HTC Desire :: Best Applications - Recommendations And Opinions

May 27, 2010

Was wondering if people could post want they think is the best Apps on the Desire and why they think they are the best Apps. I've just got my Desire and want to download some Apps but only want to try the best ones. This is open to all Apps, I'm not looking for anything specific
Just interested in peoples views.

HTC Desire :: Best Applications - Recommendations and Opinions

HTC Desire :: Opinions On Draining Battery?

May 25, 2010

Just wanted to get a feel for what the consensus view in this area is, as i'm slightly torn.On one hand i've read online (here I think, and elsewhere) that fully draining the battery regularly is bad for it and will damage its cells. (I'm not sure what regularly means, daily/weekly/monthly?) Hence i'm a little cautious to do it.However I tend to get far better batter usage after draining, turning the phone off and doing a full overnight recharge. Little top-ups, like taking it from 60% (where it reached through a day of medium usage) to 100% seems to result in inferior performance.A lot of people on here talk about overnight charging, which i've no problem doing. (In fact i'm used to it as my old Samsung Omnia required it) But 'how' do people do it? As in, do you regularly use 70-80% in a day and then leave it overnight? My current behaviour is to use it throughout the day in during (odd bit of browsing, txting, app usage etc) which can take 50-60%, then get home top-up for an hour or so, which gives me about 40% back, so I know i've got plenty in the evening when out.

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HTC Desire :: Want Opinions On Browsers Available For Desire?

Jul 5, 2010

What are people's opinions on the browsers available for the desire? I've only used the HTC stock browser so far and have been impressed. Especially when you pinch zoom and it reorganizes the text to fit on the screen. I have read, however, that it is very data hungry when downloading pages so is there a browser that isn't so hungry but still very good to use? Please, post your opinions on all that you have tried!

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HTC Desire :: How To Get Sat Nav Recommendations?

Apr 11, 2010

My first posting so go gentle with me! Just got the HTC Desire and so far I think its fantastic, mind you this is my first smartphone so not much for me to compare it to. Even so I really am impressed! Anyways, I see that there are a number of people offering Sat Nav apps. Now I live in the UK, I don't mind paying for something that works, so I wondered what recommendations anyone has for Sat Nav apps on Android and particularly if tried and tested on the Desire.

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HTC Desire :: Want To Get Web Browser Recommendations

Oct 23, 2010

Well i have been looking for a good web browser. i downloaded opera mini but its not as good as it seems?now trying out xscope 6. Any one else has any other recommendations?let me know?

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HTC Desire :: Need To Have Car Mount Recommendations

Apr 30, 2010

Preferably via ebay as i have three to buy. Not a generic one, but one specifically made for the Desire.

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HTC Desire :: Bluetooth Stereo Headsets / Any Recommendations?

Apr 23, 2010

Could anybody recommend a decent bluetooth, stereo headset? If poss I only want to spend around $20.

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Motorola Droid :: My Set Up Opinions Welcome

Feb 23, 2010

DroidMod 1.0
Some Smoked Glass stuff
Some Droid Hex stuff
and a cool Transparent Settings widget
What do you guys think? I am only using 3 pages, i dont have that much stuff on my phone yet.

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Android : Need Opinions Regarding EVO 4G's GPS Functionality?

Jun 5, 2010

My first smartphone was the first generation iPhone which I still use to this day. With the release of the EVO 4G and the coming release of the 4th generation iPhone, I am excited by the choices I have.

Let me explain: I love how the GPS works on my friends 3GS iPhone. I love the way you can find yourself on the map and the little dot moves along the street with you.


1.) Does the EVO 4G have a function like that?

2.) The only Youtube videos I can find regarding the EVO 4G's GPS function are all related to driving. Can anyone link me to a video of a person using GPS while walking around?

3.) I would like your opinions regarding the EVO 4G's GPS functionality.

In closing: I will be honest here, if the GPS experience on the EVO 4G is not as sexy as on the iPhone, I probably will end up purchasing the iPhone. I will admit though, the EVO 4G sure is a powerhouse of a smart-phone.

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HTC EVO 4G :: So Many Opinions But Whats Best Music?

Jun 12, 2010

I don't have ITUNES, i have zune...which I hate, so what should I be using to sync music, playist and ALbum ART to my EVO?

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HTC Hero :: Any Opinions For Nicest Colour?

Nov 16, 2009

What is the nicest colour for Hero in your opinion.

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Android :: Poll / Opinions Of Which VZW Phone I Should Get?

Oct 18, 2010

Soon enough I will be switching from Sprint to Verizon. From Samsung Moment to ??? I work at Bestbuy and VZW finally got good phones on their concession line. I get to choose between the HTC Incredible and the Motorola Droid 2. I think both are great phone manufactures.
My Pro's about the Incredible: Not bulky
LED indicator
1ghz processor
No keyboard
Droid 2 Pros: Better looking then the Droid
Qwerty keyboard
possibly overclock-able to 1ghz
Flat keyboard
800mhz processor
No LED indicator

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HTC EVO 4G :: Mini Review - Opinions On GPS Programs

Jun 16, 2010

Coming over from a Touch Pro 2, the only thing I actually miss is Nav N Go IGO 8. It was honestly the most amazing GPS I think I have ever used. It had so many little features Like the ability to customize the 3 little info spots with any dynamic value(like Current Speed, ETA, Miles Left, ect), and the little little "Next maneuver after the current upcoming maneuver" display. All of these things made that GPS wonderful. I've been spending days looking for a New GPS software to use on the Evo, but haven't found the perfect one yet. I wanted to review the GPS's that I have tried, to give you all an idea of what you can expect from some of the popular GPS's. I'm a Network Engineer who works alot in the Field, so I use GPS's every day. I've been able to log about 50 miles which each GPS so far.

Destinator 9:
This was a GPS that I found highly rated on the Market... Only issue is, it doesn't recognize the maps on the Evo, making it useless. Shame.

Google Navigation:
I've read so much Hype on this.. But I honestly don't see where it's coming from. Google Navigation is Available in many Countries. It's good with routing, but the interface isn't the best looking interface, and the HUD lacks alot of the extra information that other GPS's show. Google Navigation does do traffic, but doesn't auto reroute (Atleast, I dont think it does). One cool feature is the ability to add layers to the map. You can have a satellite overlay, as well as have an overlay for food, gas, reststops, ect. Otherwise, nothing else really makes this stand out from any of the other GPS's. Oh... and one last thing... The voice in this GPS makes me want to kick babies into tree stump grinders.

Sprint Navigation(Aka TeleNav):
SPrint Navigation is actually an OK GPS. Unless your on the Everything Plan with Sprint though, you arn't getting this GPS for free. It runs $10 a month. Sprint Navigation is only available in the USA, but it's Big Sister; Telenav is available outside the USA as well. The interface is OK. It shows all of the needed information in a News ticker type of display. The ticker is on a Yellow background which makes it harder to see sometimes. Routing and Address finding in this GPS is the best out of any GPS i've used.. Including IGO 8. The Traffic feature isn't too good. I'm not sure where it's traffic source comes from, but I've only rarely been alerted to traffic with this program. And when the time comes to click on that magic re-route button, the magic for some odd reason doesn't seem to happen. It reroutes me right back into the traffic. Since I'm on the Everything Plan, I currently use this in conjunction with the next two GPS's.

Waze is a great little community Driven(Har har, no pun intended) GPS, with an amazingly responsive development team behind it. It's available in most country's. What sets Waze off from the rest of the GPS's is it's Community aspect... When you use Waze, your linked up to Hundreds of other Waze Users in your area and around the world. This provides real time traffic monitoring from other users, as well as user submitted accident reports, and speed trap reports. You can also view and post "Chit Chat" comments on the route/map as well so you can talk to user Waze Users. Why you would want to do this while driving? Well lets say your stuck in a horrible traffic Jam caused by an accident with a few other Wazers.. Wouldn't it be cool to have a little conversation going with them all while you wait in stand still traffic? You can also see other Waze users near you on the map as well, which is pretty cool. Waze tries to make driving into a game too. Since the Map is generated mostly by user driving around and sending this information from their app to the waze server, Waze automatically puts "cookies" near unexplored area's. If you drive near these area's you get points. With the traffic being user submitted and automatically monitored based on users speed, ect, the traffic reports are really good. Although it's suppose to automatically reroute around traffic, it doesn't work too well, although their are small workarounds posted in the waze forums, that seem to help users. The interface is ok... It's not the best. It could use a 3D map mode instead of the older 2D almost overhead style of map. There are also times where it won't find a certain address. The Map might also be a little incomplete in certain area's... But this might be just because I haven't zoomed in far enough or it's outside my route, but I also suspect it might be because not enough waze users have driven those area's yet. One limitation as well, is the 200 mile routing limit. You can only route a trip thats less then 200 miles, although this might be increased at a later date. Since it's the waze servers that do the processing, I suspect the limit is in place to keep the load on the servers down. A work around to that limit is to just rout to a city thats less then 200 miles away between you and the destination, and then once you get there, route to the next place thats less then 200 miles, and so on. This is a GREAT free gps to use if your just commuting to work and home, and want traffic alerts, but can also work as a stand alone GPS to use on longer trips (Less then 200 miles though).

NDrive is another Paid GPS program very similar to TomTom and IGO 8. I use this as my Offline GPS (It stores maps on the SD card and doesn't use Data). It's the closest to IGO 8 as I could find. It has all offline maps, and can do Predictive Address Typing, which is nice if you don't quite know the spelling of the place your going, or need to find a cross street. The interface is pretty, but I wish there was a way to control the zoom level. Living in NJ, right outside NYC, it's hard merging onto the correct highway when NDrive decides to zoom out when you get near a junction with an entrance to 4 difference highways. This GPS show's alot of information. There is an information pane in the lower left that you can configure to show different values, like ETA, Arrival Time, Miles Left, Speed, ect. The routing on isn't the best. Infact I think it's the worse out of any of the others i've reviewed. I've ran into experiences were it would route me an extra long way to get somewhere (Ever hear the term, 3 rights make a left? Well NDrive has!), and I've also run into issues with Address's being anywhere from a block, to 2 miles off on the road where they are suppose to be. If it wasn't for the routing issues, this GPS would of been my Number 1, and a very very possible replacement for IGO. It's available in most countries. Although the application on the Market is Free, the Maps are not. You get a 7 day free trial with any map though, and you don't need a PC to download the maps. It'll download right over 3g slowly, or if your lucky and have 4g, it'll download over that, or even wifi.

I'm still on the lookout for the perfect Offline GPS Igo Replacement. Anyone know any other GPS programs I should add to this?

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Motorola Droid :: Opinions On Custom ROMS

Mar 8, 2010

opinions on some of the custom Roms out there.

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Motorola Droid :: Slide Out Qwerty - Opinions

Jan 28, 2010

At first I was a little dissapointed with the slide out qwerty the droid provides, but after a bit of use I have become quite fond of it.

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Media :: Bluetooth Headphones - Opinions / Experiences

Aug 30, 2010

I'm having trouble finding a GOOD bluetooth headphone thread on these forums. Even googling things the "top 10" lists I've found are mostly from 2007-2008.

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Motorola Droid :: Opinions On Apps And Customizations...

Dec 29, 2009

Just picked one up and wanted to get some feedback.

1. What are your most favorite apps?

2. What do you like the most about your Droid?

3. What is your favorite customization?

4. What do you like the LEAST about your Droid?

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Motorola Droid :: Snap On Silicone Case / Any Opinions?

Nov 14, 2009

Does anyone have the snap on silicone case? If so what do you think of it? I'm thinking about picking one up and just wanted to see how people that actually have one feel about it.

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Motorola Droid X :: Opinions - Music Sound Quality

Sep 11, 2010

Liking the music sound quality (out of the 3.5mm) on your Droid X. Since I use my phone as my primary music playing device, SQ is critical. (I typically listen with super high quality in-ear monitors - Shure SE530;s.) I haven't had a chance yet to A/B with my iPhone 3G (which sounded pretty damn good!) but so far, I'm reasonably impressed with the DX audio.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Non - Rooted Phone Performance / Opinions / Experiences

Mar 19, 2010

I'm hoping to get a little insight here from the members of the community that have devices that are not rooted, or from members that have experience prior to their rooting. Before I go into my questioning, I do want to preface this by stating that I have considered rooting my phone in the past, and have even tried (but failed) using the PreKitchen. Since then, I have made a definite decision that I will not be rooting my device. I have done TONS of research and reading on the topic, have asked and have had answered a lot of questions, and I've just decided that I do not want to do it. Yes, I understand the pros of doing it, I just choose not to. That being said, I would respectfully ask that those who take the time to respond to this post, please don't suggest rooting.
Ok, so I've owned the Hero since October, and for the most part, it has performed only marginally. The quirks, odditys and under performance issues I have experienced are nothing different from what has been talked about on this board, or others. Some issues, however, have been persistently bad, even after the "typical" troubleshooting methods have been used. Additionally, some of the things I've seen my device do haven't been talked about, or at least not in great detail, by many people. Some of the issues that I am experiencing, I am hoping that 2.1 will cure, however, I've come to a breaking point where I don't want to wait it out for the upgrade to finally release, only to find out that it didn't help. I've talked to Sprint Advanced Tech Support a few times and they seem to believe that it's a faulty device. Whether or not that is their response because they are stumped, or if the device actually IS faulty is what I'm hoping to figure out. They have agreed to send a replacement device to me, so I'm trying to get a feel for what to expect. Below are some of the issues I'm experiencing:
1. Wifi will not stay connected 85% of the time, despite a strong signal.
2. Apps take quite a bit of time to respond. The phone, however, does not seem to lag all that much. Screens respond pretty quickly and swiping is pretty smooth. Apps just take quite a bit of time to open/respond, even if still in "running" mode in the background.
3. Browser and other data requesting apps take quite a bit of time to get data, despite a strong EVDO signal or strong Wifi signal.
4. The phone's antenna seems to be weak. I can barely get a signal in my office (a one story building, sitting close to a window) and I'm in a heavily populated city. I've never had a hard time getting any less than 3 bars on any other Sprint phone in this location. Additionally, in areas where reception should be strong, I've found my phone switching between 1x and EVDO for data, and Roaming for voice.

There are other miscellaneous issues as well. I also want to stress that all of the typical troubleshooting methods have been done. I hard reset the phone last week and cleaned house, and am still seeing these issues. Prior to hard resetting, I had around 25-30 MB of free space on the phone. After the hard reset, I'm around 75 MB of free space, so that doesn't seem to be an issue. Text messages are cleared off the phone as they come in and program caches are cleared out daily. As for the signal issues, that's something I can't figure out, and neither can Sprint Tech Support, which is why I'm getting the replacement. My questions to the community are these:
1. I know that some of the issues I have listed are common among Hero users, however, does troubleshooting (clearing caches, texts, etc) solve the issues, or do they persist?
2. Has anyone had signal/data speed issues?
3. For people who have had replacement devices for issues similar to these, did the new device work better, or is this just a function of the device? One of the main reasons I ask these questions is because if this is going to continue to be an issue from device to device, there is no need to waste time continually swapping phones. I think at that point, I'll just have to wait for 2.1, hope it resolves the issues, and if not, cross that bridge at that time. I've expressed concern to the Sprint reps about receiving a refurb device. They had stated that it isn't up to them what gets shipped, however, they did advise that if a refurb was shipped, to send it back and go to a repair center to return it (in hopes that they have new phones on hand). I'm truly hoping that this is an issue with my device and not the Hero itself.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Honest Opinions About Battery Life And Camera?

Jul 9, 2010

Ive got the xperia x10 which I love now the battery problems are sorted but I've another upgrade due and had a quick play with the galaxy s today. Seemed pretty good but before deciding whether I should take it whats peoples opinions on the battery life and the camera? The battery on all my android phones hasn't been great but as long as I can happily get a day/day and half out of it with reasonable use i.e. bit of music, lot of texts, a little web and a few calls then id be happy with it. Also I notice the camera doesn't have a flash, what are the pics like people have been taking? I really liked the look and feel of phone but a little worried the amoled screen would drain the battery too much.

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Android :: Mystery Null Pointer Error Seeking Opinions

Oct 31, 2009

An error that appeared in my Flurry logs but seemed impossible to reproduce otherwise just occured That's the good news.The bad news is that the LogCat info is not telling me enough.I would appreciate a second set of eyes taking a look and offering wisdom.The lead up is that I was playing with my app, and put it away for a while. I did a lot of other things with my phone since, like making phone calls, etc I hooked up my phone to the computer to make another attempt to find the mystery bug, and decided to see if anything weird appeared in the logs from earlier.I then brought my app to the foreground using the Home/Hold technique and whamo the bug appeared before my eyes in LogCat.

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Motorola Droid X :: Use Verizon FIOS Mobile Remote App / Opinions On It?

Oct 21, 2010

Does anyone have/use this app on their DroidX? how is it? opinions?

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Sprint HTC Hero : Using Autokiller On Rooted Stock 2.1 / Opinions On Preset Levels?

Jun 26, 2010

Hey quick question, for those of you rooted using autokiller, what are your opinions on the preset levels? I'm running stock 2.1 rooted for now and just want some extra opinions and explanations on the issue. Sent from my HERO200 using Tapatalk

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Android :: GPS App - Looking For Recommendations

Dec 15, 2009

Looking for a GPS app for the phone that will show things like your coordinates, the geographic datum, the number of satellites, and horizontal accuracy. Any recommendations, please speak up. Does not have to be free.

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Android :: What Are Your App Recommendations?

May 23, 2010

My HTC Incredible is coming Monday and I don't want to get bored for a second. What apps do you think I should check out? Sorry if someone has already posted something like this.

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HTC Eris :: Want To Have Rom Recommendations

Sep 15, 2010

I'm getting a little bit bored with Nonsensical, and since it's the only ROM I've used I thought maybe I should try something new. Any suggestions work, 2.2. ROMs, 2.1 ROMs, sense ROMs, non sense ROMs, I'm open to anything. I look forward to everyones suggestions.

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Android :: New Smartphone Recommendations

Sep 1, 2010

I just realized that I posted my last thread in The Lounge rather then Android Lounge which I intended to Makes sense why I haven't gotten any replies. Anywho, this is what I posted earlier Just signed up for your forum to ask for your recommendations for my first smartphone. Now, I'm leaning towards an android mainly because I don't want an iPhone and it seems like it has some great feature as well as a lot of potential.Now, the only issue is that I live in Canada and I'm with Rogers. (Sim cards)My current criteria is that I want a touch phone and it has to support a sim card. External qwerty keyboard is a bonus!I'm sure you all get requests like this all of the time but some help selecting a new phone would be great. I tried doing my own research on what phone to buy but I'm really not great with hacking phones and whatnot to make things work with my carrier but I'm willing to;dr:Need smartphone with sim card and touchscreen.

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Android :: App Recommendations Needed

Aug 17, 2010

I have a huge filofax thing, which I would like to ditch from my bag, and wondered if I could turn my phone into something more suitable. I have jorte calendar, but I do find it annoying that you can't read what's in the box, as even the smallest font is too big. Any ideas on a better calendar. I would also like somewhere to store my addresses, and a password locked notepad. I often use a note pad to jot down passwords & username etc. Any suggestions would be great, free or not i dont mind!

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Android :: Need Some Widget Recommendations

Dec 24, 2009

So what are some good Widgets? I hear Beautiful Widgets is good but has a glitch in landscape mode. (Can somebody please explain this?) The Widget types I am looking for are Weather, Time, and Productivity (Such as Notes or a Calendar.)

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