HTC Incredible :: Reboots 4 Times In An Hour

Jun 18, 2010

My HTC Incredible reboots 4 times in an hour, so now I'm starting to get annoyed with it.

HTC Incredible :: reboots 4 times in an hour


HTC Incredible :: Random Reboots 3-4 Times A Day

Nov 2, 2010

Idk what else i can do. i started out on rooted 2.1. At first it was complete fine up until a few weeks ago. Once it started i decided to flash a barebones rooted 2.2 ROM over and i figured it would get rid of the issue. That didn't help it either. So i moved to a more well known ROM thinking maybe it will fix it so i flashed over skyraider 3.3 with sense and its still doing it. This happens like 3 times a day and sometimes it will get caught in a boot loop where it restarts before its even completely loaded. So i have to pull the battery for like 10 min. What else can i do? its soooo annoying

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HTC Incredible :: Best Option For Hour-by-hour Weather?

Jun 3, 2010

HTC's looks nice but is only so helpful. Is there a nice app or is it better just to bookmark or something?

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Motorola Droid :: After Installing Flash - Won't Boot Up At Times - Screen Orientation Won't Switch - Lock-ups, Pages Hang - Multiple Reboots

Aug 21, 2010

Installed flash 10.1 today and since then...won't boot up at times, screen orientation won't switch, lock-ups, pages hang, multiple reboots etc. How do I uninstall this? I've looked on the phone and tried to research online without any luck so I have turned to to the real experts. Help!
Thanks in advance.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Hour X Hour Battery Usage (Manually Update)

Dec 12, 2009

I manually updated my Eris the other night and I must say I am happy with the update, it has really helped with my battery. What I have done is installed Battery Indicator by Darshan Computing. This puts a battery percentage indicator in the notifications area. I have set the built in timer for an hour and when it goes off I make a note of the battery in form of a percentage. Here is what I have so far.

Hour/Percentage of Battery Remaining

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Charged For An Hour And Became Smoking Hot?

Nov 17, 2010

I have been using an amazon kindle usb cable and electrical outlet plug to charge my Dinc for all long time never a problem. Tonight I charged it up for an hour and my phone rang the Dinc was Smoking Hot and the amazon plug was burning and melting plastic on the small end of the plug. What happened? Why all of a sudden and do you think I could have damaged my DInc? It seems to work fine but does smell like burning electronics.

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HTC Incredible :: 90 + Hour Standard Battery Life Achieved

May 16, 2010

The purpose of this discussion is to talk about how applications and usage settings have an impact on standby time. I think we can *all* agree that our Incredible spends more time in idle mode as opposed to actual screen-mashing, voice jabbering, finger pinching usage time. So if one person's battery drops 6% in an hour of standby, and another's only drops 1%, what is the problem? And more importantly, what is the solution?

Standby/Idle: The state of the phone when the screen is off. Pressing the power button brings the device out of standby and all functions are immediately accessible. Phone calls and notifications are possible in standby/idle. Off: The state of the phone when all radios and electrical systems are turned off. Pressing the power button initiates the boot sequence, where one must wait for some time before using the handset................

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HTC Incredible :: Battery Icon - Hour Glass Effect

Jul 15, 2010

Does anyone else's battery go as such - full for a bit, then nothing but the nipple gone for half the day, then suddenly what looks like half left out of no where? No matter how much I use my phone. Like I guess I am looking for an "hour-glass" effect here, it should slowly drain until it's empty. I have never seen my battery icon look 3/4 of the way full, it just skips right over that look on my phone.

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HTC Incredible :: Facebook Events An Hour Late In Calendarc

Sep 9, 2010

With 2.2 facebook events now appear in my calendar.However the start and end time is one hour too late. Other calendar items have the correct time.Clock is on Automatic. Date/time set correctly. Time zone is GMT-07:00 (Pacific and DST, so that is right.)[Menu | Settings | Date & time].If I use the FB App 1.3.2 it shows the event time correctly.Could someone else let me know if your FB events appear in the calendar with either the correct or incorrect time?It'd be helpful if you could confirm your TZ, the TZ chosen by the phone and the event time via the FB app.

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HTC Incredible :: Battery Usage - Loosing 60 Percent Charge In One Hour

Jun 10, 2010

New DINC owner here, I am somewhat questing if my battery is anygood on my new phone. I unplugged my phone with a 100% charge and the green light on. I made one 4 minute phone call and viewed 4 emails and in that 10 minutes my battery went from 100% to 90%.

Stats are:
Unplugged for 10m 22s
android system 92%
voice calls 4%
cell standby 2%
WiFi 2%

Just viewing the battery use screen brought my phone down to 88%. Is this draining to fast? I also noticed last night at work I walked in with a 100% charge, I played around online a good amount and looked at some apps. Within an hour my battery life was down to about 60%. I realize these phones use a lot of battery but this one seems to be losing it's charge in a real hurry, my Blackberry was no where near this bad.

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HTC Incredible :: Weather Set To Sync Every Hour And Have 3g Turn Off Does It Drain Battery Cos

Sep 12, 2010

So if you have your weather set to sync every hour or whatever. and you have 3g turn off, does it drain your battery cos its trying to syn and it cant cos 3g is off and i shuold change that setting, or does it just not sync?

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HTC Incredible :: Random Reboots

Jul 13, 2010

I get about 4+ a day almost always when its just sitting on my desk, and usually not being charged.

I live in an area with only 1 bar reception from anywhere between -94 to -100.

I'm curious to see how many of you out there are experiencing the same problem.

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HTC Incredible :: Random Reboots?

Apr 28, 2010

Received the Incredible today. When I was setting it up the phone it rebooted a couple of times that seemed random to me, but I thought maybe that was part of the setup process. After using for several hours the phone continues to reboot randomly. As an example: I was waiting on a video to load form youtube and the screen went blank and went into reboot. Once I pressed the power key to bring the phone back from sleep mode and it went to what looked like an OS screen with three or four choices to reboot or shutdown the phone. As a side note, the battery was fully charged before I went through setup. Not sure what's going on here.

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HTC Incredible :: 4th - Reboots - Crashes

Jul 23, 2010

my first 2 rebooted about 5 times a day. my 3rd one i did the leaked ota right when i got it and it was freaking awesome. Except the speaker was crackling like it was blown. Now my 4th one is rebooting by itself. I'm tempted to do the leaked ota and see if that fixes it.

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Android :: Incredible Reboots On Its Own

May 29, 2010

My Droid incredible spontaneously restarts several times per day. It occurs when I'm not using it and I notice it turns off and then reboots. Yesterday this occured several times and I needed to "pull the battery." This seemed to improve the problem but today it just happened again. Is this related to some software glitch or do I have bad hardware?

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HTC Incredible :: Getting Spontaneous Reboots

Sep 2, 2010

I have not had any real problems other than two times in the past two weeks (once with Skyraider and just now with stock 2.2). Both times happened while playing a Flash video.

Without warning, the phone goes straight to the "Droiiid" stage of booting. Screen does not go black, it just goes with ZERO delay fast to the splash screen. For Skyraider, the little droid dude showed within a microsecond of the Flash video playing.

Both times- Flash video and then the splash screen suddenly appears. With Skyraider, it happened with the previous version of Flash and with stock 2.2, it happened with the final Flash release.


Kind of wild how fast it goes to the splash screen. It is SO fast, it seems like it is part of the video, until you notice it is the splash screen.

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HTC Incredible :: DI Reboots Instead Of Powering Off

May 15, 2010

It seems that I am unable to fully power off my DI. Here's what I'm doing:Hold down the power button until the popup menu appears Select "Power off" Select "OK" The phone then says its shutting down. The screen goes black for about 5 secs, then it powers back up and goes through the boot process.

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HTC Incredible :: Number Of Random Reboots

Jul 14, 2010

I'm having a very frustrating problem with my phone. I've been noticing a large number of random reboots lately. It primarily happens while I'm listing to music through my bluetooth headphones or my car stereo (connected via bluetooth). When the phone restarts it can't start the bluetooth and I get a force close of a system process. I have to pull the battery and cold boot it to get bluetooth back. Bad hardware?

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HTC Incredible :: Android OS Crashes And Reboots

Jun 3, 2010

Anyone else having problems with their Incredible crashing and rebooting? Happened to me first a week ago, I thought it was a fluke while sending a txt message it randomly rebooted. Today it happened again while listening to the mp3 player with the screen locked and in my pocket.

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HTC Incredible :: Phone Reboots Whenever I Use Inc's Camera?

Oct 11, 2010

Whenever I use the Inc's camera, my phone reboots. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how I can fix it (besides not using the camera)?

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HTC Incredible :: Reboots Randomly While On Phone Call

Aug 3, 2010

my incredible reboots randomly, first noticed one while on a phone call with my dad. It was over bluetooth in car with navigation & gps on. It rebooted mid conversation. I was on 95 in baltimore with 4 bars and 3g. Everything since has been while listening to slacker. Either while phone is sitting there or while surffing the web. Once was while listening in the car in philadelphia on 95 no navigation (always 2-3 bars and 3g) and it didn't start crashing until about two weeks ago. Every crash has been while plugged into a charger also. I haven't noticed any crashes off charger.

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Random Reboots Like The Incredible

Aug 26, 2010

I was wondering if the droid 2 had random rebooting issues.

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HTC Incredible :: Any Application To Track Reboots Of Device?

Aug 4, 2010

It has happened to me 3 times today, once when just sitting on my lap in my chair. After 2hrs sitting there I notice the lights come on, and it rebooted. Anyhow, I have no idea how often this is happening. Are there any apps to track this?

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HTC Incredible :: What's Causing Reboots / Can't Exactly Uninstall 1 App At A Time

Sep 10, 2010

I was using Cyanogen 6.0.2 but it was rebooting randomly so I switched to Ruby 1.1.1. Instead of letting everything come in from my backups on Google's servers, I only restored a small number of apps and have been running it today with minimal applications running. Lo and behold, I just got my first random reboot. It must be some application that I'm running, but since I can't trigger it I can't exactly uninstall 1 app at a time.

I'm very comfortable in the command line (I do it in my job); is there a log somewhere I can read that would list what's happening? I'm not running any special kernels, but I'm starting to wonder if the phone's rebooting due to a kernel panic. Is there a log I can view this kind of information somewhere?

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HTC Incredible :: Way To See An Error Report After Phone Reboots By Itself?

May 18, 2010

I would love to see what is causing my very occasional reboots..

When my pc crashes it gives a report of what caused the errors, id love to see that same thing with my DI..

It would be cool to see that its a downloaded app causing the problem and i would just get rid of the offender

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HTC Incredible :: Random Lockups / Reboots - Crash And Burn

Sep 21, 2010

I'm getting random lockups/reboots all day long. I've been working slowly to figure out what's causing them but it's a very long process to change one thing at a time and wait for stability. So here's what I've changed and here's what I haven't. Can someone else having this same problem let me know if any of these match? If something is listed as changed, that means I either replaced or deleted it and I still have the issue.


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HTC Incredible : Phone Reboots - Video Recording Not Working?

Aug 24, 2010

I have Skyraider 2.5.2, and my whenever I try to record video, my phone reboots. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I was told I need to update my radio. So for 2.15, I need to do unprovoked Forever. How do you do any of the other 2.xx radio updates. I remember something about unrooting your phone or something, but I can't find it anymore.

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HTC Incredible :: Root Trick - Get Into ADB Three Times

Jun 22, 2010

I figure at this point everyone that hasn't got root yet need as many tips as possible and will try just about anything, so here is another tip. I've got into ADB 3 times (initial root, remove apps & install WirelessN), and each of them was on my first try after rebooting my computer. I'm using the pny sd card(for me it's the 4gb class 4 but 2gb works great as well), which seems to have been by far the most successful card, also I have SDK installed as my driver. The method I used was pretty standard, no clicking in & out the sd card, I just left it in the whole time, I didn't even use loop.bat. I know it's annoying to restart your computer after each attempt, but it worked for me.

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HTC Incredible :: Battery Charging Times

Sep 29, 2010

My battery takes forever to charge about 2.5 hours from 10% to full. Anybody else have this issue. I have tried 5 different kernels all about the same.

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HTC Incredible :: Random Reboots / Missing Pictures / Scrambled Ringtones

Nov 4, 2010

I haven't downloaded anything new lately, but my Inc is totally out of whack.I posted the other day about my pictures showing up as gray boxes with exclamation points.I've also, just in the past few days, had random reboots, and last night even got stuck in a short boot loop.Then this morning, my ringtones are all mixed up. All of the ones I had set are something completely different than what I set them to.Is it possible it's my memory card causing all of this? It seems like that would be best case scenario.

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