Android : Phone Native - Dalvik Performance Compare

Feb 24, 2009

Below is a simple bench between Navive C and Dalvik Java, which is collected from Android SDK 1.1. Code...

Android : Phone native - Dalvik performance compare

Android :: How Does Emulator Performance Compare To Real Device Performance?

May 23, 2010

I'm looking into writing an Android game, tough I don't curerntly own an Android device. For those of you who own a device, how does the performance on the emulator relate to real device performance? I'm especially interested in graphics related tasks.This obviously depends on both the machine running the emulator, and the specific device in question, but I'm talking rough numbers here.This question is a duplicate, but since that post is heavily outdated, I figured it's irrelevant by now.

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Android : Performance Issue - Dalvik VM Is 20x Slower Than Most Modern Java VMs

Jan 6, 2010

I'm writing a processing intensive digital sound processing app (requires numerous (50,000) Fast Fourier Transforms - FFT). This challenge led me to perform basic performance tests of Android running on an HTC Hero.

The results show the Dalvik VM to be >20 times slower than a modern JIT-enabled JVM running J2ME and 25-50 times slower than a C program performing the same operations on a similarly powered mobile phone. For example, this simple iteration over an empty method 2 million times takes 1.4 seconds even though it doesn't do anything. The same iteration is performed in milliseconds by a C program and about 100ms on a modern JVM. Code...

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Android :: Multicast Permission Of Dalvik And How To Attach To Dalvik Env

Sep 16, 2009

1. I have a c lib which will send & receive multicast package, if I lauch it in native ap, everything is OK, but if lauched through jni ,so it run in dalvik env, it can not receive multicast, i think is may be disabled by dalvik, is there any permission can enable this feature?

2. In this lib i will make some callback of function in dalvik class. according to tranditional method which can run under JDK1.5 & 1.6 as follow: (I make it under source code env not NDK)

In some initialization method save jvm pointer


it seems AttachCurrentThread not failed but env not correct.

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Android :: Dynamically Generating Dalvik Bytecode Into A Running Dalvik/Android Application

Apr 9, 2010

This question has been asked(and answered) many times about dynamically generating and loading java bytecodes at runtime into a running Dalvik VM, but is there any way to load dex files/bytecodes into an app at runtime?

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Android :: How Does Phone Compare To IPhone?

Feb 23, 2010

I am starting to regret my purchase of the Samsung Moment, I dont know if its with the Lacking OS of 1.5 as I see 2.0 on the website the interface is different with the phonebook, the way the screen looks. I still have yet to figure out how really this phone is the "same" or compares to the IPhone ... in simple ways of application use, I still see my friends on their I Phones talking to millions of people with in a 5 mile range to a 100 mile range on all these social applications.With also that in talk of Applications why is it when i try to get a NEW! or POPULAR! application I have the wrong OS I am starting to think I should of held out for the Nexus unlocked cause I think that is the only one you can get that does everything. I was really hoping for a socialized phone not a traveling phone. I will say it is handy ,when you go into the store to compare prices or when you go on a long trip finding restaurants,gas stations and such but the I phone helps everyone connect and thats what I really would like to see a SOCIAL app for ALL android USERS together!

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HTC EVO 4G :: Compare Phone With Epic 4G

Aug 6, 2010

I am wondering how the two will compare and compete and which one will ultimately be the better phone.

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Samsung Captivate :: How Does My Phone Compare To Blackberry?

Aug 18, 2010

So after getting frustrated with the lag on my new blackberry torch, I've decided that I might get the captivate. The one thing holding me back is the messaging features (e-mail/texting). How do they compare to the blackberry? Also, does the captivate suffer from the same legginess issues with simple menu functions/app changes?

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Android : Can A Phone Process Host Multiple Dalvik VM's?

Jul 14, 2010

Can an Android process ever host multiple Dalvik VM's? If so, what scenarios can cause this to occur, and what would be the benefit of having multiple VM's in the same process?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Compare Phone To Evo - Better Screen Technology?

Jun 18, 2010

Has anyone been able to compare the Galaxy S and the Evo firsthand? I canceled my Evo order to see what the S Pro will be like. On paper I feel that except for the Evo's slightly bigger screen the Galaxy S has better features including better screen technology, but as we've heard with some peoples' Evos there can be hidden issues. Any thoughts? I guess it's not really possible to do a side by side comparison yet unless someone has one of the handsets and travels to a country where they're selling the other one, or has had a chance to use a prototype.

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Motorola CLIQ : Moto Update New - Improved Performance - Battery Life - Software Performance And Stability

Feb 20, 2010

Motorola CLIQ Over-the-Air Update
[Retail Partner Sales - T-Mobile Employees and Authorized Dealers]

February 19 Update
The over-the-air update for the Motorola CLIQ has been delayed to the week of February 22. An updated article will be available once a date has been determined.

On February 18, Motorola will begin sending over-the-air (OTA) software updates to Motorola CLIQ customers. The software update will improve device performance and resolve several known issues.
Improved Performance:
Improved battery life
Improved software performance and stability
Improved widget response
Decreased Force Close error messages
New Manage SIM Card application
Support of .WMA and .WAV media files
Removal of the imeem mobile application
Known Issues Resolved:
Accessories & Bluetooth
Error: 'Unable to pair' or 'Unable to connect to device'
Call functions
Can activate other functions while listening to visual voicemail
Call not ended by pressing the End key
Speakerphone turns on unexpectedly when answer incoming call
Plays ringtone or vibrates while on an active call
Unable to answer incoming call using �Slide to answer� feature
Accidentally opens Dialer or makes outbound while holding device
Device hardware (battery, keys, power, screen)
Battery indicator may not display accurate battery power
Call not eded by pressing the End key
Touch screen issues
Cannot answer incoming call using the Slide to answer feature
Incorrect keys registered using on-screen keyboard
Touch display appears to have �dead spots� that are unresponsive
Accidentally selects item when trying to flick through screens or menus
Wrong message deleted
Phone may reset when turning Wi-Fi off in area with no Wi-Fi coverage
Customers can manually download the OTA on demand by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. Customers do not need to wait for a notification message to download.
Action Steps
Be aware of the fixes and enhancements included in the Motorola CLIQ update.
If customers are experiencing any Known Issue that will be resolved by the software update:
Do not file a handset exchange
Advise customers that the issue will be resolved by a software update on February 18.
Important Rebate Changes
[Retail Partner Sales - T-Mobile Employees and Authorized Dealers]
Customers eligible for rebates as part of new activations or upgrades must be advised they will receive their rebates in the form of a prepaid Visa card.
When customers take advantage of our new Early Upgrade or Early Upgrade Plus options, they are not eligible for upgrade rebate cards. These new upgrade options allow customers to take advantage of upgrades sooner and provide an instant discount, instead of having to wait for rebate cards.
To be eligible for an upgrade rebate card, customers must meet upgrade eligibility requirements.
Current, 1-year contracts: 11 or more active months since last discounted handset purchase.
Current, 2-year contracts: 22 or more active months since last discounted handset purchase.
Rebates on eligible purchases require contract extensions and a $9.99 or higher Data/Messaging feature.
Valid only on FlexPay plans with 1 or 2-year contracts.
Not valid for Even More Plus plans.
Active Months: The number of months in which the account has been in good standing and during which service has not been suspended.
Action Steps
Inform customers that Early Upgrade and Early Upgrade Plus are not eligible for upgrade rebate cards.
Advise customers eligible for rebates that they will receive their rebates in the form of a prepaid Visa card.
"With the purchase of your new handset, you can submit a rebate form to receive your rebate. The rebate will be in the form of a prepaid Visa card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. See the rebate form for additional details."
Trackball Replacement Program
[Retail Partner Sales - T-Mobile Employees and Authorized Dealers]
On February 24, T-Mobile will launch a Trackball Replacement program for BlackBerry Pearl 8100/8120 and BlackBerry Curve 8320 customers that are having trackball issues. This program will be available in T-Mobile retail stores only at this time.
Action Step
Refer customers to a T-Mobile retail store after February 24 for further assistance if they come in to your location looking to complete a trackball replacement.
First Connect for Dealers
[Retail Partner Sales]
First Connect for Dealers is an exciting class designed to help on-board and prepare Retail Partners to successfully sell T-Mobile products and services and provide differentiated customer experiences. This four hour class is conducted via the T-Mobile Live Virtual Classroom and covers the following:
Welcome to T-Mobile
Who is T-Mobile?
Differentiated Handsets
Differentiated Rate Plans
Service Excellence / Selling Skills
Tools and Resources
Customer On-Boarding
The attached flyer contains dates and times for these calls as well as registration details. ADRs should educate their locations about these calls and encourage them to attend.
To successfully be able to attend the training sessions, Retail Partners should have the following:
Computers with high speed Internet connections
The ability to play and hear video segments on the computer using speakers or headset
The use of a fully charged mobile phone to hear the audio portion of the conference call
Printer access to print Participant Workbook.
Action Steps
Share the attached flyer with your locations and encourage them to attend one of the scheduled calls.

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Android :: How To Test Performance Of An Phone Appl?

Dec 24, 2009

How can I test an application for performance in Android? What is the support provided in Android and how do I use it?

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Android :: Performance Of App On Phone Emulator Vs Actual Device?

Nov 24, 2010

I am working on a compute intensive app for Android. I do not have any device yet to test performance. However, the performance on emulator is a bit slower than expected. I see an old question about some estimation of emulator vs device. What are your experiences while developing apps with recent SDK Froyo/2.2. Is performance observed on emulator is slower than actual device. Please share your experience and the specs of your dev machine and mobile devices, both.

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Android :: Good Way To Evaluate Application Performance On Phone Devices

Aug 31, 2010

I am implementing the client side of some java application for Android devices which requires a lot of user interaction, image loadings and JSON object parsing. I'm trying to decide whether to implement it with html5, flash or Android native code.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: How Supersonic Will Compare To Phone "size Wise"?

Mar 10, 2010

And once it is released, will you switch to the Supersonic: A.) With a full upgrade from Sprint B.) Buy it outright C.) Stay with your Hero How much effect will a 2.1 Hero update have on your decisions? What will your actions be if it WILL and WILL NOT get the upgrade.

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HTC EVO 4G : How To Fix Froyo / Overall Performance Of Phone

Aug 4, 2010

This last weekend during the pre-release (7/30/2010) we learned a LOT about Froyo on the EVO by exhaustively searching down every problem. Here's the simple story for any number of bugs, erratic behavior and incessant up time. This is NOT to going to solve all problems for 100% of you - but - I'm very confident that it will for most of you, as in - OVER 95%.

It will NOT fix these classes or types of defects:Pandora / Slacker users.. Please star this bug.. GMail non-primary account not syncing/notifying in real timeThis one _might_ be solved with this workaround Google speaks up on GMail with Froyo. My personal approach to mail

Any apps that are known to have Froyo issues. This is usually the hard step, because it requires you to check the comments against your installed apps - that's not tough per se, but it can be time consuming if you have a lot of apps. Go to Market, your downloads, inspect each apps comments if you continue to have doubts and need to be sure. At least the new Market app gives a Comments tab, making this job easier. The worst case is starting over, installing apps one by one until the culprit is found. MANY users found Facebook 1.3 seems to have been the culprit on their machines - another user found it was a wallpaper app.

There is one pathological class that is making no sense that we're trying to track down; at least two people are finding a runaway CPU, takes-forever-charging, and no battery staying power EVEN AFTER FOLLOWING THIS METHOD - and in one case at least only using stock apps! This may or may not be limited only to PC-USB charging however.We're working together to solve this one.
My personal latest guess is on the SD card - but - I know this was seen and solved for 2.1 but I cannot find that thread for love nor money. Was it a reformat to FAT32 from a PC?
If you know the answer, please post it in this thread!
Found this! I'm not expert as to whether to format on phone or using PC - there's some controversy on this, but using the phone to format the SD card DOES make sense.

Possible Swype fixes - or anything specific to some app's idiosyncrasies
A corrupted 2.2 update file.This is insanely rare, but not unheard of, and has been reported to have happened at XDA.
This is insanely rare.

Here's the deal - the updates do not have a lot of defects - aside from the above list - it has essentially one big one.The cache / data areas are tangled up.

As you run things over time, your cache - the area where lots of things get worked from - has gotten all tangled up. Just like your web browser has a cache, Android has data and cache areas - once tangled up, all sorts of symptoms appear.

The solution is simple:
Factory reset / wipe data

1. Backup

Backup is important with every phone.First and foremost, ensure the Google servers are up to date with your contact and calendar data. Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & sync -> Sync all. If you are using any third party apps for this sort of thing, or corporate servers or Exchange accounts - be sure that your contacts and other information is appropriately synced.Verify that your contacts are on the Google server. Yes - do that!

If your chosen backup method will support it - next go to Menu -> Settings -> Personalize -> Scenes -> Menu and this will save your 7-desktop layout.

If you've got 5 bucks and you're not rooted, get MyBackup Pro, it should backup everything you care about. Another good alternative is Sprite Backup plus ASTRO used at the same time.

If you're rooted, use Titanium Backup - backup your user apps, desktop, Mail, and everything marked with "Titanium."

If you're not comfortable with the above, you can backup your apps for free using ASTRO File Manager, free from the Market. Once you have it, go to Menu-> Tools.Here's a thread on ASTRO, wish I'd found it earlier!I'm leaving AppBrain.

If you've never done this before - NOW at this point would be a good time to back up your SD card to your PC. Simple select all, then drag and drop into a clean folder onto your PC via USB should do the trick. This isn't required - but you can never have too much backup protection.

2. Factory reset

Once you have your backup, goto Menu-> Settings-> SD & phone storage -> Factory reset.You WILL lose your installed apps.You WILL lose your local logins and accounts unless you use a better backup than free - but you're likely to not lose much. (If you're synced to the google servers - and you should be - you'll still have your contacts and calendar entries.)

You will NOT lose your SD card contents. (But be safe and back it up to a PC as noted above.)You will NOT lose your 2.2 update.Do the factory reset.

3. Restore CORRECT Behavior *and then* Your Stuff

When finished - download the free Network app from the Market. (Network by Philipp Mangelow)Start it, and scroll down until you see "CDMA auto (PRL)" - change it to "GSM auto (PRL)" - exit Network; re-start Network then change back to "CDMA auto (PRL)" - and finally, go to Menu-> Settings-> System updates-> Update PRL

This sounds like majick snake oil but it's not - it's an idiosyncrasy of the phone's hardware and firmwareDepending upon your particular apps and backup tool, you may be required to add this step, so now is a good time (if you're uncomfortable with this, you can do it if and when required):

Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources (check on to allow non-Market apps)

Now, go to the Market and download again the tool you used for your backup.

NOW restore your backups by reversing your chosen tool.

DO NOT re-install full Flash 10 for 2.1 if you had that before.

Consider NOT re-installing LED Light, the included Flashlight is really better.

DO NOT re-install any task killers or cleaners.

At least one user has found that if this doesn't work and issues remain, then power up your phone while holding down the volume-down key. This gives a menu that includes an option to Wipe/Clear all data from the phone. Use that by navigating with the volume buttons and selecting it with the power button. Use the menu to reboot when done.

4. Stock Browser Note

When you're done, you may still notice browser slowdowns from before.

This is easily fixed.Menu-> ... More -> Settings -> Clear cache
Settings -> Enable plugins :: change from always on to just on-demand. This will prevent your browser from caching all of the Flash content it can find. This will also require you to tap on a green icon in flash videos and that sort of thing.
This is a user-choice for how you want YOUR browser to behave.

5. Et cetera, et cetera

It seems that when you do this, Talk may be set back to auto-login on startup. If you're not a big Talk believer, you might want to shut that off to conserve battery life. You'll find it in your app drawer.

Likewise ou can also turn off Background data under Settings -> Accounts & sync. The cool thing now is there is a widget, available under Shortcut -> Settings for your desktop that'll take you right to that page whenever you want, conveniently, like when you want to go to the Market, for example.

Talk has some controversy as to whether it can impede instant notifications for GMail - and many people are uncomfortable with background data for any number of reasons - I'm just no longer sure, so this is more "customization how-to" rather than strict advice or anything.

By the way - there's a Sync All widget now, under Widgets, for your desktop that does just what the name says. Best of all - you can have background data and auto-sync off, use that new Sync All widget from time to time - and they stay off.

I'd also like to note this specific advice if your Sense launcher is force closing and not letting you get anywhere -

FIX: "The Application HTC Sense (process has stopped unexpectedly"

Note well that the article ends suggesting you may have to follow this post's procedure. Yes, do.

There's also a note at XDA warning to turn off your LED notifications. That's under Settings -> Display. The new default is for all of them to be on - and this is said to cause some process to run, draining some battery life.

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks - ensure that "Enable always-on mobile data" is not enabled (not checked).

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Roaming -> Sprint only

And finally - Sprint Zone - turn off its auto-login and any notifications it wants to send, unless you really have some use for it.

6. Summary

I've started this thread to help out with the many threads for people with problems.

Please keep this thread clean, and only respond if you're having trouble with the procedure.

From the smallest bug to the largest - this is best advice you're likely to ever get with your EVO.

Finally - and this is VERY important:

If you're using a task killer or cleaner, stop for the moment, and uninstall it.

The task-killing protocols for Froyo are NOT the same as they were for 2.1.

And Froyo is so much better at memory management - AFTER you've done a factory reset and cleaned out your cache / data tangles - you're not going to believe.

Try your new Froyo for a few days like this and then and only then if you're still convinced that you need a task killer, go for it. But not because of the number of tasks running - wait and see if you don't already have better performance than before.

Hope this helps, thanks in advance for your help in keeping this thread clean.

PS - This advice is the result of the efforts of too many people to name individually who pulled together in this forum since last Friday's pre-release of Froyo. They know who they are, and without their efforts this knowledge would not have been possible. I thank them, one and all, on my behalf and yours.

PPS - This advice is for the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint and may not apply to all devices.

Definitely do NOT follow this procedure if you're using a Motorola Droid X and are on Verizon.

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Android :: Porting Native C Library To Phone

Mar 1, 2010

Could someone guide me to an online tutorial that explains this really well?

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HTC Hero :: Improve Speed And Performance On Phone?

Aug 21, 2010

I was wondering if someone could help me with improving my speed and performance on htc hero.

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Sprint HTC Hero : PSX4Droid Performance On Phone?

Jul 26, 2010

Anyone buy it? How well does it run on our little hero?

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Android :: Way To View Phone Native Code Profiling?

Mar 29, 2010

I started my emulator with ./emulator -trace profile -avd emulator_15. I then tracked down the trace files to ~/.android/avd/rodgers_emulator_15.avd/traces/profile, where there are six files:, qtrace.exc, qtrace.insn, qtrace.method,, qtrace.static. I can't figure out what to do with these files. I've tried both dmtracedump and traceview on all of the files, but none seem to generate any output I can do anything with.

How can I view the proportion of time taken by native method calls on Android?

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Android :: Can I Hide Native Phone App GUI When Incoming Call Comes

Aug 18, 2009

I am developing a phone application with my own GUI , I want to receive incoming call event. I am able to receive it using Broadcast receiver ,

But after receiving in My Broadcast receiver. Native phone application GUI comes to foreground and my application GUI goes to background. I do not want native GUI to be displayed on screen , How can i disable native phone application GUI.

Is there any way to disable broadcast intent or any other suggestion for displaying my application GUI instead of native phone app gui.

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Android : How To Play Native Camera Sound On Phone

Mar 2, 2010

I would like to play native camera shutter sound clip on camera preview capture. I'm referring to the sound clip played when takePicture() is called. How could I that? Can someone walk me through the steps?

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HTC Hero :: MicroSD Card Can Enhance Performance Of Phone / How?

Oct 10, 2009

I was reading a while back someone's topic about if a microSD card can enhance the performance of HTC Hero. I'd love to look it up but I cant, this site isn't going well lately, and I'd have to reload each page 20times to get to actual topic.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Rooted Phone - How To Boost Performance?

Aug 22, 2010

What now? I sure want to remove bloats and stuff, any easy way to do that? And what other "must-do" stuff is there to do? Performance boost? How? What are ROMS?

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HTC Desire :: 32Gb Micro SD Affect Performance Of Phone?

Jun 27, 2010

I Just purchased one of these cheap from Hong Kong (�20) - transferring files from the computer has been deadly slow compared to the Kingston 4gb ones I have (basically unuseably slow). Is this to do with the size of the card or the make an also will this affect performance of the phone?

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Motorola Droid X : Does Autokiller Seem To Boost Performance Of Phone

Nov 7, 2010

So its pretty simple. Do you use autokiller? Does it seem to boost the performance of your phone? Chime in, good, bad, or indifferent.

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Android :: Google Voice & Native Phone Dialer Control

Oct 4, 2010

how google voice application is taking control of the default phone native dialer? Is it using the public android API? I saw how google voice display a bubble at top and mask the dialed out number in the native dialer. We need to do something like this in our application but I can't find nothing about how to do it. Please google guys give me a tip about if it's native code or public api.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Phone Performance Is Very Slow After Update

Nov 29, 2010

i've found that my x10 really disappointed me even after updated.. still alot of bugs! and so slow~==... that really irritates me alot... SE pls do something to improve the phone as i can see the specification of this phone is really good just that the software sucks. and this phone is not cheap at all. cost me almost like the price of an iphone

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Non - Rooted Phone Performance / Opinions / Experiences

Mar 19, 2010

I'm hoping to get a little insight here from the members of the community that have devices that are not rooted, or from members that have experience prior to their rooting. Before I go into my questioning, I do want to preface this by stating that I have considered rooting my phone in the past, and have even tried (but failed) using the PreKitchen. Since then, I have made a definite decision that I will not be rooting my device. I have done TONS of research and reading on the topic, have asked and have had answered a lot of questions, and I've just decided that I do not want to do it. Yes, I understand the pros of doing it, I just choose not to. That being said, I would respectfully ask that those who take the time to respond to this post, please don't suggest rooting.
Ok, so I've owned the Hero since October, and for the most part, it has performed only marginally. The quirks, odditys and under performance issues I have experienced are nothing different from what has been talked about on this board, or others. Some issues, however, have been persistently bad, even after the "typical" troubleshooting methods have been used. Additionally, some of the things I've seen my device do haven't been talked about, or at least not in great detail, by many people. Some of the issues that I am experiencing, I am hoping that 2.1 will cure, however, I've come to a breaking point where I don't want to wait it out for the upgrade to finally release, only to find out that it didn't help. I've talked to Sprint Advanced Tech Support a few times and they seem to believe that it's a faulty device. Whether or not that is their response because they are stumped, or if the device actually IS faulty is what I'm hoping to figure out. They have agreed to send a replacement device to me, so I'm trying to get a feel for what to expect. Below are some of the issues I'm experiencing:
1. Wifi will not stay connected 85% of the time, despite a strong signal.
2. Apps take quite a bit of time to respond. The phone, however, does not seem to lag all that much. Screens respond pretty quickly and swiping is pretty smooth. Apps just take quite a bit of time to open/respond, even if still in "running" mode in the background.
3. Browser and other data requesting apps take quite a bit of time to get data, despite a strong EVDO signal or strong Wifi signal.
4. The phone's antenna seems to be weak. I can barely get a signal in my office (a one story building, sitting close to a window) and I'm in a heavily populated city. I've never had a hard time getting any less than 3 bars on any other Sprint phone in this location. Additionally, in areas where reception should be strong, I've found my phone switching between 1x and EVDO for data, and Roaming for voice.

There are other miscellaneous issues as well. I also want to stress that all of the typical troubleshooting methods have been done. I hard reset the phone last week and cleaned house, and am still seeing these issues. Prior to hard resetting, I had around 25-30 MB of free space on the phone. After the hard reset, I'm around 75 MB of free space, so that doesn't seem to be an issue. Text messages are cleared off the phone as they come in and program caches are cleared out daily. As for the signal issues, that's something I can't figure out, and neither can Sprint Tech Support, which is why I'm getting the replacement. My questions to the community are these:
1. I know that some of the issues I have listed are common among Hero users, however, does troubleshooting (clearing caches, texts, etc) solve the issues, or do they persist?
2. Has anyone had signal/data speed issues?
3. For people who have had replacement devices for issues similar to these, did the new device work better, or is this just a function of the device? One of the main reasons I ask these questions is because if this is going to continue to be an issue from device to device, there is no need to waste time continually swapping phones. I think at that point, I'll just have to wait for 2.1, hope it resolves the issues, and if not, cross that bridge at that time. I've expressed concern to the Sprint reps about receiving a refurb device. They had stated that it isn't up to them what gets shipped, however, they did advise that if a refurb was shipped, to send it back and go to a repair center to return it (in hopes that they have new phones on hand). I'm truly hoping that this is an issue with my device and not the Hero itself.

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Android :: Couldnot Run Any Raw Aac Files - E.g Xxx.aac - In Native Music Player - Google I/O Phone

Oct 8, 2009

could not run any raw aac files (e.g xxx.aac) in native music player although OPENCORE has a raw aac parser ...

Aacfileparser.cpp (externalopencorefileformats

This looks like not integrated with Android framework layer through JNI. So music app does not have any knowledge of this file type ..

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