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HTC Incredible :: Screen Is Too Sensitive

The touch screen on my Incredible is way too sensitive for me. Maybe I need to develop a lighter touch when scrolling but what I'd really like is a way to adjust the sensitivity.Update problem solved. I was unintentionally tapping when I started my scrolls. Now I'm careful not to let my finger bounce and all is well.

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Samsung Moment :: During Phone Calls Screen Too Sensitive Face Touching Screen
anyone have this problem w/ the moment whereby your face touches the screen and causes accidentally pressed keys, things to move on screen, etc. associated w/ touching the screen? I think I remember this happening once or twice on the moment but admittedly, I don't use it much so not sure if the lock screen was on, screen was off, etc. Just looking to see if anyone if affected by this or if it's a known problem.

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LG Ally :: Screen Too Sensitive
My Ally screen seems way too sensitive. When I try to get my voicemail and attempt to enter my password, it seems that it sometimes enters numbers for me and I get a message indicating that it is the wrong password. ?

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HTC EVO 4G :: How To Get Phone Run Faster / Screen More Sensitive?
So I just rooted my Evo on 2.2 using unrevoked and now I want to know what the best way to go is from here. I'm looking for the phone to run faster and for the screen to be more sensitive with the fps unlocked like I have seen on a few vids on YouTube.

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Android :: How To Get Screen All Dark But Still Touch Sensitive
I want to get the display as dark as possible but I also want the display to remain touch sensitive.So I can't turn the display off, otherwise it wouldn't react to touch anymore. And I use WindowManager. LayoutParams. screenBrightness to get the screen as dark as possible. And I put a layer colored black over the entire display.That works, but at night one sees that the screen is still quite strongly illuminated.Does anybody have an idea of how to get the screen even darker?

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HTC Hero : Touch Screen Seems To Be Not Completely Sensitive
Just 3 days ago my Hero started to not work properly. Touch screen (in the bottom, keys 7-8-9 of numerical keyboard) seems to be not completely sensitive and sometimes it doesn't work at all in that zone.

The curious thing is the phone starts working properly after using it for a couple of hours. If the device is in stand-by mode for a long time (i.e. during the night) the issue occurs. Has anyone had a similar problem or know of a solution?

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HTC Incredible :: Optical Pad Needs To Be More Sensitive
Optical pad needs to be more sensative. Takes forever to scroll down lists and I have to swipe like 100 times. Is there anyway to increase sensitivity? There has got to be a setting some where similar to Windows settings for your PC mouse.

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HTC Incredible :: Touch Sensitive Buttons Do Not Light Up Sometimes
This seems to be an issue that I may have just noticed. Sometimes when I turn on my phone the touch sensitive buttons do not light up. They may eventually light up but it would take a while. Also sometimes they light up immediately with no problem. Is anyone else having this same issue?

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HTC Incredible :: Brightness Sensor Too Sensitive / Turn Auto Off
Does your brightness sensor seem to be a bit too sensitive? When I have my Incredible on auto brightness and I am reading a website I can watch it adjust up and down when there are no changes in the brightness of the room I am in. My fix was to just select a brightness and turn auto off.

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Motorola Droid X :: How To Make My Droid X Screen A Bit Less Sensitive To Touch?
Does anyone know how to make my Droid X screen a bit less sensitive to touch.What I mean is when scrolling for music or ringtones I barely touch the screen and it selects the song or ringtone.How can I desensitize it??

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LG Eve :: Home/Back Button Too Sensitive
If I go to use the camera or am not careful in other apps, my hand touches one of these keys and I am exited from the app I was using. Is there any kind of skin to put on top of this until that would make these buttons available when I actually need to press them? Or is there some setting in the menus to disable them, or configure them?

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Android :: Increase The Swipe More Sensitive
I need to increase the swipe more sensitive. how to change any idea....

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Touchscreen Isnt Very Sensitive
ok my hero's touchscreen isnt very sensitive, i will try to click somethign and it wont respond, like when i am dialing, it will work to good for some numbers, but other numbers refuse to work.

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HTC EVO 4G :: How Sensitive Phone Is To Switch From Portrait To Landscape?
I have been trying to find some information if there is any way to adjust how sensitive the phone is to switch from portrait to landscape.I hate the fact that I have to shake my phone to get it to switch Other phones I have have used never were this stubborn before.

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Samsung Captivate :: Touch Sensitive Buttons
Has anyone figured out how to adjust the touch sensitive buttons backlight settings?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Place Where I Can Save Sensitive Information On Phone?
I'm new to the world of Androids. I have the the HTC Evo 4G and wanted to know if there is a place where I can save sensitive information on my phone? I converted from the BB Bold 9700 on ATT, that phone had a password keeper. Evo does not seem to have a similar application.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Way To Make Touch Buttons On Bottom Less Sensitive?
Anyone know any way to make the touch buttons on the bottom less sensitive? Gees, I can't touch the phone without opening the Quick Search. It's not just the button, it's the entire right bottom corner of the phone which activates this. Any utility, tape, hack or anything else to disable this button?

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Samsung Epic 4G :: Keep Touch-Sensitive Buttons ALIVE
I got pretty good guessing the touch buttons one they time out, but still annoying as I did miss sometimes.Well just now, I decided to do something about it.A real quick poke through the phone revealed a very easy fix.The path is here.Settings[Sound & Display[Keyboard timeout[Same as Screen timeout my screen timeout is 1 min.As we all know, and I verified this. The keyboard backlight only turns on when the slider is open. Now the touch-sensitive buttons will infact stay lit as long as you would need them, while the screen is on .Life just got a little easier B)

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Android : Make Application Sensitive To Font Size
When I use sp as my font size unit in the XML file, I go to spare parts and change font size, my app's font size is not changing. Does anyone know a way to resolve that?

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Samsung Moment :: Notification Bar Is No Longer Sensitive To Touch
For some reason my notification bar is no longer sensitive to touch. All the notifications are showing up but when I go to pull the screen down it no longer recognizes this action or that I'm touching it. Every once in a while it will work again for no reason that I can tell.

When I try and press on the bar it usually thinks I'm pressing whatever widget is at the top near it. I've tried moving finger positioning but to no avail.

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Battery Draining Quickly / Touchscreen Very Sensitive
The problems I'm having:
- The battery is draining wicked fast.
- The phone is ridiculously hot like the radio is working overtime.
- And the screen is so sensitive that when swiping home screens the damn thing tries to go back, or skips a screen. In the browser if I scroll up or down with just one finger it tends to try to pinch zoom. And on the home screen when trying to press and hold an app it double clicks and opens it. The on screen keyboard many times just blips out when swyping trying to type one word and it ends up being 4-5.

So I tried turning the phone off and back on. No difference. Did the OTA update. No difference. I didn't even install any apps yet. But I did remove everything from my home screens to hopefully fix the battery life. No difference. I like the keyboard (miles ahead of the D1) and the fact swype comes stock, if it would only work correctly. Does every droid 2 have these problems? Are they all hot all the time? Are they all super sensitive? Are they all sucking battery at a phenomenal rate?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Need Water Sensitive / Tamper Evident Stickers
A friend dropped my phone in beer and now the sticker is red and I'm tempted to take it all apart to see if the little water evident sticker on the inside near the usb port is also red but don't want to take it all apart just to be able to never get it repaired. I'm looking for both the water evident stickers and the little white one covering that screw behind the battery door cover.

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Samsung I7500 :: Music Player Sensitive To Headphone Jack Motion / Disable Those Events?
I've experienced the following annoying issue while using my Galaxy as a music player:

Motion of the headphone jack (e.g. while walking with phone in pocket) can be sufficient to trigger events that shut down music player or cause it to skip tracks. This is a major usability issue.

I'd like to disable those events or somehow configure the music player to be insensitive to them.

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HTC Incredible :: Disable Auto Screen Dim Upon Screen Shut Off
Since root has been attained, I have a feeling this app would be possible:An app that disabled the screen dim right before the screen times out.My guess is (and please correct me if I'm wrong) that the voltage outgoing to the screen changes, and therefore dims the screen. If an app could be developed that maintains this voltage, the screen could be at a constant voltage, and not dim, ever.Has anyone heard of an app like this, and, if not, is there anyone interested in developing this?I am sure a lot of people (like myself) would be willing to donate for a program like this.

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HTC Magic :: Magic Keyboard Last Row Not Sensitive
Wonder you guys have experience this issue with the keyboard whether is in Portrait or Landscapre, I noticed that the last row "keys" are not sensitive.. you will have to touch the 'key" button a little above the bottom line of the screen to be able to sense it.

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HTC Incredible :: Phone's Shattered Incredible Screen
So i think i might have the first shattered Incredible screen. I dropped it from two feet onto the metal camera protruding part. It hit with very little force. You can barely even see the mark from falling. So i pick it up and notice the entire screen is shattered when the screen was face up, the screen didn't even hit the ground! I can't believe how thin the Incredible screen is, it literally crumbled jut from the force of a light fall. I'm unimpressed in the build quality of the glass. I want to contact HTC about this and see if they can help me out, it seems like a manufacturing defect, maybe a weak screen? I need to find the biggest case that i can find for my replacement, one that could absorb a fall if it falls on the back part. I am thinking maybe a pillow as a case? That might help. Now im out ANOTHER 100 bucks to make an insurance claim on this. I highly recommend people keeping the insurance, the screen blows up even if it is not directly the part that hits if it is dropped.

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HTC Incredible :: Stuck At HTC Incredible Boot Screen
I rooted a few days ago and did the forever S-off. I have ROM Manager loaded and was poking around in the system. I downloaded Skyraider and ROM Manager asked me to reboot. Not thinking it wouldn't let me know what it was doing when in recovery before doing something the rom had been applied. Now the Phone has for 40+ minutes been at the "HTC Incredible" boot screen.

I have read not to pull the battery but The power Button and Volume button do nothing so I could really use some suggestions. As a little more info I have not flashed the radio yet so it was a 1.x radio that a 2.2 rom was just seemingly applied to.

Bricked or recoverable? I have a Nandroid backup if someone can help me get back to that point...

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HTC Incredible :: Incredible's Amoled Screen Vs Evo Larger Lcd
I have an Incredible and a friend just got the Evo. I also went to HTC's Evo launch party in NYC so I've had my fair share of time with it and I have to say, IMHO, I was shocked at the difference in AMOLED vs LCD.

I never really gave much thought to it and I always thought it wouldn't really make a difference but HOLY COW.

It was the first and glaring thing to me whenever comparing the phones. Everything from the home screen to widgets to photos, videos, web sites. It was quite dramatic. The LCD on the Evo always looked kind of washed out since I've become used to the AMOLED.

The viewing angles, crispness, deep blacks and color saturation on the AMOLED is a huge win for me.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Quality On Incredible Vs. Droid
I just got my incredible in the mail to replace my droid and i'm hoping that i just have a lemon here. anyone that is coming from a droid, do you notice a huge drop in quality in the screen resolution vs the droid? yeah, the incredible's screen is brighter, but the screen is so heavily pixelated compared to my old droid. it's a big shame because i absolutely love the phone but the websites are almost unbearable to read.

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HTC Incredible :: HTC Incredible Screen In Light
whats up if anyone else has this problem how its really hard to see the screen when in daylight post up heres a video of what happens to me when it goes in the light.

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HTC Incredible :: Stuck At The HTC Incredible Screen
I've had the phone since launch day with no problems. No suddenly, it's being weird. Yesterday I kept trying to answer a call and the other line would be dead. Then when I would try to cal the person back, there was a horrible high pitch buzzing noise in the speaker. So I did a battery pull and that seemed to fix it.

Now today, I turned the phone on and it' stuck on the initial "HTC Incredible" screen. It won't get past the screen. Has this happened to anyone?

The phone is not rooted.

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HTC Incredible :: Can't See Screen In Sun
In the sun light, Especially with Polarized glasses. I can't see the screen at all. Its just about useless in the sun.

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HTC Incredible :: Is Bad For Screen To Keep It On?
I have phone charger just about everywhere I go, so I keep my screen on most of the time. Is this bad for the phone or the screen itself? I use a live wallpaper so nothing gets burned in, just don't want the screen to fade or anything.

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HTC Incredible :: What's The Inc's Screen DPI
What's the Inc's screen DPI? Just wondering...

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HTC Incredible :: Where To Get New Screen
So I did something bone-headed and accidentally shattered the screen on my Incredible yesterday. Even after removing the battery and putting it back in, all I see on the screen are some multi-colored dots in the lower half of it.

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement screen? I called HTC and their vendor, but they were not any help. I did not have insurance on it at the time (though I thought I did, but it's a moot point).

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HTC Incredible :: Can You Go Screen Comando
I dont like the idea of a screen protector but my question is have some of you not used them and gotten by without scratching the screen as long as you are careful? Had planned on keeping mine in my pocket without anything else in my pocket to scratch it?

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HTC Incredible :: Why The Top Of Screen Blurry?
The top of my dincs screen is blurry, its like 1/10th of an inch from the top of the screen dwn it is noticable blurry compared to the rest of the scren. I can only notice this when browsing the web or when is used the screen test app

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HTC EVO 4G :: Screen Responsiveness - Incredible
Some people over a PPCGeeks are encountering some of the same screen responsiveness issues that Incredible users were seeing (non-responsive touch screen when phone is on non-conductive surfaces). I have experienced this myself when my phone is in the car dock and when it is laying on plastic or fabric. On my phone, it seems to only be on the top half of the screen.

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HTC Incredible :: Dust In Screen?
I've had my Inc since near the beginning (AMOLED), and just recently noticed a speck of dust under the screen. Nothing major, but a bit annoying when you're OCD like me. I bought it from Best Buy originally. Is this a pretty standard issue for the Inc, and most large screened smartphones for that matter? Is it worth taking in?? Will the problem just get worse, or is it an inevitable thing?

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Slides By Itself
I have several different screen layouts when I slide to the left or to the right. As of 5 minutes ago, when I press the Home key, it goes to the home screen, but then automatically slides to the screen to the left, and then slides again to the left. I dont know if this might be something I accidentally programmed without knowing, or if its just some kind of bug.

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HTC Incredible :: Could Not See Screen In The Sunlight?
I had previously reported to a user and a friend that I could not see my Incredible in the sunlight - was a bit embarrassing considering how it was 'new technology'. It turns out that I had my Brightness at 25% to conserve battery. I could not see a hint of my screen let alone someone calling when it was sunny out. I didn't even have to be in the direct sunlight.

I decided to turn my brightness up to 100% (and on automatic), and I could see everything even when it was really sunny out! After a few days of being grumpy about not being able to see my screen in the sun - I am now very relieved that I can see my Incredible in the sun. So morale of the story, if you live in a sunny state, change your brightness to high or automatic - it is WELL worth the battery sacrifice if you are outdoors a lot and need to see your screen. I've also noticed the High setting also decreases glare from indoor lights.

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HTC Incredible :: GPS Screen Timeout
I finally had a chance to try the Google Maps turn by turn navigation, and i love it, but i got one problem.

To save on battery, i keep my phone display timeout to 2 minutes. The problem im running into is when the screen times out, it kills the navi and i gotta restart it....very annoying and sucks if a turn is coming up

Does anyone know a way to keep the screen from timing out while either plugged in, or in the Maps app?

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HTC Incredible :: Screen On Widget
Anyone know of a widget that will turn your screen on when you remove it from a magnetic holster? And turn it off when you holster it? Hitting the power button is a bit awkward.My BB used to do that. Just a thought.

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Moving On Its Own
im having similar issues that others have reported of their screens moving on their own. if im on my home screen, the pages will flip to the right on its own. this isnt the only place it happens. one example is when im trying to enter text. the selection will move away from the text box the the send button. do i have a defective screen? i installed a zagg screen protector on the phone and its slightly overlapping on the top left side of the optical track. could it be that? should i take it to verizon?

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Cracked
Today I noticed a crack In the glass extending from the left side of the optical track button to just under the home key. Phone was never dropped and always kept in the bodyglove case! Have no idea how I got there and verizon wants me to file a claim and won't warranty it !It appears to be a stress crack from where the hole is in the glass to allow the optical button to be Installed.

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HTC Incredible :: Cracked Screen
I was going to get my son from the bus stop and dropped my phone about 2 ft on to the driveway. The Screen is completely shattered. The phone still works but I'm kinda screwed at the moment. I got Wirelesszone insurance and left asurion cause they told me it was cheaper, covers water dmg etc.. They didn't tell me is there is 30 day waiting period and i got the phone may 5th. I been looking online to see if i can find a new glasstop and replace it myself but i only found 1 on ebay for $125 and takes 2 weeks to arrive from China. I can wait until my 30 day waiting period and make a claim and pay $75 deductible, but I really don't want to have a shattered screen for 2 more weeks.

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HTC Incredible :: GPS And Screen Time Out
With my Blackberry Bold, the screen times out after 30 seconds of inactivity. This is fine unless I am using the GPS and Google Maps. I always have to hit a button when driving to get the phone to kick back on. Without setting your screen time out to never, will the screen stay on using Google Maps on the Incredible?Also, people say the screen is hard to see in the sun. Will this be a problem in the car or does the screen have enough brightness if it is shaded in the car?

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HTC Incredible :: New 2.2 Screen Rotation
My 2.1 rom only went into landscape mode when I turned the phone counter-clockwise. I have found that since updating to 2.2, the screen will go into landscape if I go either direction! I really liked the old one way landscape, and I wonder if this was intended, or just the result of an unfished leak...

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HTC Incredible :: Use An App For Print Screen
Anyone use an app for print screen on the Incredible?

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HTC Incredible :: Screen Flips On Its Own
I know that myself and several others at another forum have been having issues where our home screens are flipping on their own. I have the added issue where, in whatever app I happen to be in when the phone starts freaking out, my cursor will jump from one position to many others - all on its own. after 1 month of use, I'm sure that this has something to do with light and the optical joystick. how many Incs here have the same problem.

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