Android :: Is It Possible To Prevent An App From Being Uninstalled?

Apr 23, 2010

I want to write an app that a parent can use to disable phone functionality to prevent their child from using it.One way the child could circumvent this is by uninstalling the app.Is there a way to prevent application uninstall on the Android?

Android :: Is it possible to prevent an app from being uninstalled?

Android :: Uninstalled App Can't Reinstall

Dec 1, 2009

At one point I'd downloaded the Dolphin browser to my Droid, and then uninstalled itI was recently going to try it again, but when I went to the market, it said it was already installed. When I went to Manage Applications to uninstall it again, it wasn't in the list.I've been messing around with the contents of my SD card, and I wonder if I did something to get this app into some strange state. Anybody have any suggestions?

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Android :: Detect If An App Was Uninstalled

Apr 21, 2010

Is there a way to get a system notification when an app has been uninstalled?I would like to maintain a table of all clients' info currently using my app. However, that seems impossible if there is no way to detect this event. The first solution I can think of is to have an always running service in the background listening for android.intent.action.PACKAGE_REMOVED. But then would that service be killed once the uninstallation process has ended, or would it be stopped just before the process has kicked off? Also even if this is a solution it's has the potential to put off a lot of people when they realise that part of the app is running in the background.

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Android : Uninstalled K9 Email App

Jan 9, 2010

I uninstalled K9 email app yesterday and today I went to install it again and in the market it says that it is installed and I can install it again. It just gives me an option to uninstall but it already is! What can I do?

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Android :: How To Check Uninstalled Apps?

Jul 22, 2010

I need to find an app that I unistalled like two weeks ago but I cant remember the name. Any way to do it?

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Android :: Persistent Data Even When App Uninstalled

Oct 2, 2009

My application needs to store some application specific data on the device that persist, even when the app is uninstalled. Using files or databases is not possible as they are deleted with the app when the app is uninstalled. Storing it on an SD-card is too fragile. It is my understanding Content Providers also are deleted with their parent app?

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Android :: Leave Some Info After My App Is Uninstalled?

Sep 3, 2009

Is there any method to leave some info after my app is uninstalled?For example:file,database,setting etc.

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Android :: How To Avoid Service From Being Uninstalled

Jan 28, 2010

I am working on an Android service which will be OTA downloadable.How to avoid an application or service from being uninstalled from the device by the user?Is there some setting that we could enable in the AndroidManifest.xml to achieve this?Can the above be achieved without any OEM integration?

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Android :: Uninstalled Touchscreen Keyboard / How To Get It Back?

Sep 30, 2010

Maybe this belongs somewhere else but not sure. I installed Universal Androot and ran it. Then I sarted uninstalling somethings I thought I didn't need. Well I accidentally uninstalled my touchscreen keyboard. Is there anyway to get it back? I didn't use it a whole lot anyways but it would be nice to have it back. Thanks for any help

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Android :: Uninstalled Apps Leaving Trash Behind

Feb 9, 2010

i find it quite annoying that uninstalling an app doesn't remove all of its data.sure, this is desired behavior for some apps (a camera for instance), but imo google should have implemented a requirement for an app to explicitly request to be allowed to save permanent data, and if the request wasn't made, collect the location of any saved data and remove it upon uninstallation

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Android :: Removing Widget From Home Screen When Uninstalled

Dec 7, 2009

When my application is uninstalled, the widget stays on the HOME screen and gives an error message "problem loading widget". How do I remove the widget when my application is uninstalled?Is there an attribute in the manifest that I am missing?I have tried asking on the Google Android groups, but they take so long to approve and then it get's lost with the 100's of other questions that are ask that get approved at the same time.I was sure that this would happen by default by the OS, but guess I was wrong.I am catching the "PACKAGE_ REMOVED" intent, and checking the "EXTRA_REPLACING" to make sure it's not a reinstall, but I don't know the actual code to use to actually remove the widget.

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Android :: Application Uninstalled Resulting Loss Of Memory

Feb 14, 2010

Ive had an HTC G1 and I now have the Samsung Behold II. Theres a problem I've noticed on both phones. Lets say I have 60mb of flash memory and I download an app that is 5mb. That would put me down to 55 if my 2nd grade math serves me correctly. Now if I were to uninstall this app, my phone will only go back up to 58mb. Even after restarting the phone 10 times, taking the battery out or doing whatever, it remains at 58mb of memory.

I want to know why does this happen? And is there any way to recover that lost storage? I just find it a bit crappy management of memory. Because this problem can be more drastic, I downloaded a 20mb app which sucked balls, to which I quickly uninstalled. I only got 12mb of the 20 back. Thats 8mb lost somewhere. Again, I'm looking for at the very least an explanation

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Android :: Uninstalled Handcent SMS / Text Message Icon / Notifications Gone?

Jun 3, 2010

Text Message icon and notifications gone after I uninstalled Handcent SMS. I have been unable to find anything online in regards to this issue. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Also be wary of removing this application, FYI.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Update Uninstalled Qik?

Jun 28, 2010

Just looking around on my evo and noticed my qik icon changed to an android guy. clicked on it and it said "the item is no longer installed on your phone." anyone else get this?

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Android :: Removing Uninstalled Purchased Apps From Downloads Section Of Market?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm running Froyo on an N-1.I have uninstalled some of the apps that I previously purchased, and I no longer want them to appear in the Downloads area of the Market app. However, they still show up there with the "Purchased" designation, and they contribute to the count of updated apps whenever Market checks for updates.I have followed the instructions here, but they do not work for me:Removing deleted apps from downloads listing.Any ideas as to how I can keep these non-longer-installed, previously purchased apps from showing up within my list of Downloads?

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General :: App Uninstalled But Still Active

Mar 2, 2013

Our phone ( Samsung Galaxy Duos ) had an app installed for hypnosis and it was a relaxation type spiel. After hearing it decided it was rubbish and uninstalled it. Thought it was gone until I got a call or text and it starts to play automatically, it goes for 20 minutes. Once you hit a button or drop notification screen down it stops until the next incoming call or text. I cant see it anywhere on any app lists or on the sd card on the phone etc.

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Motorola Droid X :: Uninstalled Clockwork

Nov 17, 2010

I rooted my dx and then i unrooted because I really don't know what I'm doing just figured I would go back stock. So I uninstalled clockwork, rom manager. And I didn't flash any roms so it still is stock right? Well when I powered off and then on it brings up the clockwork bootloader screen and i have done a factory reset and it's still on there. I am not rooted i unistalled all the root only apps, I can't find where this stuff is hiding or do I just scroll down to wipe data/factory option on the clockwork recovery? I hit the first option and it boots up fine! Figure if anything happens and I need to take to verizon they will definitely know.Just trying to go back to factory fresh.

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Samsung EPIC 4G :: Has Anyone Uninstalled Media Hub?

Sep 28, 2010

I really want to uninstall media hub. It keeps starting in the background on its own. And most of what it has to offer is junk and costs way too much.My question before I do this is twofold. Is it possible to uninstall media hub? And if I can install it, will there be any negative consequences to my phone?

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Nexus :: Quickoffice Cant Be Uninstalled But Its Corrupt

Aug 16, 2010

I bought a Nexus One rooted, I tried to open a PDF attachment in the email app and although I have adobe reader installed quickoffice took over, I tried to uninstall quickoffice, but the button is gray faded, so are all the other buttons in the application management for quickoffice.I won't ever use the app I just want it removed or thrown so far in the background that it never interferes with anything again, since the app doesn't work at all.I was reading through other forums and couldn't find any solutions,only problems about this. Does anyone here have the same issue? Could it be solved?

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General :: Modified APK Uninstalled Automatically

Sep 30, 2013

I modified the resources for a Google app - Keep. Resigning the APK doesn't work, because it breaks access to Google Drive API, but just replacing resources.arsc in the device (I have root access - CM10.1) with rebuilt one worked. The result works fine, however after day or so Keep is uninstalled from device automatically. I guess that's because the signature of resources.arsc is obviously broken. But is there a way to avoid this automatic uninstall?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Uninstalled Music And Widget In Titanium Backup

Oct 1, 2010

I installed the app "Music Mod" to work in Launcher Pro because I couldn't get the Music Widget, and because I liked Music Mod, figured I would uninstall the standard Music App and the Music Widget in Titanium Backup. What I don't like is that when you uninstall a program, there is no option to ever install it again, it basically just deletes it as far as I can tell.

What I wasn't aware was since I uninstalled Music, when I am playing music and my screen turns off, when I turn it on, no longer are there the music controls anymore. I now have to unlock the screen and go to the widget. I use my phone as my MP3 player, so this sucks. While I'm on the run, I don't want to take my phone out of my pocket, unlock it, and click a small button on the widget to change a song. Anyone know if there is anyway to reinstall the stock Music App & Widget so I can get that feature back to change or pause songs without unlocking the phone?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Rooted Phone Successfully Uninstalled A Sprint App?

Jun 10, 2010

I rooted the phone, and I know that for sure. But when I go to Manage Applications and click on something like the NASCAR app, there is still no uninstall button.How do I uninstall?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Uninstalled Apps Take Up Memory?

Oct 14, 2009

I've down loaded quite a few apps that I have since uninstalled. I noticed that they are still listed on the My Downloads list with an option to reinstall. My question is, are these apps gone or are they still taking up some of the precious memory? If they are, is there a way to free upmore space by completely removing them?

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HTC Incredible :: Moved To SD Card Uninstalled Apps?

Nov 22, 2010

I recently got the app, Advanced SD card something. IDK the full name but searching Advanced SD will find it.Anyway, I turn on my phone after moving all my apps to my SD card, and many, if not most, are all missing. Like, my home screen has the empty boxes as my apps icons and I go to that app menu thing and they are missing. I try to find them but I cannot. I try to re-install them but I cannot.

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HTC Desire :: Uninstalled Handcent Have No Notification Sound

Aug 5, 2010

I've contacted handcent directly and looked in their forum but it appears that they don't provide good service to customers - no replies! I didn't much like Handcent so I uninstalled it and no notification sounds happened when I received a message. I went back to the stock messaging app and reset the notification sound but it didn't work. Reinstalled Handcent and the sounds came back. Unistalled and no sounds again. I was on 2.1 when it started but I'm now on 2.2 and the same issue happened (no Handcent when it was upgraded to 2.2 in case you're wondering and it didn't fix the problem). Anyone know how to completely remove all traces of Handcent and reset/reconfigure/reinstall the stock messaging app.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Uninstalled YouTube On Fresh 1.1?

Apr 23, 2010

i was just curious if anyone out there has removed the apk for YouTube on Fresh 1.1? i've heard that removing apk's can sometimes bring unwanted results anyhow, i removed it cuz i never use it - and it has to be manipulated to work anyhow...i end up just using the browser.

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HTC Hero : App Uninstalled But Notification Icon Still Appears

Feb 4, 2010

Speakershake notification icon is still up in the notification bar even though I have unsinstalled the app. Any clues as to how to get rid of it?

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General :: Internet / Browser Uninstalled / Deleted Itself?

Sep 10, 2011

i got an htc droid incredible 2 phone about a week ago, and today, when i clicked the "internet" button, it said something along the lines of "this link no longer works because it is no longer installed". however, i didn't uninstall or delete it! i also didn't update to gingerbread or whatever; i haven't done anything except kinda familiarize and explore the features of the phone. now, i can't go on the internet or "google search" or the "talk" anymore. the internet icon is still there; it just says i have uninstalled it.

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General :: How To Remove Partially Uninstalled System App

Jun 8, 2012

I have transformed CoolReader into system app with Titanium backup. It was crashing so I tried to move it back to user app again with Titanium backup. However during this procedure TB hanged and after some 20 minutes I killed it. I later tried to uninstall it (again with TB), but it seems that there are still left parts of it somewhere so now I am unable to reinstall the app from google play (error 491) or if I clear cache and data of google play and force the application to install it keeps crashing.

So I would like to ask what should I delete to completely eliminate the traces of CoolReader (or any application in general) and be able to install it again?

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Motorola Droid 2 :: How Can I Uninstalled Pre-installed Apps Like Amazonmp3?

Sep 14, 2010

How can I uninstall applications that came on the droid 2? like amazon mp3?

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