HTC Hero :: Rooting Hero's Finding Amen Ra Recovey Image

Sep 29, 2009

can anyone help me with finding the amen ra recovery image tells you to download when rooting your hero, had a look on amen ra's page and can't find it?

HTC Hero :: Rooting hero's finding amen ra recovey image


Sprint HTC Hero :: Finding CDMA Rooting Forum - Firmware 2.1

Oct 3, 2010

I'm interested in reading about rooting my phone, it's a Sprint CMDA Hero. But, it looks like this is the GSM Hero rooting forum, but, where is the All things root forum for the CDMA Hero? I have the 2.1 firmware, so, is it even possible to root this phone now? I know when I first bought it because they updated it in the store, it couldn't be rooted because they did some OTA update, but, was wondering if that has changed.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Finding Browser Address Bar

Jan 12, 2010

can't figure out how to get the browser adress bar to display. what is the easiest way to do this or type in a web adress manually?also can the whole web adress be deleted at once or do i have to backspace each letter individually ?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Rooting Hero Than Putting On 2.2

Jun 20, 2010

I wanted to know if I root my HTC Hero on Sprint and then load 2.2 if it will have any problems. Like can the hardware on the Hero run 2.2? I know most of the devices that are going to run 2.2 have a 1GHZ processor and a lot more internal memory than my Hero does. I am only thinking about doing this because 2.1 on Hero is so glitchy, but I love the 2.1 apps. Any help?

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HTC Hero :: Rooting HTC Hero GSM - Telus Version

May 18, 2010

I just got a Telus version of the HTC Hero. Coming from an iPhone, I've been through some of the 'root/jailbreak' scenes, so most things are familiar. However, making the transition to the Anrdoid OS, there's many things I'm not understanding. Currently the Hero is running 1.5 (can that be updated). I tried running Instant Root and it failed. So I tried the Gold Card method (Eh, not too bad) and no luck with that. I'm not sure where to start, since the guides mentioned in the stickies for root don't work for me. I'm just a confused newbie with the Android customization scene.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Having Trouble Rooting Hero

Sep 29, 2010

I've tried a couple methods today, manual as well as the Fresh Kitchen 1054, and I'm getting stuck with both. I'd probably prefer the manual method so let's troubleshoot that I get through most the steps found here (and I believe I've followed them exactly, to the letter): How-To Root a Sprint Hero But when I enter the code for #6: /data/local /asroot2 /system/bin/sh My system returns: [1] killed /data/local/asroot2 /system/bin/sh It simply won't continue past that point. Ideas please?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Stock Messaging App Not Finding All Contacts

Dec 25, 2009

I woke up this morning and had texts from multiple people wishing me a merry Christmas. When I finally came around I decided to send a mass text message out to all my friends and family. I started trying to link people by using COMPOSE >MENU>PEOPLE and thought to myself "wow I thought I had more friends than this...i'm a loser." Then I went and checked my phonebook and realized that the messaging service is not linking to all my contacts in my phone book.

Anyone else have this issue. Or any ideas on how to fix it? It sucks cause I had to go through and type the first few letters of each for it to pop up, instead of just clicking the contact name like usual. I started using the stock messaging app last week when I had a lot of issues with Handcent. Once i switched I saved alot of battery for some reason.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Floating Image App / Orientation On Hero?

Mar 3, 2010

I saw a post on here the other day about the screen orientation from landscape to portrait. This app which is free from the market, is unbelievable. Rotating the phone is super quick, with no lag like the normal rotation. Will the rotation be more like it is on floating image with 2.1? Or can Dev's take anything from this app and make the rotation orientation better for normal use on the hero?

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HTC Hero :: Hero On 3 - Goldcard Rooting

Feb 6, 2010

Recently got a HTC Hero on 3 that came with the latest 2.73 firmware (unfortunately) and the flashrec and instantroot.apk methods both failed. So now i'm looking at the Goldcard way. Unfortunately when it comes to the step where you goto Free G1 goldcard generation ! to put in your email and CID I just get a duff page which says About, Download, Support Forum. All of these links take you to the PSAS website and I cannot see anywhere where you can put these details in.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Rooting 2.1 Updated Sprint Hero

Jun 1, 2010

I have a Sprint HTC Hero with the 2.1 update. as of now every single root procedure i have tried does not work. Even trying to undo the update has not worked.I really want to root.

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HTC Hero :: Slower After Rooting

Jul 1, 2010

I just finished rooting my (formerly) Orange-branded Hero with VillainRom 10.3 and I only have about 50mb of memory (maximum) and I'd like to know why! I thought this was supposed to make it quicker.My mate has a T-Mobile Hero, he just debranded his and he has 137mb free!

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HTC Hero :: 3G Connected When Rooting / Not?

Jun 18, 2010

I flashed Villon Rom 10 about 2 weeks ago, and today i started noticing that my phone only connects at edge and won't go into 3g mode so super slow Internet. I'm with Fido (Canada) if that makes any difference, i haven't touched my APN settings, I used to connect to 3g all the time... not sure if this started when i rooted or not.

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HTC Hero :: Rooting And Roms

Jun 6, 2010

I have a hero on orange. I have managed to root the phone and can download root apps etc.

I am struggling to get a new rom ( can anyone recommend) downloaded. i have installed an app called "rom manager" which gives me the option to install rom from SD card. I have or think i have a villian 10 rom in zip format which i have on the root of my SD card.

It is recognised when I search on rom manager gives me 2 options to backup and wip/clear cache and says press ok to complete install.

I press ok and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? should the rom file be zipped and if not can anyone give me a few short steps from here?

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HTC Hero :: Rooting Vs De-branding

Jul 9, 2010

I have the HTC hero (branded) and Im thinking about either rooting it and going with a custom rom OR de-btanding it and going with the latest official HTC rom.I cant decied which one to do, so I thought you guys could point me in the right direction. Which of the two is the best to do?It is an Orange branded phone BTW, and I know de-branding orange heros causes problem but it seems like the guys at HTCCODE can give you the code to fix the problems (although it does cost money)

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HTC Hero :: Rooting - T-Mobile

May 30, 2010

I have been through so many guides now... Tried Rooting my phone a load of times, using the special method for T Mobile phones... I have gotten so frustrated... Can someone PLEASE, just please give me an easy guide on how to ROOT My T-Mobile G2 Touch (HTC Hero).

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HTC Hero :: Rooting On The 3 Network?

Apr 21, 2010

The best way to go with rooting, based on the info below please? From a thread I read ages ago (that I can't find now), I seem to remember that the Hero on the 3 network has to be downgraded and something about a gold card. Is this correct? I just want to make sure I'm following the right instructions before I start!

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HTC Hero :: Rooting And Modacom ?

Jan 17, 2010

I've been reading posts about rooting and modacom Rom but what benefits does this actually give us.

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HTC Hero :: Advantages Of Rooting Your Phone

Aug 22, 2009

What are the advantages of rooting your hero?

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HTC Hero :: ROM Suitable For Rooting Over Official 2.1?

Oct 3, 2010

I currently have an official orange HTC Hero running on official 2.1. No problems, I actually like it a lot but browsing this sections of the forums, I've seen that people have taken advantage of rooting so. Are there any ROMs that you would pick over the official 2.1 that don't:
Eat battery life
Cause glitches(that are very noticeable)

And can:
be updated to directly from official 2.1

If you have any guides or info or links that are in English, I'd appreciate it if you could show them to me. But the most important thing is whether it's worth it.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Lag Issue After Rooting

Jan 23, 2010

I rooted my phone about a moth ago. Install FRESH ROM 1.1. Everything was going great the first couple of days, apps were running so much smoother the lag had completely stoped, but the last couple of days my phone stared lagging again much more then before rooting. I did a soft reset and a hard reset but it wont help at all.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Benefits Of Rooting

Dec 31, 2009

Can someone gimme some benefits of rooting?

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HTC Hero :: Rooting - Build Number 1.79

May 23, 2010

My HTC Hero have Build Number of : 1.79.482.3. Is there any way to root this type since I found that all of the way to root here is for the phone with Build Number of 2.73 ?

Here are the complete specification of my phone :
Model Number : HTC Hero
Firmware version : 1.5
Baseband version :
Kernel version : 2.6.27-8dd6deee; htc-kernel@and18-2 )
Build number : 1.79.482.3 146733 CL#49365 release-keys
Software version : 1.2_g3_sense

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Rooting And Custom ROM

Feb 4, 2010

I have been around these forums since the Hero came out. I was lurking then and became a member when I bought a Hero 2 weeks later. I enjoy my Hero although yes it is slow at times. I love watching my SprintTV on my phone and listening to Pandora. I have read that if I but a custom ROM on and SetCPU and a few other goodies, I can speed the phone up a lot and have a better experience. I also hear that I can tether without having to use PDANet.

1. Can I still use Sprint TV?
2. Is the speed boost really worth installing a Custom ROM
3. What is the benefit of just Rooting the phone and keeping the Stock ROM?

4. I see this voids the warranty, but if you put the stock software back on the phone, does sprint ever know that you rooted if you take it in for service?

5. And can some of you that have done this process list out the top 5 favorite features you got out of this. Makes these actual results, not just what you heard about.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Android 2.1 And Rooting

Jun 27, 2010

I just bought an EVO and like the features however its just to bulky of a phone for me . So I am going to go with the HERO.

I was told by sprint that if I upgrade to the 2.1 with the HERO I may have issues, that it was not designed for this upgrade in mind. Should I stick with the previous release?

Another option is, should I root the phone ( which I have no idea what that is) so I can get the 2.2 version when it comes out or maybe stick with the 2.1 version and with the rooted phone it will work properly.

I'm so confused, I consider myself pretty tech savvy but coming from a BB I'm new to all of this. Any help would be appreciated. I am also concerned about battery life. I understand how to turn off all the unneccessary crap like Wi-Fi, GPS, Messenger, etc when not in use, but will rooting the phone or upgrading to 2.1 or 2.2 help with that issue as well.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Instructions For Rooting

Feb 6, 2010

Im new to the whole android marketing and I don't know really alot about phones and everything but I have been reading about people commenting on rooting there phones and I like to have the best things and up to date phone, so if someone can please send me any directiongs or steps for rooting.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Applications - Before And After Rooting

Mar 2, 2010

I've been lurking the rooting scene and other places for quite a while, but have only just joined up in these forums. (I'm no forum nooby been on and been active on dozens of forums)
I have to admit, this most likely has been answered before, but I have been extremely busy lately due to school.

The question: I have refrained from rooting my Hero (I am a linux user in case any one wanted to know ) due to time constraints, I have yet to root it. I will probably attempt this weekend.
I bought the hero Oct. 11th, the day it came out iirc, and I have built up quite a hefty sum of applications.
After the rooting process, I plan use the gumbo kernel, and fresh1.1. One of the reasons that have held me from rooting is what happens to those apps? I will flash Fresh1.1, so they will be deleted. Is there a way to extract all the applications from the nandroid backup I will make before flashing Fresh 1.1, and put them on the SD card and install them? I would love very much not to have to go and individually download each application from the market again.

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HTC Hero :: Does Rooting Void Your Warranty?

Nov 3, 2009

Does rooting void your warranty?

I have been Googling and some say it does, and some say it doesn't!

Could anyone give me a straight and correct answer?

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HTC Hero :: What To Do With Bluetooth After Rooting And Upgrading To 2.0 / 2.1?

May 4, 2010

Just a quick question really, what can you do with bluetooth after rooting and upgrading to 2.0/2.1 ?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Rooting Vs Unlocking ?

Oct 15, 2010

I am new to this and have just rooted my phone (Htc Hero). Is there a difference b/w rooting your phone and unlocking it? If so what and how do I do it? I am on sprint and am not even sure if unlocking it will do anything since it is CDMA.

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HTC Hero :: Does Rooting Invalidate Insurance?

Sep 7, 2009

does rooting invalidate insurance on orange care?

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