General :: How To Find Locked Or Unpartitioned Ram

Mar 18, 2013

how to find locked ram or unpartitioned ram. so is there any possible way tht I can use to find dat how much ram is unpartition or locked on my phone..

General :: how to find locked or unpartitioned ram


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Has Locked After Security Pattern Locked Out

Aug 7, 2010

I have a sony ericsson X10, it has a security pattern lock on the phone. However this has gone off in my pocket and now the phone is locked. I can not remember the google email address for the phone and now i can not access the phone. Orange customer service has told me to get in touch with google, in order to delete the old account [whatever that may be] but there is no number for google customer service.

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General :: Send SMS When Locked

May 11, 2014

Any app that will allow reading AND replying to sms texts without first unlocking your phone? I mean a phone that is password/pin protected.

Ideally, I'd like a lock screen that allows access to all non-sensitive functionality: camera, sms, calls, maps. The list goes on. The only things that need to be password protected are settings, email (as this can be used to reset other passwords), browser (where you may have saved passwords/credit card details), play store (or anywhere you can make purchases).

Have tried a lot of replacement lock screens like GO locker & executive assistant,

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General :: PUK Code Is Locked

Feb 7, 2013

I upgraded my Dad to a One X a few weeks ago. Today he tells me about some sim message and then he said he couldn't make calls anymore.

Sure enough the home screen says the PUK Code is locked. Att tries to tell me that i can happen due to a variety of things yet they can't explain what these variety of things are so I tell the cs person to send me to tech support.

In the mean time I pop the sim out, replace it and restart the phone. Looks like he's back in business.

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General :: Locked Out After Android 4.4.2 Upgrade

Jan 15, 2014

So it seems that I along with many others who have the Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx on Verizon have been receiving our much anticipated 4.4.2 upgrade. As of about and hour ago I ran it on my Droid Maxx which is totally stock and has never been rooted and is pretty much brand new. As I typically do after and upgrade I started playing around with all the new features that came with 4.4.2, one of the being the ability to unlock you phone handsfree by speaking a pin code to it I decided to give it a try. So I hit up my settings and removed my trusty pattern lock, set my self up with a nice eight digit pin (stupid mistake #1), made it complicated as in not 12345678 (stupid mistake #2), didn't write it down (stupid mistake #4) and the proceeded to forget it in the amount of time it took me to lock my screen. Now I was under the understanding that I could bypass the lock screen with my g-mail account password, but I cant seem to find where, and to make matters worse I have failed the pin code 8 out of the allotted 10 times before the phone wipes itself.

I hardly doubt that Android 4.4.2 lost the ability to use your gmail account as a bypass in this situation did they? I know a lot of times people think that it is due to the phone not actually being signed in, but I have both received application updates from the play store and emails from my gmail account indicating the device is signed in.

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General :: 3D HTC EVO - Accessing Locked Up Device

Jul 5, 2013

Is there any options to get back into your locked device without having to do a factory Data Reset. I have a 3D HTC EVO. I have not created a gmail acct with google on it. What options do I have?

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General :: Android Locked SD Card?

Nov 10, 2012

I was backing up files and now the sd card is permanently "write protected." I cant format and cant write to it but the data is still there. There is no lock switch on a micro SD card so that isnt it. Is there a way to get the card unlocked?

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General :: Install APK When Locked Out Of Phone?

Mar 10, 2013

I was trying out the Pattern Lock feature on my HTC Incredible S and got locked out after too many incorrect attempts. I can't use my email address and password to verify my account as my data and wifi are switched off.

To get around this problem, I've transferred to my microSD card the XtraSec apk that will allow me to remotely switch on wifi and data. However, I'm not sure how to trigger the installation of the apk when I can't get past the lock screen .Can I use fastboot to access the file explorer app (ES file explorer) or apk installer app to get the apk to install?

I haven't rooted the phone and it's running the latest version of Android. I'm not sure if I have USB debugging enabled. I'd like to avoid doing a reset if possible coz I haven't backed up the things that aren't on the sd card.

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General :: Xperia U Locked Fastboot

Apr 22, 2014

I have Xperia U and blocked Fastboot can i unlocked?

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General :: What Is Restricted With Locked Bootloader

Apr 7, 2013

What exactly am I blocked from doing with a locked boot loader? There aren't too many roms out there for my Stellar... I figure I'd try to port one from an SIII... but with the seller's locked boot loader could I even get that far? Or is it stock Verizon roms or nothing? SCH-I200

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General :: Galaxy S2 - Video On Phone Now Locked?

Mar 14, 2014

I started streaming a video on Galaxy S2. I wanted to pause it and when I touch anywhere on the screen a white lock appears. I can't do anything now. The video is playing but I can't even navigate back to the home screen, bring up Settings...anything. How it got there or how to get rid of it.

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General :: Notifications To Show Up On Screen Even When Locked

Nov 12, 2012

Coming from an iphone for the last few years, one thing I have gotten used to are notifications that show up on the screen, even on the lock screen. Is there a way to do this on Android? I only get notifications at the top and then have to unlock the phone and scroll down to see them. This also goes for texts as well.

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General :: Locked Gallery / Cannot Swipe To Different Images

May 6, 2013

Ok, so recently (out of the blue) I went into the gallery on my Android and all the thumbnails were a plain image with a padlock. When I open images, I can view them individually but I cannot swipe to different images. I have no third party applications installed..

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General :: File Access From Locked Down Win XP Machine

Sep 17, 2012

The situation is this: at work the computers are heavily locked down. By that I mean that you can not download and install anything, no cd rom access and no usb access. they run win xp (some of you may be too young to have heard of this)

I have recently discovered, however, that when i plug my galaxy s3 in, the pc sees it as a digital camera, and i can access every folder on the internal sd card through windows explorer. i can then transfer any file i like to the computer This never happened on my g note, nexus s, or any other device.

Now, I can only confirm that the above works on xpower 2.5 ics custom rom. when I changed to hypergalaxy jb rom, there was no access to my phone via the pc.

how and why this works, and how i might use a hack to enable any usb device on such a locked down pc?

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General :: Android Tablet Locked By Kaspersky?

Feb 2, 2013

My android locked by Kaspersky.

yesterday I was trying to figure out how to uninstall kaspersky anti virus anti theft on my tablet. there is an option in the settings that there is a column to check or uncheck Kaspersky (i did not know this exactly). when I uncheck, my tablet locked!!!It asked for a password which I do not know!

I try to go to the official website of Kaspersky. but the problem is I can not login, because the verification email from kaspersky in my google account has not been confirmed yet!!! So I can not login and tablets ane not registered!

I tried to hard reset by pressing all the buttons that usually there is an option to factory reset. But on the tablet there is no that option.

There was also an inscription:

prepare enter mmc update mode.

updating system start ....

Skip recovery

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General :: Catch Notes Locked - No Support Available?

Jan 8, 2014

I was using Catch notes for few of my personal data until today, unaware of the fact that it is no longer supported. I mistyped my passcode, and ever since it wont allow me inside and access my notes. i tried searching through individual folders, just in case the notes are in plain text. As per other xda user, i checked in the folder [url]...., still found nothing.

I terribly need the information. So I'm thinking of breaking the app and try by passing the passcode/password check. i know this puts a moral question. But based on my situation I'm convincing myself saying its ok, as it is no longer supported!!! and nobody will be impacted, expect myself and of course I need the data.

I have little experience in trying to look through software/apps and tweak them for my necessity, with little success. Now I'm not even sure if this break-in is possible. I'm totally out of date with respect to these kind of stuff.

Note: I use Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300), rooted, ver 4.1.2.

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General :: LG MyTouch Locked Out - Can't Remember Pattern

Nov 11, 2011

My friend is currently locked out of my LG MyTouch. She used a pattern lock and can't remember the Pattern nor her Gmail account or her password. With the past two Android phones I had, I would just Boot into recovery (Vol. Down & Power button), but this phone won't load into one. I also tried Vol. Up and Power. Nothing. I then tried both, but it went into the "S/W Upgrade" screen. Is there anyway to bypass this without having to send it back?

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General :: MOD Automatically Turn 3G Off When Phone Locked

Oct 5, 2012

I search an app or a MOD that automatically turn 3g off when I lock the phone. It shouldn't turn off the hole internet. It shoul switch from 3g to 2g when I lock my phone.

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General :: Cannot Get Ripple Interaction When Screen Locked?

Jun 29, 2012

Ive been porting the S3 lockscreen to S2.

Little progress update....

Got the animated circle working with a switch for ripple on/off,weather and live wallpaper lockscreen support.

I just cannot get the ripple interaction when screen locked. When the movement to unlock is made the ripple appears.

Logcat shows the ripple renderer runs when screen is locked and touched but whilst locked the screen does not display the interaction.....


I think its possibly phonewindowmanager or keyguardmediator which is stopping the screen displaying interaction until the movement to unlock is made. Any process that links what is shown on screen and interaction when locked (for lockscreen music widgets for example which allow interaction when locked)

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General :: Captivate Locked But In Reboot Loop

Sep 3, 2011

i just got a Samsung Captivate Galaxy S I9000, here is the problem.

1) It is locked to Rogers Wireless, because my friend tested it by inserting his Rogers SIM card into it and it works normally like a phone.

Here is where it gets interesting:

2) When i insert another foreign SIM card such as FIDO cell carrier. The phone boots into the lock screen and it says Media Scanning...and then it proceeds to the booting up screen again.

From my lack of skills in Android software, i am really stuck. But from the powers of observation, it seems the phone was flashed and is currently running a custom ROM on it from Serendipity VII.

The phone runs perfectly, without a sim card, but that's like holind a tablet without a phone line. What should i do?

Here are some details on the phone's systems.

-Firmware version 2.3.3

-Model Number:I897 ????(Why does the boot screen show I9000?,custom Rom?)

-Build number: Serendipity VII Build 2

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General :: Phone Locked From Too Many Wrong Patterns

Jun 29, 2013

I have a phone now it locked up because of too many wrong attempts so it's now asking to enter google username and password But guess what I am not connected to any WIFi and the phone is not on a data plan.

Is there a way i can bypass this?

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General :: MTK6573 - System Is Rooted But Locked?

Dec 16, 2012

I have an phone with the information down:

# begin build properties
# autogenerated by[code]....

I dumped all .img files from security, but i need to flash it and i didnt have a scatter file. Where i can create a new one? Or how?

And how to build a CWM based or another to this phone? The system is rooted but LOCKED, i cant change any thing like launcher or another program, and i restart the phone, and it returns like original.

i already rooted and partitioned, and have some bugs because apps crashing and i cant change launcher, the same issue with the keyboard, i change it but when reboot, the original one restored.

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General :: G2x Locked On Logo Screen After Installation Of Cyanogen Mod

Dec 6, 2012

I never rooted my phone before and thought i would give it a try(SuperOneClick) and it went fine. Then I decided to use Clockwork to install a mod (cyanogen) and cleared everything i needed to, but after it reset it locked on the logo, the LG with a blue swipe behind it, and thats all i get. I tried putting it into APX mode, but my volume buttons wont respond.

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General :: Soft Unlock GSM Network Locked Droid

Aug 31, 2012

I'm switching to use gsm phones and not cdma lke my currently company.So my friend has a droid( can't remember which one) and every time they tried putting in a sim card it would ask for some code, which I beleive would be the network unlock code.Now instead of doing the traditional method and buying an unlock code from the internet, would I be able to unlock the phone by maybe installing CWM and flashing a different ROM?

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General :: Android On Acer Iconia W3 / Bootloader Is Locked

May 19, 2014

it is possible to make Android and Windows dualboot or not. The Acer Support told me that the bootloader is locked, so it is impossible to install it without hacking. So what I want to know is how I can hack the UEFI? I like Windows,but only for school or homework. I need Android aswell...

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General :: Galaxy S3 Getting Stuck In Sleep Mode / Locked

Dec 12, 2013

I had it first on the Galaxy S3 with 4.2.1 stock rom, I don't know if it might be an app that might be causing this, basically when i lock the phone the screen turns off but then when i press the power button or the home button to turn on the screen it does not do anything, I know the phone is still on because sometimes if i get a text message i can see the blue led blinking and it will continue to blink even when it's frozen.

The only way to bring it back is by holding the power and home button together in order to reset it.I tried factory reset and it would not work, I flashed the phone with a custom rom for Paranoid Android 4.3 and it worked great for about a week, no issues at all, but then it started freezing when locked again.

I don't know if it might be an app that might be causing this, basically when i lock the phone the screen turns of but then when i press the power button or the home button to turn on the screen it does not do anything, I know the phone is still on because sometimes if i get a text message i can see the blue led blinking and it will continue to blink even when it's frozen.

Even worst, if i'm listening to music and i lock the phone or if the screen times out and locks when i try to unlock it i can see it's stuck but the music is still playing....

Also, if the phone is stuck and i try to call it, it will not ring not turn the screen on, it's not like the problem is just the physical buttons, i don't know what to do since the phone is out of warranty, I have never dropped the phone and there is no damage on it, it have never over heat either so i don't know what can i do...

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General :: Unable To Root WT19i Locked Bootloader

Nov 18, 2012

I was able to root the device by downgrading it but when i upgrade manually thru flashtool to ics 431,root and superuser app is gone.i also tried Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v16 but it does not show any restore backup option and nothing happens.. I read each and every related forum searched web but no luck .

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General :: Disable Screen Without Phone Being Locked Or Put To Sleep

Sep 25, 2012

I wanted to know if there is any way to turn off the screen without the phone being locked or put to sleep.

This would be useful when controlling my phone from my PC via Teamviewer (I already see the phone screen in my PC, so having the other one ON is pointless) or when wanting to listen to some music coming from a video.

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General :: Using Locked Bootloaders To Load Unsigned Kernel

Oct 17, 2012

A long time ago, on a 386 far, far away, some people would regularly boot Linux from DOS/Win16/Win32/Win95/etc... using a utility called loadlin. Loadlin would basically grab the system from the short and curlies, and load a target kernel into RAM, and jump directly into, which would effectively be running the kernel in practically the same way as if LILO had loaded it.

Would it be possible to actually make a Linux kernel module which did the same thing? Modules can be loaded at bootup, so it could be configured on a rooted system to load this module, which would effectively jump to a new kernel, throwing the old one out of memory.

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General :: How To Root Locked Mobile Without USB Debugging Enable

Apr 10, 2014

I am working on Mobile forensics. I need to access locked android phone system files without USB Debugging enable.

For accessing System files, I need to root android but it is locked with pattern lock or passcode (USB Debugging Disabled).

If i'll flash the mobile, it will change the filesystem which is not forensically sound.

if i'm able to clone the mobile (bit to bit copy) for further forensics.

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