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Motorola Droid :: Activate Phone Without Activating Cell Service?

I was given a phone which I'd like to test out but not activate the cell service on it. (just use it to download apps via wifi etc) Can I somehow activate this phone (moto droid r2d2 version) without having to deactivate my current dInc?

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Motorola Droid :: Activating Service After Root
I'm extremely new at this, and I seem to have run into a problem that I cannot find a solution for from searching. To be honest, I registered this account to ask this question because right now I'm a bit frantic to get my Motorola Droid back working (Verizon service). This afternoon I attempted to root my phone, and everything seemed to be going according to plan. Right after my phone finished flashing the rooted 2.1 ROM, it rebooted and the original setup appeared on the screen.

I followed the instructions as it asked and tried to activate my phone. I pressed the little green android, and proceeded to call the Verizon number and I press 1 to activate my phone for service. Once the whole process was finished, it told me that my phone had finish being programed. When I pressed the "Next" button in the bottom right corner, I was taken back to the first setup screen which informed me that I need to activate again. Needless to say, I'm now stuck in an infinite loop of this and can't figure out what to do. I've left the phone with full bars for over an hour to try to get the service to activate with no luck. At this point, I just really want to be able to use my phone as a phone again!

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Motorola Droid :: Wi-fi When Out Of Cell Service
I'm heading out to Haiti next week to volunteer with the earthquake relief effort. The NGO base where I'll be camping will have WiFi for a couple hours a day. I don't want to lug a laptop down there but want to stay connected to email. Do you know if there's any issue using WiFi without cell service?I don't have a desire to be using the cell phone service while I'm there; email will be enough.

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Motorola Droid :: Poor Cell Reception - 3g Service
For the past couple weeks my phone has been acting very strange and has been getting pretty poor recpetion. I run BB.4 and P3Droid 1.0ghz and 3e baseband. I have tried .41 & .43 and did not get any better reception. Basically the issue is i get 3g for a while and all of a sudden i get 1x where i should have full 3g. If i shut my phone off and turn back on I then get 3g service back. I ultimately noticed it while in Chicago and i had terrible service when everyone else had great service. In Chi i went through all the basebands with no luck. Yesterday I restored back to rooted 2.1 by Pete and i still had a issue. So what i am looking for is there any settings i should look for that maybe off. I doubt its a common issue and i want to look at everything before calling to get it swapped out for a like new droid.

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Android :: Way To Activate A ProgressBar According To Cell?
But: how do you activate a ProgressBar according to the cell you just cliked on ? I have a list view, with a menu that shows after a long press. When I click on one of my option I would like to display the ProgressBar in the listView according to the cell I clicked on. It is currently always displaying the one of my first cell.

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Motorola Droid X :: Activating Phone To My Account
So i bought the droid x for retail price on When it comes in the mail, how do i go about activating this phone to my account. Do i have to bring it into verizon?

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Android :: App For Cell Phone Service?
i have a problem i live on top of a hill and its unfortunately one of the few places i have ever been that i dont get good cell phone service. i was wondering it there is an app that uses your wifi for you cell phone service or to use wifi to increase my cell phone service

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HTC EVO 4G :: Sprint Cell Phone Service Phoenix
If anyone is CURRENTLY with Sprint for their cell service in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area of Arizona, could you please tell me how your cell service is?I'm looking at moving to the HTC EVO in June when my contract is up with Verizon, but I'm pretty worried about the quality of Sprint's service. Most comments I have heard about Sprint have been either average or negative.On the contrary, my time with Verizon has really been stellar, few if any dropped calls, coverage EVERYWHERE it seems, and pretty decent customer service.Even though Sprints plans are $30 to $40 cheaper than Verizon, it won't matter if the service stinks and I can't make/receive calls or get on broadband.Just trying to weigh my options as the Incredible will be out as well, and may have to go with that one instead.

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Android :: Google App Store Without Having Cell Phone Service?
Does anyone know if it possible to see the Google app store without having cell phone service on the Android (like from my ADP with no SIM card)?I can see bits of it at, but can you see all of it without the Android on a cell phone account?

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Android :: GPS Enable Apps Work On Phone Without Cell Service?
I was demo'ing a DroidX the other day and was blown away by the google map and voice ability. This will lead me to buying one of the android devices. Among other features. Query: Can GPS enabled apps, work on the phone, without cell serivce. IE can you pre-load say all the US map and POI info into the phone so it can be used as a standalone GPS in the middle of no where.

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Motorola Droid X :: Cannot Activate Phone After Flashing SBF
So I just flashed the SBF back onto my phone with RSD lite and now when it makes the call to activate my phone it asks me to put in my 10 digit number and says please wait while we transfer your call.

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Motorola Droid : How To Activate Voice Search On Phone?
I was wondering if anyone else is having an issue activating the voice search on their droid. I tried a few times today but haven't been able to get it to work by holding down the search button.

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Motorola Droid :: Top 3 Activities You Use A Cell Phone For ?
With phones like the Droid that can do a million things, and have unlimited apps, there are different benefits that people get from their phones. I know that the number 1 thing I use my cell phone for is Internet access, number 2 is actually using it to take and place calls.What things do you use it for the most? Top 3?I will add a poll to my link removed with your responses.

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Motorola Droid :: Cell Phone Video To Computer
I'm not entirely sure this is even possible, but I am attempting to figure out if it is possible to watch live feeds from the droid to a computer. I ask because I im a dallas cowboys fan that lives in New York so most games aren't broadcast. The nfl mobile app lets me watch live feeds and games, but as you can imagine the screen is only so big. I'd like to watch the video on my computer screen. Is this possible or should I just look for some website that would ultimately do the same thing?

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Motorola Droid :: Robot Cell Phone Charm.
You know you want an Android robot cell phone charm.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Activating Old Phone - Input Phone Number For Activation
I cracked my screen and got a replacement. I am trying to activate the old phone after I have preformed a factory reset. It asked me to input a phone number for activation. I do not want to do this. what are my options.

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Motorola Droid :: Inventor Of Cell Phone Gets Droid
Kinda old news. Just saw this. There's a post from the phandroid bot but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this.The inventor of the first cell phone gave up his iPhone for a Motorola Droid!

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Motorola Droid :: Inventor Of Cell Phone Uses DROID
im a hero user myself and soon to be evo, but i ws watching 60 minutes and saw that the inventor of the cellphone is a droid/android user.

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Motorola Droid :: See Type Of Apps That People Want / Application To Shows Map Which Cell Tower Phone Using?
I thought this thread might be a good way for developers to see the type of apps that people want, and hopefully write them.

I would like an app that shows me on a map which cell tower my phone is using, signal strength, etc.

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Motorola Droid X :: Voice Search Keeps Activating
This morning I was listening to RadioTime with my phone in my pocket with the screen off and 3 separate times the voice search was activated. As far as I know I didn't press anything while it was in my pocket, has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know what I can do to stop it because it is really annoying.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: No Cell Service With CM6?
So I flashed CM6 tonight and everything seemed to go fine.However, I have NO SERVICE at all with it. I did revert back to previous stock ROM and had service just fine.Reinstalled CM6 thinking maybe that would fix it - no go.If it is not one thing, it is another anytime I try to install a new ROM.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: No Service - Google Maps Show Our Location Using Cell Towers?
A few of us at work are wondering if we can use the google map or anyother type of locating device on our phones without phone service. Does the google maps show our location using the cell towers?

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Motorola Droid :: Cannot Activate Bluetooth
I was getting ready to connect my Motorola Droid bluetooth with my car. However, when I go to Wireless and Network Settings my Bluetooth and Bluetooth Settings options are inactive. Clicking on them does nothing. Any ideas on what's going on?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Stops On Activating Phone Online
When I go to activate it online it goes through everything fine but stops on "activating phone" and a red box comesup saying they need to assist me with activation to please call from another phone or click the chat link. Well the chat is down and I don't have any other phones besides the phone I want to deactivate for the evo. Could I take it to the sprint store to get it done or will they give me flack for buying one off ebay to use?

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Motorola Droid :: How To Nav Activate Night Mode?
I thought night mode navigation was coming with 2.1? If it was in the 2.1 update how do you activate it?

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Motorola Droid X :: Set Bluetooth To Activate With The Car Dock App?
I read the thread at and noticed everyone saying that BT significantly drains your battery when on but not in use. It seems like a huge pain to have to press an icon everytime I get in the car and everytime I leave to turn it back on, especially since I don't get too many calls while I'm driving. Is there a way to have BT cut on when the car dock app is activated (I have the Motorola car dock app)? And if not, does anyone know if the drain in battery on the DX is significant?

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Motorola Droid X :: Can't Activate After Factory Reset
So Option 1 doesn't do anything except for telling me to contact a CSR. Option two gives me the music and tells me it can't activate the phone and gives me a 1800 number that does little for me at 3 in the morning.

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HTC Incredible :: Activating Phone On Closest Server?
I have root using unrEVOked3, running CM6, stock kernel, then did unrEVOked Forever and the radio update (2.15) I noticed that my 3G is getting me like 200kbps, horrible, right? I thought maybe *228 would fix the problem. I noticed that the speedtest app was saying a server in Tacoma was the closest to me (2.8 mi) when really, I'm just south of Portland. When I try to do *228, I get a phone activation screen with no keypad on it. It says "Please wait while you phone is being programmed." and wants me to push 1 or 2, but since there is no keypad, this becomes impossible. If I back out to my app drawer and select Phone again, it brings up 3 options. One of them is to see the keypad. When I hit that, it just takes me back to the activation screen. I can't find a way to push a button. Long pressed menu, got keyboard.

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Android :: Need To Write Code That Is Activating GPS On Phone?
I have written an android app that needs the GPS capabilities of the phone. If GPS is activated everything works fine, but if it is not i get an error. So my question: Is it possible to write code that is activating GPS on the phone? I found a forum post that it is not possible because of security reasons. Is this true?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Use Droid Eris Without Cell Service?
I currently have a Droid Eris phone - but I'm thinking of switching carriers and won't be able to use the Eris on the new carrier. What I'm wondering is - could the Eris still be used with WiFi only, without any cell service?For example - with no cell service and only access to WiFi access points - could I...

- access gmail or surf the web

- access the Android Marketplace for new apps or updates

Basically I'm wondering if the Eris could be used by my son as a sort of Android based iPod Touch.

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Motorola Droid X :: Bad ESN - Can Activate And Use Properly On Venison Network?
i recently saw somewhere that you can clear a bad ESN on a blackberry... can you clear a bad ESN on the X and if so, afterwards, can it be activated and used properly on the verizon network?

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Motorola Droid :: Accidental - Activate Search Feature
This may have already been discovered but this weekend while holding my Droid I stumbled upon a cool (maybe useless) feature. If you have the "Google Search" shortcut on your home screen like I do, all you have to do is lightly shake the Droid to activate the search feature. You have to be on the same home screen as the Google Search shortcut. The weird thing is I cannot reproduce my findings 100% of the time. For instance, this morning it worked 7 out of 10 times.

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Samsung Fascinate : How Do You Get To Home Screen - Without Activating Phone
Without activating the phone how do you get to the home screen to see all the features?

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Motorola Droid :: Line Via Phandroid/Verizon Wireless - Won't Activate
I bought my Droid on line via Phandroid/Verizon Wireless just after midnight on Friday and filled out all the info, picked a Verizon plan, gave them my current cell number (which is an AT&T Mobile number) and checked the boxes that said "yes, please port my old number on to my new Verizon phone".

So I get the phone today (superfast -- I hadn't even paid for overnight delivery). But when I follow the instructions to activate, the activation fails. I touch the Droid on the touchscreen, it brings up the phone, I follow the voice prompts and dial my cell number, but it doesn't work.

Spoke with a VW customer service rep (late night Saturday night). He gave me a different customer service # to call on Sunday for help with "porting."

I sure hope I get this straightened out quickly. Maybe I should've just bought the Droid at a Verizon store and let the VW store guys activate it for me.

The VW customer service rep was saying I should see a "temporary Verizon cell #" somewhere on my receipt or packing slip. But there isn't any. Just the mobile # that I'm trying to port over from AT&T.

Did I do something wrong when I ordered the phone? Or is it normal for there to be a delay in getting the old # ported?

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Motorola Droid :: Activate Device Administrator With A Whole Bunch Of Permissions
Just installed the new 2.2 updated from Verizon/Motorola and received a message that my Exchange account needed to Activate Device Administrator with a whole bunch of permissions. Anyone else see this, know what it is?

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Android : Create - Activating Multiple APNs Programatically On Phone?
Is it possible to create and activate an apn programatically on android? Is it also possible to activate more than 1 apn at the same time?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Place To Get SanDisk 8 - 16 Micro For Cell Phone?
Best place to get a SanDisk 8 or 16 micro for cell phone

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Android :: Get Photo Saved In Droid Cell Phone In Application?
I want display the images saved in the cell phone in my own application. now I am using MediaStore.Images.Media to do this. I can get the name, size and other information of the images. but i don't know how to get the bitmap? can u help me. thx.

There is a method getBitmap(ContentResolver cr, Uri url), but i don't know how to get the Uri of one certain image.

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Media :: Create Personalized Ringtones For Droid Cell Phone?
How to Create Personalized Ringtones? Do you want to make your incoming call ringtone personalized? I think perhaps a lot of young people are looking for the solution here and there. So, stop here, there is an online website can do this Via Ringtone-Maker.
Make the Sprint Samsung SPH-i350 Intrepid as an eg.
To Create Personalized Ringtones for our Sprint cell phones follow the steps´┐Ż
want more info

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Android :: Getting Cell Signal Strength For Current Cell Vs Neighboring Cells
I'm writing an android application that collects cell signal strengths.I am having trouble getting the "current" cell signal strength, but I don't have any problem getting the "neighboring" cell signal strengths.To get the current cell signal strength, I created a PhoneStateListener and implemented the onSignalStrengthChanged callback.It works, but not very well.It seems like the signal strength hardly ever changes, and resolution jumps to only a few numbers.I would accept the answer that the resolution of the signal strength hardware is coarse, but when I use the TelephonyManager's getNeighboringCellInfo() method, it works much better.The signal strength readings from neighboring cells change frequently, and they have much better resolution.So, how can I get the current cell signal strength in the same way that I am getting the neighboring cell strengths?It seems odd to me that the functionality of the neighboring cells is better than the current cell.

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Motorola Droid :: Cell Standby And Battery Use
Im trying to figure out the consumption issues with my battery and cell standby. it is currently responsible for 39% which is at the top of the list just above phone idle. what really concerns me though is my time without a signal is 49%!! but everytime i look at my phone it has 3bars! how can this be? and im assuming this is whats killing my battery? it should be noted that i dont think i have the "bug" others seemed to have.

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Motorola Droid :: Phone Service / Battery Life
like many of you I updated to 2.0.1 with promises of better battery life. After one full day of use I can see now that my battery life isn't improved as much as the phone allocates battery usage stats to different areas other than display. Yesterday my battery actually died BEFORE it usually does (this is post update mind you) and the usage stats told me that I used it mostly on Phone signal (keeping my phone service active when im in the subway). So it said to turn off the phone signal when you're in an area that can't get a signal to save battery life. Well..sounds like a plan, right? What about for those of us that use a bluetooth headset for music? I can't turn off my phone service without also turning off my bluetooth via "Airplane Mode." Does anyone know of a way to turn one off without the other. My motorola Q could do it...please tell me my big bad droid can do it too...

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Motorola Droid X :: Wont Activate - Stopped Working And Doesnt Get A Signal
I just got two droids today. One is working perfectly. The other I activated but after about an hour it stopped working and doesnt get a signal. I tried to reactivate by calling *228 but it doest ever complete. I did a factory reset and still nothing.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Activating Phone - Unable To Drag Down Status Bar
I've had my X10i for a month now and have added several apps from the Marketplace. I am Orange in the UK and have also had the new shared settings for using the phone on the T-Mobile Network. Earlier I received some text messages and a missed call but was unable to drag the status bar down to check who they were from. I switched off phone and re-started but have found that the "Activating Phone" icon kicks in before I can complete my Sim lock number and press ok. The phone just wants to stay in the "Activating Phone" mode but doesn't start up properly. If I enter the pin correctly and press ok Very quickly I can start the phone ok.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Anti-glare Cell Phone Screen Protector
Has anyone tried this screen protector? Lexerd - HTC Droid Eris TrueVue Anti-glare Cell Phone Screen Protector: Electronics.Is there a better one? I prefer one that shows no finger prints or glare.

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Motorola Droid :: What Plan Do I Need To Activate Droid On Verizon?
I'm looking to pick up a Droid (with no contract... my wallet says ouch) but its okay because I can partially offset the costs by selling my current phone) . My family made the rushed decision to switch to Verizon in October and I ended up getting the Samsung Rogue. I currently have the family plan + a basic texting plan (200 or 300 messages a month, I forgot which one lol) + 25MB Basic Data. Would I be able to activate the Droid via the Verizon website or by phone without having to add anything extra. I know they will probably ask me to get the unlimited data, but I was wondering if there is anyway around this? I really like my rogue, but it doesn't compare to Droid. The rogue has no wifi , and its GPS is completely limited due to VZW Navigator, Not to mention the Android OS + Apps + 5MP Camera

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Motorola Droid :: Cell Signal Strength Meter App
anyone seen an app that simply reports yours signal strength? the built in one (settings > about phone > status) seems to report, but in a way that makes some sense. for example, anyone know what -90 dBm 0 asu really means?

I have a cool app called GPS test that shows the GPS strength - bar chart and number and color - of GPS signals.

I have another app called No Signal Alert that tells you when you have lost your signal. I emailed them to incorporate a signal strength meter, as it seems a logical app to have it.

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Motorola Droid :: Show Cell Strength Numerically?
The tricorder app is supposed to be able to but it doesn't show it on my droid. Same thing goes for the "Antennas" app.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Android :: How To Get Cell Service Signal Strength In Android?
I am trying to write a very simple Android application that checks the signal strength of the current cell. So far, I have only found something called getNeighboringCellInfo(), but I'm not really sure if that includes the current cell.How do I get the CURRENT cell signal strength in Android?Does getNeighborCellInfo() get the current cell? It doesn't seem like it based on the results that I have been able to get with it.

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Motorola Droid :: Google Voice Quality Vs Version Cell
I've been playing around with google voice vs verizon cell. Has anyone done any controlled tests on the voice quality of Google Voice vs. just using the native Verizon voice? When you initiate a call via Google Voice does it use your voice minutes or is it 100% over the data network?

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