HTC Hero :: Which Software Update To Download From Phone Website?

Nov 5, 2009

Ive recently bought a Hero phone, i purchased it from carphonewarehouse on an orange contract. The handset itself is unbranded, my question is, which software update shall i download from the HTC website? Does the Orange software update imporve any functionality on the Orange network? or shall I just download the HTC update and avoid any nasty Orange GUI?

HTC Hero :: Which software update to download from Phone website?


HTC Hero :: 2.1 Update On Website

Jun 9, 2010

2.1 update on HTC's website. Quote:

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Phone Says There's An Update - Website Says No

Oct 22, 2010

Well, that says it all. My X10 mini says the system update must be done with a computer via SE website. But on the website, it says there's no update :

By the way, there's an X10 system update. May my phone be confounding them ?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Website To Get Accessories For Phone?

Feb 12, 2010

(sorry if posted already) i was wondering if anyone knew what the best website was to get accessories for the sprint hero.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Way To Save Pictures From Website To Phone?

Jan 31, 2010

I'm new to all this jargon so please be kind! I want to be able to save pictures from the Internet on my phone when I am browsing the Internet on my phone. For example, say I am on a website and I see a picture I like how do I save it to my phone? You can't click save as anywhere, can you? Is what I'm wanting to do called taking a screenshot? Is that what's it's called on the ipod touch when you click the two buttons and it saves it? If so, I'll go to that thread. Oh, also, when would I use the footprint widget? Does that just save a bunch of pictures for easy viewing?

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HTC Hero :: Applications To Download After 2.1 Update?

Mar 22, 2010

Instead of banging on about WHEN the update is coming, I'm trying to be positive, soo, what apps is everyone looking forward to getting post-2.1?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Unable To Download / Update New Or Existing Applications?

Feb 9, 2010

I don't know what to do. I have tried clearing the cache of the market, and the apps that are affected with updating. I can't use a backup utility, because well, if I try to restore anytime recently, the same issue exists. I am completely confused as to what made this happen and how to fix it. I would rather not wipe the phone to factory defaults.

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Motorola Droid :: Application Or Website To Download Movies

Feb 6, 2010

Is there an app or a website where I can download movies on my droid with no computer

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Android :: Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError When Download Large Data From Website

May 30, 2010

when i download large data from website, i got this error information:

I/global (20094): Default buffer size used in BufferedInputStream constructor.
It would be better to be explicit if an 8k buffer is required.
D/dalvikvm(20094): GC freed 6153 objects / 3650840 bytes in 335ms
I/dalvikvm-heap(20094): Forcing collection of SoftReferences for 3599051-byte al
D/dalvikvm(20094): GC freed 320 objects / 11400 bytes in 144ms
E/dalvikvm-heap(20094): Out of memory on a 3599051-byte allocation.
I/dalvikvm(20094): "Thread-9" prio=5 tid=17 RUNNABLE
I/dalvikvm(20094): | group="main" sCount=0 dsCount=0 s=0 obj=0x439b9480
I/dalvikvm(20094): | sysTid=25762 nice=0 sched=0/0 handle=4065496

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Samsung Captivate : Sync AppBrain App Up With Online Website To Download Apps?

Nov 24, 2010

So, I haven't been able to sync the AppBrain app up with the online website. I want to download all the apps that I've selected on the website.

I've done this already for about 70 apps.

I've already checked my connection with my gmail account, it's all good. I'm just going to go through and install them all manually, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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Samsung Captivate : App - Website That Download - Stream Video Clips In 720p?

Jul 22, 2010

Is there an app or website that lets you download or stream video clips (movie trailers, etc.) in 720p?

I tried youtube and selected "view in high quality" but I highly doubt it was displaying 720p.

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General :: Vanilla 4.2.2 ROM / Nexus 4 - Apps Won't Download From Play Store Website

Feb 18, 2013

A few days ago I flashed a vanilla 4.2.2 ROM to my Nexus 4 and restored the Titanium backup to it. Today I realized that when I get apps from the Play Store website, they never get downloaded to the device. Downloading via Play Store app works fine. I followed these suggestions but nothing worked: [URL] .....

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HTC Incredible :: OTA File Download On Phone?

Sep 5, 2010

I downloaded and updated to Froyo, but I want that update file so I can manually update to 2.2 after I do a factory reset. Is the update file that is available for download on the Google site the same one that comes OTA?

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Motorola Droid :: Download To Root Phone

Jun 10, 2010

The link for to root your phone is a dead link. Can someone please post an updated link so I can download this file and any other files I need to root.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Download New OTA Update For Phone And Do It Manually?

May 20, 2010

Is there a way to download the new OTA update for the Eris and do it manually?

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Motorola Droid X :: Root Phone After Download 2.2 Official Update?

Sep 22, 2010

I just received my X 2 days ago. i just downloaded the new 2.2 the official update. can i root my phone now?

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Android :: Update Database With An Xml Hosted On A Website

Nov 3, 2010

Good morning everyone, I am new to programming with Java and Android, I'm trying to make an application to seek an xml in a web address and contains information that should be saved in my sql lite ... The doubt is as follows: I have to download and save the xml file on the device or can just work with it in memory, example: xml = xml.create ( / meuxml.xml); how would you do?

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Android :: Install And Update - App From My Own Website And Not Market

Oct 1, 2010

Is is possible for me to publish an android app on my own website and not use android market. The app is for use with our internet software services and is therefor only in the interest of our existing clients.

The second questions is, can I install updates to my app after it is installed or would I have to use the market to accomplish that task?

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Jelly Bean :: Google Now (Website Update Card)

Nov 19, 2013

So the recent update for Google Now introduced the new feature that gives you cards when a "website" updates, much like RSS. Trouble is, I can't find where to activate this, change settings, or specify what websites to watch etc, I can only find news reports of such a feature. Or is this only for 4.4 KK?

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HTC Hero : Way To Download Files From Phone?

Jun 17, 2010

When there is a countdown for a "non-premium" download, specificially megaupload. Does this make sense? Whenever there is a countdown download, my dolphin browser loads the page up and the countdown stops. Does anyone know a workaround to this problem?

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HTC Hero : Start Download Movies Onto Phone?

Nov 17, 2009

What apps do i have to install and how do i start downloading movies onto my hero

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Download New 2.1 Leak To Phone?

May 17, 2010

How to download the new 2.1 leak to my hero? This is not only for me their are a couple of people out there that all.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Way To Download / Run Google Earth On Phone?

Jun 5, 2010

Anybody have any luck downloading and running Google Earth on a Sprint Hero 2.1?

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HTC Hero :: Phone Doesnt Download IMAP Emails

Mar 18, 2010

I have a HTC Hero on o2 (an unlocked G2 Touch to be specific) which is set up to connect to my work email using the on-board mail app (the non-gmail one). As I have folders for my emails, I use IMAP both within Outlook 2003 at work and on the Hero. This all worked swimmingly for about 2 months and then recently I have noticed that I have been getting a lot fewer emails both on the Hero and within Outlook. I have also seen emails which I received during the day in Outlook disappearing after about an hour or so. I have spoken to my email provider and they tested it by sending me an email (genius) which strangely is still present in outlook, although it didn't appear on my hero. So in summary, it seems that I have two problems - my hero doesnt seem to download any emails, and my IMAP account is losing emails. I should probably add that my hero is configured to show all emails (irrespective of age or size). I have also checked my webmail and the emails are missing from there.

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HTC Hero :: How To Download / Unlock Italian Without Rooting Phone?

Feb 25, 2010

Wonder if any experts here can help me. I have just received a new HTC Hero (T Mobile UK G2 Touch). Unfortunately it appears to be running a somewhat crippled version of the languages. My wife is Italian and frequently texts in Italian but unfortunately there is no Italian language support, only English, Dutch and Czech which seems strange. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to download or unlock Italian without rooting the phone? Would predictive text work and would I only be able to change the text language and not the whole phone language?

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HTC Hero : Way To Download Brand-free Droid For Unlocked 3UK Phone?

Feb 10, 2010

I appear to have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle. I recently bought a 3 Mobile HTC Hero and unlocked it successfully. After putting in my Vodafone sim card and starting up the phone, it doesn't seem to be letting me access Vodafone internet. I'm guessing this is because I have the 3 version of the ROM. Is there any way I can download the brand free rom or even just fix this internet problem? This is my first smart phone and I really didn't think this would be a problem. I assumed with android boasting it's open-source-ness that branding wouldn't be an issue.

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM - Website Down?

Aug 18, 2010

Was about to install VillainROM 12 when I discovered VillainROMs website seems to be down. Is this me? Or is it broken? Can anyone give me an alternative download link as I am now stuck between ROMs and am on 1.5!

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Fun Apps On Phone That I Can Download To Interact With Other Android Users?

Sep 3, 2010

That I can download to interact with other android users.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: OS Not Supported On Website

Oct 31, 2009

When trying to access some websites from HTC hero phone I get the following:sorry but only the following operating systems are supported at this time: Microsoft Windows XP Vista Apple mac Please check soon for support for other operating systems.Is there a workaround to view these sites using HTC hero?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Auto Download Stops Saying Download Unsuccessful

Jun 1, 2010

I am having problems when i recieve a photo in a text message, sometimes it will auto download but then it stops after a couple of days and i just get a message saying download unsuccessful. I have taken it in and had the phone re set but i want to know if there is another way to fix this problem from happening i am tired of loosing every thing or not getting my pics.

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