Motorola Droid :: Motorola Droid Custom ROM Error

Aug 23, 2010

I've been messing around with my phone for quite sometime and I've reached a road block that I can't quite figure out. I've previously and successfully put JRummy, Cyanogen and Bugless Beast on my phone, but suddenly out of nowhere, NOTHING works. I'm attempting to put a custom ROM on my phone and I've had little to no success.These are the steps I've taken:
Start at stock 2.1
Apply ESE81_SPRecovery with RSD Lite 4.6 (Proper drivers installed)
Phone boots successfully and I can boot into SPR successfully
Move custom ROM onto SD card named as "" (not
Reboot into recovery
Wipe data & cache 3x
Go to Install and Allow
Install (UD7 specifically -- not a corrupted download as I've downloaded several times from different locations. I've also tried several different ROMs)
Install is successful
Reboot and I get stuck at the Motorola M
I wait 10 - 20 minutes and no boot screen
Pull battery, wipe data & cache again, reboot
Same issue with Motorola M
I've tried literally everything and Cyanogen, Liquid, Bugless Beast, UD7, and numerous other custom ROMs all have this same issue. I've tried wiping my SD card completely clean.I had momentary success when I flashed back to stock 2.0.1 sbf with RSD Lite, installed SPR, then applied Liquid custom ROM but I felt daring and tried to do the same process but with UD7 and it won't load. Since then, nothing has worked.I've tried this same process on two different computers with different versions of RSD Lite (4.6 and 4.7), different sbf files, different ROMs and tried using SPR and Clockwork (With ROM Manager Premium and different versions of Clockwork). However, none of this has worked.When these processes don't end up working I have to reflash the stock 2.1 sbf with RSD Lite because restore won't work either.

Motorola Droid :: Motorola Droid Custom ROM Error

Motorola Droid :: Reception Error With Custom ROM

Oct 8, 2010

Since i switched over to UD x8 i have been having lower reception signal compared to before. Does anyone know a fix for this? or if this is normal? can it be the ROM or the kernel?

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Motorola Droid X :: 2.3.9 To 2.2 OTA Then Custom ROM

Oct 20, 2010

I'm still on the ancient 2.3.9 Froyo leak from years ago, and though I've been meaning to get back into the Android scene, I've been really busy, so I haven't kept up with all the leaks (2.3.13, 2.3.15).

I was wondering how to upgrade to the OTA update (2.3.15, I think) -- not the official one, but rather just its guts/kernel. I've taken a look around and there are a number of custom ROMs, but I assume that trying to flash them on my older kernel will probably result in a brick.

Can someone link me to the (preferably rooted) OTA update for me so I can get in on some custom ROM goodness?

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Motorola Droid :: Set CPU Without Custom Rom?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a stock motorola droid running 2.1 and i'm not currently interested in running any custom roms. Can I simply run setcpu once I have root access?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Custom Ringtones Not Available

Sep 26, 2010

I have some mp3s that I have used for ringtones on past phones (KRazr, Blackberry), and from what I've found, to add them to my Droid 2, I put them in the media/audio/ringtones folder on my SD card. I've done that, but they don't show up in my list. I've also tried restarting the phone (aks the Microsoft approach), but they're still not available. Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to put the files?

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Motorola Droid X :: Custom Ringtones

Aug 27, 2010

custom ringtones set up for 2 contacts but the same ringtone rings for both. also, whenever i answer the phone the ringtone continues to play through the ear-speaker for half a second. phone call works fine it's just annoying.

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Roms

Aug 6, 2010

I'm new to installing custom roms so I have a question when using rom manager after I download the rom and check the two boxes the phone goes into recovery mode and I'm not sure what I have to do after that my screen just shows a phone with an exclamation mark next to it what do I have to do after that?

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Motorola Droid X :: Custom Roms

Aug 11, 2010

coming from moto droid rooted, rom manager, setcpu, all that. got the x on release day. i know we can root and oc now, but are there any custom roms that will work with the droid x ?

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Motorola Droid :: Can Use Rom Custom Themes

Jun 18, 2010

I have never rooted before and I am about to give it a whirl. I am not worried about the consequences really, I feel pretty confident I can follow directions. My only issue is, after browsing these forums I am completely lost on what rom to use! I see some people saying beast and various other custom roms, then I see some saying "vanilla" Froyo is the way to go.

1) What rom SHOULD a first timer use?
2) Where do you find it?
3) What is the most newb friendly rom loader?
4) Can I use any of these custom themes I see with any custom rom or do I need the "vanilla"?
5) Does WiFi work in all of the Froyo roms now?
6) Are there a list of known issues with specific custom roms available or even "vanilla" froyo?
7) Will my purchased apps that are updated to work in 2.2 work?

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Docks

Nov 26, 2009

After reading Engadget's article on how to make your own dock, I decided to make my own, and I wanted to see if anyone else has made their own custom docks as well. As for mine, I just used some Foam-core board, glue and extra magnets lying around, and came up with this:

I plan on adding a big ol' Droid logo to the face of it as well, but until then I think it looks pretty decent

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Motorola Droid X :: Custom Icons

Jul 5, 2010

It's broken up into 3 Parts: Dock Icons; Home Screen Icons and Label/Group Home Screen Icons. You can find the instructions for Home Screen Icons and Label/Group Icons further down the page.

Here is the link to download the little droid icons, I take no credit for them.


Custom Icons

Below you will find instructions on how to get custom icons onto your Droid X using LauncherPro. There is a different method depending on where or how the icon will be used.

There are 3 different classes of Icons: Dock Icons; Home Screen Icons and Label/Group Home Screen Icons. There are some apps that will be needed, I'm sure there are other apps that will work but I will be using these for the instructions: ASTRO File Manager; AppsOrganizer; and BetterCut.

See the bottom of each section for corresponding pics. The letter in brackets goes with the pic with the same letter.

Dock Icons

There are 2 methods for getting custom icons onto your Droid X dock depending on how you get the icons. The trick is getting the photo Gallery to see the icons. If you are downloading and installing an icon pack app from the Market continue to section 1. If you downloaded the icons to a computer and you're going to install them on the sdcard continue to section 2.

Section 1 - Installing Market Icon Packs to Your Phone

1: Download and install the icon pack as you would any other app.
2: Open ASTRO and open the "dcim" folder(A) that is in the sdcard folder.
3: Press the "menu" button, "new folder"(B), "directory"(C) then enter a name (I'm using ICONZ) then press "create"(D). You should then see an ICONZ folder below the camera folder.
4: Press the menu button again and select "tools"(E), "Application Manager/Backup"(F), then select the app that contains your icons and press "backup"(G).
5: Press the "back" button twice and you should see a "backups" folder(H), open it, then select "apps", select your icon pack, then "browse file"(I), then the "assets" folder, then long press on the "icons" folder, select "edit"(J), then "copy"(K).
6: Press the "back" button 4 times (or press "home"(L) once on the top of ASTRO) and you should be back at the screen containing the backups, dcim and several other folders that are on the sdcard. Open the "dcim"(M) folder, then open your "ICONZ" folder, press the "menu" button, "edit"(N) then "paste"(O). You should then have an "icons" folder which is in your "ICONZ" folder. Press "home" and continue to section 3.

Section 2. - Installing Icons From a Computer to a Phone
(This is pretty basic so I won't be posting pics)

1: Download the icon pack to your computer.
2: Plug your Droid X into the computer with the USB cable.
3: Select "USB Mass Storage" on your phone when USB connection pops up, press "OK".
4: When the "AutoPlay" pops up on your computer select "open folder to view files", then open the "dcim" folder and create an "ICONZ" folder.
5: Copy your downloaded icons from the computer to the "ICONZ" folder, then "safely remove hardware". You can now unplug your phone.

Section 3. - Placing Icons in The Dock

1. Long press on the dock icon that you want to change(P) and select one of the Shortcuts listed or press Applications and choose from one of your Apps, I'll use "Dialer" or phone as an example.(Q)
2. Once you've selected the app or shortcut press "Custom Icon"(R), then the Gallery should open. Select "folders(S)" and then select your "icons" folder(T). Next you will see all of your icons listed, select the icon you want (U) and it should appear on the dock..
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to change the rest of the dock icons.

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Set Cpu Frequencies

Jun 30, 2010

Im using bugless beast with P3droids 1250mhz lv kernel. I was want to do custom frequencies to add more steps. specifically i want 125/250/400/550/700/800/850/900/950/1000/1050/1100/1200/1250 1. is that safe? im not going any higher or lower than I already was
2. what numbers would i put in the setcpu file. is 125mhz 125000(1000khz/mhz) or 12800(1024khz/mhz)? im, assuming the latter, but unsure.

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Kernel Without Set CPU?

Jul 15, 2010

So I finally rooted my droid, installed BB 0.4 and from what I understand it comes with an 800 MHz kernel. Fair enough but lets say I want 1 GHz. I'm already noticing that I get slightly less battery life with this than with stock 2.1, so would the "low voltage" or "ultra low voltage" Chevy kernels provide me with more battery life? I know I should probably get SetCPU, but I don't want to constantly have to manage clock speeds manually and I don't know what profiles to set / what's safe and what's not safe and whatnot.If I DON'T install SetCPU, will the phone take care of it by itself and slow the clock down when it's not doing intense tasks and so forth? Is SetCPU really necessary with a kernel or is it just for extra control for super power users?

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Motorola Droid X :: Where To Get Custom Wallpapers?

Jul 18, 2010

I'm looking for some with my fav sports teams Atlanta Braves, Miami dolphins, Clemson Tigers or one with the Droix x eye. thats not "live".

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Motorola Droid X :: Trying To Deodex. Getting Error

Oct 24, 2010

Im having trouble Deodexing my phone. I have SU access. Here is a screenshot. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

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Motorola Droid :: Adb Wireless App Error

Sep 2, 2010

When I found the adb Wireless app, I was ecstatic because I have misplaced my USB chord for the droid, and this would allow me to access my computer with the droid without the chord. But once I connect to the same wireless network with adb and press the big button, it informs me I must 'run adb connect "followed by a bunch of numbers like or something" on my computer.'Where do I input this on the laptop, or is there another way to access the phone with this app on my computer?

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Motorola Droid :: An Error Occurred

Aug 15, 2010

I'm running 2.2 and have rooted with easy root. I'm stuck here though. When I try to run 'flash clockwork mod recovery i get this message: an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands' When I try to install a ROM from the SD card (lithium for example) nothing happens...

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Motorola Droid 2 :: 2 - 2.2 OS - Connection Error

Nov 1, 2010

I successfully set up a work email account as my default email address but have not been able to send/receive email. I keep receiving a "connection error". I'm sure my settings are correct (POP3, port 110; outgoing port 25) and I have the "secure connection" box unchecked. I do have mail.domain name for the SMTP address.

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Motorola Droid :: How To Install Custom Kernels?

Mar 1, 2010

I have read and searched everywhere on how to install custom kernels.I follow each step: download the file, change the name of the file to, copy file onto root of SD card, boot into recovery, go to install, select "Allow Installation", install.When it starts to install it pops up "no such file or directory" installation aborted.

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Rom Flashing - Backup?

Aug 12, 2010

I am currently running what is in my signature. I did do a rom backup before I flashed the one in my signature. I want to switch to another custom rom. Can I just flash a new rom over the rom I am currently running or do I need to go back to my stock rooted group that I originally backed up?

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Motorola Droid X :: Car Dock Custom Icons

Sep 4, 2010

For Car Dock v2.1 does any1 know where to get custom icons for the car dock so they are not all fuzzy or even how to make my own?

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Ringtones For Emails

Nov 6, 2009

I having difficulties setting up specific ringtones for my email, primary calls, and a few specific contacts. It's like no all my ringtones. For example my ringtone I want for my emails will show up in my ringtones. For example some tones will show up in say in my email and not in my contacts.

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Motorola Droid X :: How To Custom Transition Animations

Nov 28, 2010

Watching the same transition animations over and over is boring. You can speed them up with Spare Parts or you can just shut them off entirely within settings. There is, though, a third road: change 'em. These are videos of most of the transition animations packs (Drod's rubiX animations, Fab's animation mix, and Android Stock have no videos at present).

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Motorola Droid :: Way To Set Custom Ringtones Per Contact?

Nov 7, 2009

Is there a way to set custom ringtones per contact? (for sms and calls)Also, I tried using Ringo Lite and it never sees my whole contact list, is there a reason for this?

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Motorola Droid :: Opinions On Custom ROMS

Mar 8, 2010

opinions on some of the custom Roms out there.

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Motorola Droid :: Looking For Custom Boot Animation

Mar 20, 2010

Was wondering if there is anyone out there on this forum that might make me a custom boot animation. I suck at photoshop. I have tried to do it but it looks terrible. The one I want should be simple (I think)for a person who knows what they are doing. All I want is the stock boot animation droid word highlighted in neon green like a lot of blue ones I see where it splashes blue with highlights and the red eye turned the same neon green with my name highlighted neon green like the word droid but name will be above the eye. Kind of like this but with my name from sort of beginning to end.

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Motorola Droid X :: Custom Icons With LauncherPro

Aug 11, 2010

I would like to see what custom icons everyone is using. Also post a link to where you downloaded them from.

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Motorola Droid :: Custom Boot Animations

Dec 30, 2009

I have been searching around the forums for some custom boot animations, and I noticed that there is not one consolidated thread for all of these animations. So, I thought I would start this thread where everyone can post their custom animations. I just rooted my Droid, and I am looking for the default eye animation and the nexus one boot animation. I would love to see all the custom boot animations everyone has made.

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Motorola Droid X :: How To Add A Custom Wallpaper / LP Dock Bar

Aug 11, 2010

I can't figure out how to add a custom wallpaper and my LP dock bar that I made to the gallery so I can use them. I transferred them to the SD card but the gallery isn't picking anything up. Do I have to make a folder inside the SD card folder with a certain name?

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Motorola Droid X :: DX Custom Alert Tones

Aug 19, 2010

I want to change the sound I hear when receiving a SMS message. I have successfully downloaded the BB sonar sound that I want to use.

I can't find the place to set the custom tone.

I see the list that the dx provides but no custom option.

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