Android :: Keep Notification Working Even If Device Once Shut Down

Aug 6, 2009

I have an application with notification. I want to keep the notification working even if the device once shut down just like an alarm.

Android :: keep notification working even if device once shut down


Android :: Notification - Perform Task Before Phone Shut Down?

Mar 25, 2009

I would like to perform a task just before the phone is shut down. I thought that Application#onTerminate would be called but that does not seem to be the case. Is there a broadcast intent when the phone is going to shutdown? If not, how to run a task just before the phone is turned off?

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Samsung Moment : Shut Off Notification From Playing

Feb 7, 2010

Is there a way to shut off the notification when i get a text without taking it off my side, turning the screen on, unlocking it, and hitting the toolbar?

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Motorola Droid :: GPS Always On Notification Area / Cause Of This - Shut It Off?

May 18, 2010

The GPS icon is now always on my notification area. This has only been happening for the past couple of days. Previously, it would come on when in use (e.g. using Google Maps or some other application that was using the GPS) and then would disappear when the application terminated.

I used Taskiller to terminate all running applications, but the GPS icon was still on after I killed ALL of the running applications. So, I'm assuming that it's not because of a new, or updated, application I installed.

It doesn't appear to be causing any problems, but wonder if it's really on and draining the battery more than necessary. Also, it was a reminder to me that I'd left an application running that was using the GPS.

Is anyone else seeing this?

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HTC Droid Eris :: How Shut Off Text Message Sent Notification

May 19, 2010

I never had this happen with 1.5 but now when I send a text I get a pop up in my notification window. Anyone know how to disable this?

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General :: Get Splash Screen Working On Both Shut Down And Boot Up?

Feb 2, 2012

bootanimation and shutdownanimation? I have the animations working, but the slash screen is still staying the same?

how to get the splash screen working on both shut down and boot up.When I change the shutdownanimation it goes to a black screen and then phone shuts off?

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Android :: Openly Hostile Rant To Android Developers On Apps That Won't Shut Off Or Stay Shut Off

Jun 28, 2010

What possible reason could there be for you to code your apps so that they switch on in the background when the phone is turned on and use up precious battery life?

Or, why would you code your apps to stay on after I, the user, have hit the back button because I no longer want your app to run?

I mean, REALLY! Yes, I own up to being a newbie Android user, and what I don't know could fill the Library of Congress. Still, this is common sense we're talking about here. I've done some industrial app development and Enter/Exit, On/Off are basic pieces of logic in the main loop of an program in any language.

The only reason that we phone users need task killer apps is because you developers insist on creating apps that don't know when the f**k to turn themselves off.

And, it seems to me like you, the app developers, are one of the main reason why these phones have such crappy battery life. I mean, my Samsung Instinct, as bad as it was, got 18 to 24 hours of life off of one charge. With the Hero, I'm lucky if I can get 10 hours, and that's even with configuring my email download to only three times per day!

This is not hard, people. You code the app to stay off until, I, the user, manually turn it on. AND, you also code it to turn off when I, the user, hit the back button.

Yes, I understand that there are certain apps that it is advantageous to keep running in the background. So, fine, make it so those keep running. BUT, there is no possible reason for apps like Flashlight, or BBC News, or Camera, or SprintTV to have to run all the time in the background!

I am so tempted to just trash the lot of you. If I did, maybe I might not have as much functionality, but my teenager would be able to reach me late in the day because my phone battery would still have juice.

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Android : An Icon In Notification Bar On My Device

Aug 31, 2010

I see some apps which place an icon in the notification bar on my device. how do i do that with my app?

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Android :: .Apk File Not Working On Device

Jul 15, 2010

I took an android project and imported it in eclipse. in properties->android section it is showing platform 1.6 and API level 4. I have downloaded Android 2.2. Now when i try to make some changes in the source code and make an .apk file and try to install on my android device the device shows an error : Application not installed. the project is not showing any error but it is showing a warning : Attribute minSdkVersion (3) is lower than the project target API level (4) in manifest file. the person who gave me th eproject i asked him to mail his .apk file to me and that .apk file is running perfectly on the device.

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Android :: Programmatically Disable / Enable Notification Led On Phone Device?

Jul 22, 2010

Is it possible to programmatically disable and enable the led indicator light on an Android device? I am not referring to just turning it on and off as in a notification. I did not see anything in the api that would do so. I am guessing this is hardware specific if it is possible at all.

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Android :: Working Of LocationListener() In Real Time On Device?

Feb 12, 2009

i need to know about the LocationListener() working in the real time. Does it expect the user(device) to move in order to update the current location details or it automatically updates when ever the gps is enabled? Another query is regarding the getLastKnownLocation(). When is that last known location will be lost and thus returns null... (in realtime).

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Android :: Transparency / Translucency Working On Emulator But Not Device

Jun 22, 2009

I have tried to replicate the Transparency/Translucency effects created in the API Demo(which works flawlessly) and the code i wrote works on the emulator but not on my actual device(Google ION)I copied the styles and colors.xml files from the API demos code and set the theme of my activity I want to be transparent to "@style/ Theme.Transparent" in my activity i set my content view to a layout which contains only a TextView containing : <TextView xmlns:android="" android:id="@+id/text" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:gravity="center_vertical|center_horizontal" android:text="should have transparent background" /> i have also tried setting the theme using: setTheme (

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HTC Desire :: Android 2.2 - Width Device- No Longer Working

Sep 7, 2010

In previous versions of Android that supported: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" /> the device displayed the content correctly resized in Webkit - in fact, all devices that recognize meta viewport work fine for me. Android 2.2, of course, has broken this - all items show up full size regardless of what is set in the meta tags. Anyone have a workaround, or is this fubared for now?

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Android :: Adding Contact Working In Emulator But Not In Real Device

Nov 9, 2010

I implemented an application which will add contacts. It is working in emulator perfectly. I have android 2.0.1 device I am checking in that device but it is not adding contacts to contact list. I have given necessary permissions like write contacts.

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General :: Any Other Way Can Get 3G Working On Device

May 14, 2013

I have just bought myself a THL W8 and so far I am very happy with it.I am not clued up enough to do the gravitymod2 rom flash yet.Is there any other way I can get 3g working on my device. I can get edge,hsdpa and hsdpa+ but no 3g.I have read up on the other threads but havent found a solution.

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General :: 3G Not Working For 4.4 ROM On Inc2 Device?

Apr 28, 2014

I just compiled the 4.4.2 ROM with beanstalk code(Version 285) for my inc2. But it's not working with CDMA 3G data network.

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Android :: Notification Count For SMS - Email And Calls Show On Dock Not Working

Sep 16, 2010

I just had to factory reset my phone bc of 3G that is working and i am reloading everything back.

1 How do I get rid of this text again on the lock screen "Long press to Drag /Drop?

2 On the Dock, I clicked to have notification count for SMS, email, and calls show on the dock. For some reason it is not working?

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HTC Incredible :: Notification LED Not Working

Nov 15, 2010

I just flashed Cyanogen 6.0.2 last night.

I am coming from Sense with LP.

I just noticed I am not getting any LED Notification for anything.

Gmail = None
Gtalk = None
SMS = None

Chargeing = yes (orange/green)

This is kind of driving me crazy because i just got everything back the way I liek it. I really don't want to reflash back to Sense.

I have checked the "keep tackball pulse" option in settings, but still nothing. Am I missing some setting option?

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Nexus :: Device Rooted Now WiFi Not Working

Mar 12, 2010

I rooted the nexus one with superboot ERD79 but now that I have root, the WiFi is not working. It just says unable to start WiFi.

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Device Self Services Not Working

Mar 15, 2010

I noticed that just recently (few days) that the device self services app will not go back to the main screen but is instead stuch on the "update firmware" screen, and since theres no on screen back button I pretty much can't get off of this screen, tried power cycling, killing the app via TasKiller... nothing works.

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General :: Getting Device Manager Working On New Galaxy S5?

Aug 19, 2012

getting Device Manager working on my new Galaxy S5. If I recall, Device Manager looks at GPS position first. If that is turned off, it rolls to WiFi. If that is off, it rolls to Cell communications. It worked well on my old Galaxy S2, even when GPS was off, it still found the phone within a certain range.

With my Galaxy S5, it doesn't seem to work when GPS is turned of. WiFi or Cell signal will not allow device manager to find the phone.

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General :: Device Battery Settings Are Not Working

Apr 5, 2014

At a sudden point my device battery settings are not working. I can still enter in the battery menu and see it, but I can't change anything. Can this be a side effect of rooting the device?

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HTC Hero :: SMS Vibrate Notification Not Working

Nov 24, 2009

As the title says really, I cannot get my Hero to vibrate when I get a text message. In Messages > Settings > Vibrate, the option is ticked but even if I untick / restart / retick it still doesn't work. I've also tried pressing the volume button down to vibrate mode and back again but that makes no difference.I've even tried working with Handcent and yet I still cannot get the vibrate working. Everything else works such as the status bar notification but that's it.The vibrate part is definitely working for phone calls and other apps so I don't think that it's a hardware problem. Any idea what could be causing it? I'm using the latest official UK Orange ROM.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: LED Notification Not Working

Sep 6, 2010

I can't seem to get LED notification to work for new incoming email or messages on new Galaxy 'S' Vibrant.
The settings all check out ok, but no blinking light.

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Motorola Droid :: Notification LED Not Working

May 10, 2010

I just yesterday noticed they aren't working, emails nor text messages. I don't know when it started not working, but I think it was working when I first installed bugless beast v1.0

LED notifications:
Stock email = none
Stock messaging = none
Custom stock messaging in BB = none
Handcent = none

I wiped cache/data/system everytime I installed a ROM to fix it.
Bugless beast v1.0 (twice) - not working
NexBeast - not working
Leaked BB - not working

It was working before with the leak for sure.

I don't have any other roms and with the alldroid drama I can't get them.

I checked setting and spare parts multiple times for some setting to no avail.

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Motorola Droid :: FB Notification Not Working

Mar 28, 2010

So my FB app doesnt re-up any FB notifications for some reason. It has been two solid days and on my phone it says I haven't had any notifications for 2 days on FB... while on the reg site (from my comp) I have had approx 15. Why isn't my FB app getting notifications?

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Nexus :: Notification Stopped Working

Feb 22, 2010

I am getting no ringer notifications when new emails come in. The new emails are not showing up in the top bar either, nor is the pulse notification light coming on or is the phone vibrating . And yes, all these utilities are turned on and have been triple checked.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Handcent Led Notification Stopped Working

Jul 30, 2010

Since the last handcent update my led notification had stopped working.

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HTC Desire :: Notification Flash Not Working / What To Get It?

Apr 30, 2010

My notification flash doesn't flash ?? all the options are ticked.

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Samsung Galaxy S :: Mass Storage Device Not Working

Jul 9, 2010

Just purchase samsung galaxy s its a very nice phone but my mass storage device is not working.

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