Android :: RTSP Streaming Video / File Container MP4

Feb 3, 2009

I'm trying to receive RTSP streaming video with g1. The video file I made was encoded using QuickTime pro, and they are progressive streamable with a hint track. Video is encoded in H.264, and audio is encoded in AAC LC. File container is MP4. (They can be played via sdcard). I used Darwin Streaming Server to stream this file. With sample media player given from android, I changed 'path' to the address like "rtsp://". The results are really odd. It sometimes (like once per 20~30 times) runs well, but in other times, only audio is played and video freezes after first 1~3 frames.

Android :: RTSP Streaming Video / File Container MP4

Android : Streaming Audio/video Can't Stream A Rtsp File

Aug 25, 2009

I want to stream a media file on web, and android developer website has said that MediaPlayer.setDataSource() can set the data source (file-path or http/rtsp URL) to use. But I got an error in both G1 device and emulator when streaming a rtsp url file: Command PLAYER_PREPARE completed with an error or info PVMFailure error(1, -1). Does anyone know what is this error, or anyone knows where can I get the error description (1, -1) means? the code can work successfully when playing a audio/video file or streaming a http protocal sudio/video file, but can't stream rtsp protocal file. Is android not supported rtsp streaming?

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Android :: Need HTTP - RTSP Video Streaming

Jul 26, 2010

I need HTTP/RTSP Video Streaming with Android. Any Ideas ?
Is that possible to go with JMF with Android ? Any Working examples ?

Already tried with

Its not working with my case. Are there any specific types of videos that Android can stream?

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Android :: Full Screen Support For RTSP Streaming Video?

Apr 15, 2009

I am able to play a local video in full screen through Mediaplayer. But supplying an RTSP link to it gives a blank screen. Using VideoView, however, I am able to play the same RTSP link but not in full size. DavidSparks I am attaching a cc to you cos I have seen a similar kind of issue in your name. Can anyone help me in playing a full screen RTSP video. The Youtube application in G1 does so.

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Android :: Media Player Application - Video Streaming Through RTSP Protocol

Feb 16, 2010

I am writing a media player application in Android when I calling a mp.prepare() it is giving a IllegalStateException. The same RTSP URL working with VLC or quick time Media Player.

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General :: How To Record Received RTSP Video Streaming On Android Client

Oct 3, 2012

How to record the received rtsp video streaming on android client.

I need record the received video by a android smartphone via rtsp streaming (DSS 6) in mp4 or yuv file format.

I can do this using a pc/linux client but i do know how to do this on android.

Also, can an i access a android device using ssh and execute vlc, mobo or mplayer on it? How?

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Android :: RTSP Streaming Video Files - Fail To Work On Android Device

Jul 10, 2010

I've Set up wowza streaming server in my ubuntu box for RTSP streaming video files. The video gets stream perfectly when I've Totem video player at client side. The same URL or video is failing to work on android device and the application that tries to access that RTSP URL breaks with Mediaplayer error (1,-1).

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Android :: H264 Video Type And RTSP Streaming On Android

Dec 3, 2009

I am currently involved with developing a streaming media player for android. For testing purpose I have HTC HERO , HTC G1, and droid. I could stream audio and video both for only HERO. On G1 and Droid I get this error "Player Engine AO did a leave , error = 101 ", surprisingly this comes as soon as describe response is sent to the client!. So far I have not able to find out the exact cause of this error. Should it imply that (on droid and G1) Video type H264 is not supported for streaming? (RTSP).

Firmware details.
HERO >> 1.5 G1 >> 1.6 droid >> 2.0
RTSP streaming for only aac works fine on all the devices.

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Android :: Video Streaming Using RTSP In Android

Jul 6, 2010

Video streaming using RTSP. I 'm trying to install a Wowza server on my linux machine to enable the RTSP streaming for my android application. On android client side what sort of changes do I need to make in my application. I am using Videoview to simply play a video file stored locally. Now I want to get the video content get streamed through the server that I've installed. If necessary I can move to any other streaming server as right now I 'm doing a research on streaming servers.

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Android :: Streaming Video To Android Via RTSP

Oct 8, 2010

I'm trying to stream video to an android phone via rtsp. I think my SDP isn't quite right and there's something in it that the phone doesn't like. Below is the trace from the phone. Any idea what's wrong with the SDP that causes the player to give up?

10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): RTSP Server response:
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): RTSP/1.0 200 OK
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): CSeq: 0
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 21:11:24 GMT
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): Expires: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 21:11:24 GMT
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): Last-Modified: Fri, 8 Oct 2010 21:11:24 GMT
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): Session: 123456
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): Content-Type: application/sdp
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): Content-Length: 207
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031):
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): v=0
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): o=- 21070 3 IN IP4
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): c=IN IP4
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): s=xxxxx H.263 video stream
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): i=Video stream
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): t=0 0
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): m=video 0 RTP/AVP 103
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): a=rtpmap:103 H263-1998/90000
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): a=fmtp:103 profile=0; level=40
10-08 14:11:22.657 I/RTSPEngine( 5031): b=TIAS:2048000
10-08 14:11:22.667 E/PlayerDriver( 5031): Command PLAYER_INIT completed with an error or info PVMFErrNotSupported
10-08 14:11:22.667 E/MediaPlayer(13821): error (1, -4)

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Android : Play Video From Ftp Streaming File

Oct 3, 2010

If found many tips about how to stream from classic url link, but nothing about ftp. Is it the same way to proced ?

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Android : Custom Seek Bar For A Streaming Video File

Dec 3, 2009

How can we display a custom seek bar for a streaming video file in android?

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Android :: How To Read RTSP Streaming?

Jun 11, 2009

To read RTSP streaming has been discussed a lot, but still not solved. Now android 1.5 realized, can RTSP streaming be played in android? The method setDateSource seems provide a way to receive RTSP streaming.
public void setDataSource (String path)

Sets the data source (file-path or http/rtsp URL) to use. Parameters path the path of the file, or the http/rtsp URL of the stream you want to play Throws IllegalStateException if it is called in an invalid state IOException IllegalArgumentException. Who knows how to use it? I wrote:

MediaPlayer mp =new MediaPlayer();
try { mp.setDataSource("rtsp://");
mp.prepare(); mp.start();
} catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace();
} catch (IllegalStateException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace();
} catch (IOException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block e.printStackTrace();
But didn't work. May be the parameter in setAudioStreamType is wrong. Who knows?

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Android :: No RTSP Streaming Via Wireless LAN?

Mar 20, 2009

I have difficulties to stream a video file via RTSP using wireless LAN inside the browser. It works fine over the cellular network (WLAN deactivated). But if WLAN is activated the player the starts loading the clip but eventually displays an alert window stating that video playback is not possible. I encountered this issue on and also on another site. Is it a bug? Maybe it is the T-Mobile branding?

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Android :: RTSP Streaming Using Media Player

Sep 19, 2009

Recently I just create an app (that is using mediaplayer) to play the RTSP Streaming. At the beginning,I use the SIM card to connect to the internet. I try to let the app play for many times. But it was only success once. Many times the app could not play and the buffer always shows 0%. While I use the WiFi to connect the internet, the rtsp could be played but when I use the another WiFi to connect to the internet, to my surprise it failed. Both the SIM card and WiFi, it all could play the http Streaming. The RTSP Streaming is very strange, I can not understand. I guess there is maybe something wrong with Wireless.

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Android :: RTSP Live Streaming With Low Delay

Jan 21, 2010

Our team has been working on a live video application for Android and we'd like to get to a very low end-to-end delay. We use H.264 coded video, RTP packetization, and RTSP to reach the player. We have been experimenting with CIF resolution on Android 2.0. We have been experiencing about 3 seconds of delay on the player side. Any tips on how we could reduce it?

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Android :: RTSP Streaming - Local Network

Jul 18, 2010

I am wanting to try out RTSP locally so that I can play about with it etc. I've got RTSP working from and would now like to try and get it so it streams from my LAN. Obviously the Emulator is no good, because like I've read it either requires a lot of computing power OR it has an internal firewall that prevents playback. Which ever the reason, the Emulator is not working. So I attached my HTC Hero to my LAN via WiFi (connected it to my WiFi router). I also have another computer (lets call it Computer A) attached to my WiFi via Ethernet cable, and then another computer (lets call that Computer B) attached to that one, again via Ethernet.

Now I've run Wowza server on Computer A and tried to browse via my HTC but it seems it is trying to connect out to the internet every single time. I've also run an Apache web server on Computer A, but Hero still can not see this, so I know it's not a configuration fault on the servers. How can I test RTSP when I can't even get my Hero to connect to my local network ? I've searched around to see what the problem but can't find it, so either no one knows, or more likely I am not putting in the right search parameters. Can someone perhaps guide me on this on how to attach phone into Local network? Once I have it connected I can play about with RTSP to my heart's content then.

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Android :: RTSP Streaming Support On Cupcake

Apr 21, 2009

I am doing development on RSTP streaming on cupcake. I want know more clear about it, so my question is, which version of 3GPP PSS has been support on cupcake, R4, R5 or R6?

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RTSP Streaming Not Working In VideoView

May 22, 2013

I am creating video playing app from Youtube. I have extracted Video Data using gdata API and got 3gp url for format 1,6. This i got extracted from Media:Group --> Media:content element. My Device Info Android Version 4.0.3.

These video is working in VLC Player but not in VideoView in my app. Here is my code:




I removed // from link as forum was not permitting me to put links

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General :: Capture Frame From RTSP Streaming

Jul 29, 2012

I am developing a application detect thief via ip camera.I watched successfully camera via rtsp on surface view, but I have a problem "how can I detect color in around center of surface view". In this case, If someone wear red T-shirt appear in front of camera, this app will notify that is red color.

I try to use mediametadataretriver with getFrameAt() method but fail, this method work well with mp4 local video.

How to capture frame from rtsp streaming on surface view?

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General :: Streaming Video File Located In Online Password Protected Directory

Nov 27, 2012

Using MX Player. It worked best. All you have to do is have the username and password put in together into the URL after http, but before the URL of the video file. So lets say the directory is protected by the username FrancisFord and the password is Copola and the URL is URL...., you would enter this address when streaming from a URL:

URL.....Remember to remove the www from the URL and that the username comes first then the password seperated by a colon, followed by the @ symbol. URL....

So, I have video's uploaded to my personal site. I password protected the directory with .htaccess. The permissions of the videos are set to 777. If I surf to the directory of the video through the browser on my Galaxy S II, it asks for a username and password and then displays the files that are there. When I click on a file, it tells me that I cant play the video and thats with any video player I use. If I try to play the video in my browser itself by putting it into something like JW player, it also doesn't work. The only time it works is when I unprotect the directory. Then it streams it fine.

I am using A Samsung Galaxy SII (s2) or Epic 4G touch from Sprint. I have Cyanogen Mod 10, beta 2 with Jelly Bean on it. I use the built in browser and also Chrome. The video players I have tried using to no avail are:

Daroon Player
ES Media Player
MX Player
Rockplayer lite
Showtime Player panel
Stock Android Video player.

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Android :: RTSP Streaming With Media Player On Android 1.5 Image?

Sep 16, 2009

Could anyone make mediaplayer play the rtsp streaming work successfully on the standard HTC Android 1.5 image? I have tried a lot, but It always failed.

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Android :: RTSP Live Streaming Not Work On Android 1.5 / 1.6?

Jul 27, 2010

My main dev phone is a Nexus 1 running 2.2. I have successfully been streaming live video to this device from a Wowza server for several weeks now. I have now taken my application (without modifications) and put it on a Sony Ericsson Xperia running 1.6. The video will not play. I get the following errors:

MediaPlayer: Couldn't open file on client side, trying server side
... MediaPlayer: info/warning (1/26)
PlayerDriver: Command PLAYER_INIT completed with an error or info PVMFFailure
MediaPlayer: Error: (1,-1)
VideoView: Error: 1,-1

I've been googling around, but just can't seem to get a clear answer. Does anyone know if live streaming just doesn't work on some versions of Android?

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Android :: Rtsp Client For Stream Video?

Jun 28, 2010

say if android supports an RTSP stack? We've an RTSP server that we'd like to stream video to an android rtsp client if thats possible

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Android :: RTSP And HTTP Streaming In Android

Apr 29, 2009

I need your help regarding streaming in android. I read some of the previous discussions but I have a few doubts which I thought of clarifying from you. Please help me with the following aspects:

(i) Does android supports RTSP and HTTP streaming?
(ii) One discussion read -> "Streaming does not work in the emulator environment due to some firewall issues in the emulator network layer". Is this issue not resolved till now?
(iii) I used the api demo code available
@ ApiDemossrccomexample

Here I set the path as->
path = "Rtsp:// 3gp"; OR as ->
"path = "rtsp://"
This is crashing @ mMediaPlayer.prepare();
(I am using darwin streaming server)

This is playing fine in local playback. But, I am not able to understand why it is crashing here.
(iv) The supported codecs are MPEG4 Video, AVC, MPEG4 Audio, AMR, and H263. Am I correct? I await your response. Kindly assist.

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Android :: Playing Audio Or Video From Remote URL - RTSP/HTTP

Nov 4, 2009

Did anyone try playing audio/video through http/rtsp. I am having a problem with either of the approach.... I am getting an error Command PLAYER_INIT completed with PVMFError I some cases I got Command PLAYER_INIT completed with PVMFErrorContentInvalidForProgressiveDownoload.

Can some one explain what is the problem. The code snippet I am using is given below. Code...

The code works fine when I say mVideoView.setVideoPath("/sdcard/vv.3gp"); but not able to play if I give a rtsp/http urls. In case of http it says PVMFErrorContentInvalid for progressive download.

Can some body tell me what is the problem. Can you please post the code if someone has been successful in playing audio/video through http/rtsp.

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Android :: Possible To Display Video Information From An Rtsp Stream In Droid App UI?

Mar 23, 2010

I have managed to get a working video player that can stream rtsp links, however m not sure how to display the videos current time position in the UI, i have used the getDuration and getCurrentPosition calls, stored this information in a string and tried to display it in the UI but it doesn't seem to work code...

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Android :: RTSP Coding / Surefire Way To Make Rtsp Work?

Apr 24, 2010

I have Googled my butt off trying to find where if there is a surefire way to make rtsp work. I have a radio station that I listen to that streams via rtsp. Of course by default Android doesn't want to play it. If I pop the URL into and create a station there it lets me stream it to my phone. After checking how it works I come to find that it streams to the phone via rtsp! So obviously there is something amiss. What makes one stream work and one not? This is the stream I am attempting : rtsp://

It is an audio stream so I would be thrilled with most peoples problem of "it only does audio and not video." When streams, DDMS states it brings up MovieView to play the audio if that helps at all.

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Android :: Unable To Play Rtsp Video (H.264) Stream In Froyo Using MediaPlayer

Oct 3, 2010

I have an app that worked fine on Android 2.1 (Eclair) but is no longer working in 2.2.1 (Froyo). I think this may have to do with the shift from OpenCore to StageFright for video encoding and decoding, but am unsure.

The debug logs show two things I'm not sure about:

Does this mean H.264 baseline is not supported? WARN/QCvdec(59): Parsing Error unsupported profile or level No idea about: ERROR/PVOMXVidDecNode(59): Ln 1373 OMX_EventError nData1 -2147479542 nData2 0

Play the following url (it works fine in VLC, for example): rtsp://

The code:.........

The debug result:


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Android :: How To Play Media Player With Non-file And Non-rtsp Source

Feb 15, 2010

We've a mpeg4 source that we would like to play in the media player. Our source is not in a file or on an rtsp server. It is hand coded to generate mpeg4 source on the fly. Imagine the data is coming from an unix pipe stream instead of rtsp or a file. How can I use that stream in media player?

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