Motorola Droid X :: Network Extender / Booster

Sep 19, 2010

While I've never dropped a call and I alway have 3G I always have either zero or one bar of signal showing. And my battery hits yellow midday with fairly light usage. Compared to my old house about 2 miles away (just moved last week) I would have full bars and my batter would last 16hrs before hitting yellow. So I think I need a network booster. First, do they actually work? Second, if so what is a good recommendation. Third, do they boost boost data evdo signal too or just voice?

Motorola Droid X :: network extender / booster


Motorola Droid :: Anybody Used Verizon Network Extender

Nov 30, 2009

So I switched to verizon from ATT for (go figure) their network. yet the signal strength in my house seems pretty shoddy. outside my house is pretty good. must be something with the walls. has anybody bought/used the network extender and had positive results?

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Motorola Droid :: Factory Reset And Network Extender

Nov 19, 2009

I decided to perform a factory reset on my Droid the other day simply because I was having a contact sync issue. I was having the problem where changes in Gmail would sync to the phone but changes/adds/removes on the phone wouldn't sync back to Gmail. Sync records on the phone showed it was days since the last successful sync. So I cleaned up my contacts on Gmail and did a factory reset on the phone. When I tried to activate, it failed to program the phone. I tried it numerous times and did options 1, 2 and 3, all failed.

To make a long story short for now, I believe my problem had to do with a neighbor having a VZW Network Extender. After googling for a few things I noticed someone who talked about problems activating with a network extender. They mentioned after dialing you get a two note beep when the call connects. I noticed this while at home but wasn't entirely sure. I read about this while at work so I made a call while there and noticed no beep. Once I got home sure enough, a two tone beep. So hopefully this helps others considering I wasted over an hour on the phone with VZW Customer Service. Although I will admit, I had a human on the phone within a couple of minutes, they were really polite and never did any cold transfers. VZW had me do a hard reset and a manual activation. Process is listed below................

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HTC Incredible :: Use EVRC B With Network Extender

Jul 30, 2010

I had been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my Incredible wouldn't work with the network extender I recently bought. Hightech answered and solved my problem. When on EVRC B, I saw better signal and could receive calls, but could not make calls. When talking with VZW tech support I asked if using the EVRC B would affect that. He was a little miffed and said you shouldn't be into that section of the phone. I switched to plain EVRC, but forgot that there were three settings I had changed to EVRC B; Home Page, Home Orig, and Roam Orig. If any of these are set to the "B" option, you will not be able to make calls. Also after you change the EVRC settings, make sure to press the Menu button just under the touchscreen and press commit change or commit modification to make sure it accepts the change.

UPDATE: After a message from dsauch I did a little experimenting. Home Page and Home Orig CAN be set to EVRC B, but Roam Orig can NOT be set to EVRC B for the network extender to work. Thanks dsauch for that info. When I was trying to get the network extender to work, I believe my Home Orig and Roam Orig were still set to the B option. I could've tried all different variations of EVRC/EVRC B to get the NE to work, but I just wanted to be able to dial out. So again, if you want to use EVRC B and a network extender, make sure that Roam Orig is set to EVRC (not EVRC B). Home Page and Home Orig can be set either way.

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HTC Incredible :: Network Extender - Not Connecting

Jun 3, 2010

We have really bad signal at our place, so we had to buy a network extender, which did a great job.

We recently got Incredibles. On the network extender, when you make a call, it will beep twice to tell you you're connected on it. Which it's still been doing with our new phones.

However, when I was away from home this week, I noticed the incredible still beeps for every call. So I'm wondering if it's even connecting to the extender? We keep getting the infamous reboot at home, so that'd make me think it's not connecting to the extender because our bars are still at 0-1 and we keep rebooting at home. I didn't reboot once in 50 some hours with being away. I usually don't make it to 12 hours while home.

Do I have to do something to set up a new phone? I was positive all I did last time was enter in the phone number.

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HTC Incredible :: Network Extender For Poor Signals

Apr 29, 2010

Does anybody have experience with network extenders? Would it help preserve battery life in poor signal areas?

Also, has anybody used Sprint's Airave network extender? I get terrible service here in college, but back home (Suburban Chicago) Sprint has great 3G and even WiMax. My 2-year with Sprint is up in October, and with the EVO 4g coming out (+WiMax back home) I was wondering if an Airave would help my reception woes during the school year.

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HTC Incredible :: Network Extender Missing Calls

May 1, 2010


Poor Service inside home w/ my BBerry Curve 8330 pushed me to get a Verizon Network Extender. It DRAMATICALLY improved coverage and never dropped a call after it (except when leaving/coming into range of Network Extender (NE)

Now i've got the Droid Inc and have been noticing an unsettling trend:

When connected to the NE, i have missed at least 2 calls (that i know of only because they left vmails) in the last 2 days since having the phone. No entry in the call history.

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this?

As far as the NE itself goes, i wouldnt be able to do business or make calls from my home/home office without it. I dropped calls from my BBerry so much that i almost left Verizon because of it. The NE changed everything.

It was a little bit of a pain to set up but after it's connected it just works. It does NOT improve data service (3G) but with WiFi it doesnt matter.

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HTC Incredible :: Network Extender Don't Play Nice

Jul 29, 2010

I received the 2 network extenders I ordered today, hooked them up, waited for the gps to find itself, and then nothing. Talked with tech support and they said you needed at least 300kb up & down (my dsl was 810 down & 216 up). So I talked to my isp, and for $10 raised my speeds to around 1400kb down and 760kb up. I cycled power to the network extender and still no go!

Spent and hour with VZW tech support and found that a family member's Moto W385 (Moto feature flip phone) could connect just fine, but not my Incredible. Tried it with the second network extender and same results. The tech issued me a trouble ticket and tey will get back to me. He closed the call saying there was probably something wrong with my Incredible.

My questions are does anyone have both an Incredible and a network extender? Do yours work or did you have similar issues? If so how were they, or were they resolved?

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Motorola Droid :: Verizon Signal Extender

Jun 5, 2010

first of all the people that say it will only work 50 feet away. That's not true. if you read the instructions you have to be 50 feet away the first time you sync and then after that it goes up to 5000 feet. i got one for $99 and I am very happy. The only thing I have to ask if it is normal is.... My signal will be 1 bar until I am on a phone call and then will go up to full bars. Is this normal for the extender?

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Motorola Droid : Home Wireless Provider Or Relying On An Extender?

Jan 30, 2010

Well, after reading these forums for a month, I broke down Tuesday and grabbed myself a DROID! On the plus side, it's EVERYTHING you guys said it would be and more...

On the minus side, even though the Verizon rep, according to their map, shows A+ service in my area, I get nothing. Zero. Zilch. Notta.

Fortunately, Verizon is about 6 minutes from my home, so a rep (props to Verizon!), came out to verify. He confirmed, no service.

They sold me an Extender at half price ($125 total -- but ok, why not free?), and that seems to work for the phone service. Went from no bars to 4 bars, and I'm using my wifi for web surfing.

I used the phone at work and showed it off like a proud daddy with a newborn baby.

On Friday our home internet was out, so that meant that we had no Droid phone and no Droid web over wifi, since the extender works only with broadband. That was an eye-opener. Almost scary. It's weird how disconnected and quiet it feels when you don't have that "connected" feeling to the outside world, even though we are less than 10 minutes from the big city!

Fortunately, my wife has a cellphone through another carrier, so at least we had something to use in case of emergency.

Bottom line, I've grown to respect you guy's opinion. If this situation was happening with you, would you keep the Droid or look for something else that you knew would always have reception in your home without depending on your home wireless provider or relying on an extender?

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Media :: Bass Booster?

Aug 3, 2010

Is there an EQ or something for the stock music player? I like my music with alot more bass, and it seems odd that there isn't an EQ...

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Android :: Battery Booster

Sep 3, 2010

This app is absoloutely fantastic increased my battery life from 6 hours to 20 hours+

Problem is it is stopping my alarm going off each morning. Does any one know how to make your alarm still work with it installed.

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Android :: Battery Booster Like App

Nov 22, 2010

I have battery booster installed on my phone and i think it is using up more battery than its saving but the best feature i like in this app is it auto turns off the wifi when the phone is locked i like this feature very much as i forget to turn off my wifi many times and it will continue to eat up my battery, is there any other app that does this specific function so i can uninstall battery booster?

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HTC Incredible :: Volume Booster

Jun 28, 2010

Is there any app that will up the volume of the ringtones, notifications etc?? Sometimes I just dont hear my phone ringing in my pocket.

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General :: All In One Booster App Query?

Feb 9, 2013

I just came across this app in Play store: https:[url]....

It says to increase your functionality of phone. I am bit skeptical to download it looking at the permissions its looking for.

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HTC Desire :: Use Of Passive Antenna Booster

Jun 2, 2010

My reception at work is terrible. My colleagues have full reception, and I dont have a signal at all. Seems to be an issue with some of the desire handsets. Have any of you tried any passive antenna boosters, like this one: HTC Desire Antenna Booster ? Or some bigger boosters that I can place on my desk.
I love my phone, but it is essential that I can use it while im in the office.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Audio Booster Or Equalizer

Nov 22, 2009

I was wondering if anyone knew of an Audio Booster or Equalizer for Android. I have searched the App Store but haven't found one yet. I use to have a Touch Pro and HTC had an Audio Booster program that let you have an equalizer that you could change while listening to music (only with headphones plugged in) from Hip Hop to Rock and etc...

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Android :: Speed Up Smartphone With Memory Booster

Jul 21, 2010

Memory Booster:Android RAM Optimizer to Speed Up Your Smartphone! Memory Booster offers a memory optimization app with a bit of graphical flair. The light version allows you to do a quick boost and shows exactly how much memory is being used and freed. The paid version allows you to set a threshold for the program to automatically kill tasks and boost the memory when it hits a certain percentage you decide. Paid version also offers an Ultimate Boost.

Product Features:
Real-time Smartphone Memory Status Report & Monitor

Setting Your Performance Target

One-click Quick Memory Boosting

Auto-boosting in the Background

Android system crash protection

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General :: Game-booster Type App For Android?

Jan 16, 2012

I was wondering if there's an app which gives priority to games (CPU wise) and thus the games would run smooth at 1ghz just like iphone 4.

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General :: App To Booster WiFi Signal On LG P350?

Jan 9, 2013

I need an app to booster WIFI signal, on my LG P350.

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General :: Using Android As WiFi Extender?

Dec 10, 2013

I work on a remote site and live in a Donga (A portable bedroom) These Donga's have thick walls and i can barely get our camps wifi, let alone any Phone signal.

I have noticed that my mobile phone can get a medium wireless signal strength if i place it on the window cill and it got me wondering if it could be possible to use my android phone as a wifi repeater so that i could use the internet on my laptop inside my Donga.

Long story short, is it at all possible to have my Android phone connected to a wifi network, and then my laptop tethering with the android phone but using wifi data and not cellular?

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Motorola Droid :: Network Down For Anyone Else?

Nov 19, 2009

browsers working fine on wifi, so dont think its my Droid. been getting constant timeouts when trying over 3g though. getting full bars also.

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Motorola Droid X :: MMS Can Only Be Sent Over Network?

Jul 17, 2010

Why is it that MMS can only be sent through the network and not WIFI on the droid X? On the Evo I was able to send MMS messages through WIFI even if I had no network connection?

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Motorola Droid :: NFL Network App

Aug 8, 2010

I'm getting conflicting info from different VZW stores. Is the NFL Network apparently free to use? I know it is a free download but is there a monthly charge to use it?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Fuel Lite - Battery Extender Case

Jun 22, 2010

Vote from the following link below if you want a HTC EVO 4G Fuel Lite - Battery Extender Case! make a fuel lite case for the new htc evo 4g. If you don't know what the Fuel Lite - Battery Extender is, follow the link below. iPhone 3G / 3GS Fuel Lite - iPhone Battery Case, iPhone Battery Extender UPDATE: I was told by there technical support team, when they receive enough requests and votes, they would consider putting this into production!

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General :: Android Devices And WiFi Extender

Jan 6, 2013

Recently I bought a wifi range extender (TP-Link tl-wa730re first version) and I configured it in order to extend (range extender mode) wifi signal of my router over some rooms of my house. In particular I use this extender to take the signal into a room in which I already get router signal, but it's too low to have a fast connection.

So in this room I have 2 signal (I used this app to analyze my conditions Play Store Link): the router one, with 20-30%, and the repeater one, with 70 %. I haven't any problem with my pc, but I have the same issue with my android devices (galaxy nexus, 2 nexus 7, htc sensation, xperia u): they randomly disconnect themselves for just a couple of seconds and then they switch between the 2 signals

Moreover about every 10 hours, I must reboot the extender, or every android device stops to get a working connection. For example, my gnex lost connection and continuously tries to connect to router, but it always fail.

If I move from this room to another one (especially if in this room router signal is stronger than before) my devices lost connection and I have to reboot phone or tab to get connection back...

My router has a WPA-PSK TKIP-AES password, dhcp enabled, automatic channel search enabled (the usual channel is always free), and wifi bg with a speed up to 125 mbps. My extender has no password configured, dhcp disabled, same channel of router and its extended wifi has been seen by every android as the same of router (only 1 signal is detected into settings).

I already tried to set a static IP from wifi settings on phones but nothing change..

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HTC Droid Eris :: Mobile Network ON - Can't See That Have Any Network Traffic Or Any Apps Running In Background That Are Syncing Data At All

May 29, 2010

My eris has always has pretty alright battery life, what I would expect out of a smartphone, if unplugged at 9AM it usually was running on its last leg around midnight. I've had it for over 5 months now, I've always had it activated on alltel, I installed the 2.1v3 leak before the official OTA was out and just lately it seems like there something very wrong with my battery life...

If I unplug my phone at 9AM within the past week and occasionaly check and respond to a text message, my battery had been down to almost 30% by NOON... what?..

I have noticed that if I disable Mobile Network (3g/1x data), the thing lasts all day and some... If I turn mobile network ON, I can't see that I have any network traffic or any apps running in the background that are syncing data at all... I've had google account sync mess up on me before and have to reset my google account because it gets stuck in a syncing loop, but its not doing that, already checked. Very weird.

Anyone thing it could be something wrong in my ##PROGRAM#/##778# provisioning menu, maybe something got changed?.. Maybe it could be do to Alltel's AT&T merger that's happening right now, maybe some 3G tower's radios are turned off or something...

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Motorola Droid X :: Disconnect From Network?

Jul 31, 2010

This morning I noticed the phone wasn't getting 3g, and I had 1-2 bars at most. I couldn't make or receive any calls even though I did have a couple bars. Stopped at the Verizon store wondering if there was something going on with the network, and was told no. They played with the phone a bit, then dialed into the network to reprogram the phone into the system using *228 80.Is this common? Is this a possible phone issue or an account issue?

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Motorola Droid :: How To Add A Network / Its Dark

Aug 22, 2010

Ever since verizon updated me to 2.2 i can't turn on my wifi. it wont let me add a network its dark. won't let me click it. Anybody know if its the update or if i did something stupid?

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Motorola Droid :: Looking For Football Network

Oct 3, 2010

Yea it's free b/c of reasons said b/4 what I love is the REDZONE, really I am actually watching 4games right now. This is better than going to a sports bar(I am @ work) soooo.FREAK I just saw Jaxsonville down Peyton w/ a 59yard FG.

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