Game :: Android A Synchronous Service Calls Strategy

Sep 29, 2009

Client makes remote call to the service (returns void) and provides a callback object Service executes some long running logic on the background thread and then uses callback object to trigger ether success or failure which (since these manipulate visual elements) The scenario runs fine. The question is - can I use AsyncTask to make code less verbose (how?) and would be there any advantages in doing it
that way Or should I just get away from client callbacks alltogether and execute remote service calls retrofitted to return some value.

Game :: Android a synchronous service calls strategy

Game :: Best Strategy To Implement This Behavior In Android App?

Jul 2, 2010

In my Android app, I have some data that needs to be synced daily but also needs to be updated every hour when a user is inside the app. I have already implemented a service that gets called from an alarm for the daily update. I'm having a problem with developing a strategy to do the hourly sync. I could use an hourly alarm too and fire the same intent, but since your app can be killed at any time, there would be no way to cancel it (and since they use the same Intent, doing a cancel would cancel ALL alarms including my daily sync, so that's probably not good). The other option is to use a Timer that's set when inside the app, and have that fire my Intent when inside the app. I'm assuming all Timers get canceled when an app is killed right? But my app consists of several activities and I want the timer to work across all activities, how do I do that? I dont want to duplicate code - we're already using a subclass for Activity and ListActivity.

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Android :: Game Engine Deployment Strategy For Phone?

Apr 15, 2010

In college, my senior project was to create a simple 2D game engine complete with a scripting language which compiled to bytecode, which was interpreted. For fun, I'd like to port the engine to android. I'm new to android development, so I'm not sure which way to go as far as deploying the engine on the phone. The easiest way I suppose would be to require the engine/interpreter to be bundled with every game that uses it. This solves any versioning issues. There are two problems with this. One: this makes each game app larger and two: I originally released the engine under the LGPL license (unfortunately), but this deployment strategy makes it difficult to conform to the rules of that license, particularly with respect to allowing users to replace the lib easily with another version. So, my other option is to somehow have the engine stand alone as an Activity or service that somehow responds to intents raised by game apps, and somehow give the engine app permissions to read the scripts and other assets to "run" the game. The user could then be able to replace the engine app with a different version (possibly one they made themselves). Is this even possible? What would you recommend? How could I handle it in a secure way?

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Games :: Trained _ New Strategy Game / Need Feedback

Nov 14, 2010

I am new to this scene, I have just uploaded a game to the android marketplace. Only one person have downloaded the game so far, so I would like to get some feedback on how you can actually have people recognize your game and try it out, maybe by including more text in the name (Like Trained strategy, Trained puzzle etc etc..), or by other means? All comments are welcome on the game itself too!Game is ready for release on WP7 and Iphone/Ipad as well. The game is a boardgame where decent strategy and pattern recognition skills are needed. I think its suitable from 7 years and up. I am quite sure young people will develop their pattern recognition skills by mastering this game.

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Android :: Exposing Data To Third-party Apps In A Synchronous Call?

Sep 17, 2010

I've got an application, and I'd like to publish a way for third-party services to get data from it. Ideally I could expose this through intents, as in the following pseudocode:


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HTC Hero :: Can I Change Gmail Account In Data Synchronous?

Nov 26, 2009

Can I change gmail account in data synchronous.If I can change how I do it

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Android : Best Way For Web Service Calls

Jun 10, 2010

I have been trying to develop an android application for sometime now and i would like to get some suggestion on the best way of making web service calls or to be generic the best way of communication between the android platform and web server. Soap(using Ksoap) and HTTP(using POST) are two methodologies & XML and JSON are the two data formats that am aware of,(let me know if they are few other options too..) and , i would like to know what is the best option of data transfer when i) the data to transfer is Large and less frequent. ii) more frequent but less data is being transfered. Also when it comes to data synchronization between server and our app , how is that generally implemented?

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Android :: How To Keep Service Running To Listen For Incoming And Outgoing Calls?

Sep 28, 2010

how should I create a service that would keep on running in the Background and listen for incoming and outgoing calls? I don't want the service to die at any point in time.I have created a Broadcast Receiver in my service class that is set for ACTION_PHONE_STATE_CHANGED action.In my BroadcastReceiver, I have set up a PhoneStateListener that would listen for changes in phone states.Is this the right approach?

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Android :: Suggestions To Remove On Boot Service To Detect Incoming Calls

Jul 14, 2010

I have gone through many threads in this group about avoiding the use of everlasting Services, Timer/TimerTask sleep issues and detecting phone calls, but not finding the answers I am looking for this app, I will really appreciate any help you can provide me. I am working on an App to detect incoming calls and when the call time is equal to 5 minutes indicate the user by vibrating the phone. In my strategy I am creating a Receiver that listens for RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED action and launch an everlasting Service which sets up a PhoneState Listener.

1) Is there any other strategy to be always listening for incoming calls and thus avoide to using an on boot created Service? (besides the Service eventually gets killed and I am not able to detect incoming calls) A first approach I took here was setting up a Timer and TimerTask when CALL_STATE_RINGING state was detected and after 5 min (if the call continues) vibrate the phone for 2 seconds. However sometimes the timer phone vibrates after an hour a call was placed (the vibration happens in the run() TimerTask method. I know Android can go to sleep and that could be the reason my timer is not run on time but 2) How can Android be slept if I am in a call? Is the call just handled by the modem or how come? Next, to overcome this issue I tried preventing the Service from going to sleep by putting it in foreground state calling startForeground (NOTIFICATION_ID , notification), still the same behaviour the timer is run long after the call was placed 3) does startForeground prevent Android going to sleep or it is just aimed to keep the Service's process in memory? 4) A wake lock would do this job ? (I have not tried this) Encouraged by many post I tried using an Alarm and it works (thought I do not want to use it because I think it should be possible to accomplish with something lighter) but when the phone vibrates it just keeps vibrating till I remove the phone from my cheek (the screen is turned on again) 5) Why? Is it that Android started vibrating the phone and then went to sleep? so the vibration is turned off when Android awakes, when the screen is turned on again? 6? Ideas of how to stop the timer?

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HTC Desire :: Limited Service Emergency Calls Only

Nov 3, 2010

Let's start from first: I bought a t-mobile desire from someone. when I got it, it was rooted and an official htc middle east rom flashed on it (...and unrooted).Both seller and me have a local sim card (Not t-mobile) but it worked for him and not for me.It displays a "Limited Service", "Emergency Calls Only" message. when I search for operators it list my operator but when I choose that android can't register on it.

1. I rooted it again and flashed LeeDroid rom on it but no success

2. Seller did a hard reset before giving it to me (I guess it generated the problem)

3. Sim card is correct

4. Seller is not scam!

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HTC Hero : No Service - Calls And SMS - But Mobile Data Works

Dec 1, 2009

My Orange UK Hero is unable to make/send calls or send/receive sms. It displays "No Service" on the lock screen but mobile data seems to work perfectly.
If I go to...

Settings->Wireless Controls->Mobile Network Settings->Network Operators->Search Networks

then select Orange, it says "Your SIM card does not allow a connection to this network"

If mobile data wasnt working then I would guess that its a SIM issue but I'm clearly connected to the network as im using their internet!

Just swapped SIM with a friends phone.
My SIM works in his phone and his SIM has the same issues in my phone.

Booting up, it was connected to the network for enough time for it to get a voicemail notification but showed "No Service" straight away.

Im guessing the best bet is to re-flash with the latest Hero Orange firmware. Any tips for backing up numbers/sms/cal etc?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Phone Refused To Make Calls / Had Service

Dec 22, 2009

I had a weird issue that has sprung up twice now with making phone calls and I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. Visually everything looks like it is functional with my phone service on the phone. I have bars, nothing out of the ordinary. However, I can't make any outbound calls either through my contacts or by manually dialing. I the number pad and it makes the response noise but doesn't actually type the number. In contacts, I hit call and the same thing happens. The fix I have found is just to soft boot the phone. Now I hear you all saying "No big deal, just restart." Yeah, it is no big deal unless I have to make a call in an emergency say calling 911 or things of that nature. Waiting for 5 minutes for my phone to reboot in an emergency can cost lives. I know I am being a little dramatic, but c'mon, at the end of the day, it is a phone and it is having trouble making calls.

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Android :: Strategy For WCF Server With Net Clients?

Apr 15, 2010

I am using WCF to write a server that should be able to communicate with .Net clients, Android clients and possibly other types of clients. The main type of client is a desktop application that will be written in .Net. This client will usually be on the same intranet as the server. It will make an initial call to the server to get the current state of the system and will then receive updates from the server whenever a value changes. These updates are frequent, perhaps once a second. The Android clients will connect over the Internet. This client is also interested in updates, but it is not as critical as for the desktop client so a (less frequent) polling scenario might be acceptable.

All clients will have to login to use the services, and when connecting over the Internet the connection should be secure. I am familiar with WCF but I am not sure what bindings are most appropriate for the scenario and what security solution to use. Also, I have not used Android, but I would like to make it as simple as possible for the person implementing the Android client to consume my services. So, what is my strategy?

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Android :: Sprint Plan Savings Strategy

Sep 8, 2010

I have two EVO's, and I'm on the absolutely unlimited everything plan for both phones, which means that on a monthly basis Now, if I moved down to unlimited everything plan except for calls to landlines, I could save a lot. As I understand that plan, all calls to any cell phone are unlimited, but I would have a minutes cap on land line calls during the day on weekdays. So, can I use some kind of App to make land line calls during the day on weekdays and avoid the charge to my limited land line minutes? I would want an App that allows calls to be received and placed. I think there is an App for that, but it requires a new number to be registered?

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Android :: Any Benefit In Centralized Contact Strategy?

Jul 8, 2010

I know that Android will help merge/link duplicates, but I keep wondering if I should consolidate my contact management in one place. That is your contact management strategy? Centralized? Distributed? Where do you keep your contacts? My gut is telling me to keep them all in MS-Exchange, and delete all contacts in the other places, and just keep them updated in MS-Exchange... At the same time, since Android is a Google based phone, perhaps consolidating in Google/Gmail is the right answer...

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Android :: Just In Section - Only Viable Strategy For New Application?

Sep 3, 2010

So I've recently released an application on to the Android Market. Whilst it was in the "Just In" section I was seeing decent download numbers, but since then interest seems to have dropped off significantly. I think now people can only find my app through a specific keyword search, which doesn't make me particularly confident about it ever becoming popular.

What can you do when your app has passed the 'Just In' stage but has not reached the 'Featured' stage? The majority of applications seem to be in this middle stage so I think other people must have a similar problem. It seems like the 'Featured' section just makes the popular apps more popular, and makes it really difficult for newer apps to ever catch up with them. Does anyone know if the situation with the Apple App Store is any different?

It seems to be possible to refresh your app and make it appear in the 'Just In' section again if you update it sometime after, but I can't find any real guidelines on this. Is anyone familiar with the specific rules for this, and is repeatedly riding the 'Just In' buzz the only viable strategy for a new app?

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General :: Nexus 7 - Strategy War Games For Android?

Aug 5, 2012

Is there any strategy war games for android? Like click and point type.?

Nexus 7 using xda premium

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Android :: Need Test Strategy For Phone App Running On Various Handsets

Nov 24, 2010

We have been working on making a Android Application. The issue we are facing is the support across various Handsets, which actually are increasing by everyday. Our application deals with Android Calendar. Does anyone have idea about as to how we can span across the various handsets, is there a way where we can give types of handsets supported, or MARKET can handle it on its own?

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Android :: Strategy To Distribute Application Without Putting On Market

Nov 24, 2010

We are planning on this strategy to distribute our application to clients. We would like to get your your thoughts, if you have done something similar, in terms of whether we are missing something. We have tested this approach and it works.We want to distribute our application to our clients without putting it on the market as we do not want every one to download it. We want our clients to be able to easily get future upgrades to the application. Here is how we are planning to do this:

1. export the apk file using the Eclipse wizard.

2. put this apk file on a website. The user will be able to go to this website on the browser on the phone and install the 1st version of the app.

3. next versions of the app will have an incremented android:versionCode, and android:versionName in the manifest. A button in the settings will point to a link which will have the next version of the app. So to upgrade the user will click on this settings button and download the next version and click on the apk file to replace the old version.All subsequent versions of the app will be signed by the same certificate using the export wizard in Eclipse

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Android :: Strategy For Branching In Subversion With Mobile Releases

Oct 5, 2010

I'm developing a series of applications for mobile devices, we'll call them Orange, Cherry, and Pear. Now, because of my familiarity with Blackberry, I chose to begin implementing the first of these three applications, Orange, on the Blackberry platform. I found a way to integrate a number of Blackberry platforms (since they use relatively the same API among different BB operating systems, with some exceptions) into the same codebase. Currently, my codebase looks something like this:I thought that perhaps another thing I could do would be to create separate projects, for instance orange-blackberry and orange-android. This might clutter my svn repository, however, since we keep all of our projects in the same repository. So, inevitably, I will have orange-blackberry, orange-android, cherry-android, cherry-blackberry, pear-android, pear-blackberry, along with a series of project folders for any other application I create. So, I'm looking for some feedback about what might be the best way to manage all of this chaos. Also, if you could throw in some ideas about the logistics of transferring from my current implementation to the newer one, (i.e. what svn commands I should use to maintain history.

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Android :: Using Activity Lifecycle Methods / What's Best Strategy For Binding?

Sep 15, 2010

I'm binding to a local Service (that is, not using IPC and AIDL) from several activities. I want to ensure that I'm not holding references to this service from activities that the user isn't using. My options are: 1.) to bind to the service in onCreate() and unbind in onDestroy(). 2.) bind in onStart() and unbind in onStop(). 3.) bind in onResume() and unbind in `onPause(). Or some combination of these. Which is the best-practice way of binding and unbinding to a local service? Do I not need to be concerned with holding local connections from stopped activities? Additionally, once bound to this particular service I am retrieving a Cursor which is attached to my ListActivity via a CursorAdapter. The data retrieved by the Cursor may have changed while the Activity was out of view so I want to requery it when the Activity is shown again. If I bind in onCreate() I can requery in onRestart(). If I bind in onResume() each time the data will be fresh because I'll query it in the Service's connected callback.

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Android :: Strategy For Installing Large Applications On Archos 5 Tablet

Nov 14, 2009

I have an app which has a download size of about 7MB and an installed/ configured size of about 25MB. So far, I've been handling this by using the SD card for the baulk of the data. This works fine although the installation process is a little cumbersome. I notice the smallest of the Archos 5 tablets is 8GB.

Can someone confirm whether this is all part of the internal memory? In other words, can /data/data/com.mypackage fill this memory (potentially). If so, does this mean there is a good chance that getExternalStorageDirectory() will quite often return null? Because people will have less need to use an external SD card.

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Android :: Design Strategy - Large HTML In Apps Bookmark Location

Nov 8, 2010

I write Windows/iPhone/Android apps that mostly display large documents (HTML) in an HTML container view. What is a good strategy to determine where in a document the users has scrolled to so that when the app runs again, it goes to that location in the HTML document? ll of my software can 'listen' to javascript. Is there a way to find in a HTML page, perhaps with javascript, where the visible section is?

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HTC Eris :: Need A Backup Strategy?

Oct 24, 2010

This Eris is rooted, with KaosFroyo v37 and Pirelli Z-rated tires. It's fast, stable, functional - everything I'd hoped. I have a nandroid save of the unit on v34, which I'd like to keep - just in case. If I do a nandroid backup, of v37, will it write over v34? I have mybackup pro and Titanium free. This Eris isn't used for music or video, so memory is far from used up. Given these conditions and resources, and considering my ignorance, what's my best backup strategy?

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HTC Incredible :: What's Best Strategy To Get This Phone?

May 14, 2010

Long story short, my Dad gets a discount on monthly data plans on VZW through his job, so I don't want to order the Incredible online or by mail because it would be a hassle to set up the contract that way. And after reading other forums people are having a ton of problems with finding when their orders will arrive, canceling credit card billing, etc. So next week I'm coming home from school, my current phone is broken, and I need a new phone before I start a new job on the week of the 24th. If I went into one of my four local Verizon stores on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, what are some tips to get the phone in-store? Are there any chances of finding one or advice you guys could offer on getting employees to pull strings?

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Android :: How To Store Path Of Game Pawn In Turn Based Game?

May 22, 2010

I have a square grid, for a turn based game ( grid is similar to the chess board ), but the moves in the games are different based on whether you have lapped your opponent pawn at least once or not.i.e if you have not lapped (beaten any of the opponents pawns) in the outer most grid as below.if you have lapped your opponent pawn once at least, then you get to reach home,this way.Any player having all his pawns reaching "home" first wins.The ones in yellow are safe-houses, i.e both the opponent pawn and the player's pawn get to stay in the same grid, this is not considered to be lapping ( the opponent ).The lapped pawn will return to its start point.Now the question is, what is the effective way to store the paths for the all the pawns.we will have 4 pawns for the player and 4 opponent pawns.Is there any pattern to store such static information, in a elegant way?

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Android : Puzzle Game With 7x7 Grid Of Graphics / How To Save And Continue Game

Nov 12, 2010

I have a puzzle game with a 7x7 grid of graphics, and a timer, its just about ready to go. But I am stuck on how to go about saving/continuing game. For example when someone exits I want them to be able to save and exit, then come back and click continue to pick up where they left off with all of the graphics in the right place, timer and score. I looked at onSaveInstanceState android examples, but not sure if this is what I need or how to implement it in my case.

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HTC Desire :: Strategy For Managing Contacts

Mar 29, 2010

When i get my Desire i will primarily be using my Outlook Exchange for work mail and google mail for private mail.

I have all my outlook contacts up to date and a few years ago i synched the outlook contacts with my google mail account.

Since then i have probably updated just a few of the google mail contact details.

This means there will be a clash between some of the contacts in my outlook and google account.

What will the phone do if i synch with outlook and also sign in to my google account?

Firstly i'm wondering if all the contacts will be out in the same place? (is this called people?)

I'm also wondering if it will duplicate contacts?

Could it be a neat new method of keeping outlook and google contacts fully synched?

For example, If i temporarily delete all my google contacts, synch the phone with outlook, and then they will be synched with google?

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HTC Incredible :: Need Regular Backup / Strategy Handling?

Oct 3, 2010

I rooted my Incredible a few weeks ago (thanks to everyone here) and I want to know how I should be handling regular backups. At the time of the root I did a Nandroid backup and then a Titanium backup. I then copied the contents of my SD card over to my PC for safe-keeping. Should I continue to do regular Nandroid + Titanium backups? Or, should I just do Titanium?

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Games :: Space STG Real Time Strategy

Nov 3, 2009

Space STG - Galactic Wars (real-time strategy) - introduction I want to introduce my game. If You would like to see more, please visit Space STG - Galactic Wars is real-time space strategy game. Build buildings, economies, ships, defense and technology. Send your fleets of ships to conquer enemy planets. Use nuclear missiles, probes, planetary defenses, cloaking technology and more. The aim of Space STG is to dominate the Galaxy. Expand your empire by mining resources, building space fleets and planetary defenses. Invade your enemies planets and size control of each region.

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