HTC Hero :: VillainROM 12.0.0 Final - WWE Android 2.1

Jul 1, 2010

VillainROM 12.0.0 based on HTC OTA update WWE 2.1. Lots of stuff in the OP that wasn't in 11. Livewallpapers, Rosie config, Friendstream, News widget fixed, etc.
[ROM] VillainROM 12.0.0 Final - WWE Android 2.1 by TeamVillain - xda-developers
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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 12.0.0 Final - WWE Android 2.1


HTC Hero :: VillainROM 5 Final Build

Mar 29, 2010

New ROM over at XDA for those of you who haven't seen it. Just flashed it. It's a port from a CDMA Hero build, basically a final build apparently. Seems nice so far except for a dodgy skin ( will be available tonight apparently to revert to normal sense), and I can't seem to sync my facebook contacts.
[ROM] 29/03/10 - VillainROM 5.0: CDMA Hero 2.1 Port for GSM HERO - STABLE BETA - xda-developers

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HTC Hero :: Stock Android Interface In VillainROM 12?

Jul 20, 2010

I have VillainROM 12 installed on my Hero and have been playing around with various themes from the standard Sense UI to things like dxtop. I do want to try out the stock Android UI which I believe is accomplished by just going into Applications>Manage Applications>HTC Sense and selecting clear defaults thus setting it to stock Android. Thing is that in my install of VillainROM 12 the "clear defaults" button is greyed out and unavailable to be pressed. Is this an intentional thing in VR12 or am I maybe going to have to re-flash in order to achieve this?

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 10 OTA Update For GSM

Jun 4, 2010

Not released yet. But some good news for the Hero owners!
VR10 - Based on the OFFICIAL 2.1 OTA Update for GSM HERO!

Been reading the tweets on: Nathan Russell (nprussell) on Twitter

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HTC Hero :: Upgrading From VillainROM 5.4 To 10?

Jun 9, 2010

I'm trying to upgrade from VillainROM 5.4 to 10 but not having too much joy. Do I follow the same procedure as I did when going from the stock Orange/HTC ROM to 5.4 or is it a bit more in-depth? I am unable to run the Amon RA recovery image software as it says "backup failed: could not run command". Titanium Backup isn't doing anything apart from giving me an "SU request" notice (even when I've tried to d/l Busybox).

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 10.3.0 - How To Add Apps2SD?

Jun 22, 2010

I just installed VillainROM 10.3.0 and here it says:

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HTC Hero :: Going From VillainROM To Official 2.1

Jul 6, 2010

A while ago, I installed VillainROM in my HTC Hero because I wanted to try it out. Now I hear the official 2.1 has been released and since my phone is being a little buggy lately, I want to install the official one. "Off Course" I don't remember how I did it and don't know how to do the procedure.
1. Is there an official ROM for Belgium, I can download?
2. How do I do this (I know I did all the official steps while upgrading to VillainROM.

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 10.1.3 To 12 Upgrade?

Aug 3, 2010

I'm wanting to upgrade from VillainROM 10.1.3 to VillainROM 12 without loosing my Apps and Settings, is this possible or will I just have to use the MyBackup Pro app I purchased from the Market to back up the config instead?

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM - Website Down?

Aug 18, 2010

Was about to install VillainROM 12 when I discovered VillainROMs website seems to be down. Is this me? Or is it broken? Can anyone give me an alternative download link as I am now stuck between ROMs and am on 1.5!

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM Updater Not Working

Jul 2, 2010

I've just upgraded to 2.1 with VillainRom. The included updater doesn't seem to work. Like the experimental batter fix update. I check for updates, choose the batter update, hit apply and it boots into recovery, does something for 10 seconds and restarts. After checking for updates again, it reappears. Has it installed right?

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 5.4 - Very Slow On Typing

Jun 10, 2010

I am running villain 5.4 at the mo but am not very impressed with it. Seems very slow when typing. Is there a better ROM out there.

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 12 - How To Install Themes?

Oct 13, 2010

How do you exactly install themes on VillainRom 12? I already have the ROM installed but I have no idea how to install a theme. And do I have to wipe my phone again to install it, cause if so, I don't think I wanna go through the process again.

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HTC Hero :: Phone Not Boot (VillainROM 10.3)

Jun 30, 2010

I am having issues having my phone boot. I was trying to get the APPS2SD to work on the phone and partitioned the SD card. this caused all of my apps to be deleted, not a big deal so i took that as an opportunity to start fresh again. So I factory reset, wiped the cache and re-flashed Villian10.3. Now the phone will not boot. It goes to the "Hero" screen then to the white "HTC quietly brilliant" screen and stays there. It seems to cycle, i.e. the screen will flash off then back to the white screen. It will however boot into recovery. Now I've tried re-wiping and reflasing and nothing seems to work. When I was using the factory wipe, it gave an error about not being able to mount the EXT partition.

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HTC Hero :: Battery Life With VillainROM 12

Jul 8, 2010

Just rooted and installed villainrom 12. Love it, but my battery is draining like crazy. From 9:30a to 1:30p and I'm at 50% which is a lot worse than before!

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 12 Weather Settings

Jul 9, 2010

Installed vr12 last night and loving it. Only one problem so far, the weather settings for update automatically and how often have become greyed out. Also on the home screen the weather info keeps disappearing.

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 2.1 Random Reboots

Aug 7, 2010

I have the 2.1 VillainROM and every now and again it will reboot or fc qpps. How to stop this or should try a different ROM?

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM OTA Updater Application Beta

Apr 26, 2010

VillainRom have just released a updater app.
VillainROM Forums View topic - NEW: VillainROM OTA Updater BETA

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HTC Hero :: Application VillainROM Updater Is Not Responding?

Jul 1, 2010

After trying out another ROM which is VillainROM. I am getting this damn error each time my phone loads up, then it gives me a option to wait or close. This is why I always seem to regret trying out any villain ROMs. Always some errors that creep up & folks say they are stable. Is their a way to correct this? Maybe I should try sence build 5. Cause sence 2.2 was good but I wanted to try the new villain.

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM To Stock - Nandroid Backup

Jun 29, 2010

I have a T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero) and I want to go back to the stock T-Mobile ROM, but I've been told that if I re-flash then it'll brick my phone? I'm running the latest version of VillainROM 10.3.2 and I found that I may need a Nandroid backup or something? If someone could possibly re-direct me to where I need to find a Nandroid recovery image for my phone, I'd be grateful! I used flashrec to make a back up of the recovery image or some sort? On my SD card is "recovery-backup.img"? I've been told I can install the official HTC stock ROM RUU running the exe then flashing the recovery-backup.img?

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 10.3.0 - Google Maps Error

Jun 22, 2010

I just installed VillainROM 10.3.0 Final and so far I noticed that Google Maps is not working.

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HTC Hero :: Linking Facebook Profile VillainROM 12

Jul 24, 2010

So yesterday after being utterly sick of waiting for Orange to release 2.1, I made the leap and rooted my phone. I found it fairly straight forward and played around with a few ROMs finally finding VillainROM 12 to suit me the best. Only problem I've encountered so far, I can't link Facebook profiles to my Google contacts at all.

When I'm in the People App, I go over the Sync screen, enter my Facebook username and password to enable it. Then when I go onto a contact, scroll to the Sync screen and press link profile, it says there are no matches and there are no Facebook profiles in the list to link it with. I just get the message "No Matches Found" in the list instead. I have tried logging out of Facebook for Sense and logging back in, but its to no avail. The list still stays empty. I had all my contacts linked back in 1.5 HTC Sense.

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HTC Hero :: VillainROM 5.5 (With OTA Updates And Stock Rosie)

May 4, 2010

VillainROM 5.5 has just been released! It's available via OTA. The official thread is here:
VillainROM Forums View topic - [ROM] VillainROM 5.5 (With OTA Updates & Stock Rosie)

The 2 biggest issues people were having with 5.4 were:Custom (blue) theme. 5.5 will use a zip-aligned version of stock Rosie (HTC Sense) with the ability to add custom themes via OTA.
Network location fix not working unless GPS was on during boot. This is now supposedly fixed. Other points of interest:Multi-Language (Keyboard Only). Gallery 3D 100% working. The following issues still exist:MMS Issue, (fix is available within the Villain forum).
Split messages (Hotfix coming soon)
No Voicemail indication

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Android :: Static Method In Java Accept Only Final Or Non Final Variables Within Its Method - But Not Static

Sep 15, 2010

Why should a static method in java accept only final or non final variables within its method, but not static?

For example I have the following method:


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Android :: Use Of Final For Locals On Dalvik

Jan 28, 2010

I've seen a lot of use of final for local primitives.

Presumable to indicate to the compiler that the value shouldn't be changed.

However, what's the implication of this on Dalvik?

I believe final local variables are usually placed on the heap for extended lifetime (for use in inner classes), so is their a runtime overhead rather than using simple locals (which use Dalvik registers)?

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Android :: How Final Keyword Works

Jan 20, 2010

Can anyone explain why, when I use the Final keyword the following code works fine, but without it, it doesn't?

I just find it irritating that I don't understand why it works! ;)


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Motorola Droid :: Android Tournament Final Four

Mar 23, 2010

Cant believe Moment is beating the Droid.The Android Tournament Final Four.

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Android :: Suggestions Related To Final Application?

Jun 1, 2010

i have completed my First android application and i have deployed that application to different android based mobile phones which is working fine. my question to you is, is there iphone store like thing exists in android to upload your application by paying fee to android store or something like that. or nothing or should i start passing my application to end users directly? any help would be appreciated.

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Android :: Error Generating Final Archive / Fix It?

Jun 3, 2010

I am trying to add some updates to an already released application but something has happened with my workspace that prevents me from Running or Exporting the application. I keep getting the following code...

You think it would be an easy fix but I looked into the HDPI drawables folder and there were no doubles. I even went as far as to delete the entire folder and the error still appears. Anyone got any clever ideas?

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Android :: Why Should A Variable In Static Method Be Declared As Final In Java

Sep 15, 2010

I am having a static method .In the method when I decalare a variable , it was showing an error in eclipse saying that the variable should be decalared as final.

Can I know the reason for this , y should a variable in a static method be declared as final? I am writng an Android application where I should pass as an argument current Context of that application. So, when I pass the current context to the method and trying to copy it in a local variable , I am getting this error saying that the variable should be declared as final.

My method is like this:


Error is showing at line where Context myctx=ctx; is declared and asking me to declare it as final.

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Android :: How To Fix Error Generating Final Archive - Duplicate Entry

May 29, 2010

I put two projects into Eclipse, called Project1 and Project2.Project1 is independent, but Project2 must be dependent to Project1.When I build the Project2, the error msg comes like this: Error generating final archive: duplicate entry: AndroidManifest.xml

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