Android :: Custom Widget Using LinearLayout Not Getting OnDraw

Aug 13, 2010

I can add children just fine, but I'm never getting my custom onDraw() being called. dispatchDraw() gets called, but that seems to have a different canvas (the one that's within the padding. I need to draw on the whole layout area). Is there some flag that needs to get set to get onDraw() called for the layout?

Android :: Custom Widget using LinearLayout not getting onDraw

Android : Create My Custom View Inside A Linearlayout?

Sep 24, 2009

I try to create my custom view inside a linearlayout. For example

<View android:id="@+id/ViewPaint" class="$DrawingView"/>

In the java source I created a DrawingView class which extends View. Unfortunatly it does not get instantiated. I tried to overwrite the ondraw() but without success. Code...

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Android :: Necessary To Give Each Widget - TextView LinearLayout - An Id?

Sep 29, 2010

I mean widgets that are not going to be touched through program code.

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Android :: TextView Inside LinearLayout Stretches The LinearLayout

Aug 21, 2010

If I have 2 LinearLayouts split %50/%50 everything is fine. Weights are 1 and 1. As soon as I add a TextView inside the top LinearLayout, it stretches that layout. I use "wrap_content" as the documentation says I should when it comes to weights. As you can see the red and green should be split evenly and text on grey background should be inside red box.

Here is the code:..............

Now if I switch to "fill parent" as follows it actually works but it creates another problem. Here is the code (so far so good):

So looking at above we were forced to use "fill_parent" and we would think like we fixed the problem but here is the problem if we are using "fill_parent" (I took out the textview just to show the problem, textview doesnt make the problem go away anyways):

As you can see I assign the weights 3 (top red) and 2 (bottom green) but what actually happens is they get flipped: The red becomes 2 and bottom becomes 3. Just measure the pixels too see.

Here are the results of the 3 codes:

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Android :: Bottom Of One LinearLayout Being Hidden By Other LinearLayout

May 25, 2010

I have a RelativeLayout that has two LinearLayouts in it. One is a bunch of TextViews and EditTexts that make up a form and the other is a ButtonBar that submits the form.

anyways, everything looks great in portrait, but when i switch to landscape mode the bottom TextView/EditText element is being hidden by the buttonbar.

screenshot to show the problem. as you can see some of the "email" textview and all of the email edit text are being hidden by button bar.

and xml:


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Android :: LinearLayout In LinearLayout

Jun 25, 2009

Why is the following code causing an exception? The Code throws a "mBaselineAlignedChildIndex of LinearLayout set to an index that is out of bounds" exception.


If l2 is dont added to l1 than it works.

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Android :: How To Call OnDraw In Timer?

Dec 3, 2009

I'm using a class extends with view. I'm using timer in that class. I'm using onTouchEvent() also. I onTouchEvent() I'm using invalidate(). So it is calling onDraw(). When i use invalidate() in Timer. It is not calling onDraw().

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Android :: ScrollView Is Not Calling OnDraw / Way To Fix?

Apr 19, 2010

I hope this question belongs in the Android Developers and not Android Beginners group but I have a question about ScrollViews. I am currently working with a customized GraphView class and am trying to put it into a ScrollView but it doesn't seem to work. Whenever I run the code, it comes up with a blank screen. I've written the code in XML and also tried to create the ScrollView encapsulating the GraphView programmatically but whenever the code runs, it comes up with just a blank screen and GraphView's onDraw() is never called.Code...

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Android :: View.onDraw() Always Clean Canvas?

Mar 11, 2010

I am trying to draw an animation. To do so I have extended View and overridden the onDraw() method. What I would expect is that each time onDraw() is called the canvas would be in the state that I left it in and I could choose to clear it or just draw over parts of it (This is how it worked when I used a SurfaceView) but each time the canvas comes back already cleared. Is there a way that I can not have it cleared? Or maybe save the previous state into a Bitmap so I can just draw that Bitmap and then draw over top of it?

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Android :: How To Help ListView Not Block Those OnDraw Calls?

Dec 11, 2009

I have a ListView with an adapter attached. In the individual list items are placed views with widgets that continually update themselves within the list. Everything works well except for this case: Touch the list and start scrolling it just before the longTouch event would be thrown. Then lift your finger from the ListView. At this point the widget views in the ListView no longer receive onDraw events in response to the invalidate calls that continue to be made on the ListView. It is like the ListView starting blocking the invalidate calls during the scroll and forgot to re-allow them when the scrolling stopped. If I touch and scroll with out holding or scroll with a fling this does not happen. The ListView will start allowing the onDraw events back through if you touch anywhere in the list. Any ideas on how to help the ListView not block those onDraw calls?

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Android :: Incorrect Clip Rect In OnDraw()?

Apr 8, 2009

We came across a strange behavior. The clip rect of our custom view is getting reset to its entire visible region, if we change the value of another view.

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Android :: Extended SurfaceView's OnDraw Method Never Called

Apr 21, 2010

I'm trying to modify the SurfaceView I use for doing a camera preview in order to display an overlaying square. However, the onDraw method of the extended SurfaceView is never called.

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Android :: Redrawing A View - Using OnKeyListener - OnDraw And Invalidate

May 16, 2009

The green plane is shown on the golden-brown surface but when I press a key nothing happens. I want eventually be able to move the plane pressing 4 different keys + another one for shooting but that's easy if I can just get the thing moving in the first place. When I press a key in the emulator, nothing happens at all.


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Android :: Drawings Of View.onDraw Not Shown When Canvas Rotated

Mar 7, 2010

I have create a subclass of View and overwritten onDraw() - see some test code below. It draws a line consisting of some points. Before the line is drawn the canvas is rotated and restore after the drawing. The angle by which the canvas is rotated increases by 5 degrees every time onDraw() is called. The view is invalidated about once a second causing the view to be redrawn. Due to the rotated canvas the line drawn looks like a clock hand rotating counter-clockwise. This works - but not always. Sometimes the line is not drawn for one or more seconds, although I know from the log statement that onDraw() was called. Sometimes means: The line may be not shown after 8 seconds, then again after 35 seconds and so on. If the canvas is not rotated the problem does not occur. This also happens when I use a SurfaceView instead of a View. It does not only occur in the simulator but also on my G1 - both using Android 1.6.


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Android :: Custom Xml Widget

Apr 14, 2010

I have an XML file in my layout folder that has how i want my custom widget/view (not sure what correct terminology is here).but how do i make it so that i can programatically, add one or more to an activity

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Android :: Custom View In Widget

Nov 19, 2010

Can I use a custom view like in the xml file of a app widget and can then draw in the onDraw of the custom view? Or do I have to draw into the drawing cache of an ImageView instead?

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Android :: Using Custom View In Widget

Aug 2, 2010

i made a extended a View, overwrote the 3 View Contructors and tried to insert it on my xml of a it possible to use custom views in Widgets?

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Android :: Widget With Custom Bitmaps

Oct 1, 2010

I am writing a clock widget that uses customised bitmaps (so the widget loads the bitmap from the sdcard) Just have a couple of questions regarding how updates work:

1. if i want to display seconds on the clock widget will the widget load the bitmaps off the disk every second or can they be cached somehow so it doesn't reload off the disk each time. or If it does reload a bitmap each second, would this use a lot of power?

2. If i load the customised number bitmaps into a static array and then pass them as bitmaps to the widget would this use less power than just loading off the SD card?

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Android :: Using Custom Widget From One Project In Another

Oct 28, 2010

I'm attempting to use a custom Android vertical scrollbar widget that seems to work fine in its own example project, but I am having trouble trying to include it into my project. I've exported a .jar from it to use in my project, but it seems to be a minefield of problems, from duplicate resources, to my XML layouts not able to get at styles inside the library, and errors "inflating class" when reading my XML layout file.How should I go about using the widget from another project in my own?Quite new to Java development (know the language, but not much of the overarching project/package management), so if there's some good text regarding that it would be appreciated.

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Android :: Widget Host App With Custom View

Mar 11, 2010

I'm writing an app that will host widgets. The app has custom view (which probably is the source of issue).mView.addWidget() basically just remembers this AppWidgetHostView instance and then mView draws it directly onto canvas. Visually everything is fine.I can see the actual widget. But the issue is with reacting on UI events. Please advise what needs to be done in the parent view in order to correctly trigger handlers in the widgets like onClick().I used standard widgets which normally react on click events. None worked.I also created my own test widget with listener and onClick()is successfully triggered if the widget is added on Homescreen, but doesn't work in my app.mView correctly detects click event and I tried to call widget.perform Click there, which returns false meaning onClickListener is not registered in the widget. But according to source .would call updateAppWidget which would register its onClick listener.

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Android :: Custom Widget Reference In View XML

Dec 3, 2009

instead of referring the custom widget by a fully qualified class name, is it possible to map with a shorter name. Like it happens in ant custom tasks (though properties file).

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Android :: How To Add Button Widget To Custom ImageView?

Apr 25, 2009

I am trying to add a button to a custom imageview. I have created a custom view to display an image to the screen, now i wanted to add a custom button on this veiw and display a layout in onClick. The following is my custom view.

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Android :: Post Custom Widget Source?

Nov 12, 2009

I created a multiline textview widget which handles ellipsizing - is it appropriate to post it here in this forum for feedback, or is there an android site dedicated for custom widgets in the community?

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Android :: Popping Up Custom Dialog From Widget

Feb 8, 2010

I am developing a desktop widget.I would like to pop up a custom dialog when a remote view is clicked (much like the Facebook widget on Android when the user clicks in the update status field).I know how to use pending intents to launch an activity and have that currently hooked up.

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Android :: How Can I Create Custom Composite Widget?

Feb 25, 2009

I have read the LabelView example in APIDemo which show how to create a custom widget.However, what if I want to create a custom widget which is a composite of existing android widget?I know my custom widget need to be inherited from view, but if i do that, I can't do 'setContentView()' in my custom widget class (since that is an Activity method).so how can I apply the above xml to my custom widget class?

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Android :: How To Create Custom Button Widget

Jun 17, 2009

I would like to create a button with circular or rectangular background, text and an image below or above the text.I would like to create a CustomButton object with methods setText() and setImage() which would change the button text and image and place multiple CustomButtons into main layout.Does anyone know how to create a custom layout, place it into another layout(main) and modify its elements from the activity which is bound to main layout?

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Android :: Custom Widget Styles / How To Put Into Namespace?

Sep 21, 2009

In the ApiDemos, there is a view example called Gallery1 which declares a custom style in attrs.xml.I want to do the same thing for my widgets, but using a different namespace. However, as soon as I replace the android: namespace with something else,Unable to find attribute? Why does it look for an attribute I am about to declare? Isn't the point of this file to be able to name your own custom attributes?It's interesting to note that it works if you do not supply a custom namespace, but just an attribute name.

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Android :: Custom Widget Doesn't Update

May 11, 2010

I'm trying to make a widget to my app, but it doesnt update.I just need to change the textview text and open an activity when a press a button, but none of them works

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Android :: How Do I Define Attribute For Custom Widget?

May 11, 2010

you can see where he's defined a custom widget called ColorMixer.ColorMixer has an attribute named "initialColor" declared in attrs.xml.but getIdentifier never returns anything but zero.Is there something more I should be doing? I want to re-write this code to be completely independent of 'R'

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Android :: Widget For Slide From Top Of Screen Without Custom Code?

Jun 11, 2009

I love the SlidingDrawer widget, but would love to be able to have it slide down from the top of the screen (like the notification bar) vs. just the bottom. Is this possible, or am I looking at copying the code to create a custom implementation

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