HTC Incredible :: Screen Freezes When Receiving Call

Jun 26, 2010

Just wondering if others are experiencing this:

Seems that maybe 1 out of every 3 or so phone calls I get, especially if the phone's been relaxing in my pocket for >1hr with no use, when I receive a call, the phone freezes.

The receive call screen appears, but I can't swipe down to receive. Can't swipe up to ignore, and hitting the power button on top simply ignores the call.

Anybody else ever see this? It's been fairly constant since I got my phone a couple months ago.

Quick edit question - is there a screen I can find on the phone that shows all my recent downloads? I have ASTRO and can find stuff on the SD card alright, but tracking down files I've downloaded from my email/dropbox, etc is always tough for me.

HTC Incredible :: Screen freezes when receiving call

General :: THL W200S - Phone Freezes While Receiving Call

Mar 23, 2014

I have a thl w200s I have it for one week and from the time that i first opeened it I face a problem. Almost every 24 hours when receiving a call the phone crashes (freezes) and it doesn't respond to any button (or combination). The only thing i can do is to remove the battery and insert it again. Then the phone restarts automatically. This problem happens almost every 24 hours since i got it.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Screen Freezes When Making Or Receiving Calls - Buggy

Sep 22, 2010

My Eris has been acting very buggy. I am running the OTA OS 2.1. (I have not rooted my phone.) Please excuse me if I sound fairly ignorant about my phone in this post. I'm not very technical.

My phone has very little internal memory left. I read that I needed to delete all apps I wasn't using, clear cache, export contacts to sd card, import contacts from phone back on and then delete any unused contacts. I've done all of that and my avail internal memory is still only 50 MB.

My screen freezes on occassion when making or receiving calls. I seem to miss occassional calls. And there is considerable lag.

These probably all sound like silly problems but like I said, I'm not very technical. I've read others have some of the same issues.. And like I said, I tried some of the solutions mentioned.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Freezes

Nov 18, 2010

I've had my Incredible for about 6 weeks and the screen freezes and random when I receive a call. I've done a search here but have read any solutions. The first time it happened I called verizon and they fixed it over the phone, but only lasted a few days. I took it to the store and the verizon "tech" guy put advanced task killer on it which didn't help, but now my battery doesn't as before.

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General :: Phone Freezes On Making Or Receiving Voice Calls

Jun 24, 2013

I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, on O2 in the UK with their latest software release (Jelly Bean). Since the update the Jelly Bean the other month, it had been working like a dream, but starting this week, my phone seems to freeze whenever a call is recieved, or I try to dial out. The screen just goes black and the phone becomes unresponsive. Sometimes, the screen just stays black and I have to take the battery out to restart. At other times the phone will come back after between 1 and 4 minutes, after apparently rebooting itself (the Samsung welcome screen flashes up).

The phone will also now hang and fail to play media (MP3) files. Whether using the Google Player, the native Samsung app or VLC. Normally, the screen goes black for a minute or two and then the app will show the track as queued up with artwork) but it will not play and the app just freezes. Other apps, internet browsing and text messages works as usual.

I have tried removing any recently installed apps (only Dropbox was new recently) and I tried the factory reset. The problems persist after both.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Freezes And Turn Black While Deleting Thread

Jun 7, 2010

Anyone else have this happen? If I try to delete a thread that has a shit ton of texts, the screen will freeze up, turn black, tell me its not responding in which I force close but the screen just stays black. I have to restart my phone every time I try to delete it.

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Motorola Droid X :: Verizon Wireless When Receiving Call And Making Call?

Jul 26, 2010

every time I make a call, receive a call, turn the phone off, turn the phone on, loose service or gain service, a voice says "Verizon Wireless". This is very annoying and I can't seem to figure out how to turn it off. Changing ring tones and such does not work, still says "Verizon Wireless". Is there anyway to turn this off?

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General :: GT-I9000 Freezes When Trying To Call

Jul 21, 2012

i had some old official Froyo firmware with Voodoo lagfix and Voodoo Sound on it. One day I've noticed that it now takes like 5-10 seconds after you press a power button for screen to turn on. It started to annoy me and I decided to update to latest official firmware. After I did, the problem I mentioned disappeared.

Anytime when i'm trying to make or accept a call phone freezes. Black screen and battery icon is all that is visible. However, call itself proceed and you can talk, but the only way to finish it is to remove battery (3G calls still works fine, btw) I've tried all possible firmwares from oldest ones to ICS... tried all cleanup options from recover menu, stll nothing's changed.

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LG Ally :: Dropped Call Freezes Phone?

Oct 3, 2010

I don't think I've seen this addressed elsewhere, but I could have missed it, and I apologize if I did. My phone is stock, has an 8 GB SD card installed, and very few apps beyond those installed by Verizon. I can include a list if requested. The phone works fine and all the apps I use regularly work fine. The only exception I have is that occasionally I will be talking to someone and I hear a descending 4 tone deet- da-la-deet.. and my call is gone, my screen is black and I can't get it to respond. If I slide out the keyboard, the buttons light up, but nothing else happens. I have to pull the battery to get it to work again. I can confirm I have the 50% bug and have tried all the suggestions which don't seem to do much. Also, someone else mentioned the problem of when I place a call, the screen goes blank and does not wake back up unless I slide out the keyboard. I have firmware version 2.1-update1, Kernel version 2.6.29 lge@android-build #2, Build number ERE27 and SW Version VS740ZVB. Does anyone know how to fix this bug short of taking it back to Verizon or living with it? Would any of the custom ROMs you have on here help? I have absolutely no clue about rooting and updating the ROM and don't want to complicate things further if it's not going to resolve anything.

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General :: Google Play Freezes And Normal Freezes Came Back?

Jun 23, 2013

Some days ago I created a thread asking about random freezes/restarts.Well, Google Play is now freezing every time I try to check for an app, I've also realized the cache thingy only works for a while, I went on a trip, now that Im back the tablet freezes again and all.Should I just cache wipe everytime this happens, or just once? Is it safe to cache wipe really often?

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HTC Incredible :: How To Control Screen Being On / Off During Call?

May 5, 2010

How do you control the screen being on or off during a call? My screen blanks, I guess to keep you from hitting buttons with your ear, but when using a bluetooth headset it also blanks. Sometimes tilting the phone wakes the display, sometime the top button does. But sometimes neither hs an effect, and the screen remains off until the call is over. Anyone else have this, and figure it out? Are there settings somewhere to control this behavior?

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HTC Incredible :: Getting Screen To Stay Lit On Call

May 22, 2010

This is only a problem when I make calls which require entering a number to select an option(i.e., press 1 for...).I know the screen times out(?) when on calls normally and that it will light up again when it senses the call has ended, but if I have to see the keyboard to press a number to make a selection, pressing the power button to bring it up usually takes too long. By the time I get the screen up and press a button, the system on the other end doesn't recognize it. OR, I'll press the power button and it won't come up at all.

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HTC Incredible :: Lock The Screen During Call

May 3, 2010

Is there not some way to lock the screen during a call? when i hold it with my shoulder or talk while laying
down, my cheek/chin will end the call..

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HTC Incredible :: Change Which Screen You See After End A Call?

May 16, 2010

Is there any way to change which screen you see after you end a call? Mine takes me back to the dialer with my contacts. I want it to just go back to the home screen.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Goes In And Out While On A Call Using Bluetooth

Aug 25, 2010

I have a weird problem,(verizon incredible) when im streaming music via bluetooth in the car and check my notification slide down bar no problem but if im on a call using bluetooth via the car stereo when i want to look at my notifications or press "2" for an automated system my screen will flicker on and off and you have to time it right to catch it before the screen dims im talking a split second i thought maybe it was the proximity sensor that dims the screen to save battery when the phone is on your ear but i have no clue why this is, i ruled out the proximity sensor cause the phone would be in my hand or on my bracketron universal windshield mount

Also if i try using the power button to bring the screen on again it does nothing but confuses the phone and slows it down

I know its not the screen timeout cause it comes back without hitting the power button.

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HTC Incredible :: How To Get Rid Of Droid Screen During A Call

Jul 2, 2010

Is there any way to change the screen with the little Droid Dude while you are making or receiving a call?

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Shutoff During Call?

May 27, 2010

When you make a call, you naturally put the phone up to your ear. I noticed that as soon as it is near my face, the screen shuts off. At first, I thought it was the motion of bringing your phone up to the ear that does it. But test it by putting your hand near it and it shuts the screen off.

I have a number programmed that uses P's (pauses). It pauses for 3xP's while the phone rings, then enters a couple more digits (my office voicemail code). But when the screen shuts off, it never dials the additional digits. If I hold the phone in front of me, the screen stays on and it dials all of the numbers.

So how does it know the phone is up to my ear? I would like to shut this feature off...

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Android :: Receiving Status Of Call Failed

Jul 6, 2009

My application is making call. I need to be notified when that call is being picked up by other side. So i used TelephonyManager and PhoneStateListner as below. Basically i wanted to know data activity status.

my code is as below. Code...

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Android :: Need Simulating Vibration As When Receiving A Call

Feb 19, 2010

So I am trying to simulate that the phone is receiving a call. I have successfully extracted the phones ring tone and played it. Now I want to simulate the vibration. While I can make the phone vibrate, I want to emulate the exact pattern that the phone vibrates with as when it receives a call. Is there some setting or class that I can use to extract this pattern, and also detect if vibration is turned on?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Stop Receiving Message Notifications While On A Call?

Sep 18, 2010

How do I stop receiving message notifications while I am on a call.

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HTC Desire : Receiving Call - Other Side Cannot Hear Me

Aug 19, 2010

I,m having trouble receiving calls over the last couple of days. When someone phones me i pick up and can hear them saying 'hello are you there' etc but they hear nothing from me?.When we eventually hang up and i phone them back it's fine.So is it a network issue(Orange) or my handset?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Reboot And Screen Freezes On Startup Logo

Oct 10, 2010

Everytime I have to reboot, or if my battery dies, and I charge it and all that, and I press the power button, the screen just freezes at the HTC EVO 4G screen. I have to take out the cover, and pull the battery and by the time I do this 2-3 times, it finally boots correctly. I'm using Fresh alongside netarchy cfs.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Keeps Going To Sleep While On Phone Call

Jun 3, 2010

Has anyone experienced their Inc going to sleep while trying to multitask during a phone call? The screen keeps going between sleep and awake when trying to navigate through menu's during calls. I have already tried a battery pull.

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HTC Incredible :: Call Reject From Lock Screen?

May 3, 2010

I've searched around and so far I've only found apps that reject (forward to voicemail) calls from a particular list. What I am looking for is a way to reject a call from he lockscreen or incoming call screen.

Is there a setting I am missing or is this something that needs to be done with an apparently?

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HTC EVO 4G :: HDMI Cable Plugged In - Screen Goes White And Freezes

Jun 6, 2010

When I plug the HDMI cable into the phone the screen goes white the HTC logo and just freezes up. Will not unfreeze until I remove the battery and reboot the phone.

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HTC Desire :: Screen Freezes / Reset By Removing Battery

Apr 30, 2010

Had my desire a couple of weeks and it has started playing up.Whenever I try and open any app that uses 3d my screen freezes and the only way to reset the phone is by removing the battery.I've tried factory resetting the phone but the problem seems to be getting worse. Looks like it will be getting returned on Tuesday.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Recovery Reboot Screen Freezes

Feb 24, 2010

I rooted a friends phone and when I try to get to the recovery reboot screen it freezes on the HTC screen, I have to remove the battery and boot normally, and it works just fine. I have rooted two other hero's with no problems. I've tried a wipe and doing the process over again and the same thing happened.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Not Responsive When Recieving A Phone Call?

Jun 12, 2010

I was wondering if anyone has this problem. When someone calls my incredible I try to swipe the screen down, but the screen is non responsive whether i swipe up or down. I tried to search the forums for this problems, but i couldn't find anything on here or on a google search. Is there an app that fixes this?

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HTC Incredible :: All Facebook Contacts There When I Hit Call On Home Screen / Get Them Off?

Jun 26, 2010

I singed into facebook and it put all my facebook contacts i unchecked it by view and stuff so i cant see them in my contact box but when i hit call on the home screen all of the facebook contacts are there how do i get them off
i want to delete all facebook contacts

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HTC Droid Eris :: How Do Disable Vibrate When Receiving / Ending A Call?

Apr 12, 2010

I can't seem to find it anywhere..but whenever I receive a call and pick it up, I get a mini-vibrate, as well as when I hang it up.I can't find this setting anywhere.

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