Android :: OnClickListener Not Firing From Parent Class

Aug 17, 2010

A Follow up to this question:

I have created a parent class and a child class that inherits from it. When I set the OnClickListener in the child class, the event fires when the button is clicked. When I move the set OnClickListener to the parent class, the event doesn't fire. I've got to be missing something obvious but I just don't see it.


Child Class:


Android :: OnClickListener not firing from Parent class

Android :: OnClickListener Not Firing In GridView - 2.2 Only

Aug 8, 2010

I have a grid view of buttons that is generated by a CursorAdapter. When the CursorAdapter is passed to the Gridview the view renders correctly however the first item in the grid does not fire the OnClickListener event.

If I select another button in the grid, the event fires correctly however if I selected the first button then another button, it loads the first button action then the section button action.

When testing this, it only seems to be an issue in Android 2.2 on my emulator, my 1.5 phone works as expected. I've wiped the emulator but that doesn't seem to have made a difference.


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Android :: FinishFromChild And OnActivityResult Not Firing When Child Starts Activity Of Same Type As Parent

Jun 8, 2010

I have an application, which (for the sake of simplicity) has two types of activities - Overview and DetailView. The Overview activity shows a list of steps and allows the user to start a DetailView activity corresponding to the step chosen.

In the DetailView activity, the user can start another Overview, which shows different steps than the ones in the parent of the current DetailView.

In the Overview, DetailView is started by using startActivityForResult (). In the DetailView, when the user decides to start a second Overview, I call setResult () and finish () and then start the new Overview. In this scenario, onActivityResult () and finishFromChild () do not fire. Instead, they fire when the parent finishes (?).

Code from Overview:


Code from DetailView:


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Android :: Possible To Have Droid Load Up Another UI From Different Class Through Onclicklistener?

Feb 11, 2009

Is it possible to have the android load up another UI from a different class through a Onclicklistener? What I mean is that if I have two UI classes (c1 using m1.xml and c2 using m2.xml). Is there a way to load the c2 UI though the onlicklistener set on a button?

When I w programming in Java i usually add an actionlistener to the button and create a new instance of c2 in that actionlistener. That doesn't seem to work here, and so I was wondering if theres another way to do this?

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Android :: Create A Single Class Which Can Be Parent For Every Type Of Activity?

Oct 7, 2010

I wish to have a single class which all of my Activity classes extend. I have ListActivities, Activities, MapActivities, TabActivities, etc in my App.

I have many of these different activities in my app, ~12 activities. I want each of them to have the methods which are in the parent class.

Right now, i have created 4 parent activity classes which are extended from a certain activity depending on their type(ListActivity, Activity, MapActivity, TabActivity)

I am creating a lot of redundant code - each of the 4 parent activities has almost identical code, in exception for what class activity it extends.

Here is an example that may clarify what my problem is:

I have an Activity: MenuScreen which extends BaseListActivity BaseListActivity extends ListActivity BaseListActivity contains methods and fields which i want all my activities to have access to I have another Activity: HomeScreen which extends BaseActivity BaseActivity extends Activity BaseActivity contains the same methods and fields which are in my other Base[<type>]Activity classes(such as BaseListActivity)

These methods/fields are copy-pasted to all my Base[<type>]Activity, and seems awfully redundant to me.

Can i create a master activity class which all types of Activity classes can use as its parent? if not, am i stuck with copy and pasting this code and feeling gross/dirty about it?

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Android :: Implements OnClickListener VS New Button.OnClickListener

Aug 3, 2010

I have a question about implementing OnClickListeners for developing with the ADT. I'm unsure of which way is more efficient, can anyone please provide me with pro's and con's of each approach?


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Android :: Android - Start New Intent But No Parent Class

Jun 28, 2010

I've a ListActivity with a ListView, onItemClick I start an Intent. Oncreate of this Intent I make a getParent but it's null. if I do this.isChild() it's false.
mPostList.setOnItemClickListener(new OnItemClickListener() {
public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View v, int position, long id) {
Intent IntentDiscution = new Intent(parent.getContext(), EcrireMessage.class);

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Android :: OnClickListener On Mac OSX ?

Feb 15, 2009

Has anyone had trouble getting android projects to work on Mac OSX? I took a project that I run on a Windows Vista system and checked out the project on my Mac OSX box and it can't recognize OnClickListener.

I did the same thing on my Ubuntu dev box and it works no problem. Same version of Eclipse (3.4.1) and android plugin 0.8.0v200809220836-110569

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Android :: Implementation Of OnClickListener

Jun 2, 2010

Create an anonymous implementation of OnClickListener

private OnClickListener mCorkyListener = new OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {
// do something when the button is clicked}};

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Android :: Implementing An OnClickListener?

Nov 9, 2010

I am trying to do something similar to that of the android lock screen pattern. I have a class that extends a view that I create multiple instances of. These appear on the screen all at once.

I need to be able to click on them individually and have each one turn green individually, however only one on touch listener is listening at once and it belongs to the last dot which appeared, so if I click anywhere on the screen the last appeared dot turns green no matter where I click.

Here is the code for my dot class:


In the code I called newdotdraw multiple times.

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Android :: OnTouchListener & OnClickListener ?

Apr 16, 2009

On a picture I need to do two differents behaviours when user click on it or slide on it.

The management of the touch event (slide) is done on a parent view. So I put setOnTouchListener on my imageview and implement ACTION_MOVE to dispatch the event to its parent.

To manage the click event, I put a setOnClickListener on my image but the event was not catched. With debug, I understand that the ACTION_MOVE was still called and the onClick event was forgotten by the onTouchListener.

I decided to try to catch the event ACTION_UP on onTouch event...

Finally, I can set only ONE event and not the both. If I can click, I can't slide and if I can slide, I can't click....

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Android :: OnClickListener On Tabs Not Working

Jun 30, 2009

I am trying to get the Click - event when clicking on the currently selected tab of my TabActivity. The onTabChangedHandler is only called whenever the tab is changed, not if the currently active Tab is clicked. The debugger tells me i have the onClickListener Registered for the TabWidget within my TabHost.

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Android :: TabActivity - OnClickListener Not Working

Jun 30, 2009

I have a Tabbed View that displays a list in different tabs. When I click on the currently active tab (not the displayed view) I want to do something. Currently - the OnClickListener is NOT called. the OnTabChanged Listener however seems is working fine. Am I registering on the wrong View?


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Android :: Error On Implementing OnClickListener ?

Mar 30, 2010

I am writing an application which one of the activity has a button and use this button to switch to another activity when clicking that.

The main activity implements the onCreate and OnClickListener as follows:


When I try to run this program on my emulator, after hitting the button, the program stopped unexpectedly. I follow the instructions of implementing OnClickListener firmly so I don't know what's the problem in my implementation.

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Android :: Setting A Spinner OnClickListener()

Oct 13, 2010

Im trying to get an onClickListener to fire on a Spinner, but i get the following error: Java.lang.RuntimeException is "Don't call setOnClickListener for an AdapterView. You probably want setOnItemClickListener instead," the thing is, im sure I want to call onClickListener and NOT onItemClickListener. I found this question asked by someone else on stackOverflow.

The question is here: link text

The answer stated there is:

You will have to set the Click listener on the underlying view(normally a TextView with id: of the spinner. To do so:

Create a custom Spinner In the constructor (with attributes) create the spinner by supplying the layout android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item Do a findViewById( get the TextView Now set the
onClickListener to the TextView

I have tried the answer noted there, but it doesnt seem to work, I get a null pointer to the TextView after I do the findViewById().

This is what im doing:




I'm new to stack overflow, I didnt find any way to post an aditional question to the other thread (or comment since I have to little rep) so I started a new question.

Per recomendation I tried this:


But logCat isnt showing promising results.

10-14 16:09:08.127: INFO/System.out(3116): Count =7
10-14 16:09:08.127: INFO/System.out(3116): ChildCount =0

I have tested this on API levels 7 and 8 with same results.

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Android :: OnTrackballEvent Not Firing?

Nov 15, 2010

I have a list in my app.

When a user touches a list item with their finger, the onListItemClick handler fires and I have it opening a new Activity.

However, when a user uses the trackball/pad to click, I want to perform some different functionality. I've overrode onTrackballEvent and everything works perfectly fine in the emulator's trackball mode.

Unfortunately, when testing on the Samsung Moment, clicking the trackpad fires the onListItemClick handler, not the onTrackballEvent handler.

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Android :: OnClickListener In Listview Populated With A CursorAdapter

Nov 19, 2010

I have a list view with 2 buttons on each row. I am using a cursoradpater to populate the list. I am also using the view holder pattern on newview() bindview().

My questions are: where do i put the clicklisteners for the buttons knowing that the action for the button is different from the action of the list item itself? Do i keep the onListItemClick ?

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Android :: Attach Drawables Into Different ImageView With OnClickListener?

May 4, 2010

I am working with a library of maps which paints the icons on the map using drawables and canvas. Now, i'm trying to modify it in order to the user can click on icons. So i want to attach drawables into different ImageView with a onClickListener. However, i don't know how i can paint the ImageView using canvas from method onDraw.

I've tried with:
ImageView iv = new ImageView(context);

But it doesn't appears in screen.

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Android : OnClickListener Implementation Of Array Of Buttons

Nov 21, 2010

I am writing an Android Application which outputs some array of buttons dynamically.

My question is how to implement onClickListener() functionality for Array Of Buttons. I mean how to recognize the button that is clicked in public void onClick() method ? I need to display a toast based on the button that is clicked.

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Android :: AlarmManager Not Firing Receiver

Feb 27, 2010

Any experts on AlarmManager out there?I've got something weird going on.The basic code to set my repeating alarm works fine. I can close my app and the alarm will continue to run like clockwork every five minutes. It works fine only if I set it in the app and then close the app.I've got a registered BootReceiver for re-registering the repeating alarm. I know it fires on boot b/c the log message clearly shows it is firing and re-setting the repeating alarm in question for the same frequency. But the AlarmManager is not firing.Basically, the nearly identical code for setRepeating() fires when set from the app and continues to run when the app is closed, so I know my AlarmReceiver is functioning, but the AlarmManager is either not broadcasting this alarm or my receiver doesn't work from an alarm set in the boot receiver.

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Android :: OnClick Event Not Firing?

Sep 20, 2010

I have a listview managed by an adapter that is extending BaseAdapter.

In the getview function im using the convertView to set up a OnClickListener. This OnClickListener work well when I am touching the screen but if I use the trackball of the HTC Desire, I see the row flashing on the screen, but the OnClickListener is not called...

I've read the android dev guide :
and its say that I should receive a onClick event from the trackball...

Im putting here my getview code in case someone see anything strange.


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Android :: Firing An Event By Code?

Sep 25, 2010

Is any way to build and fire an event (e.g. on click event) in android applications programmatically.

I have an Activity (lets call it A) with multiple views (5 ImageView for example). And a normal Java class (lets call it B) which is used by my Activity. here is an instance of B in my Activity. If user click on a View (Image View) the view OnClickListener calls a method in B In B, if operation is successful, it will call back a method in activity again. in activity method, It will change image or state for clicked ImageView.

I the other hand: click on view (x) in Activity -------> B.doSomething() --------> A.bIsDone() -----> change image for view (x) with normal execution, its working and there is no problem. the problem is that I want to simulate this process to be automatic, my code looks like this:


The issue is that, it won't render anything, until the end of the loop.

I tried to put the loop in another Thread, but its throwing exception: android.view.ViewRoot$CalledFromWrongThreadException: Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.

What can i do for this issue? i was think generate an click event on view (by code), to see it can help or not.

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Android :: ProtoRequestListener Firing WatchDogException ?

Dec 3, 2009

My app has been pretty stable for a while, and today out of the blue something called ProtoRequestListener has started intermittently throwing WatchDogExceptions. there's no path through to my code, so i can't even catch the exception and do something about it. i googled around a bit and it seems to be connected to Maps somehow.

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Android :: ListView - Use The Activity OnClickListener From A Custom Adapter?

Nov 1, 2010

I have a listView using a custom adapter. Each row contains a button and some other Views. I want to be able to click either on the button, or on the row itself (to edit the item of the list that is clicked).

Setting an onItemClickListener in the activity won't work because of this problem

I think I have to set an onClickListener in the getView() method of my adapter for it to work properly.
I would like to use my activity's onClickListener, in order to use a startActivityForResult() when the row is clicked, in order to have something returned to my activity when the item edition activity is over.
How can I do that?

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Android :: Clicks To MapView To Firing OnClick

Dec 10, 2009

I am working on my first android app and so my first with the Maps API and am experiencing an odd problem. How ever when I click the screen it seems the onClick event is not being run?Have I missed something or am I better off sub classing the MyLocationOverlay I am using and override DispatchTap?How ever i would rather be able to just click anywhere on the map to dispatch the event.

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Android :: Add Proximity Alert Firing Repeatedly

Jun 10, 2010

I am adding a proximity Alert with an expiration of -1 (does not expire). I am testing using an Evo. The proximity Alert fires several times after entering the location and staying inside the location. I was thinking that the proximity alert should fire once when you enter the location and fire once when you exit the location. Should the proximity alert fire multiple times after you enter the location and stay inside of the location?

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Android :: TOUCH_MOVE Event Not Firing In Avd Or Device

Sep 30, 2010

In fact, only the touch_down event will fire. Basically, I'm trying to implement a drag feature in my app so I need the touch_move event. I have a method that writes out the touch events to the LogCat in Eclipse but the touch_down is the only event that shows up. not even touch_up shows up. I have this problem when I debug on the device or in the avd.

This isn't really a code question. But has anyone had an issue getting different touch events to fire? If so, how did you resolve them? I'm using the latest Android SDK and Eclipse version. I'm using a simple ImageView.

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Android :: Browser Orientationchange Event Keeps Firing

Oct 28, 2010

Following is simple html, when viewed on android browser(nexus one) results into continuos orientationchange event chain when you change phone's orientation just once.


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Android :: Ignore OnItemSelectedListener Firing On Create

Mar 3, 2010

I'm creating a spinner and I've added an OnItemSelectedListener to it. However I've noticed that it fires on create. Now I was wondering if there was a way to ignore/discard it. I know I could use a boolean value, but that's a bit "dirty".

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Android :: OnTouch Event Sometimes Not Firing ACTION_POINTER_DOWN

Jul 9, 2010

I'm trying to implement pinch-zoom in an app I'm making and am having issues with the onTouch event. It appears that the pointer up & down actions do not fire immediately, like you won't get a pointer up or down until an action move occurs. So what happens if both fingers hit the screen nearly simultaneously is that the 2nd finger (should be pointer(1)) gets a move action before pointer down is called, making the code think it's a DRAG not a pinch zoom.

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