General :: How To Install APK Files Without Package Installer

Jan 21, 2014

installing an Android app without using the package installer.

Is there any way of installing an app through any other means than clicking on the .apk file in the folder?

Would it be possible to manually extract the apk archive and move the files to appropriate folders somewhere in /root/?

General :: How to install APK files without package installer


HTC Hero :: Package Installer - Allows To Install Apps

Sep 29, 2010

I believe the 'Package Installer' is the thing that allows me to install apps?

I've only just noticed it in my 'manage applications' - I'm sure it never used to appear at the top of the list - and I'm tight on memory - so when it takes up 13mb as it does now I'm a bit stuck.

Can I click 'clear data' on it - or will that remove apps? There is no option to clear cache - all 13mb is listed in the Data.

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Android :: Failed To Install Apk File By Package Installer

Nov 24, 2010

I have some problem installing my apk file in code. Wondering if anyone could find out what I did wrong.
What I was trying to do is put a Check Upgrade function in our program. When user clicks it, it will send request to our web server and find out what is the latest version. I use app versionName to stamp a version, something like 2010.11.23. I don't use the version code in Manifest.xml file. So our program sees the latest VersionName is later than itself, it will download the latest one, and then use the following code to install the new apk file:


Now looks like, everytime when I changed the VersionName, it will fail to install the apk file. It downloads the file fine. I don't know exactly why. Sometimes, in Eclips, when I hit debug, I got error saying "Re-installation failed due to different application signatures". I don't know if this is the same error caused the installation failed.

So, looks like my questions are:

Should that upgrade logic work? I am wondering if it has something to do with the VersoinName.
What could cause the application signature change? (I did sign our program before I put it on our server, but I always use the same key file for different versionName. )

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Applications For Package Installer

Dec 16, 2009

I wanted to know if I clear the data in applications for package installer will it mess with my downloaded apps?

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Android :: Free Space Required For Package Installer

Sep 7, 2009

The package installer looks to take up a good amount of space when installing applications. We've published a very large game (ProjectINF - 6mb). And it looks to be taking up a good amount of space during the install process, to the point that we have a lot of users emailing us with complaints/requests to "fix it".

From what we've seen, it looks to take about 22mb of free space to install a 6mb apk. While I can imagine taking double or so for unpacking and temp locations, almost 4x the size seems a bit high. After an install with 22mb free, the device has 16mb free (which makes perfect sense). Users also seem to be getting errors on the market when trying to install with less than that amount of space (with no real clear error message, just "Install Failed".

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Android :: Installer Which Will Ask For T&C And Install The App

Feb 8, 2010

I need to make an installer which will ask for T&C and install the App . But i am not able to find any tutorial related to the same .

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Android :: Install APK Installer Without Market

Jun 29, 2010

Is there a way to install Astro File manager without using the market? Because if I would need to install APKs in a situation where I don't have access to the market (No Internet access, etc.) I would need to use Astro File Manager and if I didn't have it installed I would need a way to install it without using the standard way of using the would save me bandwidth to install it from the SD Card each time.

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Android :: AppBrain Installer - Push The App To Install

Jul 21, 2010

I can't seem to figure out how to use the web installer. Where do you go on the website to push the app to install.

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Android :: Installer Intent To Install On Memory Card Or On Phone Memory

Dec 2, 2009

How to tell the installer intent to install on memory card or on phone memory ?

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Android :: Can't Write To Files Dir But Can In Package Dir

Jul 6, 2010

I'm trying to save an object in a file but the file doesn't appear on the device and I don't get an exception either.


If instead I use:


It works and I can see that the file has been created on the device.

But this isn't cool and it's not the way to do it because the directory structure may change in the future.

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General :: How To Install APK Files

Feb 13, 2013

I have APK files in my download folder on Samsung Galaxy 3. I am having problems installing these files. How do I do this?

1. I click on the APK file and it gives me parsing error.

2. I then moved the files to the root directory in systemapps and tried from there. Didn't work. I get JAVA R2ME runtime error.

3. I have the J2ME files in my download folder. Where do I place them?

It's been two weeks and I am not having luck installing my APK files which are a few.

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HTC Incredible :: SDK Setup - Install All Package?

Sep 8, 2010

When I download and unzip the SDK file and click on SDK Setup and the packages to install comes up do I need to install all of them or just the one that goes with 2.2?

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Android :: How To Access Other Package's Private Files?

May 24, 2009

I'm trying to find a way to access private files created by other packages.According to the dev site (plz see the following), I can read/write files of other packages if some flags are set on the create of those files, but I don't know how. Can I just open those files with Context.openFileInput(or Context.openFileOutput)? Do I need a different way for those three cases? By three cases, I mean getSharedPreferences(String, int), openFileOutput(String, int), openOrCreateDatabase(String, int, SQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory).

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Android :: Viewing Files Within Package Data

May 2, 2010

Basically I want to know how to get a list or array or any type of data about the files that have been stored in an package specific data section. By this I mean that after using something like:

FileOutputStream fOut = c.openFileOutput(fileName, 0); OutputStreamWriter osw = new OutputStreamWriter(fOut);

How can I get a list of the files saved to the data location of my application where this file and other files or saved so that I can choose which file I wish to read or edit. I've searched and searched for this but have not found anything of use any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Android :: Package Binary Files With APK - And Copy Them To Sdcard

Feb 18, 2010

I have 2 binary files that i would like to package with my apk. (/res/raw) i need to copy these 2 files to /sdcard when the application is run. how can i do this?

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Android :: Package And Access Extra Files Inside Apk

Mar 3, 2010

I have some data files that I need to install together with my application on the emulator for easy testing my app on a device.

Where can I put files in a way that Eclipse will include them into my apk and how can I access those files after my application is installed on the device?

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General :: Using Find Command To Install APK Files?

Dec 11, 2013

I would like to "deploy" .apk files to a set of tablets for student use in the school. Every now and then I will be required to install new apps across a range of devices. I have sorted out the transfer of the apk files to the tablets using an app called "FolderSync" so that the files will be local on the SD Card. Hopefully this part should not be problematic. Due to the fact that the tablets will be used by students, I want to make the process of installing the apps as automated as possible. Using the command "pm install <app.apk>" command I have achieved this step also. My trouble is that I will require the script to improvise and find all apk files in a folder and install them. So far I have tried the following:

cd /sdcard/FolderSync/
find *.apk -exec "pm install {}" ;

However this returns "find: pm install app.apk: No such file or directory" This may be more of a Linux issue than android, or maybe even just me missing something obvious, however I have tried adjusting the syntax here and there and can't figure out how to successfully install a directory of .apk files.

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General :: How To Edit APK Files To Make It Install As Regular App

Jun 4, 2012

So I have just started nodding apk's . I modded the unicornporn one to get rid of the stuff I didn't like and added in what I wanted. Problem is they'll only install if I paste to system/app and reboot. How can I edit the apk files to make it install as a regular app?

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Android :: Install Apk Files In Androd 1.5 Using Eclipse IDE - Apk Files Installed

Jul 29, 2009

To android working on eclipse with android 1.5 r2 version when i am running a basic program its showing a error .apk file not found.

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Android :: Package Is Not Signed Correctly Error On Customer Install

Feb 11, 2009

A customer wrote me that his upgrade of my app would not install and gave the following error: package isnot signed correctly The install worked find for me but I was getting a lot of bad reviews because of this error and I removed the app. How is this possible; you can't upload an app to Google Markets without it being signed correctly?

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Android :: Install Error - Parsing The Package - Occurring For One Specific Device

Jan 21, 2010

My .apk file is confirmed working, however for users of the Motorola Milestone (which runs the same android version 2.0 and up) they receive the error upon attempt to install. I've googled and searched through the other questions here. The error seems to normally only appear if you did something wrong in the signing wizard or renamed the file. Is it possible that some kind of software difference on the OS build on these Milestones is preventing the install?

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General :: GUI APK Installer For Mac OS X?

Aug 4, 2011

Is there a SIMPLE gui apk installer on mac? I used to use "Droid Explorer" and "Android Commander" on windows.

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General :: How To Use Aroma Installer

Jun 1, 2013

how to use the aroma installer by armarulz? I wanted to use it to make an to flash my app datas and apks.

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General :: Set Up Aroma Installer For Own Custom ROM

Jul 5, 2013

I'm trying to set up Aroma Installer for my own Custom ROM. When I try to flash the ROM, it shows all but when i had nearly finished it let me choose Installation Demo and other options. This will flash the ROM or it will show me what will happen without flashing it?

If it is only a demonstration, what I have to do to flash the ROM definetly?

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General :: Aroma Installer Doesn't Apply Changes

Sep 30, 2013

I wrote simple aroma installer for 4 apps and one mod. Everything runs well, but after I reboot my device, there are no changes done!

This is my aroma config: [URL]
This is my updater scripts: [URL]

As you can see, it's very simple

but I still can't find what is wrong that it doesn't apply selected mods :/

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General :: Qmobile A10 Not Working After Using Font Installer

May 28, 2013

I use Qmobile A10. i rooted it long ago and it's working. I used font installer (root required) and used a font.. rebooted then it worked. When i opened my phone, i installed another font after that uninstalling font installer. Then it asked me to reboot.. Then it kept showing this logo for qmobile a10 when opening the phone. Awkwardly, it didn't start for a very very long time.. I left it open for 4 hours, then 1 day. Then a day and a half. I though that i should probably connect the phone to my PC and take out the new font. But it's not showing on "My Computer".

Any cool games that suits qmobile a10?*

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General :: Doesn't Support Aroma Installer

Aug 2, 2013

i'm using a note 2 phone and im going to dual boot it using devil kernel but it doesn't support aroma installer so i wonder if there was a way to convert the aroma rom (Resurrection Remix PitchBlack EDT JB V1.0.1) to a normal installer.

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General :: Making First Custom ROM With Aroma Installer?

Jul 28, 2013

I'm trying to make my first custom ROM with Aroma Installer, but when I'm trying to open the zip file, i get the following error:


SYNTAX ERROR!!! aroma-config on line 283 col 10
E:Error in /emmc/
(Status 1)
Installation aborted.

I have tried to see if there is any error but the only thing in that line is just this: );

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Android :: Copy File From Sdcard To Package Filesystem - Data - Data - Packagename - Files

Apr 14, 2010

Is it possible to copy a file located on the sdcard to a package's internal filesytem located at /data/data/packagename/files/ folder?

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Swype / 1.6 R7 / "package Failed To Install"?

Apr 3, 2010

So i just flashed to r7. and previously from the stock no twiz 1.5. ive been using swype flashed r1 then r6 and now r7 however with R7 i get an error msg.. "package failed to install" ive tried deleting every instance of swype.. no luck.. anyone else have this problem?

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