HTC Desire :: Android Market App Broken After Software Update 2.2

Oct 16, 2010

I along with many others apparently, am having problems after installing the 2.2 OTA update.Tapping the Market item produces the following error:"program is not currently installed on this handset".Active thread on Google support forum here:Android Market App removed after HTC Desire software update 2.2 - Android Market Help.If anyone has encounter similar problem or has a solution please post.

HTC Desire :: Android Market App broken after software update 2.2

Android :: Broken Market Update Tool - Widespread

Jun 30, 2009

After a few apps had updates come out that I didn't get notified about I began wondering what was wrong with my phone. After a few well placed friends pointed me to an official Google Market message board.

Market app 'my downloads' out of sync with installed apps preventing upgrade notification - Android Market Help

This thread has been growing fast, with reports coming in of more and more users with this issue.

It seems this problem is global, with users from France and the US reporting, possibly others.

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HTC Desire HD : Weather Widget Broken - Get The Location But No Weather Update

Nov 7, 2010

It seems the long running problem with the weather widget on the desire has managed to pass on to the HD.

HTC Weather Widget broken?

Mine worked for a day and now I get the location but no weather update.

All other locations display all info fine.

Im in Australia on Vodafone - although from the previous mentioned thread seems to be software related rather than carrier location

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HTC Desire :: Android Market Version And Update

Oct 23, 2010

following on a recent topic posted here is my question- how can I find out which version of Android Market am I running? If I go to Market and press "menu" button on the phone none of the options answers to my question.
My second question is- where is the "Update all" button in the Market. I can not see it anywhere.I am running Froyo 2.2, Orange branded Desire, stock ROM.

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HTC Desire :: Android Market Update Notifications

Aug 4, 2010

Since getting HTC's unbranded 2.2 on my Desire I'm no longer getting notifications about apps that have been updated on the Market. The notifications option is set to "Notify when items are updated" and I've tried various combinations of disabling and enabling it and rebooting the phone and still I'm not getting notifications for updates. I always got notified when I had 2.1.I've posted this a few times in the bugs thread, but it just gets lost in all the other talk, which is why I've started this thread.

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Android :: Is Market Broken For Paid Apps?

Aug 7, 2009

I just got my Magic / MyTouch 3G a couple of days ago. I'm unsuccesfully trying to purchase some paid apps, but they aren't showing up in the search, or through linking via Cryket.I've tried looking for Copilot Live, Grocery King, and DoggCatcher.

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HTC Eris :: Android Market Broken On Rooted Phone

Jul 12, 2010

So I rooted both mine and my wife's phone to Ivan's 1.0 (2.1 with OC). Her Market works totally fine. It's fast and loads everything and all tabs are there. Mine was sort of working at first, now it's completely come to a halt. The "top paid" tab is missing (when does finally load), most of the time it just gets stuck on "loading". I've tried clearing cache, doing a factory reset, reflashing the ROM, using the market fix (that puts the "top paid" tab back, but doesn't fix the slowless). It's just seriously broken.

Again, I've flashed the exact same ROM on mine and my wife's Eris, and hers works totally fine. I've searched for this issue on google and it seems this is a common problem, but no one has found a solution that works for me. I've tried them all, and none of them work. If I would have known rooting was going to break something so basic I possibly wouldn't have done it.

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HTC Desire :: Way To Update Market Items?

Nov 5, 2010

For some reason I can't seem to update some apps in the market. It will download them fine (currently 5 apps need updated) then says 'Installation is unsuccessful' pops up at the top of the screen.

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HTC Desire :: Sling Player Gone From Market Since Update

Aug 1, 2010

Just updated to Froyo and tried to re-install Sling player from the market but it's not there. My wife can still find it on her 2.1 Desire so what the heck's going on?

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HTC Desire :: Market App Missing After Update To 2.2 Froyo

Oct 17, 2010

Updated to 2.2 after using the option on the phone. Updated fine, but now find that the market app is missing. The Facebook app is gone too. Any way I can get the market app back without doing a reset?

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HTC Desire :: Unable To Update Applications From Market

Nov 23, 2010

I seem to be having an issue with apps on my phone. Basically, over the past few days, I cant update apps from the marketplace at all. The market comes up tellling me there are new updates, when I go to download and install them, they all download fine, and then start installing, and then all of a sudden, it tells me installation was unsuccessful and nothing happens anymore. Its doing this for all apps I try to download from the market. Help would be much appreciated. Btw, I've got my phone set to install apps to mem card as default using the force apps to sd work around thing that was posted on the board.

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HTC Desire : Market Widget Not Working After Update To 2.2 / Way To Run

Oct 16, 2010

My Marketplace widget is not working after the update to 2.2 I am on 3 network here is what the message is when i press on the market icon on my phone - " The linked program is no longer installed on your phone"..

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HTC Incredible :: App Market Broken After Root / What To Do?

Jul 1, 2010

I rooted and tried 2 roms, then went back to my original setup I had on my own but with root and tether. Now the android market has stopped working. Any suggestions? Or a place to get a full backup that would put me back to 100% stock so I can bring the phone into a verizon store if I need.

I used clockworkmod for all roms and restores. I did the wipe data and cache etc before loading roms or restoring from nand.

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Android :: Broken Emulator After New Update?

Nov 2, 2009

I've tried the following using an emulator with the 2.0 and 1.6 target and still same results!

I'm currently trying to change the Telephony status via eclipse to test how my application behaves on bad network speeds and dropped connections. But after the last updates to the SDK, now this settings are not working! I set Data and or Voice to denied and my application is still downloading content... Why is this? I tried setting the connection to a lower connection type and my app is still downloading very fast no change!

I tried making a call to the emulator and that works...

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Android :: Pandora 1.3 Update Broken

Jun 11, 2010

I recently attempted to download an update to pandora on my motorola droid, and it completed download but gave a download unsuccessful error message, when tapping on it, it brought me into the market and told me the package was not signed correctly.

My question is, is it hitting everyone or is it just me? and if its just me, anyone know how to fix it?

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Android :: Broken After Update - FileNotFoundException On OpenFileOutput

Feb 20, 2009

In the Android Market, I saw that users of my app had serious problems:

After updating to a new version from the Market, the app became unusable. This line is causing the trouble:


I do not see a reason for a FileNotFoundException here - is it a Android bug?

"/data/data" seems strange, too (should it not be just "/data"?).

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Motorola Droid :: Dolphin Browser 1.2.99 APK File Needed (Market Place Broken)

Dec 6, 2009

Marketplace thinks I have this application installed, but won't let me uninstall it. Rumor is that re-installing the APK file will fix it, but there is none to be had on the web. Anyone have the APK file for dolphin? It needs to be 1.2.99 (or later) because the package name was changed in that version.

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Android :: Android Market Broken - Can't See New Release Of App In Android Market

Feb 15, 2009

I uploaded a new release of my app.

I downloaded the new version from the Market to try it out and I got the new binary, it also state V1.3.0, which is the new version. The description is from the release before that.

Very strange. When looking at I see the old version V1.2.1 and the old description.

When looking at a G1 where the old version is installed it doesn't provide me with the option to upgrade it.

I followed the same steps as the weeks before. The Market has changed and I could use new options (DRM, not paid as I am not from the US/UK), but I kept the old options.

Meanwhile the old description is also in the developer's console (which I will change again right away), but it says 1.3.0 and when re-uploading the apk it says "The new apk's versionCode (130) in AndroidManifest.xml must be higher than the old apk's versionCode (130).", which is fine, well kind of.

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LG Ally :: After Update Root Broken?

Nov 25, 2010

So the other day I noticed my phone said "an update is available" so I updated, while rooted. I noticed after the update that none of my rooted apps work anymore. I unrooted and re-rooted. Nothing. Help? I'm stuck with the superuser appand can't get rid of it. I tried a factory reset and it didn't work...

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HTC Legend :: New Update - Broken Text App

Jul 30, 2010

Anyone having problems with the text application after the recent update? When opening a conversation, it initiates at the the top and I have to scroll down to see the latest text. This happens even though I scroll down, exits the conversations and re-enters. Quite annoying.

The name of the app has changed from Meddelelser (Messages) to SMS (Text). Just s bonus info.

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HTC Incredible :: Alarm Broken After Froyo Update

Sep 26, 2010

Ever since the froyo update (installed fresh from the RUU file), there are random days where my alarm will not sound, both from the stock htc alarm app, and Alarm Klock.At first, I thought it may be gonig off, but I've been muting it in my sleep, but today my suspicions were confirmed when I was awake in time to see it attempt to go off, only for the alarm screen to come up with no sound, despite the alarm volume being cranked up to maximum.I'm honestly at my wit's end with this; I can't find anyone else with this problem, and I've had to buy a cheap clock from CVS to wake myself up in the morning.Has ANYONE else been having this problem? I've already been late to work twice because of it!

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: R2BA026 Update Has Broken The WiFi

Aug 3, 2010

I am an Admin from and would like to draw your attention to an article I have recently posted.

Whichever team of jokers that are responsible for the radio implementation on the X10 should lose their jobs. Firstly came the catastrophic battery drain and a ridiculous WiFi bug but thankfully both were fixed in the recent R2BA020 update. Having momentarily restored my faith along came R2BA026 bringing back the bug which makes my WiFi utterly useless!

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: USB Port Is Broken On My Phone - Can Still Get The Update?

Nov 23, 2010

My phone charging port is broken. I have been unable to charge the phone and connect it to the pc. Can anyone advise if it is possible to still get the update. I have taken the phone to a few places to see if the port can be fixed but no one is guranteeing they can fix the com port.

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HTC Desire :: Charger Port Broken?

Nov 23, 2010

I have been using my phone for about 4 months now and I knew it was going to happen as it is so poorly built, the charger port has broken!

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HTC Desire :: Clockwork Recovery Broken - Reinstall?

Nov 10, 2010

Ok where to begin? Been having various problems with different ROMS so thought i'd go back to a stock ROM Seems now it's overwritten clockwork recovery? How do I reinstall this easily?

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HTC Desire :: Broken Screen - Retrieving Numbers And SMS

Sep 22, 2010

i regrettably dropped my HTC desire recently and cracked the screen. I have a lot of numbers saved to the phone that i would like to get, and if possible all the SMS messages that were sent. is it possible to retrieve this data by using the data cable plugged in to my computer? BTW have a new desire now claimed thru insurance

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HTC Desire :: Shutdown Out Of Blue And Constantly Reboots - Broken?

Aug 30, 2010

Today whilst surfing the net via wireless (only for a few mins) my Desire shutdown out of the blue and now constantly reboots - all it shows is the O2 Welcome screen before rebooting. Tried stopping this booting by holding down the power key and now it's stuck on the welcome screen! Any idea of what I can do? I've already removed the battery, sim and mini sd card and tried starting again but I still can't get past the o2 screen!

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HTC Desire :: Point Blank Won't Work - GPS - Broken / Faulty?

Nov 1, 2010

the GPS on my Desire is shocking - it point-blank won't work if there's ANYTHING over my head, so useless in cars/trains/buses, and if i'm out on the street it'll either not work at all or take upwards of 2 minutes to lock a signal. was chatting to a friend about it this weekend, and he whipped out his nexus one and had a locked signal within seconds of opening google maps, whereas mine still refused to budge. have i got a duff handset, or are other people finding this an issue? i'm on Orange, although i'm presuming that GPS isn't reliant on the carrier...

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2.1 Update :: Android Market Fails After 2.1 Update

Nov 12, 2010

After installing the 2.1 update onto a SE X10 mini the Android Market will not function. It opens, I can browse and select apps but when attempting to download it states 'starting Download', with a barber-pole bar, but the download goes no further. I have re-installed the update which seemed to work at first with one download working but then the same problem re-occurred. Based on info in other feedback on this blog I reviewed the app settings but there is no update to uninstall. how to get the Market to work?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 : Update For The Market That Includes An Auto Update Feature For Installed Apps

Oct 17, 2010

I have alot (and I mean ALOT) of apps on my Xperia, so I get around 5 app updates a day, which is now starting to agitate me because most of them are the same apps everyday needing updates.

Today I heard about an update for the market that includes an auto update feature for installed apps. But I, like many others, do not see this option on the market.

Does anyone have any idea how to get it? or if I can't get it, when can I?

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