANT SAMSUNG screen so i tried to fix it by using odin, but all it did was make it go to the Galaxy s sign now, any suggestions on how i can fix this? (and also, after the galaxy s sign shows up for about ten seconds or something like that it goes all black and all that stays lit are the home button, the back button, the search button, and the settings button), i need serious help.

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Samsung Vibrant :: Flash / Froyo Preinstalled On Vibrant

Jul 25, 2010

So I was under the impression that flash was preinstalled on the Vibrant. Silly, right. Anyone tried using froyo? Does it work ok? Any issues?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Vibrant Speakers - Loud And Awesome

Jul 18, 2010

My cousin is next to me, blasting music! I have a droid x, and am so jealous about the power of the vibrants speaker.

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Samsung Vibrant :: AT&T 3G / Unlocked Vibrant Vs. IPhone 3GS

Aug 24, 2010

Met up with an old college buddy for lunch today, he's a diehard iphone user. Since my Vibrant is unlocked, I asked for him to let me try his AT&T sim card on my phone to validate what I've been reading about the AT&T 3G on the Vibrant.Before he removed his sim card, I asked for him to run the and we registered 1120 & 1080 kbps for Down speed, using the Austin location server. After swapping his sim chip into my phone, with the same Austin server, my Vibrant registered 1785 & 1693 kbps Down. The jaw dropping, blank staring expression on his face was priceless ..I let him played with the Vibrant for a while, he indicated to me a few weeks ago that he was about to upgrade his 3GS to the new iphone 4, but now he's having serious second thought. The old chap wasn't aware of how advanced Android has progressed, and was surprised how much bigger & better the Vibrant's screen is over the iPhone 4 that has been gawking over for the last few months.'ve casually mentioned to him a few weeks ago about the unlocked Vibrant can do both T-Mobile as well as AT&T 3G frequencies, and he brushed me off in disbelief. His sticking point with T-mobile GSM is that it doesn't have the 3G frequency that he needs for his frequent overseas travel. He called me just now to find out where he can get the Vibrant for cheap.

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