General :: How To Disable Roaming Indicator On ICS

Aug 20, 2012

I'm running Huawei's leaked B934 based on 4.0.3 on my U8815/G300.

how I can disable the roaming indicator /R over the signal strength bars? I live in a 2G only area and Three being 3G only I have to roam, meaning my 3 balance apps and whatnot don't work right because it detects it as roaming.I'm looking for a national roaming sort of setting like the one found in CM7 onwards.

General :: How to disable roaming indicator on ICS


HTC EVO 4G :: Roaming Indicator After Flash To CM6

Sep 2, 2010

Anyone had this issue? I found this.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Roaming R Indicator On?

Nov 12, 2010

Got a UK purchased unlocked Galaxy S, which I'm using in mainland China on China Mobile with a China Mobile SIM. On the screen the roaming R indicator is on, by the signal strength. And going into the about the phone options does indeed indicate that it is roaming internationally, when in fact it's not, because of the China Mobile SIM working on that network. When I was using the phone in Hong Kong, I was using a 3 Hong Kong SIM and the Galaxy didn't indicate it was roaming at all. It did however show the R roaming indicator when I entered mainland China, Where the 3 HK SIM was working on the mainland Chinese networks, both China Mobile and China Unicom. It should not be showing roaming R though when it's using a China Mobile SIM on it's own network though, but it is. I've also tried the SIM in another phone, and this does not show it's roaming at all. Only when the SIM is in the Galaxy? The phone does dire warnings about incurring large data bills for data roaming, when it's not in fact data roaming.

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Motorola Droid :: Roaming Indicator Off

Nov 8, 2010

I get this phrase on my lock screen and notification bar in place of where it would usually say Verizon Wireless. Anyone know why or how to get rid of it?

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Android : How To Disable Digital Clock / Battery Indicator?

Dec 22, 2009

I've got a G1 that is rooted and currently running Cyanogen Here's my n00b questions. In the upper notification area how do I disable the digital clock and the battery indicator? The answer should be the same for rooted vs non-rooted so hopefully that's not an issue.

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Android :: Can Phone Be Data Roaming Without Being Voice Roaming?

May 6, 2010

Here's a question that comes from an unclear view of how things work : can a a phone be data roaming without being voice roaming? If so how can a begin data roaming event can be detected? This question came to me from the DDMS options , where one can have" data roaming " and "home voice".

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General :: Data Roaming Not Working On Android?

Apr 17, 2014

I currently have an iPhone 5S, SGS4 and HTC One and share a single sim card between all three phones.

In my home country my SIM card is able to access data on all 3 phones with no problem.

However, when I go abroad and use data roaming, only the iPhone is able connect, both android phones are unable to connect at all.

I checked the APN settings and all seem to be correct.

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General :: TCL / Alcatel Idol X Going Into Roaming Mode?

Oct 25, 2013

I have a tcl idol x with an Italian alcatel idol x ROM installed (android 4.2.2). The ROM seems to be okay, but my phone keeps saying im roaming, with a little R above the signal bars. Even if i disable roaming, it enables itself.

I do not know much about network and sim card related stuff , im based in the uk and on t-mobile or EE,

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General :: Samsung Galaxy S3 - Apps Not Working While Roaming?

Jul 21, 2012

I use Tmobile UK and I got to Amsterdam last night. My whatsapp stopped working and today I rebooted the phone and now all my apps except Chrome and Gmail do not work.

I having a roaming plan with TMobile so I'm not sure why my apps have stopped working. Do I need to enable certain stuff to keep them working?

I recently switched from BB to Samsung Galaxy S3 so I'm still new to Android.

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General :: Phone Stuck In Roaming With Correct IMEI

May 19, 2014

I flashed my Verizon Note 2 (SCH-I605) to the SOKP Rom from a Jedi X Rom (v13 I believe). After the flash, I noticed my network was not working. Eventually I found out that the device was registering as a GT-7105. Not sure what went wrong, as the rom was flashed with no errors. I also ensured that my recovery was on the appropriate version (TWRP in this case) and I also did a factory reset. To try and rectify the issue I wiped the phone and tried various other roms. In every one of those cases I found that the phone was constantly roaming. I had checked my network mode and tried switching between Global and LTE/CDMA which did nothing. Being completely out of options, I just installed to a stock rom through Odin (VRAMC3 4.1.2) and let it update via Wifi to 4.3 and still nothing. (I am well aware of the Knox security feature and will address this in a moment)

Here are the different ways I tried to diagnose the issue after this that led nowhere:

1. Made contact with a Tier-2 specialist from Verizon that tried various diagnostic methods and found that my phone was simply not registering on the Verizon network, or ANY other network for that matter.

2. I went to a Verizon store and got my SIM card replaced.

3. I even went to a repair shop to see if the phone possibly had a faulty connection.

I have already verified that the IMEI is correct based on the sticker behind the battery. The PRL is on 15310. The very last thing I tried was entering "getprop" inside a terminal. I'm taking a guess here, but I noticed my ril.serialnumber was all 0s. If I need to root my phone again to try something, I am more than willing to. My phone is out of warranty and not insured, I'm not really concerned about the Knox warranty trigger unless it will render my phone completely unusable.

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General :: Enable Data Roaming Without Using Settings Menu?

Nov 8, 2011

I use my phone daily in a non-Verizon network, so having Data Roaming enabled is very important for me. The new ROM I installed, however, does not have a menu option for enabling/disabling Data Roaming.

Any way to do this through script? Or maybe there is something that can be changed in "build.prop" (or another file) that would change the default setting of Data Roaming disabled to be enabled?

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General :: How To Remove Roaming Dial In LG Optimus VU F100L Korea

Nov 17, 2012

How to remove Roaming Dial in LG Optimus VU F100L Korea.In Cambodia, when make a phone call it alert:

* Roaming Dial
-Call to Korea
-Call to Local

So how to remove this thread, I just want it call directly.

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General :: LED Indicator Light Not Turning On?

Sep 3, 2013

LED indicator not showing up on your Note 2? Even after doing the *#0*# test only to find out your LED is in fact working, just not showing notifications? Then perhaps you may have Blocking Mode enabled. Now, I never marked this box and only assume that it came on either after a re-boot or updates, but I re-booted and saw it still in my notification bar, clicked on it and saw LED Indicator was set to off. I marked the box (or just disable blocking if that's your choice), and that solved my problem. I knew LED was fine because my phone is new and the light was showing up when I was re-booting, just not staying on. Now if it is not listed in your Notifications because it's not turned fully off and maybe only 1 setting is marked, it can be found in: Settings, Devices; underneath Home Screen Mode.

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General :: Why Don't ATT Phones Have Indicator Lights

Jun 21, 2013

Being someone who started my smartphone journey way back with blackberry, I grew quite fond of the indicator lights on the phone to notify you of an email etc. So naturally after switching to ATT last year and getting my note, I was quite disappointed it didn't have one. Someone said this was an ATT thing and not a note thing. Is there a reason why ATT phones don't use the indicator light?


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General :: Water Damage Indicator Droid G2x Never Been Wet

Aug 23, 2011

I have been having problems with my G2x's this is the 4th G2x I've had. My first one had a short, second one would randomly flash when I didnt even have the camera on and the screen would flicker like crazy, third one gave me the black screen of death were it was just all black and the phone would not work at all. The fourth one I have now is constantly shutting off on me all the time. I called T-mobile and told them that IDK what the problem is... I don't DL anything crazy and I really love the G2x when it works could it possibly be the battery because that is the only thing that is the same with the phones. So they are sending me out a new battery. Fast forward four days battery still isn't here and I am having the same problems and occasionally have to take out the battery and put it back in so the phone will power on. This morning I noticed my phone did not charge at all. So I pull off the back and what do I see under the battery and small amount of moisture and the white water damage indicator is now RED!

My phone has never been in water or near water or in the rain hasnt even rained for weeks and weeks now. The thing is if it truly got wet wouldn't the white water damage indicator on the battery be red too? Because that one is still white. I called T-mobile and asked them and they said I would have to do an insurance exchange. I told them I am not trying to exchange the phone, but when my new battery comes in and if it doesnt solve the turning off problem I don't want to have to pay for a new phone when I never got my phone wet. The lady said well maybe when it gets humid but IDK. You will have to do an insurance exchange which is 130 for a phone I did not get wet. Experience this and never got there phone wet. Are there anymore indicators on the phone that would show maybe it didnt get wet like can I ask them to open the phone so they know I am not lying. I am getting sick of dealing with T-mobile now. I always have to fight with them about my rebates, getting phone replaced, bogus charges, ect... Now water damage for non-water damage phone.

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General :: Droid Charge Indicator Light?

Jan 26, 2012

does the droid charge have indicator lights and if so how do you make them active

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General :: How To Change Progress Indicator To Other Color

Feb 5, 2012

How to change the progress indicator to other color ? In my ROM it is in yellow color. I want to change it to cyan blue as stock ROM.. I really want to change that...

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General :: How To Remove Power Indicator Icon

Jun 5, 2013

How do I remove this power indicator icon? I don't want two...

Uploaded with

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General :: No Indicator Light On Samsung Galaxy S Advance?

Jun 24, 2013

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S Advance (I9070), upgraded it to Jelly Bean, and rooted it.

Now, I notice there is no indicator light?

Is this a software glitch I have introduced, or is it true...

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General :: Warning Indicator Says Battery Is Losing Charge Too Fast?

Apr 30, 2012

A random warning message occassionally pops up on my samsung galaxy fascinate. It says: "Warning: Battery is losing charge too fast. Tap here to download and fix now". At the top of my phone, on the status bar, there is a small icon of a red battery with a line through it. How did I start getting this notification and how do I get rid of it? It's like a spyware or something, I think.

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General :: P1000 / Battery Indicator Shows Wrong Percentage?

Jul 9, 2012

As I remember the issue got started from my fault about wipping my battery state. my battery never charged to 100%.I tought I can solve this by wiping when it's fully charged(99%).so I charge my phone to 99% and wipped.but after that my charge percentage got wrong.for example it shows 50%,but it gets off bcoz of low battery.or I plug my charger when it's at jumps to 90%rapidly.I have changed my rom.but no results.I tought maybe it's from relation of hardware(battery)and software(ROM) I decide to try my idea.

My idea was:wipe and format all things at recovery.draining battery to 0%(by entering the downloading mode and remaining to it untill phone gets off)then pluging it to charger and let it fully charged.and then odin and installing a ROM.but I have wiped and formated all ghings.but when I plug the charger now a battery icon appears on the screen,but it doesn't get green as it is charging.


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General :: ZTE Blade / CM9 - Ice Cream Sandwich WiFi Only Showing Gray Indicator

Jan 23, 2012

I'm running cyanogen mod 9 build by the chinese Burstlam On my ZTE blade.

It wont show me the wifi bars but only a grey indicator that shows that its up and down loading stuff. Its build of official cm9 sources so others might have had and fixed it?

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General :: Moto G 4.4.2 Android - Battery Indicator Always Shows Phone Fully Charged

May 12, 2014

I got a new moto g about a week ago and it worked like a charm, but yesterday it started doing something wired, the battery indicator always shows that the phone is fully charged, to the point where it shut its self down because it run out, and still showed battery fully charged.

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General :: Droid X2 Battery Indicator Showing LESS Battery?

Jul 3, 2013

I've had a Droid X2 for almost 2 years, and as phones usually do, the battery life became pretty bad. It would get to 5% and then quickly die halfway through the day.

I purchased a new battery, and found it to be just as bad (supposedly). It would be down to 5% by noon without much usage, so I thought maybe the problem was with my phone and not an old battery. I'd just turn it off or try to find a charger...

It took me a few days to realize that it lasts hours past when it gets to 5%. HOURS. It reached 5% at about 1pm EST today, I used it my whole commute home on the train, made a two 5-10 minute phone calls this evening, and now past 9pm it still hasn't died.

So, it's not the battery. It's not the worst problem to have... but it would be really nice to know how much battery I have left.

Note: I rooted my phone about 1 week before I got the new battery.

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HTC EVO 4G :: App For Force Roaming

Jun 5, 2010

I'm coming from a sluggish Touch Pro 2. I was used to using a program to force roaming and I know most of Sprints phones sold nowadays no longer offer this option. I dont know much about the hacks or apps for the Android platform yet but was wondering if anyone knew of a roaming app to "force roaming". I live in a area where I get 1-2 bars and miss calls all the time. Barely ever home (work) so its not a deal breaker but it would help if I could. I'm aware of Sprints rules on roaming, (cant be too excessive). FYI
I also tried ##3282# and entered the EVDO option screen. It gives you the options for automatic, HDR Digital, CMDA. Does anyone know the difference or the closest this would be to roaming?

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HTC 4G :: How Do You Turn Roaming Off On EVO

Jun 8, 2010

I just have a few questions i hope somebody can answer them .

- How do you turn roaming off on the HTC EVO?

- I noticed when viewing mail other than Gmail, my inboxes do not display all of my mail, only about 25+ out of my 100+ total. If this is normal, someone please let me know. If not please let me know how to modify the mail settings so i can view all my messages (i was not able to find any specific setting to do this myself).

- I noticed when going under Settings>Applications>Manage Applications there is about a 30 sec. loading/lag delay when the manage application menu is loading. I did encounter a Force Close error 1 time and had to restart phone. The long load time still happens after multiple hard boots to the phone. I was wondering if this is normal and if anyone else is experiencing this. If not i am happily open to any suggestions. This also happens when viewing running services but only with a 15 sec load time. (i have no 3rd party apps installed except for qik,google goggles,google maps, google earth, and google sky map)

- I have terrible signal in my house and get dropped calls all the time (not the EVO's fault) i never recieve a "drop call tone" which would be helpful that way i'm not left talking to myself. Does anyone know how to enable a drop call tone if possible?

- I searched everywhere for a "Notes" app on the EVO and did not find one in stock. A little weird to me because most phones come with some kind of note taking tool. ; Anyone have any good n safe suggestions for apps?

- Can someone explain the Android Power Bar Widget to me? I dont know what the "Circular arrows are for" what does it mean?

- I am just curious, does anyone know if there is some type of external "universal keyboard" compatible with the EVO.

*sorry for bombarding with all these questions. I'm just a happy EVO user wanting to learn more about his phone.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Roaming Coverage Area

Jun 25, 2010

The same thing happened on my Hero, so it's Sprint related. I rarely leave my house. When I do, I'm never more than 3 miles from home. My entire surrounding area is in Sprints coverage area. Ninety-eight percent of the time I'm steadily on the 3G. Every now and then though, while still at home, my phone changes over to roaming for no rhyme or reason! I know Sprint won't throw a hissy fit over the calls and data (unless over the 300mb), but why is my phone doing this? I just checked my account and it says I've used 7760kb of data while roaming.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Data Roaming Is Free Right?

Jun 28, 2010

I've noticed that most of this week my phone keeps roaming.Not sure why, guess I don't really care because it works but I noticed this on my online Sprint account.

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HTC Hero :: Data Off When Roaming

Feb 3, 2010

I'm about to take my Hero overseas for the first time, and having seen loads of people stung with huge roaming charges for data, I want to make sure I don't end up paying anything.I have Data Roaming unticked in the Mobile network settings, is there anything else I need to do?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Why Does Data Roaming Not Work?

Sep 24, 2010

It says I have full 5 bars roaming and I can send text and calls but can't use the Internet in any apps. I have data roaming unchecked, why is it doing this?

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