Android :: Live Wallpaper Tutorial

Jan 12, 2010

Android 2.1 has API support for creating live wallpapers. This means that we can implemente our own live wallpapers w00t!

However what i like to see is a Tutorial on creating such a live wallpaper. Is there going to be added one? What about battery live?

Or maybe a link to the sourcecode to one of the live wallpapers in Nexus One?

When i run a 2.1 emulator and choose a live wallpaper it says: "No live wallpapers"

Android :: Live Wallpaper Tutorial

Android :: Sample Or Tutorial In Using OpenGL In A Live Wallpaper In SDK 2.1

Jan 14, 2010

I've been checking out the Canvas-based "CubeLiveWallpaper" which uses Paint to create a rotating 3D Cube and it works very well. I've been trying to get my head wrapped around how to move/port the GLSurfaceViewActivity/CubeRenderer/Cube from the API samples into a Wallpaper Service but I'm not having much luck.

Basically, I'd like to take the OpenGL cube from the API sample and turn it into a "Live Wallpaper." Does anyone have any ideas, samples, examples I could work off of or where to get started?

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Samsung Vibrant :: Live Wallpaper Reset To Regular Wallpaper After Reboot

Sep 9, 2010

It seems like every time I reboot my phone, the live wallpaper is changed back to the last static wallpaper I have used.Does anyone else have this problems?

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HTC Incredible :: Wallpaper Defaults Back To Colors / Instead Of Live Wallpaper After Restart

May 3, 2010

I have my incredible set to use the live wallpaper "water". When I turn the phone off to charge at the end of the day, upon restart it defaults to the htc colors wallpaper.Is there something I'm doing wrong, is there a setting I'missed to retain the "water" live wallpaper after restart, or is this just normal behavior?

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General :: Does Using Live Wallpaper Use Battery Life More Than Fixed Wallpaper

Dec 13, 2011

Does using "Live Wallpaper" use battery life more than fixed wallpaper. If so is the drain anything significant?

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Android :: Live Wallpaper That Can Set Wallpaper To Itself?

Oct 10, 2010

Some phones seem to not have livewallpaperpicker.apk.Is there an API I can call from inside the app to set the live wallpaper to itself ?

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HTC Desire :: Where Can I Get Wallpaper NOT Live Wallpaper?

Apr 25, 2010

I'm looking to add more wallpapers to my Desire that will fit the whole screen without me having to crop or stretch.I have had a look on android market for wallpaper but i can only find live wall paper.Anyone know where i can wallpaper for the Desire?Also am i right in saying that the screen resolution for wallpaper to fit the whole of the screen is 960+800?

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Android :: GL For Live Wallpaper?

Jan 11, 2010

Can we use GL for live wallpapers? I have a sweet idea for one that won't hit the CPU / GPU too hard.

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Android :: $200 Per Live Wallpaper For 2.1

Jan 21, 2010

Paying $200 per original, cool, live wallpaper for 2.1. Hit me up with ideas or your portfolio.

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Android :: What Is 3D Martix Live Wallpaper?

Nov 24, 2010

What is 3D Martix live wallpaper?3D Martix live wallpaper has the most realistic Matrix character raining is simple in design, it is packed full of customisation options to make it look just the way you want it to.Why did I make 3D Martix live wallpaper? my 2D version Martix live wallpaper Best Martix Live Wallpaper got a huge success,A lot of users answer me whether I have a plan to develop the 3D version。With a lot of encouragement ,I develop the 3D version of Martix live wallpaper 3D Martix live wallpaper,Hope to get your appreciation

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Android :: Live Wallpaper Google Map

Oct 26, 2010

It's rainy and windy here and my Google map background had dark clouds moving through the map and I did something and now it's these lame rain drops falling all over my background instead of the clouds. How do I switch this back?

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Android :: Set Background In Live Wallpaper

Nov 10, 2010

I am wondering how to set a background in Live Wallpaper for Android. It seems the only options I have are to create it using a canvas which I don't want. I want to be able to set up a time lapse of a tree that goes through the seasons. I'm assuming I'll be able to set the coordinates for the leaves and then just have different times to fall, but is it possible to have them expand or even change colors?

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Android :: Live Wallpaper Changer

May 1, 2010

Anyone know of a wallpaper changer for only Live Wallpapers? I know there are a bunch for "still wallpapers", but I plan on using only live ones. Is there a changer that can handle that? I don't seem to be able to find one in the normal places I seek out apps.

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Android :: Setting Live Wallpaper

Apr 10, 2010

Is there a way to set a live wallpaper, similar to WallpaperManager.setBitmap() to set a static image?

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Android :: What Is The Best Downloadable Live Wallpaper

May 21, 2010

im bored of mine and i need new suggestions i like geeky sorta things ex. my current one is rotating earth with real time clouds and night.
you have any suggestions?, what is your favorite?

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Android :: Set WebView As A Live Wallpaper?

Aug 31, 2010

Is there a way to set a WebView as a Live Wallpaper?

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Android : How A Live Wallpaper On Background Of A 1.6 App?

Mar 26, 2010

When this is installed on a 2.1 phone, that has live wallpaper, the live wallpaper is not returned by getWallpaper() , because it just returns a Drawable, and live wallpaper probably is another thing. So the question is, is it possible to show a live wallpaper on the background of a 1.6 application? How?

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Android : Live Wallpaper Crashing / Way To Fix

Mar 28, 2010

When I click my live wallpaper, it crashes. I can't see what is wrong. Here is my code....

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Android : Nexus One Live Wallpaper Apk?

Apr 27, 2010

Is there a app I can use the have the nexus live wallpaper on it, I tried the one off the market in it kept on fc on me so that's why I'm asking for help, someone out there please help and I don't no how to root. so can someone please help me asap.

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Android : Use A Live Wallpaper In An Activity?

Feb 3, 2010

I have created a small sample Live Wallpaper, and I want to use it with a small test Activity I have also created. However, I cannot seem to find an example of how to do this. The examples I have seen on the Web and in the Android sources all seem to focus on creating the live wallpaper itself, not how to link it to an Activity and display it behind the activity with transparency, etc. So far, all I have is a Live Wallpaper service, with no idea how to go about using it! Does anyone know where I could find _all_ the steps to do this?

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Android : Add Opengl Es And Live Wallpaper?

Apr 5, 2010

Using live wallpaper we can add interactive application in home screen but i want to know how can i add my opengl drawing(which itself interactive )to live wallpaper?

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Android :: Not Able To Write To SDcard In Live Wallpaper?

Jan 16, 2010

I currently have a live wallpaper that is animated and works. However, I am trying to update the code and add in some lines which will save a file from a webpage and then read it. After reading it, the wallpaper would change its behavior. Anyways, I am having problems just saving the actual file, I know the code works because I have used the same code in previous applications. Are you just not able to write to the SDcard in a live wallpaper?

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Android :: What Is Romantic Wave Live Wallpaper?

Nov 26, 2010

What is Romantic wave live wallpaper? The most Romantic waves live wallpaper. A wave with bubbles floating on the surface. Color theme changes over time and the water lever indicates battery level.Will it work on my device? Romantic wave live wallpaper works very well on those phones that support live wallpaper feature. Where can I get Romantic wave live wallpaper?Romantic wave live wallpaper is again available as a free download from the Android Market. You can find it by searching for " Romantic wave live wallpaper ".

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Android :: Live Wallpaper Screen Orientation

Sep 23, 2010

I have a series of live wallpapers out and one major sticking point I have with a certain set is that when devices switch to Landscape, the wallpaper, which in most cases is an image designed to fit the screen in portrait mode, appears off center. What is the conventional way to detect the shift from portrait to landscape?

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Android :: Boot Logo As A Live Wallpaper

Sep 24, 2010

Seems nobody has ever done the "android" boot logo as a live wallpaper, the logo that sits there on a black screen after you turn on the phone on some devices and it flashes a reflection once in a while. Or at least I haven't looked hard enough, does it exist?

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Android :: Live Wallpaper Error With Launcher Pro

May 20, 2010

I recently installed launcher pro beta (which I love) and removed home++ which I had been using for some time. I've also installed the latest update for launcher pro.As part of this change I added some live wallpaper. Funny thing is that my phone (droid) will just spontaneously revert back to the background I was using with home++. The live wallpaper will work for a short time, then I'll turn my phone on and, voila, old background. I can't even find that background anywhere on my phone.I have no idea why my phone is doing this and how I can delete this rogue background from replacing my live wallpaper.

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Android :: Use Google Maps API In A Live Wallpaper

Jul 10, 2010

Is there a way to use the Google Maps API in a live wallpaper? From looking at the API, it requires a MapActivity which I'm not sure how can work with a WallpaperService. It's obviously possible since there is the Google Maps live wallpaper included in Google Maps for Android, but wasn't sure if that was using API's not available outside of Google.

What I want to use it for us pretty simple...use a static map background at a set zoom level as the background and then drawing things on top of it, so I don't even need user interaction with the map.

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Android :: Live Wallpaper WIN DEATH Upon Restart

Sep 13, 2010

I'm getting a WIN DEATH message on shutdown from one of my live wallpapers. Since this occurs at shutdown the user doesn't really notice, it does however reset the lwp to the default paper upon the next restart.

Pertinent log message afaik follows.


As far as I can tell the lwp isn't being destroyed via Engine.onDestroy() on shutdown, I'm not entirely sure what else I need to take care of so that the system can destroy it cleanly at shutdown?

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Android :: Create Live Wallpaper From Video?

Aug 25, 2010

Is there an easy way of creating a live wallpaper from a video file?

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Android :: Adding Settings To Live Wallpaper

Aug 30, 2010

I'm working on a project which you can download here, Eclipse Project Link. it's on my site and you can check it for viruses. Ok well I need help adding settings to choose which texture to show you should be able to tell what I mean because there are already two set up. i have the gui for the settings set up along with the activity I just can't figure out how to implement it. If you can help me I'll credit you in the app in the settings and the market post. Along with your name, website or, whatever on my youtube channel in a video. Which can be found here, I have over 1,200 subscribers.

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