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Android :: List Of Package Names On Phone

Is there any way to get the name of all the packages(e.g., the phone via ADB shell?

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Android :: Get All Package Names
Is there any method to get all android package name?

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Android :: Getting Package Names Of Applications
My activity gets set as the default Home by the user, but I want to be able to launch the default Home from within my activity as well. I've tried hard coding the following: Code...

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Android :: Multiple Versions Of App With Different Package Names
I need to be able to easily create different "flavors" on an app, each with a unique package name so that they can coexist on the same device. Is there a simple way this can be done, which doesn't require manually updating all the imports and other references to the package name each time I change it?

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Android :: Changing Package Names Fibers Map Overlays?
This is odd.  I need to make my code pretty, so the first thing I want to do is to change the all the strings 'com.appspot.lbtdl' to 'com.faberfedor.tagyourworld'. I change every string in all the directories using the Perl 'pie' technique.  Then I put the code into a new directory, create a new Eclipse project and run it. Code...

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Android :: Changing Program Names In List
Is there an application that let's me change application names in the "all programs" list?I was recommended "Folder organizer" but it wouldn't change the names in the "all programs" list.BTW, I can't buy paid apps from the android market.

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HTC Magic :: Android Won't Search Company Names In Contact List
When using the smart search function of the dialer or searching in contacts my Magic only searches numbers and names, not company names.I have hundreds of contacts that are just companies (airlines, couriers, etc. etc.) with no specific contacts at that company.Those contacts are effectively inaccessible on my phone now as the only way to find them is to scroll through the hundreds of blank contacts to find what I am looking for.When I synchronized contacts with my HTC magic, any contact with a company name, but nothing in the 'Name' field had the word 'unnamed' added to the name field.The only work around I can see is to use Outlook to manually add the company name to each of these contacts and then change the 'File As' field to read the company name.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Double Names In Contacts List
Ok. I clear out all the entries. Reload from Outlook. Then I have multiples again. What's up with that?

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Android :: Package Manager Get Size Of An Installed Package?
i work on custom Application Manager and try to get the disk usage of installed package. So PackageManager.getpackageSizeInfo was removed from SDK on 0.9->1.0 update PackageStats(String pkgName)(cacheSize, codeSize, dataSize) returns always "0" Size of phys. file ( in "/data/app" seems wrong/not completely. Has anybody any solution to get the total disc space used by an installed package?

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HTC Hero : Phone Number Backup With Names From Phone Onto Computer?
First Thread on here and new user of a hero so please bear with me!

I have used sync to backup my phone numbers onto my computer but they are appearing in the windows contacts as just the phone numbers but no names.

Is tehre any program i can use to backup my phone numbers with names from my phone onto my computer?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Phone Showing 2 Different ROM Names / Why Is This?
Can someone explain to me why my phone is showing 2 different ROM names. the ACTUAL ROM thats installed is Aloysius and i know this becuase the icons and layout difference between Fresh and Aloysius.
if you look under CURRENT ROM in RM it says Fresh, but under Build, it says the Aloysius. Both updates are available for the ROMs and i dont know which one to do.

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Android :: Want Database To Save / Retrieve Names In Phone Application
I need to fill in edit boxes with first and last name.i want dabatabase which saves these once i fill the edit boxes and teh nxt tym i enter a single character it should retrieve that name.Plz provide code to me.

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Android :: Can't Access Package Private Fields In Android.widget Package?
I'm attempting to override an Android View class to tweak the functionality just slightly. But I need to modify a field that does not have a setter method. I've placed the subclass in a package called android.widget. Why can't I access any of the package-private member fields? I notice that the compiler says they "cannot be resolved," rather than not being accessible. Does this have something to do with how Android.jar is built?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Copy Names For Phone To SIM
i need to know how to copy contact names from the phone to SIM ?

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HTC Aria :: Phone Book Lists SIM And Google Duplicates Names
When i use the phone function, I see duplicates of many names because it displays both my SIM contacts and Google contacts (my phone contacts are zero). How can i just set it to google contacts when using "Phone"? BTW - this whole multiple contact lists thing does not seem to be the best sorted out arrangement (Phone, SIM, Google). Can anyone confirm the the SIM list can't handle email addresses?

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Motorola Droid : Names Of Some Files That Shouldn't Be On Phone When I Take It Into Verizon?
What are the names of some files that shouldn't be on my phone when I take it into verizon

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Android :: Where Are HTC Dev Phone 1 Image Package Links?
The instructions for setting up the ADP1 direct me to the HTC Developer Center to download system images. That page, at, does not have any links to system images - it says it does, but it does not.

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Android :: Want To Launch An Installed Package From Phone App
I want to launch an installed package from my Android application. I assume that it is possible using intents, but I didn't find a way of doing it. Does anyone have a link, where to find the information?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 :: Stop Phone From Remembering User Names?
How do i stop my phone from remembering user names ? granted its useful for some things, but i don't want it remembering ALL of the words i input. just like Google chrome does !
is there a way of either stopping it from doing this or deleting them ?
deleting my history doesn't do it. also if anyone knows how to delete previous locations from google navigation that would be great ..

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Android :: Control Package Customized Installation In Phone
Is it possible to control the package installation process in Android?The problem is that I'm asked to install and uninstall packages without using the default android installer. I need to control the entire process within my application. I already have my application in the /system/app/ folder, I also have been looking to the source code of the installer, but can't find a way to start installing or uninstalling a package on my own

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HTC Desire :: O2 Phone Coverage - Unlimited Data Package
We had a shock at work yesterday when our Orange bill arrived charging me �826.00 for the 1032mb of data I used over my 500mb allowance in the first month of owning a Desire. At the moment we're negotiating with Orange about that, and they're even sending me something approaching an itemised data bill to look at, but in the future I want to get onto a truly unlimited data account to prevent this happening again. Early indications from Orange are that they only do 500mb bolt ons and no more (and it's very hard to actually confirm this on their not too informative website), meaning this issue could easily rear it's ugly head again. If this is the case then I have to consider going elsewhere. Even though we're only in the first month of the contract I'm prepared to completely downgrade my Orange account and keep it running for my wife or something, and to take out a new account with O2 on an unlimited data package (plus I'll have 2 Desires to play with). The only trouble is that in the past (but not in the last 2 or 3 years) I've heard some horror stories about O2's coverage in the West Midlands (I live near to Wolverhampton) and wondered if anybody has local knowledge and can advise whether this has changed in recently.

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Motorola Droid :: Changing Plans Minutes Lose Unlimited Data Package On Phone?
If I change my plans minutes, will I lose my unlimited data package I have on my Droid?

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Android :: Android Platform Incompatible / Package Incompatible Error / When Installing Application On Phone
I am using Eclipse helios and android sdk r_06.But the phone where i am want to run my application has platform do make this application run on that phone with that platform because when i installed the application it gave me error "incompatible platform","package corrupted","package not found".how do i make it compatible?also in eclipse when i changed target name as "Android 1.5" it gave me error in res folder tellin "invalid resources directory"

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Android :: App For Tab List In Phone
Is any one done tab application in android which contain some tabs in which tab contains list of some data that can be add update delete etc. if any application found then plz give me any url or code that can help me to learn these things

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Android :: Need Removing App Names?
I am looking for the name of an App that I read about a while back. From my understanding it would remove the names of the apps when you put them on the screen. Just make it all a little less cluttered. I also recall reading that the extra space from not having names would allow you to put another row of apps on each page.

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Android :: Getting A List Of All Phone Contacts?
NOTE: Must work on Android 1.5 - Contacts Contract does not Simple enough question. I need to know the best way to get the same list of contacts that show up when a user presses the Contacts button. You would think something like this would work: //For Contacts Intent pickIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_PICK, People.CONTENT_URI); this.startActivity ForResult(pickIntent, RESULT); //For Phones Intent pickIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION _PICK, Phones.CONTENT_URI); this.startActivityForResult(pickIntent, RESULT); The problem is that does not include secondary google accounts or Exchange contacts. By secondary accounts, in Android you can add additional gmail accounts to have the mail/contacts synced. The above intent will not list those additional contacts. I am also told that on the HTC Desire you can add contacts to the phone that do not get synced up to Google. These contacts also do not show up. So how do I get a real list of contacts so I can create my own list activity that works properly where the Google intent does not. NOTE: Must work on Android 1.5 - Contacts Contract does not

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Android :: Way To Present List To User Where Each Item On List Starts An Activity When Selected
I am on my first Android application and I am on a timeline so details and examples will be useful since my knowledge is still minimal. I want my first screen to present the user with a list of activities to choose from. In my situation it is a recipe app where the user first chooses the type of food, such as, Beef, Chicken, or Pork. I want the application to launch an activity depending on the list item that the user clicked on. I am not sure if I should use a list view, a text view, a scroll view, a list activity, an activity group...

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Android :: Get Small Message Displayed On List When List Item Is Focused
we are wroking on the displaying of mails from an email . we got the list of emails stored . we need to show a small text screen which consists of the some content of the body when the email in the list gets focus .

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Android :: All Table Names In SQL Database
I'm working at an application about SQLite database. I have inserted some table in an database file.  But I don't know how to get all the tables' name using code. For example, I defined a database object SQLiteDatabase dataBase = SQLiteDatabase.openOrCreateDatabase(getDatabasePath("Mydatabase"), null); and how can I get all the table names stored in the database file "Mydatabase". Counld anyone give me some code.

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Android :: Names Of Apps With A Better Keyboard?
Please tell me the names of apps with a better keyboard!

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Android :: Giving Different Names To App Widgets
I implemented three(live, news, music) widgets for an radio application. For three widgets I'm getting application name as the widget names.How i can give different names for live widget, news widget, music widget.Please let me know.Thanks

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Android :: Retrieve All Resources From Names.xml?
I have two resources file in res/values directory: string.xml and names.xml

how can I retrieve all resources from names.xml only

the method

Field[] x=R.string.class.getFields();

retrieves resources from both files.

how can this be achieved?

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Android : How To Change App Names On Runtime
Is there a way that after install a app, user can have the option to change the app name through a configuration page in that app? Where are all app names saved in the system?

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Android : How Do You Change Folder Names?
I'm feeling a bit stupid here, I have a new Incredible and I added a folder to one of the home screens and it is called "folder". How do I change it's name?

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Android :: Graphically Represent Multiple List Selections / Dynamically Change List Item View
I'm trying to create a multiple selection list where the selection is represented graphically rather than with checkboxes.My list has checkboxes, but I want them to serve a different purpose. I'm using a cursor to hold my data and created a custom view binder for the SimpleCursorAdapter. I did this for the checkboxes and general flexibility.So far I haven't even been able to show one line as being selected. I've enabled multiple selection on the list and denied the children of the list item focusability. I've tried manually changing background color with the position fed in through the list item click listener. But the wrong items get changed and they don't even change to the right color. I've enabled touch focusability with no improvement either.Ideally, I'd like the trackball highlight focus bar to appear in multiple places. But I don't think this is possible unless you use the drawable directly. But I don't know  how to find or apply it. My next idea was to have a slim view bar that changes color. But I had the same problem with the wrong item being selected so I never finished trying to guess the index position to see if this would work. My most recent idea is to completely swap out the view for another one if it's selected. But I have no idea how to do this either. I'm thinking of using an array list to store the _id s of the items that need a different view to get around the wierd selection problem. I'm also thinking of passing in the ID field as my from and the selection view as the to for my adapter. Then I'd intercept it with my binder and change the view accordingly. But once again, I'm not sure how to do this successfuly.

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Android :: List View And List Adapters For Displaying Json
I am trying to display the text from json in a list view.But my problem is that i cant figure out how to display them in list view. I also want to get only some of the text from url(for example, alerttext and date). Can anyone help me in declaring the list adapter and list view in order to display the data in the way i want.

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Android :: How To Access Phone Call List?
I want to access the Android call list, so I can see the contact name, the hour of the calling, the duration, the hour of the calling and the date. Where is it, and how can I access it?

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Android :: Access All Ringtones List In Phone?
I am new to android development and i want to access the ringtones list. How can i access ring tones list? At later i want to add/ remove ring tones to library? Is it possible?

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Android :: How To Implement Expandable List In Phone?
I amm try to replicate the inbuilt contact app. how can i have a + button to add multiple phone and email? also i want the fastscrollview to be enabled in it

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Android :: List Like Iphone And HTC Hero Phone App
I want to create a list like iphone list and HTC hero phone app. So how can i do that because I tried it with default ListView but I can not make two list in a single layout and ScrollView does not work on it.

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Android :: ADC2 Market Conflicting Names
I'm tired waiting 3 months for reply from Google Market. I requested them to help - no help, no explanation, so I hope, somebody will read at least this. I need to my software be removed from ADC2 part of Market, because for last 3 months, I CAN NOT set right name for my software in public Market. Do not direct me to Market groups - their "support" is dead.

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Android :: OS Names - Cupcake - Donut - FroYo
What is with the android names. why is everything related to food?

Honeycomb (Expected next)

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Android :: Contact Manager That Sorts Last Names?
Just traded in my Blackberry Storm for an Android and am looking for a Contact Manager app that allows me to sort by last name (by Company would be nice, too). let's not get into religious discussions as to whether the Google implementation is better or not.

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Android :: File Names / Titles In Gallery?
Using the gallery ap or video player to select a video to play shows an image from the video in filmstrip mode. Is there a way to see the file name or title of the video instead of a frame?

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Android :: Gmail Label Names Get Truncated
When I'm reading my Gmail with the HTC EVO and I go to "Change Labels. My label list only shows 15 or so characters. Since I have nested labels (Google IMAP enabled) that is not nearly enough and it is impossible to read the last part of my Label. Which makes it hard to assign labels. Is there any way while changing a label to see more of the label name?

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Android : Why Variable Names Often Start With The Letter M
Looking at the Android tutorials such as the Notepad tutorial, I noticed that almost all variables are named starting with the letter 'm'. What convention is this, and where does it originate from?

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Android : Get Several SdCard Devices Names On Droid?
Could you tell me how to get several SdCard devices names on Android platform? Is there available APIs for getting SdCard device name which is only attached this SdCard device?For example, I have two SdCard devices but how can I differ them ?( the content in the two SdCard devices is as the same.)

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Android : Hyphenated Droid Directory Names And SVN?
I am having trouble committing to my svn repository changes made in files in my Android project in folders that have a hyphen in the name.

In particular /res/layout and /res/layout-land.

It *seems* that the svn client doesn't like the hyphen and truncates that segment of the url after the hyphen, thus mapping /layout and / layout-land onto the same url...

Problems include:- - can't check in two files of same name, one each in /layout and / layout-land as "they refer to the same URL" - can't delete/add files from hyphenated folder as they "don't exist"/"already exist" - I suspect a commit from the hyphenated folder is overwriting the file in the non-hyphenated folder in the repository.

I have tried to avoid the problem using the subeclipse plug-in for svn I normally use, from the svn command line (on Windows 7) and with Tortoise SVN, without success.

Does anyone know of a workaround?

Is there anyway to avoid hyphens in these folder names?

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Android : Droid OS Names-previous And Future?
I guess my question is, what were A and B?

If there's not a definite answer that's cool too. I was just kinda curious.

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Android :: Save More Then One Picture With Different Names In Sdcard?
I'm doing a program where u can draw your signature on the phone. Right now it saves one image but I would like to save more than one image since there are more than one customer that needs to sign their package. code...

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