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Samsung I7500 :: Factory Reset Screw Up Galaxy I7500

I accidentally put my phone in another language, and in the process reset factory settings. Now, my phone wont connect to the internet. WTF?! What did I do!? My SIM card was in when I did this.

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Samsung I7500 :: How To Factory Reset Phone
How do you factory reset Samsung i 7500?

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Samsung I7500 :: Factory Data Reset Delete All Stuff?
While I wait for 2.0 to be released for this phone, officially or not, I've decided I'm giving it to my brother, and I'm going to play with a Milestone. Anyway before I hand it over to him, I obv want to delete all my email account etc. info off the phone. I couldn't really be bothered re-flashing it, so does anybody know whether the factory data reset works on Galaxhero, and does it just leave you with a blank galaxhero slate?

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Samsung I7500 : Does Factory Reset Restore Orignal CSC File
Just wondering if doing a factory reset, or any other kind of reset, restores the original CSC. I removed it when I used Odin to update the phone a few months ago. I know I can use Odin again if I want to restore the CSC, I'm just not sure which CSC I need- does it have to match the firmware version, or is the CSC for a given carrier the same regardless of the firmware?

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Samsung I7500 : Reload Text And Call History After A Factory Reset?
Does anyone know how to save your call and text history so that you can reload it after a factory reset. I find it very useful to be able to look back over my text history. Sadly I lose this when I update my phone and do a factory reset.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Live Wallpapers On I7500?
Does GAOSP Froyo support live wallpapers for i7500? If yes, can you recommend some that seem to run fine without (major) slowdown? I would suspect that the CPU is too slow to run most live wallpapers, but there might be some neat ones that are good to go?

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Samsung I7500 :: How To Debug On The Samsung Galaxy I7500 Android Phone
How to Debug on the Samsung Galaxy I7500 Android Phone


When i followed the above steps system tried to install driver and then prompt following error.

Refence link

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Samsung I7500 :: Samsung Galaxy I7500 Update Firmware
there I am new to this. I would like to find out some information in regards to and update for the samsung galaxy I7500.I live in Australia and it seems the phone cant be updated. Is this true. I have tried on many times to plug my phone into my computer via pc studio.

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Samsung I7500 :: Android 1.6 On Samsung Galaxy I7500
i7500 does 1.6 work on this model if so where can i get?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Samsung Galaxy I7500 Update On 2.x?
Is there any way to update my Samsung Galaxy i7500 1.6 Donut on Eclair 2.1 or Froyo 2.2? Please give me tutorial or link how to upgrade (without bugs like dont working camera etc.).

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Unlocked Galaxy S And Factory Reset
just wondering if i do a factory reset from the privacy settings will this cause my unlocked Galaxy S to become locked into it's original network again?

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Contacts Backup Before Factory Reset
I have seen some reports that after going to Froyo you need to perform a factory reset. I presume that this will wipe all the applications, user data, etc. Question here is: Before starting the upgrade process in Kies (which will offer to backup your contacts for you) what should I backup? Is there a program recommended for this backup? Is it safe to restore everything or should I only partially put things back?

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Samsung I7500 :: Failed Display - How To Reset Mobile From PC
The display of my Samsung Galaxy i7500 has failed after I accidentally dropped the phone on a table! The phone can however receive calls.

I would like to clear/reset the data before I hand over the phone for repair.

Is there any way I can do a reset (clear all SMS, application data, cache, etc.) from a PC connected to the mobile via USB? Is there a key combination which would achieve the same?

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Samsung I7500 :: Samsung I7500 - Low Middle Or High-end Android Smartphone
The Samsung i7500 Galaxy is, except the support from Samsung itself, a great Android smartphone with a very good (the best?) price for value. It's with 11,9mm the second slimmest Android phone after Nexus One with 11,5mm (right?) and has unlike the HTC phones a flash light and build in storage of 8GB. On most sites the Galaxy is (one of) the cheapest Android phones, I wonder if it's because Samsung is cheaper or HTC/Motorola more expensive by itself?

I personally would compare the i7500 with the HTC Hero, although in my opinion the i7500 still has a much better price for value.

Is it even possible to define if and which Android phone is a low, middle, or high-end smartphone?
Sure, it also depends for what purposes you bought and use your phone, but I still wonder were the i7500 would be if 1=low and 10=high end Android phone, and if there even is a number 10? I also think that the D-Pad is a big plus and not a minus in comparison to the scroll ball from HTC.

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Samsung I7500 :: Donut On Galaxy
I've done a few firmware upgrades to H8 and currently planning an I5 one. Do we have to wait for Samsung to release a full Donut firmware before we're going to be able to get all the goodness therein?

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Samsung I7500 :: Donut For Galaxy
Anyone know if it's possible to find a donut version and install it on the galaxy?

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Samsung I7500 :: Connect Galaxy With NPS
I recently bought Galaxy i7500 and have problems. in connecting it with my computer for transferring music files and photos and in trying to update it. I downloaded the latest NPS (1.3.0 IJ1) My device hafirmware 1.5 and Baseband version: I7500XXII7

I enabled the usb debug mode and when I connect the phone to the computer, it says new hardware found but then it cannot find the driver. I point it to the Samsung directory but it says "Windows was unable to install your Unknown device"..............

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Samsung I7500 :: Case For The Galaxy
Has anybody found a good case for the Galaxy? The one that comes in the box is pretty hideous, so I would like a nice one, preferably one that can be left on like an iPhone silicon one to protect the device.

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Samsung I7500 :: New Firmware For Galaxy
A new Firmware relaese has been posted:

the::unwired - FIRMWARE: Samsung prepares for Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy ROM Update [UPDATE]

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Froyo
Check it out, Google Earth for Android 2.1 and up. See the video for an overview, it's pretty cool --> Google Earth for mobile. Can't wait for GAOSP to be released!

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy - Turning Off T9
Is there a way to turn off the T9 on the Galaxy? I've tried telling it not to autocomplete words but it's still got the T9 activated by default in text messages, so I have to press the T9 button before starting every message i write. I should point out that this is with the qwerty keyboard disabled...

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: First Custom ROM
Anyone tried it?


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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy Get TouchWiz UI?
will the galaxy (not lite) get the new TouchWiz UI from samsung ? because all the new android phones have thier own nice UI and the galaxy is extreemly generic ..

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy Sim Unlock
I'm about to buy a Galaxy. But here it's exclusive to TMN (cell operator) I use Vodafone. So i'm obviously about to unlock my Galaxy the same day i buy it. I have an Omnia ( I900 ) at this moment and it's unlocking was very easy. Go to dialer, enter a code that would open a service menu. Chose SIM LOCK and disable it. Soft reboot and voila... Anyway i learned it too late so i have an X-SIM that allows me to use my phone with any sim card. My question is, did anyone unlocked a Galaxy?

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy Vs Spica
which should i buy? galaxy or spica? galaxy has amoled screen, 5mp camera and 8gb internal memory (good for android), but spica has more processor and ram, than its more fast for videos and games i think

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy To Get 1.6 By March But Not Getting 2.x
I just saw this and thought if sharing it with you (that if you haven't seen it) link: the::unwired - MWC10 LIVE: No Android 2.x Firmware Upgrade for the Samsung i7500 Galaxy - but 1.6 is coming [UPDATE]

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: No Sleep Bug In
I reinstalled a couple of days ago, and I've noticed that every time i disconnect the phone (after charging) I have the no sleep bug - 100% running according to spare parts. of course a reset fixes it. I thought all the no sleep bugs were fixed at Or maybe it has something to do with ADW Launcher I installed?

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy Keeps Crashing / Fix It?
I bought a Galaxy a long time ago, and earlier today out of nowhere it wouldn't boot! I would stay stuck on the "android" flashing and rebooting didn't help. Well, I booted into recovery and did a full restore, and now I can get into the OS, but it keeps crashing! It crashes for no reason, apparently and at different times. When it crashes, it just reboots. help?

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Samsung I7500 :: Galaxy Can't Turn On / What Should I Do?
Stop at the screen showing android!!!

what should I do? this phone is driving me crazy, it is used for one day

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Samsung I7500 : Need Galaxy O2 UK CSC Image?
There i was wondering if anyone has the o2 UK CSC image? all i can seem to find is the German one.

I need it in order to re-enable NPS update, as II8 is out for download now

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Android :: Samsung Galaxy Spica Or Samsung Galaxy I7500
I was originally going to get either the HTC Hero or Motorola Droid but found out they are both CMDA. and the Milestone is out of my budget. People have been suggesting to get the Samsung Galaxy S, that's also out of my budget and looks too much like an iPhone. So i stumbled upon these two phones.I'm leaning more towards the Spica because it has superior battery life, and 800mhz compared to the 528mhz the i7500 has. and it can also play DivX.What's making it a difficult decision is the i7500 has an AMOLED Screen. It can display 16,777,216 Colors while the Spica can only display 65,536 Colors I'm not too sure if that will make a difference. Also it has 5mp w/LED Flash while Spica is only 3.2.One phone has a little of both. This will be my first Android phone I'm coming from a Sony Ericsson W995.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Can't Use Su In Terminal After Rooting?
I rooted the phone, enabled root, rebooted the phone, tried to uninstall via terminal... boem; permission denied! What a I missing?

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Samsung I7500 :: Android Applications For Galaxy?
Well for me Android really fell off the edge of a cliff in the last 6mts as a "single platform across all devices". Anyway whilst we whinge in other threads and some kind souls try and fix it I thought might be good to have a thread for Apps which DO work well in Android after all wherever we are or aren't in the development curve the user experience can be really transformed by a neat App. As well as the old favorites I came across recently:
[1.5/K4] Speaker Shake really neat you pick up the phone shake it and it answers a call with the speaker phone on Dolphin Browser - haven't succeed out the really neat gesture controls yet but do like how it downloads you tubes no prob for viewing when off line.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: What To Do Before Returning Phone
So i've persuaded o2 to have a look at my phone in the hope of replacing it. First they've asked me to reset the phone using *2767*3855#. If i have the same problems (dialpad not working during calls) then i've to return it. If their engineer cannot fix it, i'll (hopefully) get a replacement.So i'm running Galaxo with JC6, what should I do before returning the phone? I'm thinking Nandroid and then copy everything to my hard disk and remove that from my phone. Then use ODIN to install the latest official firmware (which is?). Then I run the reset command they gave me. That about right or should I do something else?

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Samsung I7500 :: Donut For Galaxy - Usable?
Donut for Galaxy - usable? Show what you did.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Phone Was Getting Heated
Has ANy one tried opening Samsung Galaxy i7500?, I have chnaged to galaxo 1.6.4. and running it happily downloading stuff and all and all of sudden battery discharged to the point that it would not get charged any more, Insitailly I thought I fried my battery with excess charging, hence I looked for batteries, fortunately in my THIRD world county India, there is no battery in stock at service stations. Hence I needed to wait for 5 days. Now remember I said fortunately.. whyy....cause then i tried restore the old OS, which Galaxo promptly helped me with, Now i tried charging again, but NO way, but the phone was getting heated up like it was on stove or something and it again stopped charging, So I understood its not the battery but the motherboard which has problem...

Now my cell is still in warranty, so before giving it to service station, I want to open it up and see whats what.. I got the manual seems pretty simple( I have disassembled AT& T's Tilt, Nokai 6630, Nokia 6600, and many small others as well) but before that I would like to ask people has any one done it before ? anything I should be looking out for?

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Samsung I7500 :: Decided Not To Continue With Galaxy
After having about 30 days of experience using the i7500, install just about all that I can, jc1 to jc6, jb2, gaosp, musty. Digging and digging in this forum & in the internet, looking just about every place to see what can be done to help this phone getting better. My cellular provider decided to discontinue the Sale of the i7500. I have decided not to continue with the galaxy, and return it. I switch to the long lasting battery life and stable Firmware - Of the Nokia user (E72), and sign 3 year of Gery phone life.

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Samsung I7500 :: Connect Pc To The Internet Using Galaxy?
Is there anyway to connect a PC to the web using my Galaxy's data connection? Do I understand correctly that I have to use NPS?Is it the only way? Even after downloading the latest version it still says my "Device is not supported" and I can't access that option.

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Samsung I7500 :: How Does Galaxy Compare To IPhone?
I'm a long time WinMo user and I switched to Android recently. Bought Galaxy some two months ago. I like it. However, I've never owned an iPhone, in fact, I never even used an iPhone. So I am curious as to how the Galaxy compares with Apple's product. If someone has had extended experience with both, I'd appreciate your comments.

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Samsung I7500 :: Settings Profile App For Galaxy
Seeing as the Galaxy seems t have problems with sleeping and some apps, I thought it would be a good idea to ask here what program people are using for their settings profiles.

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Samsung I7500 :: Cupcake 1.5 To Be Last Version For Galaxy
Taken out from (translated), Nov 04 (Source):

Unfortunately, the network appeared rumors that Samsung would indicate that the Galaxy will not be upgrading to the new OS 1.6, nor even to Eclair Donut 2.0. The news is also reflected in the information that we have in the office for several weeks. The thing is still not official and the hope remains. Probably will receive a further update for this device but always Cupcake 1.5. In fact besides Spica Samsung is working on two other terminals for the European market and the same will be updated to Spica Eclair 2.0 by early 2010 (again according to the rumors).

And some good news:

Among the bad news but it comes a nice .... Given the success of the rom for Galaxy created exclusively by drakaz for HDblog, we decided to give a new rom, high performance, with an entirely new graphics and we hope you enjoy it. We show you a taste of what will be the dominant colors ... Soon you'll get more

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Fastboot With Recover V4.6.2
I are following this guide: RECOVERY V4.6.2 (Page 1) - Release - Android and other StuffBut I get a problem when i run the "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" command. ADB is up and working, and do find my phone when i do a adb devices command. When ADB is < Waiting for device >, I press call and power on at the same time tio enter fastboot mode, but the adb doesnt react, and the phone boots normaly. Ive also tried to enter the fastboot flash command just after ive enterd fastboot mode with my phone, but nothing happends.I have have rectools and the img in the tools folder. anyone know what could be wrong?

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I7500 :: Samsung Galaxy / T-Mobile Leak?
At 47 seconds, he pulls down a menu with "T-Mobile D" written on it. This is from the, which I thought only had the Galaxy on O2. Is this a slip? Or am I mistaken.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: How To Add Locales To Galaxo
Been using Galaxo for quite some time now and it's fast, stable and tweakable. Only thing that lacks is the support of Dutch locales. Tried the app MoreLocale 2 however this only changes the language of the homescreen menu. Settings e.g. remain English. In XXJC2 Dutch locales are included so I was wondering if it's possible to copy them to Galaxo Anyone knows how to do this? Seems like some Tai managed to install Tai fonds by replacing Sans Droid in system/fonts. Don't think this adds languages though.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Requirements For Galaxo
Are there any requirements for flashing the i7500 to galaxo? Cause I can't use the recovery (any version) to flash the galaxo to my phone. Recovery hasn't any response on operations wipe, flash, rooting, fixing permission etc.Anyway, I found I can do fixing permission with adb command to execute the script "" in the /tmp/RECTOOLS in recovery mode.Unfortunately, fixing the permission can not help for the wiping and flashing operations. the operations don't work also.I have also tried to flash by using "flash_image" command in /tmp/RECTOOLS, but I can't identify the flashing partition, the following is the result of df command.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Putty To Galaxo Over USB
So I noticed galaxo is using a colour term profile which is really nice, except for us poor windows users You could of course enable SSH, reboot, and turn wifi on and then ssh in using putty, but that's not really that convenient. Especially if you dont like to leave ssh running.Instead you can run dropbear manually and redirect the port using adb, then putty in directly.

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Enabling JIT On Galaxo 1.6.2
I found this nice and maybe speed improving hack, by replacing the stock 1.6 dalvik compiler to the one from 2.1. It should improve performance by 50%. [HACK] JIT enabled Dalvik VM on Android 1.6 (Dusted Donuts) [Hack] - xda-developers Sadly i can't get it to work (followed the instructions from the link). Anyone had experience with it and maybe got it to work?

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: ADB Galaxo Ok But Not GAOSP
I can get ADB working fine with when my i7500 is configured with Galaxo but I cannot get ADB to see my phone when it is configured with GAOSP. Do I need another driver for my computer? I don't think so, any thoughts? Windows 7 x86.

I am trying to push as per this thread.
Issue 316 - gaosp - Google Checkin Service reporting invalid EMEI - Project Hosting on Google Code

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Samsung Galaxy I7500 :: Galaxo 1.6 3G Problem
Altough i have asked this question under Galaxo 1.6 is out topic, i guess another topic would be ok.


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