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HTC Desire :: Hotmail Login - Authentication Failed

I cannot log into my hotmail account. Keep getting the message 'Authentication failed. Please verify username/password' even though the details are correct.

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HTC Desire :: Hotmail Account / Login Failed
Somehow, I seem to have a worm virus in my hotmail email account. I have run a full system scan and changed my password etc. However, I can no longer access my hotmail account on my HTC Desire via the Mail icon - I keep getting a "login failed" message. This is obviously due to my password change. How can I change my password on the Desire so I can regain access to my email account?

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HTC Desire :: How To Sign Out And Login With New Password? (Hotmail)
Right I just had my account hacked, so had to change my password asap. Now I cannot login on my desire and have no idea how to log out and log back in with the new password. Anyway of improving the security? I've had my hotmail account for ages and am slightly worried it was hacked due to it being always logged in on my phone?

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HTC Desire : Hotmail Kept Chucking Up An Error Message About Login Being Incorrect
I've had my hotmail successfully working for the last few months, but suddenly it kept chucking up an error message about login being incorrect. I removed the account and am now trying to add it back but keep getting "Authentication failed/ Please verify your username/password". I am able to log into, msn messenger, hotmail on pc so the above details are definitely being entered correctly.



Any ideas? It's been working before today with no problems.

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HTC Desire :: Google Talk Authentication Notice / Gmail Failed
I just changed my googlemail account to gmail and all of a sudden I am getting a notification message "Google Talk failed to log in: If this is a Google Apps account, confirm that chat service is enabled for this account." any ideas why, what or how?

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HTC Desire :: Exchange ActiveSync / Hotmail Failed To Create Account
Now hotmail supports PUSH email I figured I'd give it a go on my Desire but everytime I add the account, I always get an error message saying:

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Android :: How To Implement Droid Login Authentication
I have a login database,from my android client i have to pass the password in a secured manner, how to implement the security encryption in my application(i.e) i want to implement a login screen which is capable of doing encryption. how to build a best encryption algorithm in Java?

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Android : Need To Pass Authentication Token Along To Application's Login Address
I'm connecting to my AppEngine application using the Apache HttpComponents library. In order to authenticate my users, I need to pass an authentication token along to the application's login address ( and grab a cookie from the header of the response. However, the login page responds with a redirect status code, and I don't know how to stop HttpClient from following the redirect, thus thwarting me from intercepting the cookie.

Fwiw, the actual method I use to send the request is below. How would I stop the client from following the redirect?

Update: As per the solution below, I did the following after creating a DefaultHttpClient client (and before passing it to the execute method):
More verbose than it seems it needs to be, but not as difficult as I thought.

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Motorola Droid :: Facebook Authentication Failed
Just got a notification that made my droid go "DRROIIDD." Took a peek and it says in the notification bar "Facebook authentication failed- Please re-eneter your Facebook password."

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Motorola Droid :: Corporate Calendar Authentication Failed
Droid does email (Exchange). Droid does contacts (Exchange). Droid dont do Corporate Calendar.. I get the authentication failed wheen I try to refresh. Anyone have any ideas for this? And we are using Office 2002 so the google calendar sync option isnt even viable.

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Android :: Youtube - Upload A Video It Gets To 100 Percent And Then Says Failed Authentication
Every time that I try to upload a video it gets to 100 percent and then says failed authentication... What am I doing wrong? I made sure that I was logged in and it doesn't work.

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HTC Incredible :: Gmail Sense Failure Error - Authentication Failed
Periodically I change my passwords and yesterday after doing so, and updating my htc mail settings I cannot access my mail. I am getting an error saying authentication failed. It had worked perfectly fine then several hours later I got the message when I went to check my mail - actually the lack of. Because I had noticed gmail notifier updating my mail on my computer but nothing on my phone.

I read elsewhere to try it on just a 3g connection, or going to wifi, neither worked. I have deleted the account, and tried setting it up from scratch to no avail. The gmail stock app works, I just like the mail widget from htc.

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Android :: XML RPC Login Failed
I am trying to build a XmlRpc client for android. But i can't login my xml rpc server. i got below error. HTTP status code: 404 != 200

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HTC Incredible :: Login Failed For Gmail
The gmail on my HTC Incredible phone had been working perfectly for 4 months on Verizon, but recently the Gmail has basically stopped working. All it says is "login failed" whenever I try to refresh. I deleted the accounts and tried to re-add them, but now it still says "login failed." It seemed to be working when it was only connected to the WIFI, but now that's not working either. I can log in without a problem to my internet based gmail?

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HTC Incredible :: Gdocs - Login Failed?
Does anyone else use Gdocs with Inc? Loaded the app, get the log in screen but then get "Login Failed! Do you want to save this account?" Is this problem limited to the Inc because I never had a problem with my Moto Droid and Eris. I also get the 3 options..... "Use Secure Server, This is the Google Apps account and Use this account as default". I tried multiple combinations of checking and unchecking these items with no luck.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Facebook Sync - Login Failed Try Again
When I go to Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> Facebook, it required me to log in. I enter THE CORRECT information, and yet it pop up with a little error saying "Login failed. try again"

I'v tried this over 100 times I swear..I have tried turning Wifi on and off, Sync on and off, removed Facebook app, rebooting the phone, changing the password of my Facebook account and signing in on a desktop PC and deleting "Samsung Mobile" from Application Settings.. Unfortunatly no avail. I even tried setting up sync with brothers account. Same problem.

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Motorola Droid :: Stuck At Email Login After Failed Patterns
I was playing around with my phone today, just trying to create a cool symmetrical pattern on my droid. Mind you this was just on the screen where after about 5 tries it locks you out for 30secs. So i keep playing around with it and than the email and password screen shows up, saying i have to log in. Alrite sure, so I just put in my credentials and it fails.

Things I have tried:
2. password null
3. case sensitive
4. playing around with people calling me and emergency dialer, etc.
5. changed password
6. battery pulls..............

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: PC Companion Sync - SSO Login Failed
When I go to PC companion and log in, phone connected and USB mounted, go to sync via dashboard. this message appears. SSO login failed. Single sign on key already used, timed out or invalid.

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HTC Incredible :: Gmail - Getting Login Failed But Internet Browsers Work Fine?
I keep Getting login failed but the internet browsers work fine. i didnt change anything its very strange.

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HTC Desire :: Desire Automatically Checks - Authentication For Outgoing Mail
I have a problem with an HTC Desire. I have an emailaddress that does not require authentication for the outgoing mail. I've unchecked the "authentication required" tickbox and saved the settings.

Somehow the phone automatically resets the Authentication setting and there I can't send email.

My question: how can I prevent the Desire from automatically place a checkmark next to "Authentication Required"?

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HTC Incredible : "Login Failed" / GV Not Working?
So I downloaded GV (Google Voice Dialer) and it always says "login failed." I know the app is no longer official supported but wondered if anyone else had this issue or if they could successfully log on. Kind of sucks because it looks like this is the only app that will route through Google Voice (without adds or dialing your GV number then PIN then #2 before making a call) unlike Flex Dialer.

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Android :: Login Page - Match Username And Password From Database To Allow User To Login
I managed to create the logic for the function but I have no idea how to match it with the database. I only know how to do it the hardcoding way.

Below is how I did it. I believe an sql statement should be inserted there am I right? And I know I missed out something. Before I match the username and password, I should check whether the user exist in the database first, and then check whether the password match with the username.

So in conclusion I need help on the 'if else' statement.


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Android :: Create Multipanel Login And Remember Login Info
I've downloaded a few networking apps (games) that have you log in, then take you to a "home" type screen where you can change your settings, or start a new game, or view your buddies etc.My question is two-part:

1) how are these "multipanel" apps created? Is each panel its own activity? I've tried adding different panels through Views, but on the apps I described above, when I hit the back button on my phone, it takes me to the previous screen and in my apps, it just takes me out of the app when I hit back (again I'll I've done are add separate views). Can someone point me in the right direction of what I need to do to create a multipanel application that when I click a button, a new panel loads, then when I hit back on the phone, it takes me to the previous panel?

2) one of my panels will be a login page which I will post the log-in credentials via http post to my server for authentication. I would like to remember the log-in "token" that is passed back to the client so they don't have to log in every time they use my application. Again, referring to some of the apps that I have, they offer this feature but I can not locate anything on the phone where it would be saved. Is this done with xml usually?

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HTC Desire :: Email - Hotmail
I use hotmail on the standard email program. At first mails older then 3 days just vanished from my phone...
I went into settings and changed mail to download from 3 days to all. So far so good.

But from time to time I get "new mail" but these are mails that have been sitting in my inbox for a few weeks (on the phone I mean)

How come? or is there another alternative? An app that links to hotmail (really link and not donload the mial to phone) and even refreshes at specific times to alert you if you have new mail?

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HTC Desire :: How To Setup Hotmail Account?
My 1st android phone so pretty new to it all, managed to get my gmail working but cant get hotmail working. Also another question is can I get the contacts just to display only phone contacts rather then all phone, facebook and email contacts?

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HTC Desire :: Adding Hotmail Account
i recently added hotmail account and then removed it from my phone - but on the home screen it is still showing that i have emails to read i have tried to re-add the email account but a message comes up stating that it is already added.

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HTC Desire :: Cannot Get Any Hotmail Emails Into The Inbox
He's set up his gmail and work mail on the phone just fine, but his hotmail is playing silly buggers. The gmail is through that app, the work and hotmail through the desire mail app.

Anyway - he cannot get any hotmail emails into the inbox. When you first set up the account, he gets two 'welcome' mails - the kind you get when you set up the mail account online, welcoming you to your inbox. No other emails ever come through.
However - he can send from it. And it appears in his outbox online.

I looked in the syncing sections and under the exchange active sync - which works for his work - there is no hotmail. Except somehow it must sync somehow as it's sending his hotmail fine...

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HTC Desire :: Hotmail Exchange Activesync
Has anybody got this working? I still get the message I should try again later.

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HTC Desire :: Sending Video To Hotmail?
Can anyone tell me how to send a video on my htc desire to someones hotmail or any email addy

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HTC Desire :: 2.10.405.2 Updated - Facebook Won't Login
Did the latest update and ever since I cannot log Into Facebook whilst connected to mobile data. IF I try via WiFi it works fine. Even if I use the browser instead of the app it reports that I'm trying to connect with an ip address that's associated with 'abuse'.

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HTC Desire :: Syncing Email With Hotmail Account
I have recently bought a HTC desire. I am able to receive my hotmail emails and can send them back but when I look on my laptop it still showed unread messages on both hotmail and outlook even when I have read them on my phone. I used to have an INQ phone and I didn't have any problems with this before.

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HTC Desire :: Want A Unread E-mail Count For Hotmail
I use Hot mail as my main e-mail account but I cant seem to get an unread e-mail count on the launcher pro icon in the dock! It shows up in the notification bar at the top but ideally I'd like a little red number on the dock like it works for my hand cent sms.

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HTC Desire :: Directing Domain Messages To Hotmail
I direct my Domain Messages to my hotmail?

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HTC Desire :: Email On Hotmail Stopped Working
Have been sending a few emails no problem, then suddenly the phone is saying the account setting is incorrect. I am not aware i have made any changes and everything looks ok in the account. I can still recieve but not send .

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HTC Desire :: Having Error With Hotmail Mobile Site
I've been having issues lately with Hotmail Mobile, and it was working fine up until about a week ago.I have troubles deleting emails. For instance, when I go to the "junk" folder, and click the box to highlight them all and then delete them, it will only put a check box in the very top email. And if I check them all individually and click delete, it won't delete. In fact delete doesn't work at all.Also, I can't open attachments. It just says "loading", and the little "circle hourglass thingy" keeps spinning around and around. Other than these issues, I can read my emails totally fine.I know that I can just go to the pc site instead of the mobile site, but I preferred the mobile one on my phone.

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HTC Desire :: Hotmail Messages / Only Deleted On Phone
I have checked my hotmail messages through the phone and deleted messages, however when I log into hotmail on my computer the deleted messages are still showing in my inbox as new messages.How do you get it so that if they are deleted from hotmail on your phone they are gone for good with no need to delete them again once logged in elsewhere.

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HTC Desire :: How To Enable Gmail And Hotmail Notifications?
I have both my hotmail and gmail accounts set up but don't seem to get notifications of new emails. I only receive them upon going into the app itself. How do I get it so that I get a number icon or whatever over the app to show I have received emails?

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HTC Desire :: Setting Up Webmail (fsnet And Hotmail)
Can anyone help with this?I want to set up my email account on the desire but no idea how to?Also the mail widget doesn't appear to let you set up your googlemail account - I can get it from the icon but would be nice to see it in the widget I am a complete novice with all this stuff

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HTC Desire :: Enable Hotmail To Receive Same Treatment?
My gmail account has no problem getting push email. However, is there a way to enable my hotmail to receive the same treatment?

I haven't even been able to set up my hotmail address yet. It's a address.

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HTC Desire :: Email Client - Hotmail HTML Display
I've searched loads of threads on the forum but can't an answer for this! I like having my Hotmail pushed to me and because the HTC client doesn't support Hotmail push I've downloaded and used the stock android email.apk. It works fine (pushes) but the emails are not HTML. There is no option to display as HTML but I've seen it display HTML from other email clients!

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HTC Desire :: Installed C:GEO Application - Wrong Login Informations
Have just installed the "C:GEO" application to my Desire.

Whenever I click the "Caches Nearby" button, it displays "Sorry, c:geo failed to download caches because of wrong login informations."

I have since been back to the geocaching website, have double-checked my credentials and re-entered my username and password into c:geo, but to no avail.

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HTC Desire : Email Icon On Main Screen - Hotmail Not Connect Any More
I rooted my 0.8 Desire from a guide on here. This seemed to go as the guide said it would. I then followed another guide to install the radio and sence froyo. This also seemed to go to plan. It wiped all my data and apps but I re-installed Mybackup pro and got everything back

2 problems now. my main email that I used to access with the 'email icon' on the main screen [hotmail] will not connect any more and when I look at the phone software version it says 'version 2.1 update 1' Does this mean 2.2 has NOT been istalled? If so I'm pissed off as it took me about 2 hours in all

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HTC : Facebook Sync On Desire - View Contacts On Hotmail Account?
Just wondering is their anyway to view my contacts on my hotmail account I've setup on my Desire? I can't seem to find them. Also with a few other HTC phones you can link up your contacts individually to their facebook. With the Desire I've found it just seems to want to add everyone to my contacts. Is there anyway to individually link them?

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HTC Desire :: Change Inbuilt Dictionary / Amalgamate Hotmail - Gmail Into One Programme?
Am i able to change the inbuilt dictionary as i've added words that shouldn't have and now it is starting to choose them.

I have a hotmail programme and a gmail one. Am i able to amalgamate them into one programme. They also do not seem to get email unless i manually refresh. I have gone into settings but it seems to be ok in there regarding when and how often i want it updated.

Battery seems to be a real stinker, I'm getting roughly 7-8 hours before it's telling me to recharge. No live scenes, wifi off anything I'm missing?

I'm on 3 how do i check to see if i can update to 2.2?

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HTC Desire : Send Hotmail Outbox Email Coming Back In Inbox
Maybe that will sound weird and silly but when I try to send an email to someone, I cant send it, sometimes email is coming back on my inbox! It looks like i am sending emails to myself. I checked my settings and everything is fine. Anyone can help?

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HTC Desire :: Trying To Run Test RUU But ROM Update Failed
I have created a Goldcard using the tool on this Forum. It appears okay when I check the loaded files on the card. When I try and run Test RUU it fails to update my ROM from (T-Mobile UK). I thought HTC Sync might be the problem as I had been using disk drive to connect my phone, so I reinstalled it. HTC Sync causes my Windows Explorer to crash but I managed a workaround and tried running Test RUU again. Once again the update failed. On my phone screen I get the message CID incorrect Update fail which sounds like a Goldcard problem.

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HTC Desire :: Automatic Backup Failed
Since Vodafone raped my phone a couple of days ago, I seem to be getting an error message saying that Automatic Backup has failed. Anyone got any ideas how to sort this out, or do manual backups?

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HTC Desire :: Exec System/bin/sh Failed ?
I'm very new at this rooting stuff and I saw a lot of benefits from it so I thought I'd give it a try.
I've followed this guide and completed it:

14/Jun r6 riskfreeroot - HTC Desire rooting guide - now with HBOOT 0.80 and OS to 1.21 support - Android @ MoDaCo

I also did the custom recovery image part (although I don't know what it is used for)

And I didn't make a goldcar either because someone told me I didn't have to do that as I don't have a carrier.

But my problem is I can't change anything as cmd keeps giving this error when I enter adb shell:
- exec ' system bin sh' failed no such file or directory (2)

I'm in my phone recovery and my usb cable is plugged in. This is the screenshot:

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HTC Desire :: 2.2 Update Failed - Stuck?
OK update failed, i have tried posting in other threads but the pace is to quick with other stuff.

i had a flashed stock phone, as took my branding off, i have since been told that you need to keep the gold card in when doing updates.

i have also tried resetting but no joy. im told i need to re flash the orginal 2.1 stock and then re do the update with the gcard in. only trouble is my phone keeps resetting on its own and i can't seem to enable hd mode on the sd card which i need

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HTC Desire : Download From App Market Failed
Up Until two days ago the market app worked fine then for no apparent reason now only goes as far as starting download and goes no further. I have enen tried a factory reset losing everything but it still wont download anything. This is the same over wifi or 3g. Any one got any ideas? Does yours still work?

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