Android :: MediaPlayer.start - Doesnot Work Fine After Calling MediaPlayer.seekTo - 0

Apr 27, 2009

I have a requirement to play several sounds many times in my game so instead of creating the MediaPlayer again and again I have called mp.seekTo(0) in onCompletion(mp) so that it will restart. Sometimes the sound is not audible from the device when I call mp.start () after setting mp.seekTo(0); but the player calls onCompletion() without playing any sound, this is observed randomly on most of the sounds

My sounds are of short duration mostly less than a second.

I am using a separate MediaPlayer for each sound (as I need this) -

There are almost 28 sounds in my game so i will be creating 28 MediaPlayers.

Below is the attached code for player

Also If I try to play many sounds one after the other in a short period of time i get an error saying "no more track names available". can u tell Why this is happening...?

check the below code:


Android :: MediaPlayer.start - doesnot work fine after calling MediaPlayer.seekTo - 0

Android :: Mediaplayer And SeekTo - On Start-up?

Jun 16, 2010

I'm implementing a custom video player because I need custom video controls. I have an app with only one activity, which on start-up shall starts playing a video right away.

Now, the problem I have (on my Nexus One):

I don't want the video to start from the beginning, but from a later position. Therefore I do a seekTo(16867). Since seekTo is asynchronous, I place the start call of the mediaplayer (player.start()) in the onSeekComplete of the onSeekCompleteListener.

**The strange behaviour I experience though is that I can see/hear the video playing from the beginning for a few millisecs before it actually plays from/jumps to the position I seeked to. But - on the other hand - the Log output I call before the player.start returns the correct position 16867, where I seeked to.**

Below is the relevant code section, the complete class is at


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Android :: Calling The Stop() Function Of MediaPlayer

Aug 22, 2010

I see calling the stop function of MediaPlayer simply does nothing. The playback goes on.

I looked in the documentation and I found: "Stops playback after playback has been stopped or paused."

So, I tried to pause() it before stopping, but the MediaPlayer then pauses and resumes the playback. The only thing I can see is that the buffering stops. But the playback continues. Is this the expected behavior? Could the problem be related to the fact that I call the methods of the MediaPlayer object from different threads than the creator by synchronizing with Semaphores?

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Android :: MediaPlayer - Raw Resources - Stop And Start

Jun 3, 2010

I'm playing around with the MediaPlayer class to reproduce some sounds/music. I am playing raw resources (res/raw) and it looks kind of easy.

To play a raw resource, the MediaPlayer has to be initialized like this:


Until here there is no problem. The sound is played, and everything works fine. My problem appears when I want to add more options to my application. Specifically when I add the "Stop" button/option.

Basically, what I want to do is...when I press "Stop", the music stops. And when I press "Start", the song/sound starts over. (pretty basic!)

To stop the media player, you only have to call stop(). But to play the sound again, the media player has to be reseted and prepared.


The problem is that the method setDataSource() only accepts as params a file path, Content Provider URI, streaming media URL path, or File Descriptor.

So, since this method doesn't accept a resource identifier, I don't know how to set the data source in order to call prepare(). In addition, I don't understand why you can't use a Resouce identifier to set the data source, but you can use a resource identifier when initializing the MediaPlayer.

I guess that I'm missing something. I wonder if I am mixing concepts, and the method stop() doesn't have to be called in the "Stop" button.

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Android :: Error - MediaPlayer Start Called In State 64

Oct 19, 2009

calling MediaPlayer.onStart() from Activity.onResume() (after the Activity has been paused) causes the following messages in logcat: MediaPlayer start called in state 64 MediaPlayer error (-38, 0) MediaPlayer Error (-38,0) Now the question is, what are the messages trying to tell me? What state is 64?

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Android :: MediaPlayer Streaming From PHP Redirect Does Not Work

Aug 25, 2010

The company I work for is developing an Android App that plays a video file from a URL on web. The
video URL is a parameter for a PHP script that encode it properly and redirects to the encoded video as shown below:

header('Content-Type: video/'.$format);

Where $output_video is the URL to the encoded video (it works if we use this URL in the browser) and $format is the video format. But when I try executing the MediaPlayerDemo_Video from the API Demos using the streaming mode, I get an error like this:

MediaPlayer Command PLAYER INIT completed with an error or info PVMFErrCorrupt
MediaPlayer error (1. -10)
MediaPlayer Error (1.-10)

If we hard-code the URL and format in the PHP script, it also does not work out, but with a different error:

MediaPlayer info/warning (1. 28)
MediaPlayer Info (1 .28)

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Android :: MediaPlayer API

Apr 7, 2009

How to play the file which is present in MY computer For Eg : Path="D:/Vinod/Songs" can any body give the way to play the audiao file from files in system .....

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Android :: MediaPlayer And 1.5 Vs 1.6

Oct 20, 2009

In 1.6 I do the following to stream an mp3 shoutcast stream:


This works great. However, I have to support phones running 1.5 as well. When I build against the 1.5 libraries and run in a level 3 emulator, I get an exception on the prepare() call with the message: Prepare failed.: status=0x1.

Is this supported in 1.5. Is there some other mechanism I have to use that will work in both?

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Android :: MediaPlayer Bug

Aug 10, 2009

I have such code:..............

When my sound played for the first time, it's all fine. But when for second, third, etc.. it sounds like cutted, just little part of my "click.wav". If I put there sound in another format like mp3 or ogg - all just fine.

Or if I write like this: mp_click = MediaPlayer.create(CubeTest_Main.Context,; mp_click.start(); All if fine too, but this is a bit slow, becouse this sound is playing very often.

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Android :: MediaPlayer SDK ?

Aug 1, 2010

I have a program with a function copied below it plays a sound upon clicking a button. If you click the button 10 times 10 different media players play the same sound that is the way i want it but how can i assign a button to stop all 10 media players at a time like a "STOP ALL BUTTON"


The code above only stops the last instance of mp.

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Android :: How To Know The Status Of MediaPlayer?

Mar 3, 2009

I am developing a media player application which downloads from internet and plays. so while downloading I want to show a progress bar saying "buffering...", and while playing I want to dismiss the same progress bar. I can display the progress bar while downloading (by implementing the listener onBufferedUpdateListener), how can I get the event for player while it is playing.

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Android :: Cannot See Video When Using MediaPlayer

Jan 20, 2010

Attached is my code, I cannot see the video while playing a MPG file.


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Android :: Issue With MediaPLayer

Apr 26, 2010

This is my script:


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Android :: Can't Stop Mediaplayer

Jul 21, 2009

I develop a music play app, whe app framework is:>

eg: in the there have two mp3 files : 1.mp3,2.mp3 when first time choose 1.mp3, then play ok, then back to from, and now the 1.mp3 is still playing, and then i click 2.mp3 in the, and go to, but it play 1.mp3 and 2.mp3 simultaneously? but i have used the mediaplayer.stop(); mediaplayer.release(); and it always play 1.mp3 and 2.mp3 simultaneously? i want stop 1.mp3 and play 2.mp3.

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Android :: Mediaplayer Error - 4

Jun 19, 2009

a mp3 file which can be played well in sdcard. but when i copy it to another subarea in linux linked as /data/test. but i can not be played in that directory

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Android :: EVO Failing In MediaPlayer

Jul 7, 2010

We are seeing some very strange results in media playback on HTC EVO devices.

In our call to MediaPlayer.create(getApplicationContext(), uri), we get failures with the following stack trace:


This code works just fine for many, many thousands of other devices out there.

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Android :: Mediaplayer With Streaming

Feb 17, 2009

I am developing a media player which will download the media content from network (Shoutcast) It works fine. Problem is a small gap between players (2 players) I am using two mediaplayers to play the data while a thread downloads and stores the data and stores in to 100Kb files continuously. on first players oncompletelistener() i started the second player wise versa. I think there is a problem with mp3 frames(header sync byte) while splitting 100kb files. how to resole the gap between players.

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Android :: MediaPlayer And OnRetainNonConfigurationInstance

Mar 18, 2009

I know this question has been asked previously because I have read the other postings over a hundred times but yet I cannot come up with an answer on how to use keep a MediaPlayer object playing over an orientation change. I've read that you can use onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() to pass an object to your future self when the activity is destroyed/recreated, but I can't keep a video playing in this circumstances. Does anybody have an example or an advice/guide on how to do this? or rather what do I pass on onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() to keep the video playing after an orientation change?

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Android :: Using MediaPlayer Best Practices

Nov 3, 2009

What is the best way to use the MediaPlayer when needed multiple times?

Reuse the instantiated MediaPlayer throughout the session? Or constantly stop() release() and instantiate a new MediaPlayer() ?

If I reuse I'm afraid the player could be in a bad state? What about performance wise? what's better? reuse or renew?

This is for using as a music player so one audio be present at one given time...

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Android :: Set Sdp File In MediaPlayer

Jan 22, 2009

I want to play a video file sitting in a server by setting local sdp file in the mediaplayer.

How to set the mediaplayer to read the local sdp file and start playing depending on the sdp connect (if it has unicast/multicast, start corresponding session)? I want to test unicast for now.

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Android :: Implementation Of Mediaplayer

Feb 22, 2009

I have run mediaplayer in SDK which can play media in res/raw folder successfully on emulator , but now I wanted to run it on my hardware which have already successfully implemented the android kernal and file system and audio, video drivers etc. I have no experience to implement JAVA app . I once implemented mplayer app written in C to my linux OS which only need to copy the final executable file , but now I don't know which files or folder should I copy to my platform because I have no basic knowledge of Java although I have run successfully on my emulator.

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Android :: MediaPlayer Now Working

Jul 5, 2009

I try to recived rtsp or mms audio stream for a long time, simply use the code to recive audio stream: myPlayer1.setDataSource("mms://....");myPlayer1.prepare(); myPlayer1.start(); I search for this topic for all discussions, and get some conclusions from all discussions: (a) sdk 1.1 not support for stream but sdk 1.5 could. (b) someone says stream can't work on the emulator because the firewall issue.But in fact,my computer without firewall,and i also try in the htc G1 mobile but still can't work!(sdk 1.1) (c)almost everyone got the same error from "prepare()" function.the error message from "adb logcat" Can someone or android engineer give some tips? because i search for this topic long time,and no answer, no one can success.

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Android :: Streaming To The MediaPlayer

Mar 24, 2010

I'm trying to write a light-weight HTTP server in my app to feed dynamically generated MP3 data to the built-in Android MediaPlayer. I am not permitted to store my content on the SD card. My input data is essentially of an infinite length. I tell MediaPlayer that its data source should basically be something like "http://localhost/myfile.mp3". I've a simple server set up that waits for MediaPlayer to make this request. However, MediaPlayer isn't very cooperative. At first, it makes an HTTP GET and tries to grab the whole file. It times out if we try and simply dump data into the socket so we tried using the HTTP Range header to write data in chunks. MediaPlayer doesn't like this and doesn't keep requesting the subsequent chunks.

Has anyone had any success streaming data directly into MediaPlayer? Do I need to implement an RTSP or Shoutcast server instead? Am I simply missing a critical HTTP header? What strategy should I use here?.................

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Android :: Streaming With MediaPlayer In SDK 8

Nov 17, 2010

SDK level 8 (Froyo) has introduced the native capability for the MediaPlayer to connect to a streaming source, like Shoutcast. Previous SDK versions were able to do workarounds, such as run a local proxy on the device (see NPR). I took the same approach as NPR and am using a StreamProxy. However, NPR first checks if the currently running SDK is less than 8. If so, it uses the proxy. Otherwise, it connects directly. My StreamProxy requests metadata from the Shoutcast server, so it does not simply route the data from Shoutcast to my client. Instead, it parses out metadata and uses it accordingly, and only routes the music data.

When trying to use the StreamProxy at SDK level 8 or above, the MediaPlayer fails to prepare. My StreamProxy receives the connection and accepts it, but after successfully writing out the status line and headers to the client, the next write produces " Connection reset by peer". This results in the client's mediaplayer throwing an "Error(1,-1007)". I am trying to figure out why the MediaPlayer is unable to connect to my local proxy. It should be the same as connecting to the original source without the metadata, which does work. I am forwarding on all headers from the external source, through my proxy, which includes content-type.

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Android :: Streaming With Mediaplayer On 2.0

Dec 18, 2009

I have an app that streams mp3's from a server, works fine on 1.5 and lower. But on the droid, for certain songs the mediaplayer buffers to like over 50% but onPrepared() is never called. These same songs work fine on 1.5 or on a 2.0 emulator but for some reason they just hang on the actual droid phone. No mediaplayer errors are thrown but if i call stop or reset it while it is hanging like this, it throws this,

12-18 19:14:05.230: ERROR/MediaPlayer(15718): stop called in state 4 12-18 19:14:05.230: ERROR/MediaPlayer(15718): error (-38, 0) 12-18 19:14:05.238: ERROR/PlayerDriver(987): Command (6) was cancelled

it is only for certain files (yes they are all mp3s) and only on the droid. Anyone have any ideas why these songs would hang? I already checked the http headers and they are correct.

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Android :: MediaPlayer GetCurrentPosition On 2.2

Aug 4, 2010

Looking for some guidance on MediaPlayer issues on Android 2.2. I've confirmed that the below code works on Android 1.5 (an ADP1). I'm playing back an MP3 file using a MediaPlayer instance and using a ProgressBar to track the progress. The method that updates the progress bar is invoked from a Handler every second. On the ADP1 this results in a correct update rate (the countdown timer moves about a second every second) and steady progress on the ProgressBar. However, the exact same code deployed on the Nexus 1 results in about a half second update in the count down timer every second.

The code that updates the ProgressBar and captures the timer information is


I modified the code to log the method invocation, and it appears that the method is accurately called every second, but the calls to getCurrentPosition do NOT appear to work correctly. I noticed that there is an open issue,, talking about incorrect getCurrentPosition results: could this be what I'm seeing?


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Android :: 2 Mediaplayer Using One Surfaceview

Jun 16, 2009

I want to play 2 videos one after one minimizing delay between each video. so I created 2 mediaplayer, one playing the current video and the other preparing to play the following video.

The 1st video is played correctely but I couldn't get the video track of the second video. only sound without any error.

This is my source code : (note that here, I am using files on sdcard but the application will use files on a web server. that's why I need to prepare the second video while the 1st is playing)


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Android :: MediaController In MediaPlayer

Jun 4, 2010

I am using MediaPlayer to build a Video player for playing local video files. However, I don't know how to enable MediaController for my player. I want the media control buttons that pop up when you touch the video surface.

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Android :: MediaController With MediaPlayer

Jun 2, 2010

I want media controls such as play/pause for streaming audio that I am playing in my app. I am using MediaPlayer to stream and play the audio. how to use MediaController with MediaPlayer?

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Android :: Remove A MediaPlayer?

Sep 11, 2010

I have too many MediaPlayers. What is the accepted method to remove them from memory so that I can create more? Changing the filesource doesn't seem to work, I need rid of them.

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