General :: Camera Flip On Z26 (MTK6589) After Flash Stock Rom

May 24, 2014

I've bought a Alps Ipegtop Z26 a few days ago, and after a mistake, i need to reflash a rom stock But, i saw that my version was V06, and i can't find it...So, i reflash with the V05 version...

After few problems (bootloop...) ALL works except CAMERA

She's REVERSED !!!

I have test to exchange some lib fils from my first backup (V06) to my actual rom, but it didn't woks...

General :: Camera flip on Z26 (MTK6589) after flash stock rom


General :: Restore ICS Stock Camera And Stock Gallery After 4.2 Camera

Jan 5, 2013

I have a problem with my camera so I try to install are the 4.2 camera on my haipad I9300 mtk 6577. No success so now I want to go back to the original ics camera and gallery.. Unfortunately I delete the original ones when I install the 4.2 camera. So I download the camera apk and Google gallery. Apk and put in the gallery shows up but not the camera. The gallery crash very often. I cannot make the camera shows up. Every time I turn on the phone it appears "Android update". I don't have a recovery.

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HTC Incredible :: Weather And Toggle Flip Clock Widget Time Doesn't Flip

May 19, 2010

well just baught this in the app store and its really confusing need some help like wen i open up the weather and toggle flip clock widget the time doesnt flip et dont know how to get/delete skins just iso someone who has this and knows how to run this.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Homescreen Flip Clock Doesn't Flip

Jan 11, 2010

I have the giant clock/weather widget on my homescreen (the one that comes on the phone when you first get it and the one most people probably use). I have seen animations of this clock on the HTC site that show the digits flipping over. And you would think it would do that anyway based on the design. However, I noticed my doesn't really flip. The digits just change instantaneously. No flipping animation. Is this just mine or is that how it is? I was actually hoping it would flip because I always thought it looked neat.

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General :: How To Flash Stock European ROM

Apr 30, 2014

i just bought an HTC One Mini on eBay. The smartphone seem to be of (i saw this info using cpu-z app) and does not contain all languages (for example italian, and since i'm italian this isn't a good news).

I'm using this smartphone with a SIM of course not of Orange so i think that is unlocked.

But i want to flash a "classic" Stock of HTC One Mini European, not this. The actual ROM also is "locked" to Android 4.3 and if i check updates he don't find nothing.
So how can i flash a stock european rom? And where i can find it?

#Little update

I've just found the Stock european here (or is somethings else?) but now how i can flash it?

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General :: How To Flash Stock Recovery

Feb 21, 2012

I tried to flash CWM Recovery but when the 'confirm your device' menu popped up, my phone wasn't there so i just selected the first one on the list. Now when i try to reboot into recovery, nothing happens. It just boots up normally. how to either flash stock recovery or a custom recovery that will work?

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General :: How To Flash Back To Stock Rom

Jun 20, 2012

How to flash back to stock rom

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General :: Flash Any Stock 4.0.3 Rom With Odin?

Apr 8, 2012

is it possible to flash any stock 4.0.3 rom with odin?

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General :: Galaxy S3 - Flash Goes Off When Closing Camera App

Nov 5, 2013

My Galaxy S3 just started this weird behavior. When I close down the camera app, the flash goes off for about 2 seconds. Very annoying. Is there a way to fix this?

Flash is turned off inside the camera app. I have restarted Android, but no difference.

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General :: Rooting MTK6589 KVD Apollo One?

Apr 28, 2013

I recently purchased "KVD APOLLO ONE K6589 Quad-Core Android 4.2.1 WCDMA Smartphone w/ 5.5"

The phone itself was next to nothing ($180) so even if its Unrootable.

I would however prefer it rooted, I have read that you can basically use the MTK6577 rooting tool on the device?Would this risk bricking the device.

I'v attempted to contact the manufacturer however to no avail.

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General :: T94 MTK6589 Bootlooping Due To DPI Change?

Aug 10, 2013

I bought recently a Tengda T94 (also being referred to as Dapeng T94).It has MTK6589 chip.

Me,the smartass,wanted to change the DPI setting of the smartphone,because Real Racing 3 lagged a little bit and thought changing it might fix the framerate.I changed it from 320 dpi to 221 with LCD modder and reboot.Then the surprise struck me,when it didnt start,it just stood on the logo and kept replaying it.I have tried with ADB commands - some works,some not.

I am with stock recovery 3e.

Has only few commands like reboot now,install update from adb,cache,sd card and wiping cache and another option for wiping data to factory settings (and two irrelevant options of restoring/backing up user data).

I tried wiping all data and cache,still bootlooping.

Tried with mediatek firmware adapter tool,but i think it cannot change the build.prop file while bootlooping (it cannot find my device when in recovery mode),because it is either in use,or in read-only mode.

Tried with android commander,but didnt know what to do there.

I downloaded rather late a CWM recovery for my phone,and also if I am not mistaken two roms - one of them is exactly like mine.

But when tried to install thru recovery adb sideload it starts and then says : restating ADBD ....... installation aborted and returns me to main recovery menu. Tried with my backed up build.prop which i have put in flashable zip file.

However,the two roms i have downloaded arent working properly.They are zip,but still adb sideload cannot read them.

And another (i dont know if it is relevant) my external sd card 16 gb default,when i put it in my old gsm to put the two roms and cwm recovery files,first windows wanted to format it and the only option was FAT 32,total of 2.87GB.What has happened to my sd card ?

Still I couldnt install from the external sd card the roms,only zip with build.prop file was listed and gave the same mistake as said above : restating ADBD ....... installation aborted.

PP: I have arrived at the conclusion that the problem is this line ro.sf.lcd_density=221,which is in build.prop file (I might be wrong).So the question is can i somehow modify the prop file or what should i do ? And why has my sd card shortened from 14,6gb to 2.87 ?

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General :: Porting MTK6589T Rom To MTK6589?

May 6, 2014

After knowing that the mtk6589t rom can be ported to mtk6589..... i have started porting one..!!! But after porting it as i regular do... it gets stucked on boot logo..!! it dsnt go in boot loop but gets stucked on boot...!! what shld be done?

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General :: Motorola Triumph Won't Flash Stock ROM

Aug 15, 2012

The other day when I went to install a font on my phone, I tried the Arial font and it had me restart. When It rebooted, it wouldn't load pass the Motorola boot logo. I rebooted into recovery and tried wiping/formatting my phone and it would still get stuck at the boot logo. I tried putting the stock rom onto my microSD card and installing via the recovery menu but it rebooted and the recovery menu went blue with lesser options. And will Virgin Mobile send me a new one since it is rooted?(I was going to send it back due to the loose charge connection.)

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General :: GT S5360 - How To Flash Stock Rom Using ClockWorkMod

Jul 22, 2012

How To Flash Stock Rom Using Clockworkmod on a gt s5360 ???????

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General :: Flash Stock Roms On Other Devices?

Apr 21, 2013

Can you install/flash a stock ROM for one device on another?

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General :: ROM Stock Or CM7 For Galaxy S2 Flash By Odin

Mar 7, 2012

I just OV galaxy by setcpu but have problem phone was stopped working. So i need ROM stock version VietNam or CM7 for retry up ROM flash by odin.

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General :: Flash Stock 2.3 To Custom 4.0 Nexus S

Apr 4, 2012

can i flash it via cwm?

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General :: Galaxy SII SGH-I727 - Can't Flash To Stock

Jul 13, 2012

I have a Galaxy SII SGH-I727 and my computer does not recognize my phone as a USB device. I've already tried several other cables and computers. Odin is unfortunately not an option for me. I am trying to unroot my phone (I understand that flashing to a stock ROM unroots it...I hope) so that I can send it in since rooting it voids the warranty.

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Samsung Fascinate :: Front Facing Camera / Camera Flash?

Aug 4, 2010

If you could only choose one of these, which would you have chosen for the Fascinate? (Obviously it would be best to have both).

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General :: MMX A100 - ICS 4.0.3 Stock Camera In ICS 4.0.4

Oct 6, 2012

I have MMX A100 . The camera auto-focus is not up to date. I think its code is a bit itchy. any way had seen Karbonn A18 with almost same hardware but running ICS 4.0.3 with kernel version 4.0.13 have the stock camera autofocus working great .My A100 is having 3.0.8 Kernel.

I had stock ROM of both. Can I extract the Karbonn A18 Stock Camera and replace it with My ICS 4.0.4 ROM?

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General :: MTK6589 - Stuck On Android Logo?

Sep 14, 2013

I bought a chinese MTK6589 phone called the Tronsmart TS7 Glacier. I tried to flash CWM recovery with an app called Flashify. I was using the right CWM recovery for my phone, but when it rebooted it opened the normal recovery mode, and then when I tried to reboot, it didn't get past the first logo that comes up... Normally it shows an android logo, then it goes to a little animation with the tronsmart logo, then it's started up. Now it's stuck on the android logo... I've tried reflashing the stock rom from my SD card but I can't do it because it only works in CWM, the installation aborts normally. I've done it before but I got into CWM through a different app called mobileuncle or something. So yeah what I think I need to do is reflash the stock rom, but I can't do it without CWM, and I can't get CWM...

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General :: How To Unbrick Haipai I9389 (MTK6589)

Sep 1, 2013

I have bricked my phone, and it now can't turn on..

I have a backup of the software(My friend gived me it), but when i put it in SP Flash Tool, i see only the red bar, then the program don't flash anything..

My computer see the phone as "MTK USB Port (COM6)".. Is this the problem maybe?

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General :: Unbrick Mtk6589 Star X920?

Sep 22, 2013

I flashed a wrong ROM, because flash didn't work, I used a Star S5 one instead of a X920Butterfly one. So I tried this guide http:[url]..... but my PC do not recognises phone, I Have Upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 8 so I don't now how I can re-install drivers.

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General :: How To Flash Stock Rom - (samsung Galaxy Player 5.0)

May 19, 2013

i edited my build.prop now my Samsung galaxy player 5.0 or Samsung galaxy S WiFi 5.0 won't boot. Firstly, i did some searching and i want to know if this is the right stock ROM [URL].... I downloaded the USA one,Is that the right stock Rom? How do i flash the stock ROM with Odin? Will flashing a stock ROM fix my problem?

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General :: Sona Xperia U - How To Get Stock Files To Flash

Mar 13, 2013

"Flash any Stock B.1.54 or C.1.0 (use flashtool)." Instructions from a ROM thread I'm following

I am flashing stock onto my Sony experia u but i don't know how to get the stock files to flash it i have downloaded flash tool but i don't know were to get the flash files.

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General :: How To Flash Samsung S DUOS 2 With Stock ROM On Odin V1.85

Jan 29, 2014

Today itself i downloaded and tried to flash my S DUOS 2 with stock ROM on Odin v1.85. Though it started and was in initial stage( Flashing boot file), i mistakenly DISCONNECTED the device. Now it's not turning ON !!!!

Device : Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582
Firmware : S7582XXUAMK3 ODDAMK1
Odin - v1.85
Mistake - Disconnected the device while it was downloading the firmware.
Device Status : Not Switching ON ! , Nothing happens when power key/+ any key is pressed

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General :: Stock ROM For UbiSlate 7C+ / Camera On Side

Jul 5, 2013

My Ubislate 7C+ which has a camera on side, the touch is not responding.It was running smooth earlier but started hanging so I did Factory Reset of the device and now the touch is not working.I am not able to go to the Recovery mode also.Data wind people are not responding.Flash stock ROM of Ubislate 7C+ which has a camera on side to resolve this issue.

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General :: Possible To Get SGS3 Stock Camera App To CyanogenMod?

Jul 14, 2012

My main problem with Cyanogenmod is that the default Touchwiz camera app is the best free camera app I have seen, and even more so for the video camera.

I tried taking the Camera .apk file, but I just get a message saying "application not installed" when I try to install it, and "there was a problem parsing the package" if I try to install it from /root.

Yes unknown whatever installs are allowed. And I've tried a hundred and seven different installer/file manager apps, but they all direct me to the same default installer.

Other apps I'd want to take are the calculator and video player.

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General :: How To Root And Install CWM On MTK6589 Android Phone

May 30, 2013

I have been Using Sony Xperia Phones and rooting & installing CWM on those phones is fairly very easy (unlocking bootloader and just installing a Kernel Using Flashtool which comes with CWM and root) ...... However, i recently bought this phone:


Its running on Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and has Quad Core MTK 6589 chipset ...

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General :: S4 MTK6589 Clone - Boot Animation Logo

Oct 20, 2013

I was trying to update my s4 clone, but missed click using something called mcm or something and it restore my cellphone to factory data, and know i dont have boot animation logo, i tried to use many programs like boot animation logo changer, rom toolbox but nothing works.

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