General :: Cannot Install Apps In Paranoid Android Rom

Jun 25, 2012

I got problem after installed Paranoid Android Rom. I dont have all the basic apps like maps or Youtube and I can't Dl them from Google Play, it says tat my devices doesnt support them.....

General :: Cannot Install apps In Paranoid Android Rom

General :: How To Install Paranoid Android On Karbonn Titanium S5

Jul 20, 2013

how do i install paranoid android rom on my karbonn titanium s5 ?

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General :: Apps Cannot Be Installed In CWM When Installing Paranoid Android

Jul 3, 2012

I'm about to flash Paranoid Android on my GB Note, installing PA is good, but when it comes to gApps, it loads and then stop and says cannot open in sd, aborted.

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General :: Evo 4G LTE Running Jelly Bean / Paranoid Android 2.13 - Audio Apps In Background Getting Killed With No Warning?

Sep 24, 2012

I'm wondering if I'm not alone in this: I have a rooted Evo 4G LTE running Jelly Bean/Paranoid Android 2.13. I'm running into an issue with running audio apps like Google Play Music and Doggcatcher. Basically sometimes if I'm playing something and I switch to another app, a few moments or minutes later the audio dies and the audio app gets killed. I can tell because when I enter back into Doggcatcher, the loading screen starts up as if it wasn't running before. Is this a case of over aggressive task killing? Is there a way to prevent this at all?

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General :: Paranoid Android Hybrid Properties

Jun 25, 2013

I just installed the Paranoid Android 3.60 ROM that I downloaded via this link [URL] ..... I am using a Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

The problem I am running into is with the "hybrid properties" in the settings. Everything else with the ROM has worked wonderfully, but I believe the Hybrid is the main reason to run this ROM and I cannot access it. Any time i click the Hybrid Properties in settings, I get "Unfortunately, settings has stopped responding." I have reinstalled and wiped factory and dalvik/ caches.

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General :: HD2 (Paranoid Android 1.4a NAND) - Cannot Hear Caller

Jun 29, 2012

I have an HD2 with Paranoid Android (1.4a CM9 NAND), along with Supercharger V6 and Mounts2sd 4.5.0.

I'm experiencing some phone audio issues that pop up and then mysteriously go away again. Specifically I cannot hear the audio from the other caller and the only way to have the conversation is by turning on speakerphone (which always works but is quite inconvenient). The other party can always hear me alright.

Here's some debug log info:

2012-06-28 15:58:46.045 W 722/AudioPolicyManager: getDeviceForStrategy() unknown strategy: 4
2012-06-28 15:58:46.175 E 1191/PrivacyPersistenceAdapter: getSettings - failed to get settings for package: com.csipsimple
[Code] .......

and so I need to enable speakerphone to hear the audio

2012-06-28 16:01:15.755 I 722/AudioHardwareQSD: Routing audio to Speakerphone
2012-06-28 16:01:15.755 D 722/AudioHardwareQSD: Switching audio device to
2012-06-28 16:01:15.755 D 722/AudioHardwareQSD: Speakerphone
[Code] .....

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General :: Galaxy Note / Switching To Paranoid Android

Jun 5, 2012

i left iPhone to enter the android world via the Galaxy note....well, what to say, great change, great device, nice system....

so i decided: i switch to the best, meaning i go to install Paranoid Android....yes, i know there are a LOT of guides and infos everywhere about that, but, what i want to do is just simply applying step by step procedures and give a feed back to you all...what i will do is getting here all the infos related to the Galaxy Note Paranoid android rom and installation, making clear and easy how to do the switch, so any new android user like me could know exactly what to do....


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General :: Paranoid Android Missing PIE Status Notifications

Aug 5, 2013

I am running pa_skyrocket-3.57-10JUN20130131650 and pa_gapps-full-4.2-20130719-signed on my ATT Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket.

I like the PIE features, but the status notifications don't show up if PIE gravity is set to anything besides the bottom. I get the "back", "home" and "multitask" buttons. When it is set on the bottom, I also get the time, battery info, date and any notifications. How to enable the missing status notifications when PIE gravity is set to anything besides the bottom?

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General :: Ainol Novo 9 Spark Locked Bootloader On Paranoid Android 3+?

Jun 23, 2013

I have installed the paranoid android 3+ rom but now I cannot access TWRP or the bootloader screen. Android boots normally and the tablet is perfectly functional. When the tablet is off, there is no way to get to TWRP using the keys (power on with Vol- pressed etc. I have used all possible combinations). Also, there is no option to boot into recovery mode from the menu in "Backup & reset". Also, when I try to boot into recovery through a terminal emulator it again boots into andoid normally as if I just did a normal reboot. The "reboot recovery" command issued from the terminal emulator does not boot into TWRP. Trying to boot into recovery mode from within Phoenix Suite again boots the machine normally rather than in recovery mode. It's driving me nuts. Could it be a corrupt/locked bootloader? Is it something else? It seems to me that the only possible path for the bootloader is to load Android.

Is there any way to blind flash the bootloader again? It seems that this is the culprit since I can copy TWRP to nandg through the terminal emulator ("cat /extsd/recovery.img > /dev/block/nandg; sync; sync ;sync" but then again rebooting goes into android rather than recovery mode.

The tablet connects normally through USB to my PC and adb sees it properly.

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General :: Remove Cursor From Paranoid 2.99?

Feb 12, 2013

Is there a way to remove the cursor from the paranoid 2.99 because it is anoying ?

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General :: Phone Keeps Rebooting After Installing Paranoid ROM?

Mar 9, 2013

I followed the guide on this website to update my HTC One V to Android 4.2.1: URL.....

I did everything exactly as the website said but now my phone keeps rebooting!.If it is connected to the PC it keeps rebboting after the HTC logo and if it is not connected to PC it is simply stuck at the HTC logo screen -s13(dot)postimage(dot)org/6hy5sfs2f/IMG_20120530_193934_1(dot)jpg

I am so paranoid,this is the first time i've tried rooting or flashing a ROM,is there any way to stop this?

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General :: Sony Xperia Neo L / Paranoid CM9 - No Screen To Answer The Call

Jan 12, 2013

I am using Sony Xperia Neo L with ported Paranoid CM9 rom with CM9 OC Gov Net kernel. I have used it for a few months until today, I can't receive phone calls but can still make phone calls. When somebody calls me, the phone will just vibrate for less than a second. I can see who is calling me in the call logs. There isn't a screen for me to answer the call: with a call icon which can be pulled left or right. The caller would just hear my neo L's voicemail greeting or like forwarding to another phone ( i know that because the beeping sound is different.) I have checked the forwarding setting already.

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General :: Can't Install Apps On Huawei Android Phone

Sep 24, 2013

I wanted to install Candy Crush game into my Huawei phone that has Android 2.3 but I keep on getting a message that I do not have enough storage? I recently installed a Kingstong 16gb micro SD card and changed the setting to have apps installed on my removable SD card. Why can't I installed any new apps?

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General :: Not Install Apps On HTC One X?

Jun 26, 2012

I recently bought android phone HTC One X. I already rooted it and installed costum ROM (proud of myself). And now I want to install games. I live in Georgia, so I can not buy any payed app from google play. I started to find alternative ways.

For example I want to download MC3. I have APK file and SD Data to. It sais I have to put SD data in android/data/com.gameloftblablabla. But when I do this, it still says game has to be downloaded.

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General :: Install Apps / APK In CM 9 / 10 ROM

Sep 27, 2013

I have htc explorer and i installed cm9 in it. I want to add facebook in rom. Tell me how can i add apps which are built in with rom.

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General :: Install Apps To SD In Android 4.1 Of Samsung Galaxy Grand I9080L?

Aug 22, 2013

having the ability to install apps to SD. I don't want to root my phone (yet). I rooted a phone successfully in the past, but now I'm trying to be a more "common" user. Is there a possibility of installing a cracked or invented update that let users install apps into SD? (without rooting). GT-I9080L

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General :: Apps Don't Install / Want To Change OS

Dec 7, 2013

I received my nexus 4 from Ebay a couple of days ago. But it does not seem to work properly. Indeed, I do not have Google Play or the Voice Search on my nexus 4. I havemtried installing the app from the website Google Play. The website tells me I already have the apps installed. Every time I try to download a new app and try to install it, it just disappears after the download is completed. Meaning, I don't know where I freakin' goes. Since then I have spent a considerable amount of time (more than 15hours) browsing the web for solutions.

My Nexus 4 is running Android version 4.2.2 with CyanogenMod cm-10.1.2.

I don't want to use that OS, I want to use Kitkat or what ever works with Google Voice Search and consumes the least of my battery. I saw on the internet that SmoothLiquid seems to do that but at the moment I am so frustrated that I don't even want to try, I just want the average OS, with automatic updates. I have been on so many websites trying to understand how things work and trying to find solution to install a new OS but every time it gets really confusing. People talk about flash, root, ROM, OTA and PATH but this is just gibberish to me. I tried getting into it by reading a lot of things but it just doesn't make any sense. I don't know if I am supposed to enter commands from the Terminal (I only have a mac) or if the proposed unzipped files are supposed to be copied within the phone. I have installed Android File Transfer and I thought I could just copy past the image of an OS and install it from the phone but apparently no. I have even tried to install CWM to prevent my phone from being broken before attempting any serious operation but I don't know how to do that. All the terms get really confusing so I'd rather do nothing than lose my investment. I though Androids and phones were supposed to be ready to use easy equipment of technology.

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General :: How To Install Apps To SD Card

May 2, 2014

How to install apps to SD card


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General :: Apps Won't Install Over WiFi?

Dec 24, 2012

I'm having an issue where apps won't install or update when connected to my home wifi. I have localized the problem to something with the Wifi because the problem persists over the 4 android devices in the house: rooted HTC evo 4G lte, rooted epic 4G touch, stock (non rooted) evo design and a stock (non rooted) nexus 7. With the 3 phones, play store updates with no issues when connected to 3g data and if I go to a friends house, the nexus updates no issue with that wifi. Everything else with the wifi works, I'm even posting this from the nexus 7 over wifi.

I've tried the standard clear play store data, but since the problem persists over all 4 devices, I feel it's more Internet localized.

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General :: Install Apps With Flashable Zip?

May 7, 2013

I want to install apps normal with a zip in cwm.

I know how to create a flashable zip with systemapps. But some apps give me fc when installing as systemapp.

Now I want to create a flashable zip for normal apps that will be installed automatic.

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General :: Cannot Install Apps On Google Play

Apr 17, 2013

When I try to install any app from Google play store it all goes well until I press the 'accept and download' button and the app just goes back to main screen and the app is not installed. I am using Samsung Galaxy S3. I cleared the data of google play yesterday because I was getting these annoying messages which slowed my phone down (they were popping up every 2 seconds or so)

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General :: Why Can't Lower End Tablets Install Some Apps

Mar 29, 2012

Why do some apps fail when sideloading them onto some lower end tablets? I back them up from my phone using astro and try to install it on a viewsonic G-tablet or a Nextbook tablet and the installation fails. They're perfectly good backups. How come it's not supported?

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General :: How To Get All Apps From Phone To Install On Tablet

Mar 10, 2013

When I set up my tablet it synced a few apps from the play store, but since then I have installed a bunch of other ones on my phone that I want on my tablet.

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General :: LG Optimus L9 - How To Install Apps To SD Card

Dec 11, 2012

By default, internal memory call is "sdcard" and sdcard will call "ex-sdcard" , so, apps will install on "sdcard". it make internal memory get low when i install some apps with big data.Now, my sdcard is free to 3,5Gb but i can't install any app because "sdcard" is full

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Android :: Curious And Seemingly Paranoid

Oct 4, 2010

I know very little about Android. I do have a background in developing apps for the Palm VII; it was my job, in part. But that is as far as it goes. I have a Zio and it suits me fine. I do not care about the next Android release, I just want to do what I need to do. That said, when I download from the market, I am presented with a list of things the software has access to. Location, SD Card, Passwords, email address, and the list goes on and on. I am not telling most of you anything you do not allready know.

My question is this: how are we protected from apps that are designed to take this info and use it in a nefarious manner? Again, I am not an expert. I am not paranoid, just curious. We all have PCs. We all know about virus issues, pishing scams, bots, trojans, scams, etc. Seems to me, the last thing we would accept is software that gathers copious quantities of sensitive data; we do, so it seems, accept it from developers of applications that we freely DL from the market.

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General :: How To Enable Market Apps Auto-install

Jul 4, 2012

how to disable this but i have never had my phone actually auto install any of my apps after i install a new ROM or do a hard reset or anything of the sort, i'll have to install all one by one. how or is it possible to enable this?

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General :: Can't Install Apps Error 110 - Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 WiFi

Nov 27, 2013

Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, the Model is SM-T210, I have Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

Kernel Version is:
se.infra@SEP-127 #1
SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 25 16:04:21
KST 2013

Build Number

I cant Install any Apps from the Google Playstore, it get "Error 110" and i cannot install .apk's therefore my device is completely crippled. The newest addition is, that i cant even get into recovery mode anymore, i just get a black screen with some green or blueish lines

Here is what i have already tried which did not work
Wiping the device with the built in "Recovery" 2x
Factory Reset 2x -> Is not working anymore now
Wiping Cache
Creating a second Google account for the Playstore and trying this
Trying to update Firmware with KIES, but it says that "THIS DEVICES FIRMWARE CANNOT BE UPDATED WITH KIES" ...

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Android :: Internet Bandwidth Usage / Paranoid About This

Dec 2, 2009

Ok so IMO wasting bandwidth is a terrible act in this day and age. Yes I'm talking to you sitting at home browsing the forums on your phone but not on WiFi but 3G. Am I the only one paranoid about this? I think you should use WiFi whenever available because if 50 guys hog all the bandwidth watching youtube over 3G while they are at home with WiFi and 1 guy riding the bus can't check his email is that fair? Let me know what you guys think on the matter.

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General :: Auto Install Apps To External Memory Card

Dec 10, 2013

i am new with using android phones i have Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8260 i think i made it root by using Framaroot app 1.6 (with Gandalf option) ... so i triad a lot of apps but it didn't work .. i always got this error :: " 'App2SD is not supported by your device. Because your device has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage. You can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card "" i tried link2sd and app2sd and move 2 sd i think this thread is mention befor but i found no answer .. so i said lets refresh it ...

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General :: Removed Google Accounts Can Still Remotely Install Apps

Aug 24, 2013

I have a problem with my android phone. During the holidays I added my mothers and girlfriends gmail-account to my android phone (android 4.0) so they could check their email at wifi points. Afterwards (about a week ago now) I removed their accounts again. So, there is no trace from their accounts left on my phone. However, I just noticed that when they go to the play store on a pc, they can still install apps! Even though they are not logged in to my phone! I tried it, and indeed, my phone started downloading the app.

Googling how to stop this did not turn up anything useful, How do I disable their ability to install apps? I even added the accounts again to the phone, made sure all syncing was off, removed them (with all syncing off), and it still worked!

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