HTC Desire :: Way To Get A Good Quality Audio?

Nov 17, 2010

First of all, sorry to the administrator for already posting this thread in the wrong section (Tips and tricks) Question: Have you ever tried to make a videorecording when you're at a concert? (I'm not speaking about a classical concert!) I did and the result was horrible for the sound part Is there a trick when I want a good quality audio?

HTC Desire :: Way to get a good Quality Audio?

HTC EVO 4G :: Looking For A GOOD Quality Mp3 Player

Jul 1, 2010

I don't expect a cell-phone to outperform dedicated devices (camera, camcorder, etc.), but I figured that my mp3 player was one thing that this phone might be able to replace.Thus far, that hasn't been the case. Pandora and Slacker are "okay" with sound quality, but I understand the limitations, so that doesn't bother me.What does bother me is the underwhelming sound quality when playing mp3's via the aux input on my car or through headphones. My first generation Zune has far better audio quality and I can't bring myself to put it away just yet. All of my mp3 files are at a minimum of 192kbps, with most of them being 256kbps or higher. Are there any audio players that offer better sound quality and at least SOME level of adjustment of the equalizer? Presets (Rock, Acoustic, Jazz, etc.) are just fine as I'm not trying to tweek until I'm blue in the face. If nothing just yet, I expect an update to offer some sort of remedy. The last firmware update for the Zune did a great job improving what was already very good sound quality.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Good / Bad Phone Build Quality?

Jun 17, 2010

This is easy. Vote and reply with how good/bad your phone's build quality is.

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Android :: Voice Quality Not Good

Nov 2, 2009

android audio issue using mic i am recording the audio and i am playing it, but the voice quality is not good and some kaar kaar ... sound is there why the voice quality is not good? why is that kaar kaar sound?


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HTC Incredible :: Camera Quality Not Good?

May 3, 2010

This was taken with no changes to the setting - right out the box. (Note: Tons of sarcasm in the title)

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HTC Incredible :: Google Voice Quality Not So Good

Jun 11, 2010

Has anyone else noticed that calls placed using Google Voice don't sound as good as a regular cell call? I hung up from a friend and called right back using Google Voice, and it was more difficult to understand. I was using my bluetooth speakerphone, and their voice kept fading in and out. So I hung up again and called back via the handset, and experienced the same problem. I did this last week and also had this problem, but thought it may just be a temporary glitch. Apparently I also sounded fuzzy to them. Shouldn't be too much different from a normal call should it? It's just basically calling a Google number, and then Google is calling to the actual number you want to call.

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Android :: Phone With Good Sound Quality?

Oct 22, 2010

My girlfriend is looking for a new phone - and she likes the android platform (I have a Nexus One).

However, she is not impressed with the sound quality (both in terms of what you hear and what the other person can hear). Plus, the speaker phone on the Nexus One is nigh on useless.

I don't have any experience of the Desire HD, or others - can anyone recommend any that they know has good sound?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Watching Movies With Good Quality Video And Sound?

Jun 25, 2010

I'm going on a trip soon and wanted to put some movies on my phone. I found some DVD ripping software, ripped The Dark Knight as MPEG4, and was thrilled when I saw the picture- it looked fantastic. Then I put my headphones in. Where's my sound?

Before this, I had the movie The Book of Eli on my computer, MPEG4. I put that on my phone- sound, but not video. Converted to H.263, got both, but video was terrible quality. Near unwatchable. Should I try converting to a different format? I mean, there has to be some way to get good quality video.

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Motorola Droid :: Good Voice Quality With Phone?

Jan 20, 2010

Does anyone actually have decent voice quality on their Motorola Droid? I am on my fourth DROID and so far every call I have made people have complained that I sound muffled. I know there are a slew of threads on this, especially on Motorola's forums, but no one has an answer. Some people say they do have good voice quality. I am wondering who does and if they can post recordings of their voice quality. The Droid is an excellent device, however it should always first be a phone. It absolutely sux in that department, and I am seriously considering exchanging for an old fashioned flip within my 30 days from verizon. My RAZR and RAZR2 were far superior.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Sound Quality Not So Good

Oct 14, 2010

why is my x10 mini pro sound quality not good with the headphone which was bundled with the phone? when i tried the walkman headphone, it was way better!

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Motorola Droid :: 3-Crystal Clear Protectors - Good Quality

Feb 11, 2010

Motorola Droid Screen Protector ( 3Pack )

Use coupon code at Google Checkout: 30motoroladroid

For some reason, when you do this at Google checkout it discounts a whole helluva lot more.

They also have some hard cases and such for VERY cheap on sale.

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Android : Recommend Bluetooth Headset With Good Quality Volume?

Dec 17, 2009

I call internationally on calling cards A LOT (gv to those countries is 2x more expensive). Because of the calling card, sound quality and volume already takes a hit. Translation from a non-native language is more difficult over the phone, and damned near impossible for me if I can't hear them CLEARLY and LOUDLY. Same goes for the party at the other end if my microphone is sub-par.

Can anyone recommend a Bluetooth headset that works well with the droid and has AMAZING call clarity, quality, and good volume? Aesthetics are unimportant, I don't care what it looks like or how big it is. It just need to sound loud, clear, and have a good mic. It also needs to be comfortable because it will get used 1-2 hours EVERY day.

Bonus points if its stereo and supports A2DP audio, as getting one of those for music listening is also on the shopping list... but I'm perfectly willing to get two separate units if I need to.

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Motorola Droid :: Need Good Quality And Addicting Games For Phone

Dec 16, 2009

I am a bit disappointed with quality of games for droid.

Uniwar is great but is boring after campaign because online play doesn't work well.

Can anyone recommend any good quality and addicting games for droid?

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HTC Incredible :: Audio Recording Quality Very Low

May 14, 2010

Voice recorder and all other 3rd party apps record audio like absolute garbage. I am very disappointed. Such an awesome camera and camcorder but it sounds like I am speaking through a damn kazoo. I am dying to know if it's firmware or just cheap hardware, not to sound bitter but the iphone has a SUPER high quality mic being that Incredible just came out I was very surprised at the low quality of the audio recording

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HTC Magic :: Audio Quality / MP3 Player

May 14, 2009

I am on the verge of signing a contract with vodafone for the magic but listening to music on my phone is quite a big factor (the other handset I was considering was the Nokia 5800 Xpress!) so I was just wondering if anyone had used the magic mp3 player yet and what they thought of the audio quality? It would be useful to know how it compares to the iphone because the mp3 player is not a feature that anyone has focused on in reviews (except for the fact that there is no 3.5mm jack).

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HTC EVO 4G :: Audio Quality Flat And Less Crisp

Jun 15, 2010

I'm coming from an iPhone 3G, and I have Shure SE115 earbuds. I don't find the audio quality of the Evo to be anywhere near the quality of my iPhone. I don't find the audio quality of my iPhone to be as good as my gf's zune hd. If I put the same song on both my iPhone and Evo, it is immediately apparent to me which one is which. The Evo doesn't go as loud, and it just sounds a lot more flat, and way less crisp. We're talking night and day here, at least IMO.

I don't consider myself an audiophile by any means, but this feels like a huge downgrade to me. I've tried using both the stock music player as well as Doubletwist. It's so sounding. I think I'm probably going to return it, and go with a new iPhone. Anyone else generally unimpressed by the audio quality of the Evo? I'd imagine my beef is with the hardware, and it's pretty unlikely that a 2.2 root would fix my problems.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Finally Happy With Audio Quality

Aug 21, 2010

One of the only disappointments I had with my EVO was that the audio quality through the headphone jack seemed muffled and quiet compared to my old iPhone. This wasn't a huge issue but very noticeable when listening to music in my car through the AUX input. After doing the following, I'm happy to say that the quality now even surpasses the iPhone.

Installed the paid version of MixZing - the price was kinda steep but well worth it since it comes with an EQ. Boosting the overall gain tweaking the low frequencies has done wonders - best music app IMO hands down!

(Following Requires Root and NAND):
Flashed a custom 2.2 ROM - the newer ROMs are using modified versions of HTC's source kernel to boost the audio volume. I prefer BakedSnack 1.4 using his included kernel. Better audio quality and better battery life to boot. Flashed the workaround (or manually edit build.prop) to temporary disable stagefright. This fixes the audio issues with Pandora running on 2.2.

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HTC Incredible :: Somewhat Scientific Look At Audio Quality

Jun 27, 2010

Today I hooked up the headphone outputs of my D.I. to my M-Audio Profire 2626 audio interface and sat down to do some semi-serious testing. I tested using 3 seconds of white noise (to test frequency response), a 20-second 20-20k sweep (to test phase coherence), and the Apples in Stereo's "Sunndal Song" (to test the ability to rock). Signal generation and MP3 conversion were done in an old version of Cool Edit Pro, and Incredible recordings and wave comparisons were done in Cubase 5. I was going to take screen caps and make a whole big thing about it, but, as an older and wiser man once said: I went into these tests being completely happy with the performance I'd got from the Incredible so far, and expecting it to pass with flying colors.

Sadly, I was just a little bit disappointed. Firstly, there appear to be major sample clock issues. "Sunndal Song" is 3:30. By the end of which there was a perceptible audio delay of roughly 35 milliseconds (the D.I. was playing back slightly more slowly than the source file). Meow, that may not sound like much, but trust me, it's an eternity. Oddly, I didn't hear any pitch-shifting occurring, and I have a really, really good ear for that kind of thing. So it's not a sample rate issue, just a clock issue. Obviously, no cell phones are going to have word clock sync or s/pdif output (and s/pdif output would have defeated the whole purpose, which was to test the DACs). I had not expected perfect sync from the Incredible;s DACs, but I had expected better results than I got.

Secondly, on every recording that I did, the Incredible appeared to be playing everything phase inverted. I switched cables and inputs on my interface, just in case either of those were faulty. Meow, this is not a huge issue, since it was phase-inverting both stereo channels at the same time. It's end-user transparent, but definitely not as it should be from a technical point of view. But what I was most concerned with was frequency response. The goal for any digital playback device is accuracy you want the music to be reproduced in the most faithful and accurate manner possible (with the highest, one might say, fidelity). In this area, the Incredible's measured results were pretty good. Here's a link to a screenshot (I don't want to risk the dreaded sidescroll and incur the wrath of the forum).

The green lines on the bottom are the Incredible's measured audio output, the red lines on top are the source file. The Incredible does a pretty good job of both matching the subtle inflections of the original test file, and staying flat up to 20k, above which it drops off pretty quickly but that's fine, since a) that's all the frequency response that was advertised, b) no headphones can reproduce frequencies that high and c) no humans can hear them anyway. Which is why I'm at a loss to explain the very real difference in what the human ear hears from the Incredible when playing a song. I A/B'ed "Sunndal Song" repeatedly, and there are some very real and discernible differences between the Incredible's recorded playback and the source file. I used this song specifically because it's one that I had ripped from CD myself, so I know the files on the incredible and on my computer are identical. The low frequencies (bass to most of you), while it was certainly there, sounded almost compressed. Nothing was gone, but it certainly didn't seem to have the dynamic range (or "punch") that the source MP3 did. At some point, I may revisit this and do specific testing to see if there's any kind of bass compression algorithm built in to the D.I.

It would make sense for HTC to do this because loud, low frequencies with high fidelity would draw a significant amount of power from the battery. The midrange, while it didn't seem to be compressed, was definitely more pronounced and noticeable. The easiest explanation for this would be that HTC built in a mid-boost, but the white noise tests show this to be false. The high frequencies seemed to show the greatest fidelity, without any noticeable compression or attenuation, though the seemingly more pronounced mids tended to distract from them. The good news is that neither my ears nor the Profire saw anything even approaching clipping. The D.I.s audio output was actually very low, but it's designed to drive a pair of headphones, not function as a +4 dBu pro audio device. So I guess my subjective verdict is that, while the Incredible's DACs didn't perform as well as I'd hoped, it's nothing I am going to lose sleep over. It's still fine for riding my bike, plugging into the speakers at work to listen to Pandora, and everything I intended to use it for. Will it ever integrate into my live rig as a sample player? Probably not.

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Media :: Audio Quality Crappy And Too Quiet

Nov 1, 2008

So is the audio quality crappy and too quiet or is it just me? I tried listening to music using the included headphones yesterday on a plane, and I could barely hear the audio. I ended up switching to my iPod, which I had hoped my G1 would replace. Has anyone used the G1 with different (i.e. better) headphones, and what were your results? (I know the headphone jack is proprietary, but I'm hoping with better headphones/earbuds and a USB to 3.5mm converter I can sqeeze better quality and volume from the G1. We'll see.)

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HTC EVO 4G :: Audio Quality (Worse) On Video Recordings

May 28, 2010

I've been trying to digest every possible piece of information I can on the Evo, and have been very anxious to get one on June 4th. But something I'm finding very little info or comments on is how terrible the audio quality is on video recordings. It's surprisingly very bad. The video quality is looking good, but that makes the bad audio just that much worse. I've noticed this on every sample video I've checked out on You Tube. It seems that it is slightly better on the Incredible, but still pretty sub-par. If you watch video recorded from the Motorola Droid or iPhone, you can hear what a difference it is. Is this just a HTC thing, or is it something that can be adjusted?

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Nexus :: Poor Audio Quality Through Dock?

Mar 24, 2010

I have the N1's dock connected to a pair of M-AUDIO AV-20 speakers and the sound quality is less than enjoyable. The question is, does the phone get connect to the dock through bluetooth? I would expect a much better audio quality from ANY Dock.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Low Quality Audio Ever Be Fixed For Video Recorder?

Jun 15, 2010

The audio being recorded is horrible. Will there ever be a fix for that because I'm considering taking my EVO back.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Audio Quality Jerky When Taking Video

Jul 6, 2010

Frankly, I'm fine with the video quality. It could be a lot better but I don't use my phone for anything serious. The audio quality is horrid. I pulled a video into MediaCoder to find out why. That is 12.8kbps at 8,000hz sampling rate. To put this in perspective; A low quality MP3 is 64kbps at 44.1khz (44,100hz). That is 5 times the bit rate and more than 5 times the sampling rate.

A decent quality MP3 is at the very least 128kbps. The audio that the Evo camcorder app is 1/5th the quality of a crappy MP3. This is a rather simple software fix. I'm not a programmer but I know how audio and video codecs work and I see no reason for this limitation. The phone can record excellent quality audio. Just download a recording app and try it. HTC or a third party developer needs to get on this. The reason the video is a bit jerky is that it is recorded at 10.01 FPS...

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HTC Incredible : Fix For Streaming Audio Quality Through Pandora?

Aug 5, 2010

Wondering is there is a fix yet for the poor audio quality through pandora? Sounded much better before 2.2. The only "fix" I have seen drastically slows down performance.

Yes, I did turn on the higher quality sound in the Pandora settings.

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General :: SIP Provider With Better Audio Quality Paired With GV

Nov 28, 2012

I just recently got the new Nexus 4 and have been playing around with free SIP calling. I got everything working with and Csipsimple, but I'm noticing the audio quality that the people I'm talking to is really bad because of poor codec support (all are 8khz boo). Are there any other SIP providers that let you pair to google voice and support at least some 16khz codecs or G.729 for free?

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Audio Quality From 3.5mm Headset Jack

Sep 1, 2010

I don't own an Epic but have thought about jumping from verizon to sprint for their superior 3G coverage in my area. The only phone that interests me is the Epic so I have been reading a lot of forums and reviews. I have heard that the Samsung is supposed to have great quality through the 3.5mm(I think because of some pre-amp or dedicated part of the processor. I'm no expert and cant remember what I read and where).

I haven't really seen to many comments about the audio quality from the 3.5mm headset jack and also the exterior speaker loudness and quality. Coming from the Original Moto Droid it has the best external speaker on any other phone I've owned thus far but sub-par 3.5mm headset jack quality/loudness. Can anybody give me some of their personal opinions on how they think the Epic external speaker matches up to the original Moto Droid and how about the quality/loudness out of the 3.5mm.

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Motorola Droid X :: Poor Audio Quality While Charging?

Aug 23, 2010

I am trying to listen to pod casts on my DX while it is charging via USB. For the first 5 minutes or so it works great but then I start to get static. The static goes away as soon as I unplug the USB cable. Same thing happens in the car while listening to pod casts and plugged into my car charger.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Call Audio Quality Much Better After Update?

Jul 20, 2010

So since the recent update, I noticed that the call audio quality is MUCH better than it was before. Everything sounds more clear and detailed than it used to, and even my girlfriend said that she can hear me more clearly than before. I believe improved audio was on the list of things addressed by the update.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Poor Bluetooth Earpiece Audio Quality With Handset

Jun 24, 2010

How is Bluetooth audio quality with your Evo? I'm using a Jabra Extreme earpiece and am experiencing poor audio quality. One person with whom I was speaking said that I sounded like I was running or was in a windy location (I was calling from a quiet hotel room). On my end there was noticeable static. As a test, I hung up and paired the Jabra with my Blackberry 8830, and the person with whom I was speaking said that I sounded a little distant, but otherwise clear. On my end, the audio quality was good.

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Samsung Captivate :: Call Audio Volume / Quality

Aug 24, 2010

I made the switch from a BB Bold 9000 to the Captivate last Friday and so far I am in love! There is just one issue that I would love to gloss over but it's important given that it is a phone so I'd like your input. There was one other thread on this that sounds kind of like what I'm experiencing but I just wanted to be sure before I go in and exchange it.

When I am on a call, it is rather difficult for me to hear the person on the other end. I have the volume turned all the way up but not only is that not that loud but they also sound muffled. If it were one or the other I might be able to deal, but I never had trouble hearing on my BlackBerry and I never had the volume turned all the way up. It's gotten to the point where I'm unknowingly pressing the phone against my ear really hard so I can hear better. Has anyone else noticed that callers sound muffled? Should I exchange it?

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