HTC Incredible :: Verizon Commercial On Camera

May 21, 2010

YouTube - Verizon DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC - Camera

HTC Incredible :: Verizon commercial on  Camera


HTC Incredible :: Another Incredible Commercial - Rising Out Of Black And Red Box

May 18, 2010

i was watching tv and a android commercial came on talking about a 1ghz processor so i turned around and saw the the incredible rising out of a black and red box. It was actually pretty sweet

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HTC Incredible :: New Commercial - Droid Phone Instead Of Facebook Uploader

Oct 1, 2010

Anyone else see the new commercial? They are finally marketing it as a droid phone instead of a facebook uploader.

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HTC Incredible :: Lakers Vs OKC - DInc Commercial - Robotic Sounds

May 1, 2010

I am watching the Lakers vs OKC and just saw my first DInc commercial. Just a short one that is a carryover of the other DROID commercials. Didn't even really show the phone. Just more of the robotic sounds and futuristic visuals.

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Motorola Droid X :: Work For Verizon Wireless - Direct Copy Of Camera 360

Sep 7, 2010

Can anyone give me a hand finding a direct copy of camera 360. I work for Verizon Wireless.

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Motorola Droid :: Can't Setup My Verizon / Yahoo Mail Account (

Nov 10, 2009

For some strange reason I can't seem to set-up my personal e-mail account on this Droid phone. I click on "e-mail", I type in my e-mail address and my password, and then I click "next". And then I get a message that says my username and/or password does not match. But I am positive it does, as I have gone online to test it. I have tried retyping my username and passwrod over and over again without any success. I can't get passed that screen.
I have Verizon FiOS at my house, so my e-mail is set-up through Verizon/Yahoo.

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HTC Incredible :: HTC Or Verizon Logo?

Jul 2, 2010

Do your guys phone have an HTC or Verizon on top? I saw this Engadget article Droid Incredible OTA update said to be bringing mobile hotspot, 720p recording Engadget and the phone has an HTC logo instead of Verizon. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here have a Dinc with htc branding instead of Verizon?

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HTC Incredible :: Which Verizon Case Will You Get?

Apr 24, 2010

Looks like we will only have two Verizon options for cases upon launch. For those of us getting cases from Verizon (until other manufacturers start producing) which one will you choose. I would like this discussion to be focused on just Verizon options.

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Voicemail

Jul 8, 2010

I hardly ever get Voicemails on my phone. However, I just got one and I went to check it and it is asking for a 4 digit pin. I remember getting an automated call from Verizon that they were altering their voicemail system, but now I don't know how to check it. Where do we go to set this up and create our 4 digit pin, etc?

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HTC Incredible :: What Verizon Plan Are You Getting / Using?

Apr 18, 2010

Curious what plans everyone has or is planning to get? At present I have no contract.I just went on and picked a random smartphone and set up a mock plan- total monthly bill came out to $117.97 a month!Does that sound rediculous? The plan includes: 900 minutes +nights and weekends+5 friends+ unlimited texts 79.99 Unlimited Dataplan 29.99 Total Insurance 7.99 TOTAL: 117.97 How can I get a better deal? Or is that what everyone else is going to do?I have the ability to join a friends Family Plan, would that be wise?

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HTC Incredible :: Use Verizon Inc As Gps In Europe?

Sep 15, 2010

I'll be going to Belgium and Germany next week and wondered if there is any way to use my gps in my Verizon inc while there. Does the gps work even if I am on a different cell network?

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Motorola Droid X :: Camera VS HTC Incredible Camera

Jul 17, 2010

So I spent the last hour or more in my backyard in 107 degrees taking pictures of flowers at stock settings with both phones. NOT an easy task I will tell you that. My back hurts, but besides that... I did my best to show the best quality of BOTH cameras, because they are both great. I realize that not everyone will agree with me, or will think I messed with something in my pictures. But these are all completely stock settings, not messed with at all. I only touched the flash on/off button.

My decision is I like the X camera better, it is easier to focus, and much snappier. Plus designated camera button! I found on the Incredible while the pictures look great on the phone itself and in gallery, that as soon as they were uploaded the colours looked washed out and not as great. I know this is due to the AMOLED screen. But both overall great. My decision is the X though.



NOTE: Inc would NOT focus any closer without being extremely blurry, tried a gazillion times.







Outside Panoramic View from X NO FLASH (Just for fun):

Outside Normal View from Incredible:

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HTC Incredible :: How Do You Get Rid Of Verizon Thing That Keeps Popping Up?

Sep 12, 2010

after getting the 2.2 ota, whenever i plug my phone in to my computer it will have the popup say there is software available to use, do you want to install it? and at the same time brings my web browser to a verizon website. i don't see any option for disabling this. is there something i'm missing?

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Network Borked

Jul 26, 2010

I'm not sure if this is related to rooting my phone, I don't think it is, but since my phone is rooted and there's a chance that it is related I figured I'd ask here. I recently downloaded the SwitchPro widget and one of the toggles is a 2G/3G button. I was exploring each switch and this one didn't seem to do anything except disable the mobile non-wifi internet. However since then it's not been working properly at all.This is effecting me if I am without Wifi, so I start by disabling Wifi. If I go to Settings > Wireless & networks, Mobile network is checked and says "Use phone for data connection when Wi-Fi is unavailable." But mobile internet doesn't work (only calls and SMS come through). If I go to Internet and launch a page, I immediately get an error that the network is unavailable with an option to click Settings or Cancel. If I click Settings, the Mobile network checkbox is grayed out and then after a few seconds it says Connected. After a few minutes of being idle, this happens again. If I go back to the Wireless & networks listing, it says "Use phone for data connection when Wi-Fi is unavailable" and the box is checked. If I uncheck and recheck is says "Connected."Clearly this widget borked my Mobile network settings, presumably because it's meant for GSM. How can I restore these settings to what they should be without completely restoring my phone from scratch?

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon 3g Network Very Slow?

Jul 29, 2010

Are you guys having any issues in North East/Tri State area of NYC/NJ? Im not getting MMS, can't download attachments, and internet is bogged down like a hooker after a long night. I wanted to know if it's just me, or if other people are having the same issues? Could it be all the droid X users bogging down our network?

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Contracts - Can We Get Out Without Penalty?

Oct 22, 2010

Got my DINC, 2 of em from a Diamond partner booth in the mall. So many problems, and there was so much we are still discovering. Because it seemed to be lack of full disclosure, can we get out of the contract legally?
The issues have been:
- Didn't notify us about cancellation fee of previous line (we knew but he mad eit sound like he found a way around it - nope)
- Didn't cancel a line so we incurred a month and a half of charges on it
- Employee discount we were counting on was ineligible on unlimited plans and only applies to the primary account on a family plan (just found out today, 3 months later after wondering why the discount was so low) Do you think we have recourse to cancel our contract?

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Pre-order Warning

Apr 18, 2010

I called and spoke with two different CSR on the phone today as well as one the guys at our local Verizon corporate store. I am still undecided about whether to pre-order tomorrow to save myself from dealing with the mail-in rebate or buying it in store on 4/29. The first CSR I spoke with told me I should receive the phone by FedEx on 4/29. I called later to ask another question about my ne2 and changing plans. I asked the second CSR the same "when will I get it if I pre-order" question and she says I will get it on Friday 4/30. I told her that every thing I have heard and read says it will be there by Thursday 4/29. She told me it was going to be shipped using FedEx 2-day service. I called my local store in Indiana to see if they have ever sold out of any phones when they debut. He says that most of the excitement over the Incredible is by "techies" like me and he expects plenty in stock. I had him check to see when I would get it if I pre-ordered online. He says that it would be shipped 2-day FedEx and I would receive it on Friday 4/30. I told him I would be in on 4/29 to get my phone because I do not want to take a chance on waiting an extra day. This is just a FYI for those expecting it on Thursday because it may take an extra day to get to you.

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Android :: Stay With Verizon And Get Incredible Or Get Evo?

May 23, 2010

looking forward to getting my first android. I currently have an LG Dare with verizon and my contract isn't up until October. So I'm due for an upgrade and can get the Incredible whenever I want. I have been reading up on the Evo (still don't know a lot, but I do know some of the differences between the phones) and can't decide if the Evo is worth getting to pay $80 for ETF.I just started working at Walmart so I can get a 20% discount at Verizon, not sure on Sprint as of now, I live Springfield, MO (3rd largest city in MO) Sprints site says it has "best" coverage, but I don't see 4G being in the picture for a while.Should I stay with Verizon and get the incredible and just get a 4g phone next year? or make the leap to my 3rd carrier in 6 years?

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HTC Incredible :: Why Doesn't Verizon Do What Apple Does?

Apr 12, 2010

Ok so whenever Apple has something "special" or "magical" they hold a press conference, show off the device or software and generate huge industry buzz and keep the fanboys apple-boners hard. Take the iPad and recent iPhone OS4. Yeah people came out and said they hate what they are a closed system, but 700,000+ iPads sold obviously was generated by the press conference/unveiling. So my question is, why don't Verizon, Google and HTC team up and unveil the incredible a month or so in advance? Do pre-sales and make it happen. sounds simple and lucrative.Without it being unveiled this forum has generated 31k+ replies and 1.8 million views on the **Official** thread for the Incredible and its NOT EVEN OUT YET.

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Annual Upgrade

Oct 29, 2010

my dad has the primary line on my plan and he pays more than 49.99 per month so he qualifies for the annual upgrade. i wanted to know if i can use that upgrade as an alternate upgrade and upgrade my samsung reality to an htc incredible using his upgrade?

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HTC Incredible :: Why Are Verizon Employees So Dishonest?

May 11, 2010

I went to my local store today to see if they had any of the phone in stock, and the rep said "we don't know when we'll get more". They don't know? So Verizon managers has no control over their inventory and when they need more of a product? Bullshit. How did they even know they would carry the phone in their store in the first place? I mean they "didn't know" if they were getting them, right?Then he said that if I ordered the phone through them, it would ship to the store in a couple days where I could pick it up. But wait doesn't it say on VZW's site that the phone is still backordered until 5/29? How are they going to get any? Commission-salary employees are almost always dishonest.

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HTC Incredible :: Remove Verizon Branding?

Apr 20, 2010

The Verizon logo on the front of the phone is horrible.I hate their logo and it looks obnoxious. Is there any possible way to safely remove it without ruining/scratching the phone?

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HTC Incredible :: Anyone Removed Verizon Branding?

May 16, 2010

Has anyone successfully removed the Verizon (check/wording) branding @ top under the speaker yet?If so how did you do it? If Sugar method, did it leave any scratches (small, large, only noticeable under sunlight, none)?Am looking at doing this when I get my Steinheil's in for a cleaner look. Any help/tips would be appreciated.

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Data Plan

Jul 23, 2010

I have an incredible on order and was charged $213 for the phone to be delivered Monday the 7/26 The price on the phone is $500 plus and is paid for my upgrading a 2 year contract.I want the phone but not sure if i want to pay for a data plan,i can be wifi almost any where I go.....i know I lose 24/7 connection and GPS (is there any FREE stand alone GPS app for android).I bought a used ERIS to play w/ while waiting for the incredible no phone service just wifi and has worked great for me. If I don't activate the incredible, HOW DOES VERIZON bill the difference for the new phone, $300 plus dollars different from what I paid?

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HTC Incredible :: Verizon Training Workshop

May 7, 2010

My husband just got an email offering a workshop on using the Inc! Crazy when the phone does so much that you need that! Has anyone been to one of those before? Is it worth it?

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HTC Incredible :: Why Is Verizon Not Marketing Their Best Phone

May 10, 2010

What happened to the Incredible marketing I think I've seen like one boring commercial which does not even show the phone and one or two radio ads, that's it? when you have the best phone out in the market shouldn't they be marketing it? The Motorola is still be marketed as the best phone in all the radio ads and commercials they have.Its so annoying I'd like to see the incredible being marketed everywhere.

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HTC Incredible : Verizon Temporarily Unavailable

Apr 19, 2010

Looks like they finally put up the banner on there website and signing in to your account is temporarily unavailable. ALSO, maybe this was there before but it states 4/16-4/19 Activation is FREE ONLY during that period.

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HTC Incredible : Verizon States There Was No Update

Jul 28, 2010

I just got off the phone with a member of the verizon Wireless higher ups, Mr. Avram Polinsky, Executive Relations Coordinator at Verizon Wireless, in regards to an e-mail I sent to CEO Lowell McAdam about the July 16th update. I was told there was no update for the Incredible. The only update was for the Eris. He said there is an update being worked on but he couldn't state when that is going to be released. He said there was no update coming in the immediate future. (Guess that squashes the Froyo Rumors) I talked with him about the signal and call quality issues and he stated that HTC and Google were working on the issue. He also stated he was on the various blogs and is aware of the rumors going around. He apologized for the mis-information and stated the persons who gave the bad information about the July 16th update would be dealt with. So to sum it all up, according to Verizon Wireless Executive Relations, there was no July 16th update, it was an Eris update only, and there will be no updates in the immediate future. There is one in the works, however he has no idea when it will be released, and when it does, it will take about a week to reach everyone, so it doesn't overload the system. Just an update for those who care. I think we all knew there was no update released. Its nice to get that confirmed by Verizon Wireless Corporate though.

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HTC : How Verizon Is Handling Incredible Launch

Apr 24, 2010

Is anyone else surprised about how Verizon is handling the Incredible launch? I thought we would be spammed with ads for the phone which launches on Thursday like we were for the launch of the Moto Droid. So far I have not seen or heard one commercial for it and no one I have talked to even knows that this most awesome phone is just about to come out. Is this because HTC didn't pony up any ad money to Verizon or is Verizon testing a new marketing trick or what (I don't know how advertising works with cell phones as far as who pays for what)? I'm really amazed at the lack of hype they're building here. Obviously us geeks are excited but I don't think it spreads too far beyond that.

With that being said, what do you all think that the first week launch numbers are going to look like? Obviously they will be good. I'm just thinking that they could be much much better.

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HTC Incredible :: Get Different Ringtones From Verizon Wireless?

May 1, 2010

Verizon Wireless tones say I have no memory to download a ringtone. Yet, I have more than plenty. Anyone downloaded any ringtones from there? Or any idea of how to get different ringtones?

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