General :: Market Not Giving Updates

Sep 18, 2012

My aTrackDogSD tells me 14 apps have newer versions out but when It directs me to the appropriate market page for the app it just shows "open" "uninstall" NOT update. Where as it should prompt to update I have auto update enabled and the version in the market is newer than the version of my app. SO that meens I would have to uninstall each app then reinstall to acquire the newest version correct?

General :: Market not giving updates


General :: Forcing Market To Check For App Updates?

Feb 11, 2012

One thing I noticed with the market is it seems to periodically check for updates, but it doesn't seem to check that often. It seems like the Market application waits for a group of apps to get updated at once before it notifies you, or it seems to only check for updates on a certain day where app updates are rolled out onto the Android market (similar to PSN/XBL updates)

how to force the Market application to check for updates to my apps? I was thinking maybe going to the Market app in the system settings and clearing cache/data, but I was wondering if there's some other way to do it.

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General :: GS3 Rooted - How To Disable Updates For Specific Apps In Market

Jul 24, 2013

It used to be the market would separate apps that were approved for auto update from those that had disabled auto update set. One could then simply hit the Update All (for the group) button and it would update ONLY the apps that were auto update enabled. Over the past few months Play Store has changed their behavior in that it no longer separates the apps and will only enable auto updates for everything or nothing.

How can I hide or otherwise prevent these few apps that I do not want to update from being in the play store update list? As it is now, I have to selectively update each individual app from the list, skipping the few apps I do not want updated.

Currently on a Samsung GS3, rooted, stock.

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Android :: App Updates And Market

Aug 23, 2010

Anyone know if I release a test version of my app to some BETA testers without publishing it on the market, and later publish it on the market with an updated version number, if the BETA testers will then get a notification from the market that there is a new version available?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Market Does Not Notify About Updates

Jun 23, 2010

i remember on my touch pro with XDA, the market automaticly notified me about app updates as soon as they happen, and that hasn't happend once on my EVO i have had to manualy check everytime, i have the settings set to notify. is there something i am missing?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Market Updates Not Installing

Oct 29, 2010

My Evo has been selectively updating my apps for the last two weeks.10 total so far. The market version I have is 1.82 and according to the market troubleshooting page the current version is 2.07 for anyone OVER Android 1.6. So is that my problem? I know its supose to auto update but I tried to force it by doing what the troubleshooting page says and nothing, still on 1.82. The only thing that seems to fix this is to uninstall then install it like its new. I've already lost progress on one game and don't feel like doing that again. Any suggestions? Sprint is no help cuz its a market issue.

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Android :: Automatic Market Updates

Dec 16, 2009

Does an app developer need to do something peculiar in code to get a newer version of an uploaded app to show up in the notification bar on installed users' phone?I am reading comments that vary wildly and I can neither determine if the message content I am reading is relevant or current.With the pace of change in Android, perhaps we should filter messages older than a year from results? :)

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Android :: Off-Market Application Updates

Jun 24, 2010

I am curious about the procedure for updating an app that was acquired off the market. Do you simply install over your existing app? And if so, what happens to your existing data?Is there a way to tie your installed apps to the market, so it can automatically check for updates? Any information is appreciated.

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HTC Incredible :: Occasional Market Updates ?

Nov 9, 2010

Every so often when I'm updating applications from the market, they fail to install after downloadIng completely. I install them again and it works, but the initial update doesn't work. Why is it doing this? The download location? I do have a sd card in the incredible from my previous phone, the droid, would that be the problem? What can I do to update apps without having to worry about redoing each failed install? I'm not rooted. Should this thread be moved? I am running froyo 2.2 version from droid world.

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Android :: How Often Phone Will Check On Market For Updates?

Sep 9, 2010

is there a setting somewhere on the phone that controls how often the phone will check on the market for updates to apps you already have installed? If not, what is the default, as in how often does the phone check?

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Motorola Droid :: Market For Available Updates Not Working?

Sep 24, 2010

I was trying to check the market for any available updates and noticed that its not working. It will only show one app in the start up screen and when I go to the download folder it says it is empty. I just used the market earlier today and it worked fine anyone else having this problem?

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Motorola Droid :: Duplicate Updates In Android Market

Dec 12, 2009

Is anyone else getting what appears to be duplicate update notifications in the market?This has been happening to me for the last 2 days for Astro File Manager, and Panda Home.I have the latest versions installed.Yet the market tells me there's an update available.When I look at the version number of the update, it's the same as what I have and when I install it, the version numbers wind up being the same.Is this really an issue, or are the authors really throwing new apk's up there with the same version number? Or is there some 'minor' version number they're updating that isn't visible to me, and there really are small tweaks in the update?Curious if anyone has seen multiple updates for these in the last few days, and whether anyone knows what's really going on.

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HTC Desire :: Market Problems - App Not Downloading - Updates Not Working

Oct 27, 2010

Is there problems with the market again? I have just purchased an app and it is not downloading. Updates not working either. Just like the other day.

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Motorola Droid :: Getting Constant Forceclose Of Market Updates

May 7, 2010

I'm rooted and I have a lot of app updates, but I'm getting constant fcs from the app market to update. Is it a root issue or a google/android issue ? I got a droid by the way.

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Android :: No Auto Updates Or Release Notes For Market Apps

Oct 30, 2008

I have recently updated about 10 apps manually that I already had on my G1, since I saw them relisted in the market (again) but higher up on the "by date" tab.This system is horrid.If a user has an app and a new release comes online it should not only notify the user it should offer to auto update and the first screen that pops up should be a release notes screen so we know why it was updated and what to look for.Another more minor annoyance is that devs seems to lose track of download counts and comments in new vers. This is much more minor, but useful to both the community and the device.If anyone from Android peeks in here, hopefully this makes a list of suggested improvements.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Market Not Showing Updates For Astro Loaded Apps

Jun 1, 2010

Not sure if anyone has noticed or if its just my phone.Im running the OTA2.1 rooted with the Aloysius Rom(has happened with other roms also) and it seems like every app that i have installed through Astro Manager doesnt show/update in the anyone else having this problem whether your phone is stock or rooted?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Market - Informs Updates - Keeps Track Of Free Apps Too

May 14, 2010

market - informs you of updates - keeps track of free apps too. nice!

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General :: Install ROM Onto Phone / Keeps Giving Error

Feb 22, 2014

Lately I have been trying to install a ROM on to my phone, but I cant get the files onto my SD card. Keeps saying, "Cannot copy item. The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.". I just rooted the phone about a week ago and figured I would change the ROM. Also tried unblocking the files but got nowhere. Also tried other ROMs, nothing is working. But I can transfer files to and from my SD card with no error.

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General :: HTC Rhyme Not Booting Just Giving Seven Vibrations

Mar 20, 2013

Htc rhyme is not booting up,when i press power Botton it only gives seven vibration and indicator light blinks,thn nothing happens,i have already tried hard/factory reset using volume down botton but nothing changed,also i never rooted my phone,its on orignal frmware.what to do ?

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General :: Galaxy Nexus On Stock 4.1.1 - Giving DF-BPA-09 Error?

Sep 15, 2012

Running a Galaxy Nexus on Stock 4.1.1 (rooted).Last week, Play Store randomly started giving me the DF-BPA-09 Error when I wanted to download new apps. Old apps would update fine. I searched XDA and found that turning Google Sync Off and restarting the phone solved it. It worked once or twice, but the problem kept coming back.

Then read another thread that said go to All Apps > Play Store >Uninstall Updates and Clear Data. I did this, and now when I start Play Store, it permenantly gives me 'Server Error', with a Retry Button below it.I have Titanium Backup Pro, so tried restoring an older version, tried Freezing and Unfreezing the App, still not working.

DF-BPA-09 Error used to come, Cleared Play Store Data and now stuck at Server Error.

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General :: Android Kernel Compilation Giving Error

Aug 21, 2013

I am new to android. i am try to compile android kernel 3.4.0 for HTC device.After running cross compile command,

"export CROSS_COMPILE=/home/jharvard/ndk-x86/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6/prebuilt/linux-x86/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-"

when I run make clean command "make clean && make mrproper".It shows errors,

/home/jharvard/kernel-code/linux/scripts/ line 25: arm-eabi-gcc: command not found
/home/jharvard/kernel-code/linux/scripts/ line 26: arm-eabi-gcc: command not found

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General :: Nova Launcher - Forced Landscape Mode Giving Annoying Boarders?

Dec 28, 2012

Forced landscape, no dock is giving me these annoying boarders, I enabled labs and increased the grid size but it only increases grid between those 2 lines.

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General :: Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 - Create Folder Giving Error Creation Failed?

Jun 27, 2012

Im here because of my problem with SGA 2.Few days ago I bought ACE 2 and I found few problems with "external_sd".So the problems are

1. When I try to create folder it gives me error "Creation failed"

2. When trying to move folder from internal memory to external sd it gives me error like "Moving failed", while copying goes fine.

3. I can move/copy any file to sd card, but sometimes those files got corrupted, gives me error about memory when trying to open pictures, same problem when saved camera saved photo to sd card. Even getting error when trying to play video.

APK files got corrupted too.

4. When I have moved apps to sd card some while apps work great, but after some time cant launch apps because it gives me error about that app doesnt exist.

I tried formatting sd card with pc and android.

Factory reset.

Repartition to same firmware with Odin.

Wipe cache, wipe data.

I dunno what causes those error, bugs, glitches. Is it phone or android sytem?

Tried many sd card and always got same errors. But when I mounted mine sd card to another phone it worked perfect.

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Android :: Publishing Android Updates To Market / How Long Till They Appear?

Nov 4, 2010

On Tuesday, I released my first app to the Android Market. Since then I found a few bugs which I have fixed and uploaded a new version.In the Developer Console, it still shows the version number as the original (v0.8.0) but the last version uploaded is different (v0.9.0).If I check the market on my phone, then the update is not even showing.How long before they show?Can I check if there are any errors with my upload process? Does a different filename for the apk matter?

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Android :: Android Market / Time To Wait Between Two Updates

Sep 2, 2010

I would like to know how many times I must wait to post an update for my application.I want to be sure that the update will appears in the "news" section of the Android Market.

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Android :: Android Market Automatic Updates

Jun 11, 2009

When i update my application in the android market.Will users be automatically notified to download a new version?I just implemented veecheck for my game( android/veecheck/) but that was all wasted time if it is already implemented.

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Android :: Android Market Application Updates

Feb 1, 2010

Quick question about android market application updates. If I have an app on the market and release an update, is there a way to ensure that the users download the new update?I.e. Does the app tells the user there is an update, or does it stop working until they download an update?Or should I be writing code in my apps to stop working after a fixed period thus forcing the user to download the new version?

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Android :: Android App Not In Market / How To Push Updates?

Aug 18, 2010

I have an android app written for my company and since its a private app, it is not in the android market. I'd like to be able to have the app check periodically for an update and if there is one notify the user and start downloading / installing the update.Is there an example of something like this out there?

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General :: Disconnecting Apps From Android Market - Deleting Market Link?

Apr 7, 2011

I have an app that was installed via Android Market. And so, the Android Market knows when new versions are out and notifies me of an update. Titanium Backup calls this the 'Market Link', not sure what else it could be called.

how would I go about 'disconnecting' the app from the Market? Deleting the market link as if it were side-loaded?

Yes, I know this means no more updates for the app etc. Which is actually what I'm after.

I'm using a SGS - DocRom V9.6 with Speedmod Kernel k13a

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Motorola Droid 2 :: Giving Credit Where It's Due

Nov 12, 2010

As a Droid Incredible owner I must that the Droid 2 screen is VERY sharp and makes mine look soft. My wife is very happy with the phone and the battery is impressive. I got her the desk dock tonight and she loves it too. Would I trade my phone for it? No, I'm waiting for a 4g Windows Phone 7 device with front facing camera to show up on vzw.

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