Android :: Detect That Ads Are Being Blocked?

Aug 10, 2010

One of my users let the cat out of the bag and told me they were using one of my free apps, which is monetized by ads, but they were blocking the ads with an ad blocker. They told me this mockingly, as if I can't do anything about it.

Can I do something about it? Is there a way to detect that ads are being blocked?

Android :: Detect that ads are being blocked?

Android :: When SIM PIN Is Blocked - Ril Can Not Function Well

Mar 11, 2009

I have met a problem with the RIL. I am using reference ril to implement SIM PIN unlock function. When i use a pin blocked SIM card, the Android Java code through exceptions and the "rild" is repeatedly disconnected and reconnected. The at command response is correct and i suppose it is right for the reference ril to report "GENERIC FAILURE" when SIM Pin is blocked. I can not figure out the reason for the error. Can somebody help me.

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Android :: Tethering Apps In The Market Are Now Blocked

May 25, 2009

I have done just about everything I need on my phone except tethering. Since I only had Edge available, I had never bothered to look into tethering, but now that 3g is on the horizon for me (June rollout), I am looking to tether.

Now, I recall reading that tethering apps in the market are now blocked. If that is true, where would I go to find the tethering apps, which is the best out there, and how would I go about loading it onto my phone.

I did give PDA net a shot, but the auto installer will not load it onto my phone...

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Android :: Camer Blocked In Landscape View

Mar 28, 2010

I have made an activity to take picture using Camera class and the SurfaceView, everything works good except one little thing.

The main view is blocked in landscape to show the camera correctly. I have set the camera's pref, like setPictureSize, setPreviewSize etc... using those supported from the device. And it's ok.

So, when i take the picture and just a while after the camera sound, it's showed for a while a resutl of the picture taken, but it appear stretched. Why?

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Android :: Market Be Locked Down / Blocked / Removed?

Nov 12, 2010

My company is looking at upgrading from WinMo Intrepids to possibly Android phones.We are with Sprint so only those phones are being looked at.Couple of questions from an enterprise mind.Android 2.2 updated exchange policy support so some of our concerns are being met.My biggest questions are relating to Sprint ID and the Android Market.One does anyone know if you can totally locked down Sprint ID? As in not allow other ones from being downloaded and installed. Basically to give us a way to lock the phone down with what apps we want.Next big thing is can the Android Market be locked down/Blocked/Removed?Remember these are going to be company phones mainly being used for exchange email, not personal phones to play around with eating up data.Generally just looking at ways to keep the phones secure from all the nasties out there. We are looking at the Optimus S which is why I bring up Sprint ID.For my side of it, I would generally be against this. I own an Evo and love tinkering plus I will be the one developing in house apps for us to use.

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Android :: Unblocking Blocked Incoming Calls

Nov 12, 2010

what is the app that shows the info of an incoming caller who has blocked their id?

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Android :: Google Earth / Maps Blocked - Why Is So?

Jun 23, 2009

I want to take my daughter for a week to Con Dao Vietnam. Its a beautiful island also known as Poulo Condor. For some reason its just a blur... No details at all. Why ?

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HTC Desire :: Android Market Download Blocked / Stalled

Aug 17, 2010

Anyone else having stalled Market problems? Orange Desire 2.1. Android market download blocked at "Starting Download" for any application/game.

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Android :: AudioFlinger - Many Write Blocked For Log WARN Messages

May 1, 2009

I'm using the MediaPlayer to play audio (mp3) files. I don't think I'm doing anything out of the ordinary, but, during playback, I get many (several per second) log messages like these:

05-01 09:46:20.685: WARN/AudioFlinger(554): write blocked for 47 msecs 05-01 09:46:20.785: WARN/AudioFlinger(554): write blocked for 47 msecs 05-01 09:46:20.895: WARN/AudioFlinger(554): write blocked for 49 msecs 05-01 09:46:20.985: WARN/AudioFlinger(554): write blocked for 47 msecs

I've searched all over the place for this - other people seem to experience the same thing but I can find any sort of explanation as to what it means.

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, how do I define a LogCat filter (in eclipse) to *remove*, say, all AudioFlinger messages? I can't seem to find the "not" syntax.

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Android :: Properly Destroy A Thread With Blocked Call?

Aug 6, 2010

Here is a thread example in Android SDK sample (BluetoothChat).code...

In order to destroy this thread, first to close the socket. But this thread is still running at the blocked call even mSocket.close is successfully run.

Question: How to properly destroy a thread stuck in blocked call?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Android Market Blocked In Middle East

Nov 5, 2010

I recently bought an android phone.Samsung galaxy's.I just found out the android market is not available for the middle east ( which i am from ).Is there anyway around this?Rooting? Downloading it from some website over SD card?Or at least can i download android apps from pc and transfer to phone over SD card?

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General :: Way To Change IP Or Get Around A Blocked IP

Aug 9, 2012

I have recently been experiencing problems connecting to a wifi server that I had never had problems connecting to before. Other individuals have no problems connecting to the server and I am able to connect to most other servers. I think my IP might have been blocked for some reason or another. Is there any way to change my IP or get around a blocked Ip?

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General :: Is ADB Blocked - Can't Access It

Mar 11, 2014

I am trying to fix a faulty device, which bootloop very frequently, due to a faulty kernel / audio driver. I've found the problem checking logcats, as well as logcats during the boot sequence.

How to fix the audio driver, here's the thread: [URL] ......

I would like to access ADB from this device, but I cannot get the device detected at all.

USB debugging is definitely enabled, and the device driver is also installed (Not even sure if I had to install a driver for this 2011 device in first place. Device is detected by computer without a problem).

If I type:

adb devices
The output is just: "List of devices attached" with a blank line.

If I try:

adb shell
This show up:

error: device not found

I can tell that ADB is working for another device - I had a LG-P500, and ADB is succesfully working for this phone.

The faulty device is a Creative ZEN Touch 2, but the name won't be of any support. Let's just pretend it's a generic Android device (Even thought no such Android exists) and forget about the name. The ROM installed on it (Froyo, 2.2.1) was customized by Creative, the manufacturer, since it's not a phone, just a multimedia device.

I was wondering if Creative "blocked" any access to ADB, if that's possible. I do know that Creative "does not encourage self-repair", according to the forums.

I also tried ADB wireless, I pressed the grey button that turned green, and then typed adb connect (IP). On the shell, I got the error:

unable to connect to

Altought I wasn't able to connect wirelessly to ADB using my LG phone, neither.

On the ZEN Touch 2, I found the file default.prop, which contain this:


What the default.prop file is about, but I was wondering if the line "persist.service.adb.enable" being equal to 0 / false, could block the access to ADB shell, in some way (if that's possible). I've read that this file is hard to modify, other than flash a new boot image.

What could I do to access ADB on this device ? Yes, the device is rooted.

I have access to a Linux operating system, if that can make the detection easier. Although I do not have ADB installed on this OS, yet.

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LG Ally :: Incoming Messages Blocked

Jul 5, 2010

I've had a couple friends tell me their phone would not allow them to text me but they can text other people, I checked through the options to see if mayb I hit a block option on accident or something but I could not find anything.. mayb I over looked something? Please help b4 my girlfriend kills me because she does not believe in wasting minutes on me.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Blocked Google Navigation Service At All?

Jun 2, 2010

I know the EVO is coming with sprint navigation. Have they blocked Google navigation service at all? Im doing research on this phone for a friend needing an upgrade.

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HTC Desire :: Transfer Contacts - Old Sim Blocked?

Apr 21, 2010

how can i transfer my contacts from my old sim (talkmobile). This sim seems blocked on t-moble HTC desire phone as i tried to insert into HTC desire and there is no network and menu to access the phone (say contact customer service), phone gets locked. 2nd way was via bluetooth transfer to PC. My current phone is nokia 6288, i transfered contacts to PC but I cant locate them (can access only via bluetooth menu in case i want to restore them to the same phone only)

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2.1 Update :: Backup And Restore App Is Blocked / What To Do?

Nov 20, 2010

I got the Backup&Restore app downloaded, but when I try to open it I get the error message: "install blocked for security, your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced in android market." I can figure out where to change these security settings. Doesn't seem to be in phone settings or browser settings.

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General :: Viber Is Blocked Over 3G / Any Way To Unblock?

Aug 17, 2012

viber in Dubai is blocked iver 3G,i have tried vpn "hotspot sheild"but still i cannot make a call.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S3 Blocked?

Jul 16, 2013

Basically new too the hold rooting phone and all that anyway I used Odin3 v1.85 too root the phone it all worked perfectly, and I was putting a theme onto my phone, and it had too reboot. and now will not get past the samsung logo ive tried litterally everything and really need an expert here who can talk me through what to do! What Ive done so far is re-rooted it with Odin pressing keys auto reboot and f. reset time, it said passed my phone still wont go passed the samsung screen, ive pressed home key, off key, and voume up and cleared and wiped everything and nothing has happend, and ive done the same pressing the down volume key and done more odin work on there. Nothing seems to be working.

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General :: Latest Few Ads / IPs Blocked With Crossbreeder?

Jul 29, 2013

is there a way to know the latest few ads/IPs blocked with crossbreeder?

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General :: Caller Blocked By Mistake

Sep 3, 2012

I use GO Dialer and GO Contacts EX.Call receiving screen looks like stock.I had a call from friend, he wasn't saved in contacts yet. When he was calling and i went to pick the call i think i pressed something because question popup saying something like "Do you want to block something? Yes/No".I think i pressed "No" but now my friend can't call me. Phone does not respond, like no call is being done, only for that one number. Also i don't have him in my calls history.

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Motorola Droid :: Hulu Is Blocked On Phones

Jul 13, 2010

I read that hulu is blocked on our phones, and someone said to try netflix instead. Well, I have a netflix account and it sounded like a great way to stream something for the kids when we're stuck waiting.Am I missing something? Has anyone gotten either of these to stream on their droid?I'm rooted and running BB v0.4 if that makes any difference.

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General :: Galaxy Note 2 - Certain Sites Blocked

Apr 12, 2013

I'm rooted in a galaxy note 2 and am fed up of certain sites being blocked because they're behind an adfly site and similar. I don't have any ad blockers and have read is because of the host file. I can't seem to edit or delete it. How to edit system/ect/hosts file?

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General :: Motorola Razr D1 - Sim Slot Blocked

Feb 9, 2014

My brother bring me a Motorola Razr D1 (XT914) and in someway the "SIM CARD SLOT" is "BLOCKED", i has been using many android devices and is the first time that i see that!...

My brother say this happend when he imput the SIM CODE wrong many times and eventualy the SIM card auto block for security reasons..The strange thing is the phone seems to be "BLOCKED" too because i put another SIM from the same carrier and the problem persist.

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General :: Blocked Access To Reddit And Buzzfeed

Feb 12, 2014

My Galaxy S3 suddenly blocked my access to reddit. I originally thought this was down to AdFree (for some reason) blocking it, so I have uninstalled that but it made no difference. I also noticed today that when I tried to follow someones link to a buzzfeed page that it was also blocked. Now these are some oddly specific blocks so I have a feeling that my phone may be hacked or downloaded something it shouldn't.

the culprit that is blocking my access? Will I have to format my device and start fresh?I used to browse reddit daily but its been a few weeks now....

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General :: Account Gets Blocked For Public Access

Feb 1, 2013

i port/cook roms and i have a restricted access to my pc due to which i sometimes have to use my phone to upload files to dropbox but due to multiple downloads my account gets blocked for public access. I wanted to ask that if I put all my roms in a folder and share a link to that folder to my rom users,then will my account still get blocked for heavy traffic?

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General :: P875H - External SD Access Is Blocked?

May 14, 2014

I have a LG OPTIMUS F5 p875 and i succeful instaled 2nd init recovery and CM fo lg fs260s booted when i tried to install it, but the phone become unuseful because it have no, signal, 4g, bluetooth, usb conection, camera, root (tried use app to root) and external sd acces are blocked.. the only thing that works is the adb all the cm functions (android configs etc...)

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General :: LG Optimus F3 From T-Mobile Root Blocked?

Dec 13, 2013

I had my LG Optimus rooted successfully using Motochopper but I ended up getting a update and it removed the root, I re-ran Motochopper like five times and not a single was successful so I'm assuming that update patched the exploit.

Is there anyway I can root it other than Motochopper or anyway I can get Motochopper to work again..?

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General :: Acer Liquid Blocked On Flight Mode

Apr 17, 2013

I have an Acer liquid Metal, on ginger, rooted. The smartphone once time rooted, was good, during many weeks... After the last change of hour ( i say it, but i don't know if there any coinsidence), my smartphone who was on automatique date/hour, was always bloqued in flight mode. If i change the mode, it will be good during seconds, and back in flight mode.

I have changed it, in manual mode, i put the time and date, and now it stay in Gsm mode, all is correct.

But when i put on my smartphone, it run under flight mode, i must change it, put in gsm mode, and it stay like that.

But the problem, is at each power up, i must begin this operation.

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Android :: Android Market Download Blocked At Any Application / Game

Nov 24, 2009

Bought some days ago my Tattoo with Android, it works perfectly, Music, email, Facebook, weather etc... but not Android Market, which stucks at Startind Download for any application / game... How to solve this ? Another question, since i do not have a wifi connection at home, is there any noobproof guide on how to install applications via PC and USB Cable ?

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