LG Ally :: Update-Script/ Syntax Errors?

Nov 26, 2010

I have been working on a update-script for updating the radio without the vzc update. mainly for rooted users. however i cant seem to get the update-script to work properly. Im typing my update-script in gedit on ubuntu 10.10 because i dont trust windows with it since it wont understand linux spacing. anything i should do different? here is a pastebin with the 3 i have tried with minor tweaks. none have worked.

First script: write_radio_image PACKAGE:radio. - Update-script/radio update

Ive been fighting with this for 2 days straight and i dont wanna give up.

LG Ally :: Update-Script/ Syntax Errors?

Sprint HTC Hero :: Update To Fix Dialer Errors

Sep 23, 2010

This one seems to come out of left field, but the HTC Hero CDMA will also see an update that fixes GPS reboot and sluggish dialer issues.

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Android : Errors Installing SDK Update In Eclipse

May 26, 2010

I recently bumped into a problem installing the latest SDK update (r6) in eclipse on Windows (7), which I ultimately "solved" and thought I would share. During the update of the SDK, the update process was trying to rename a folder (C:...android-sdk-windowsplatformsandroid-1.6) but failed to do so claiming that the folder was locked by another process.The alert window that popped up advised that on Windows this is often due to Anti Virus software monitoring the file system (or some such message).After dutifully disabling my local AV I still got the error. This prevents you from continuing with the installation and for fear of ending up with a half finished install I thought I would track down the culprit.I used ProcessExplorer (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/ sysinternals/bb896653.aspx) to find the file handle (in Process Explorer go to Find->File Handle or DLL.and type in the folder name, e.g. android-1.6).ProcessExplorer found two file handles, both of which were eclipse itself! In my case, I had ProcessExplorer force-close the handle(s), which is generally not a good idea but in this case it worked and the install was able to complete.I had some confidence that closing the handle would be OK because it seemed eclipse had a grip on a JAR file within this path, which would make some sense.I think in future it would be best to run the update outside of eclipse (ie launch the AVD manager directly), and indeed this may be in the guides for installing updates but I didn't check before I started the process.Just thought someone else may benefit from this.

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HTC Incredible :: Errors Mounting Phone And Sd Card After 2.2 Update

Sep 7, 2010

Just updated to 2.2 and phone/sd card will mount to pc but then it randomly acts like it has been unplugged and plugged by in. For instance I was copying a 1gb file from the phone to the sd card and it was copying for all of 20 seconds then it was gone then it was back and wanted to know if I wanted to copy over the existing files that had been transfered before the disconnect (or whatever). It does this on both the sd card and the phone memory; anyone else have this problem? Have a solution? Oh, and this is done over the same usb cable I have been using for months without the slightest problem.

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General :: Galaxy Tab - YouTube Update With Errors / Won't Show Progress Bar

Aug 21, 2013

As you can see on the attached screenshot,when in full screen mode, the youtube's last update app won't show the progress bar, same thing happens on a galaxy tab 2 7"


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LG Ally :: Isn't Update Software To 2.2

Nov 5, 2010

I really want to update my software to 2.2 but when i go to the software update section in my settings, it says there isnt an update. What can i do?

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LG Ally :: Flash After Update

Sep 24, 2010

Im trying to flash after update.. i have rom manager and downloaded volacity and it reboots shows droid with warning sign and it just reboots and verizon logo pops up and everything is the same am i doing something wrong.. and i did wipe data

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LG Ally :: Baseband Update

Oct 13, 2010

"-Baseband Version VS740MVB.5210.1015: (new radio.img) Flash this just like a kernel. You must reboot into recovery once more after installing to wipe your cache. *Only flash once! I cannot be held liable for any damage caused to your device by flashing this!" If you back rev to Velocity 0.2 from Velocity 0.3, do you need to redo the Baseband update, or is it permanent?

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LG Ally :: Install The New Update

Sep 26, 2010

I recently rooted my phone. That went fine, I got the fancy # prompt without too much trouble. So I installed ROM Manager and got the ClockworkMod Recovery img. When I hit reboot into recovery from ROM Manager it booted to the LG boot screen and wouldn't go anywhere past that. I freaked thinking I was bricked. I left my phone alone for like 4 or so hours and it was fine thankfully. So I pretty much stayed away from fancy stuff like that for the past week.

Then this new firmware update comes out.

My question is... If i install the new OTA update will I lose my root access? I've read about situations where people lose their root then gain it back, I'm just curious if this is the path I will have to follow.

I have a backup of my stock ROM with root access and I'm not running any custom ROMs.

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LG Ally :: New Update Feedback

Sep 25, 2010

My Ally updated Thursday with no issues. I have observed a noticeable increase in responsiveness. Noticeable! No app issues. I did uninstall some new apps it placed on my phone like Skype. Battery life seems to be as good or better than prior to the update. I'm a light user. A couple of calls per day, some internet (Dolphin HD) and some texting. I recharge it every other day when battery level gets down to about 30%. I use ADW.Launcher, Juice Defender, no app killer, a couple of low overhead widgets, Chomps SMS, Pandora, and not much else other than a few shortcuts. I do have a widget for airplane mode. I turn it on once a day then reboot and turn it back on.

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LG Ally :: After Update Root Broken?

Nov 25, 2010

So the other day I noticed my phone said "an update is available" so I updated, while rooted. I noticed after the update that none of my rooted apps work anymore. I unrooted and re-rooted. Nothing. Help? I'm stuck with the superuser appand can't get rid of it. I tried a factory reset and it didn't work...

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LG Ally :: Stop The Update Notification

Nov 19, 2010

With Verizon trying to push an update, is there a way to stop the update notifications from popping up periodically because I want no part of it from what i've read.

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LG Ally :: Want To Stop Update Notifications

Sep 22, 2010

I know you can rename outraces.zip to cancel the notification, but I have heard that makes the phone think the update is corrupt and it continuously tries to download it. I would like to have Velocity 0.2 on my phone but I cannot stand the constant nagging to update. I have tried flashing VZB and going back and the notifications still appear. Has anyone managed to stop the notifications?

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LG Ally :: Velocity .2 With Jit Kernel And New 2.1 Update

Sep 21, 2010

I have my lg Ally with the new Jit kernel (Thanks Drellisdee), with Velocity 0.2 (Thanks Trident) and am overclocking at 768 mhz. I want to apply the new update, VZB, and then put velocity and the jit kernel back. So my thoughts are that I would have to...

1.) Backup rom/Apps/Data (Titanium Backup/ROM Manager)
2.) Go into Recovery (Clockworkmod) and make a nendroid backup.
3.) Wipe Dalvik, data, and cache.
4.) Install vzb via Drellisdee's rooted update (After i check md5)
5.) Then Apply Velocity 0.2
6.) Apply the kernel
7.) Restore data from titanium backup...

Is this what I would do? What about the ally's unofficial "V9" update that has to be installed manually... Is that worth it or should I just do VZB?
Also, do I need to go to a stock rom proior to the update?

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LG Ally :: Lost Chance At Update

Sep 22, 2010

Well so my phone tried to update to what I assume may have been Froyo but it failed due to the bug in the recovery 1.2.2 it would not accept a verified signature. I then went to go find the update again only to find out that my system claimed to be up to date and my phone was still at 2.1 update 1.

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LG Ally :: Factory Reset And Update

Nov 26, 2010

I did a factory reset and wiped sd card all to try and get the new update to work although what happens is it begins to install only to freeze and give me the android figure with hazard sign, what do I need to do to get this frekin update?

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LG Ally :: Warning Update Being Pushed - Read

Sep 17, 2010

There is a new update being pushed over the air to the Ally, the update fixes root so do not update if you want to keep velocity and/or root access!!!

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LG Ally :: Launcherpro 8.0.0 - New Update And Background Changes Randomly

Oct 2, 2010

anyone have to new update and you background changes randomly cause mine does? Its really annoying.

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LG Ally :: New Update Crashing Google Navigator

Sep 24, 2010

I don't keep up that much with the latest and greatest for my Ally but this morning I saw a system update notice and decided to go ahead and update. It seemed to go smooth enough but as the post title suggests my Google Navigation crashes back to the boot screen whenever I try and use the app.

SW Version VS7402VB
Kernel 2.6.29
Build # ERE27

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LG Ally :: How Can I Update Back To Newest Version?

Nov 9, 2010

Okay so I had a problem with an app, it would never download and stay at the installing progress bar for days. I looked up the solution online and they told me to go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Market>Uninstall Updates. I did that and now I have the old version on the Market, so I don't have automatic updating and there is no "Update All" button, so I can't do that either. I tried rebooting my phone, no luck. Unrooting and rebooting, still no luck. How can I update back to the newest version?

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LG Ally : Mobile Phone Support / Software Update

Sep 2, 2010

First i want to apologize if this is explained somewhere.I could figure it out.I cant find the Ally in the model list on either the LG website for mobile support or the LG mobile support tool download. How do i set it up for the ally? Or is it even possible at this point in time?I've read that people use it but i cant figure out how they set it up.Once again i apologize if this is a repeat topic but any information would be greatly appreciated.

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LG Ally :: Get Into Boot Recovery Menu To Try And Install 2.2 Update?

Jun 1, 2010

Am I correct that the Ally has the same build as the Nexus One ERE27. So does anyone know how to get into the boot recovery menu to try and install the 2.2 update?

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LG Ally :: Phone Vibration Modes Not Working Since Ota Update / What To Do?

Jul 24, 2010

My fathers phone got the OTA update to version 8 ever since his vibrate functions in games ringers etc has just vanished. The phone has been reset via settings>privacy>factory data reset twice. And i still cant get the vibrate functions from haptatic keyboard or ringers to work. He needs the vibration stuff back for work. If i cant figure it out it will have to be returned as nonfunctioning so unless im totally missing something

this is all of our first android phones my 2 sisters and my mothers ota worked fine i have the v9 update from the updater but my father ota just messed up i guess

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LG Ally :: Turning Off Dual Clock Update Service On Reboot?

Aug 26, 2010

I dropped the Dual Clock widget on my home screen then deleted it from the home screen. When I go to Settings/Applications/Running Applications the updater for that widget is active. I have not found a way to permanently get rid of the Dual CLock update service upon reboot. I know how to manually stop it from running but don't want to have to do that every time my phone starts up. What a pain. Since it's not an app it cannot be deleted.

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LG Ally : Apply Update With Velocity / Clockword Mod Recovery Tutorial

Sep 22, 2010

1. I've been reading posts for an hour now and can't find a direct answer. Or maybe there is one and I'm missing it due to my lack of rooting knowledge. I am using velocity .2 and clockwork mod recovery. I am getting a system update notification, Update now/Later, etc. What do I do? I am reading some of the posts and some seem like they pertain to it. Since Im rooter and on velocity.

2. Can I update? Do I have to go to the stock LG rom in rom manager and apply that first?

Do I have to do a factory reset? Am I supposed to lose root. Some help on how to apply the update with velocity .2 and clockword mod recovery tutorial to apply the update without bricking phone please.

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LG Ally : ZVB Not Apply Correctly / Pull Info On Update From Downloaded File?

Oct 1, 2010

Firstly, just wanted to say everyone on this forum has been awesome! You all do great work and are extremely helpful!

Ok from Velocity 0.2 with Clockworkmod and V9 SW version I flashed the stock V6 Rom, then flashed stock recovery. got ota updates to V8 and then ZVB without any errors. SW Version on phone read VS740ZVB. I then rerouted, applied Clockworkmod recovery and installed Velocity 0.2 and then the GNMTurbo4 kernel. SW Version on phone reads VS740ZVB. Then another OTA update showed up. It claimed to be 24.9MB just like the ZVB update. Of course it would not install because I was using custom recovery.

My question is, what is this update? Is it the ZVB update coming through again? Did my ZVB update not apply correctly or is it not recognized by Verizon since I'm using custom recovery and rom? Is there a new update that I'm missing out on, and if so, what is it, and do I need to apply it?

Lots of questions, I know.Just wondering what exactly is going on and do I need to do anything about it? Is there any way to pull info on this update from the downloaded file, and if so, where can I find the file and how do I get info from it?

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Android :: SVN And Syntax Highlighting

Dec 4, 2009

Anyone know of a Subversion client for Android OS? Same goes for a syntax highlighting text editor on there.

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Android :: Different Id Syntax In Docs?

Apr 7, 2010

This page in the Android documentation defines an element id as follows:


However this page defines it as:


I thought I had a decent understanding of what was going on until I saw this second example. In the first case, you need the + character so that id 'label' is added to the R file, correct? In the second case, would the EditText's id not be added to the R file because it does not contain the + character?

Also, the second example does not include the android namespace on the id. Does having or not having the Android namespace affect whether that id will be added to the R file?

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Android :: XML Syntax For Strings?

Oct 8, 2010

In my XML values strings code, I have a string with some text that I want to have only a few of the words in color. I also want to have a new line for some of the text.

I can do things like: < b> my bold text < /b> and that works (leading space added for this post).

I try to tag the text with color but no color shows up and there are no errors.


I also try adding a new line - I've tried things like:
< LF> some text, space at beginning only for this post < /LF>
< CR> this didn't work either < /CR>
< p> some text, space at beginning only for this post < p>

But, no new paragraph / new line, carriage rtn happens.

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Android :: Docs For Shape Xml Syntax

Jan 27, 2010

Where is there information about the syntax of <shape> xml files. These can be used to define 2D graphics as I understand it. There are few spotty examples in the samples directory but that is all I have found.

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