Android :: How To Change Video Orientation In MediaRecorder To Portrait

Oct 10, 2010

When I record video by MediaRecorder, it always records in landscape mode, regardless of real device orientation. How to force MediaRecorder/Camera use real orientation ?

Android :: how to change video orientation in MediaRecorder to portrait

Android :: Keep MediaRecorder Keeps Recording After An Orientation Change?

Oct 12, 2010

Can you please tell me how can I keep the MediaRecorder keeps recording after an orientation change? I try looking into source code of packages/apps/SoundRecorder/src/com/android/soundrecorder/, I don't see it handles that cases.

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Android :: Change Screen Orientation From Portrait To Landscape?

Nov 1, 2010

I want to change the screen orientation from portrait to Landscape and vice-versa when the user shakes his/her android mobile phone, can any one help how to achieve this, because I do not know what event is fired, at the time his/her shaking thier android mobile phone. For Instance When the users touch the button in UI, touch event is fired, similarly when the user shakes his android mobile phone, what is fired.

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Android :: Change Emulator Screen Orientation To Landscape / Portrait?

Jan 2, 2010

How do we change emulator screen orientation to landscape or portrait?

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Android :: Change View In Horizontal Orientation And Then Back To Portrait?

Sep 3, 2010

I want my view to change when it has changed to horizontal orientation code...

This works, but I want my layout to switch back when it is in portrait mode.

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Android : Preventing Orientation Change During Video Playback

Apr 26, 2010

I am workin on a video player app in which I want only the landscape orientation active coz right now when the user tilts the phone during video runtime, it restarts playback in that orientation.

How can I easily avoid this?

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Android :: Video With MediaRecorder

May 6, 2009

Does anyone know how to use the MediaRecorder to API to capture video?

I am writing an application where I want to be able to capture video. I am trying to use the MediaRecorder API in 1.5, which is supposed to support video capture. However, there are no examples in the documentation on how to use this API for video (only for audio, and that works perfect). Basically what I do is the following:


This gives me the following error: E/CameraInput( 37): No surface is available for display E/MediaRecorder( 7609): prepare failed: -2147483648

OK, so I have to have a surface to preview the video? Could be useful I guess, but not something I really need.

Could I use the VideoView widget for this, or is that only for playback?

Or am I supposed to use a SurfaceView to preview the video? I saw someone use that to capture images, but they used android.hardware.Camera to open the camera and capture a frame, and did not use MediaRecorder.

HOw to capture video, or even better have some example code?

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Android :: Switching From Landscape To Portrait Orientation

Apr 3, 2009

I want to display a table which would fit better in portrait view than in the landscape view. How do i instruct the emulator to change the orientation?

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Android :: Widget Different Portrait And Landscape Orientation

Jul 8, 2010

How did you support both landscape and portrait for appwidget? the layout of appwidget will never change when orientate the device from landscape to portrait. by the way, would you please tell me which device support both landscape and portrait for appwidget?

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Android :: Portrait Vs Landscape Orientation Using Sensor

Dec 18, 2009

I'm trying to detect landscape vs portrait orientation with the following:

public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) { float pitch = event.values[2];
if (pitch <= 45 && pitch >= -45) { // portrait }
else if (pitch < -45) { // landscape }
else if (pitch > 45) { // landscape } }

Anyone have something more robust? It works pretty well, except if the phone is in a landscape orientation and the user starts to 'flatten' it out, starts thinking it's in the portrait orientation again.

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Android :: Application Using Tabs To Portrait Orientation

Jun 28, 2010

I would like to restrict my application which uses Tabs to portrait orientation. I have 4 tabs and I set the "android:configChanges="orientation" for all 4 tabs but the orientation still changes when I rotate the phone. Seem pretty straight forward. Am I missing something?

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Android :: How To Get The Video Stream From MediaRecorder

Jul 10, 2009

I want to get the stream and send it to server directly by using MediaRecorder.

Actually, I am able to record the video,and able to store it into sdcard. Now I want to it to stream (live stream) to server rather than storing it.

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Android :: MediaRecorder Buffers 1 Second Of Video

Aug 30, 2010

I'm using MediaRecorder.setOutputFile(FileDescriptor fd) over a UNIX socket, so that local code on the device can see the encoded stream in real time (for video streaming out).

What I observed is that the encoder doesn't write encoded frames continuously, when they are produced, but by "bursts", exactly one second apart. I tried both containers (THREE_GPP and MPEG_4) and all three available codecs (MPEG_4_SP, H263, H264), the behavior is always the same. This one-second period is notably unrelated to framerate or bitrate, so it is not flushing by size; rather, it seems to be flushing by time (possibly to mask SD card write overheads ? Bummer, I 'm not using the SD here !). Is it a known limitation ? Is there a known workaround ?

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Android :: Startup Emulator With Landscape Orientation Instead Of Portrait

Jun 19, 2010

As u know, since android 1.6, there are not dirs on dirs like HVGA-L. Instead, there is only one dir like HVGA. That is, HVGA-P and HVGA-L are merged into one dir, HVGA. So, only HVGA can be selected and by default the emulator is started with portrait mode. Though I can press CTRL+F11/F12 to switch it to landscape mode, I do not like it. What I want is to start the emulator with default mode of landscape. Would anyone know how to do it?

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Android :: Configuration Changed / Orientation From Portrait To Landscape?

Nov 10, 2010

While working on orientation change I have found that the onConfigurationChanged is not getting called when changing the orientation from portrait to landscape.But when I am changing from landscape to portrait the method is getting called. Is it the correct behavior because the onConfigurationChanged should by called whenever we are changing the orientation. (android:configChanges="orientation")? I have also found one strange behavior or error, When we are changing from portrait to landscape orientation the string value is displayed correctly(automatically by android system) but when in am changing the orientation from landscape to portrait the same string is displayed(i.e the string in landscape mode).The expected behavior is the string id specified in the portrait mode should be displayed.Is it an platform bug or something wrong in my code/programming.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Want Kickstand / Portrait Orientation?

Jun 1, 2010

Looking at videos/pics of the kickstand, it almost looks like the kickstand supports the phone when in portrait orientation. Can anyone confirm this? Is landscape the only way the kickstand works with the phone?

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Android :: Screen Orientation Landscape Back To Portrait Not Working

Mar 20, 2010

I've racked my brain for hours over this issue. I have created a main.xml and designed one for the res/layout-land (landscape) format and another one for portrait in res/layout. When I rotate the emulator (ctrl-F11), my app rotates properly to landscape using the correct main.xml, but a subsequent rotation back to portrait just keeps the landscape mail.xml. This was done in a 2.0 AVD.. Out of desperation I downloaded the new Sample Code for Multiple Resolutions and had to create a new 2.1 AVD, to my surprise rotation with this app works correctly as expected. So I then decided to try my app on the 2.1 AVD and it works perfectly. So, is this a Bug in a 2.0 AVD or is there something special I need to be doing for < 2.1 SDK versions?

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Android :: Check Orientation On Droid Phone In Landscape / Portrait?

May 8, 2010

How can I check if the Android phone is in Landscape or Portrait?

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Android :: PV MediaRecorder Native Video Recording Error

Aug 7, 2010

Dear PV engineer: I have try several days for this. We want to add video conference function in PV opencore, so we need to create video capture node in native mode, I try the following code to capture video, My code is like this:


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Android :: How To Use MediaRecorder To Record Highest Quality Video

Jan 28, 2010

Is there a way to get the best quality of video recording possible using MediaRecorder? the camcorder app does a lot better in terms of quality.

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Android :: MediaRecorder Class To Record A Video - Exception

Jun 17, 2010

I try to use the MediaRecorder class to record a video but I get an exception : failed to get Camera parameters. Prepare failed.

Here's my code :


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Android :: How To Use MediaRecorder To Record Video Without Causing A Segmentation Fault

Nov 30, 2009

I'm trying to use to record video, and no matter what I do the android runtime segmentation faults when I call prepare().

Here's an example:


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Android :: Orientation Change - Dialog Above Activity With Fixed Orientation

May 14, 2009

I have created an activity for my game which handles all orientation changes by itself and has a fixed "portrait" layout. Actually it uses the accelerometer and is rendered using 2D canvas methods. If the level has been completed I show up a highscore dialog in which the user can enter his name. The dialog is floating above the underlying level screen which gets blurred out nicely. This generally works.

Problem is that the dialog does not get rotated if the orientation of the phone changes. So even if the keyboard is exposed the dialog is shown in portrait mode instead of landscape. I have tried to use an activity with dialog theme instead but the behavior didn't change. After several tries it seems that I have found the reason for this: Once there's an activity with fixed orientation in the activity stack then all subsequent activities keep this orientation, too. They will not react on orientation changes anymore (e.g. if the keyboard gets exposed).

After upgrading to 1.5 SDK the described behavior changed a little bit. Now at subactivities indead react on orientation changes like expected. However, the need to have an opaque background! That means that neither dialogs nor activities with dialog theme will work. Those will stick with the orientation of the underlaying activity. So my workaround is to first start a sub-activity with an opaque black background. This activity then shows my highscore dialog on top. It looks quite okay but I wonder if there's a better solution? Is it possible to show a dialog above a fixed portrait or landscape activity which automatically adapts to orientation changes?

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General :: Record Video Via MediaRecorder?

Apr 12, 2012

I have a question regarding the Android MediaRecorder -

My test device
HTC Desire HD
Firmware 2.3.5

I want to write an app, which records a video. This should be implementet via the MediaRecorder (not via Intents). On the Google-Developers site I found a "tutorial" [URL]

My problem:

I followed the whole tutorial. When I'm starting my application on my test device it throws an exception ("start failed") at recorder.start() if I set the quality to high (CamcorderProfile.QUALITY_HIGH). If I change the setting to QUALITY_LOW the app starts recording for 1-2 seconds. After that the screen freezes and my LogCat tracks the following errors:

media server died!
camera server died
ICamera died

I also get ERROR 100

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HTC Incredible :: Lock Screen Orientation In Portrait / Landscape?

May 5, 2010

Is there a screen orientation lock feature? I haven't seen it mentioned. In fact a search only turned up mention of it as a hardware button on the iPad. This would be great for using it while lying down, reclining, in the car.

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Android :: Android: How To Initialize MediaRecorder Without A Valid Surface For Video Preview

Aug 9, 2009

I am building a camera app, where videos are continuously being captured and saved to the SD card. The videos are short (few minutes), and their length are preset with setMaxDuration().

The whole process works fine, while the main activity is in the foreground. But, when I go to another activity (e.g. settings), the video recording works in the background only until max duration is reached. The file is saved, but a new sequence can not be started
because prepare() fails, apparently because setPreviewDisplay() doesn't like not having a proper surface to attach to.

I tried to use a dummy Surface, a dummy SurfaceHolder, lockCanvas(), and various other tricks, but nothing works. Is there a way to initialize MediaRecorder without a valid surface?

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Android :: Android Widget Different Portrait / Landscape Orientation

May 1, 2010

I have a (hopefully) a relatively simple question. How do I tell Android which layout to use for portrait and which layout to use for landscape orientation on my App Widget?

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Android :: Change Intent Bundle Data Before Activity Recreated After Orientation Change

Jul 30, 2009

I have a notification that starts my activity and passes a messages using the intent's putExtra() function. The message is then displayed to the user in the activity's onCreate function. When the application is restarted due to a orientation change, the message is shown again as it is still in the intent's bundled data.
How can I remove the extra data?

I tried the following:

Bundle bundle = getIntent().getExtras();
if (bundle.getBoolean("showMessage")) {
// ... show message that is in bundle.getString("message")
// remove message

But the message will still be shown after the orientation changed, seems like the intent used is not the one I changed, but the original one. The only workaround I found is to save the showMessage additionally in onSaveInstanceState(). Is there another way? Or is this the way to go?

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Android :: Change Widget Dimensions On Orientation Change

Jul 22, 2010

I have a widget which has say, a dimension of 294*72(portrait). But when the orientation is changed, I need to change this dimension of the widget to another dimension which would look good on the landscape orientation.

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General :: Set Portrait Mode As Default Orientation Mode?

Sep 23, 2013

I have a tablet and I want to set the portrait mode as the default orientation mode instead of landscape mode.

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