Android :: Take Windows Smartphone And Install Droid On It?

May 27, 2010

I was wondering if it's possible to take a windows smartphone and install Android on it ?

Android :: Take Windows smartphone and install droid on it?


Motorola Droid X :: Early 2010 Upgrade To Smartphone Not Available For Current Smartphone Users

Jun 28, 2010

I am available for an annual upgrade on november 9 after. I looked online to make sure i would be able to get the DX on the 15th when it came out. it didn't look like i was able to get a smartphone for the 2 year contract price. so, i called customer service and they said that i am indeed able to upgrade on nov 9 but i'm not eligible for the early upgrade because i am currently a smartphone user.

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Android : How To Install Droid USB Driver On Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit?

Mar 5, 2010

Unlike some others, my Android SDK setup went smoothly on my new Windows 7 Pro 64 bit machine. However, I am currently hung up on installing the android usb drivers. What is the current state of this issue? There has been some discussion of this problem on the web but no consensus is immediately apparent.

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Android :: How To Install Windows Phone 7 On Droid MyTouch 3g?

Jul 7, 2010

I have a MyTouch 3G running Android, which has been rooted. I was wondering if it is possible to install Windows Phone 7 on this phone, or if it is even close to compatible.

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Android : Way To Install A Platform Into Droid Device Using Windows?

Jun 2, 2010

I know its easy to do this with Eclipse but i don't have that. can someone please tell me how to do this step by step on Windows?

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Android :: Web Applications V/s SmartPhone Applications - Iphone - Windows Mobile - Android -Nexus Application

Jan 14, 2010

Q: How does Web Applications differ from SmartPhone Applications (Iphone, Windows Mobile, Android/Nexus Application) and in what specific aspects do they differ and in what degree ?

Also for example,

Q: Why we need mobile version of Web Application like or specifically for smartphone devices where we can access same web applications on smartphone using internet connections ? In what aspect do they differ and why do we have those differences ?

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General :: Boot Smartphone As Non-smartphone In Power Saving Mode

Aug 23, 2013

Is it possible to reboot an Android smartphone as a non-smartphone(Like a Nokia 1100) ? Just enable only services to make phone calls and everything else remain disabled(Slow down the CPU to the lowest clock speeds, lower bit depth, turn off all on-board electronics other than those necessary etc). Motivation is to save power. In my phone most of the power is consumed by Android OS (and not screen). I was wondering if I had a mode like that I could keep the phone alive in case I can't charge the phone immediately, by switching into this power saving mode.

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Android :: SDK Install - For Windows XP

Jun 14, 2010

I have an Evo 4G and I'm eventually trying to root it (the right way). I'm trying to install the SDK (for Windows XP) and I'm having an issue. I installed the Sun Java JRE, HTC Sync and I downloaded the SDK. I re-booted my PC, then enabled USB debugging on my Evo and plugged it in to a high speed USB port and then let Windows find the drivers. Now I did a test to make sure the SDK was installed correctly. I went to "android-sdk/tools", then opened a command prompt and entered "adb devices" to make sure that I can see the device's serial number...but I keep getting this...'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

I keep getting this error message even after I prompt to the tools directory. I tried re-installing drivers, I tried deleting and re-installing all software and nothing seems to do the trick. I still keep getting " not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

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Android :: How To Install SDK 1.5 On Windows XP?

May 16, 2009

Anybody can send the link how to install Android SDK 1.5 on windows XP. I have install many times according to this link.
It is not displaying the simulator.

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Android :: Install Windows Mobile Phones

Dec 3, 2009

Install Android on your HTC Windows Mobile phones - Google, the land of milk and honey, have smashed open the smartphone market when they released their Android platform for free to developers and in one fell swoop, gave a huge stride forward for smartphones everywhere. Traditionally, the smartphone market relied on specific operating systems such as Nokia�s Symbian, Palm�s PalmOS and Apple with their iPhone OS. Each company fights to keep their software on their own phones and the result is that a person is locked into using only phones from a particular company if they are familiar with the software. As they say, you can�t have your pie and eat it.

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Android : How To Install USB Driver For Nexus One On Windows 7?

Nov 4, 2010

I have implemented a simple Android application that I now would like to test on a real device. I have a Nexus One. In the Android Eclipse plugin, I have downloaded and installed the USB driver (revision 3) package. But when I connect my Nexus One to my PC (running Windows 7) using the USB cable, a message box pops up and shows that "No driver found" for "Nexus One". I have activated USB Debugging on my device. And when I run adb devices on my PC, it just prints List of devices attached and no devices are listed. And if I use Device Manages in Windows, and tries to update the driver for "Nexus One", I can not select a driver in the "driver directory" of Android SDK. How can I install a driver for Nexus One on Windows 7 so I can use it for USB debugging my Android applications on a real device?

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General :: Can Install Windows Mobile 6.5 On Any Android Phone

Sep 14, 2012

Can I Install Windows Mobile 6.5 on any android phone ?

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General :: Install Windows Mobile On Android Tablet With ARM Processor?

Feb 9, 2013

I is it possible to instal Windows mobile on an Android Tablet with ARM procesoor ?

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HTC Desire : How To Install Windows Xp?

Jul 24, 2010

Have spent 12 hours trying to get XP to install htc sync 3 Keep getting this window after 2 steps.

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General :: Any Possibility To Install Windows 8 On Mini PC

Nov 27, 2012

Is there any possibility to install win 8 on a mini pc - mk808 ? (or on any mini pc?..)

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General :: Micromax A89 ADB Driver Install In Windows 8

Apr 4, 2013

Micromax does not provide any drivers for its phone - Micromax ninja a89. We are trying to use the phone for development and are unable to install device driver in windows 8.

We tried the adb drivers at - [URL] and got the error - Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error when trying to install it. Android ADB INterface- The system cannot find the file specified.

We even tried this link - [URL] But that does not solve the problem. How do we install adb driver for micromax a89? Is there any other workaround to use the phone as a development device?

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General :: MTK65xx Cannot Install In Windows 7 64bit

May 8, 2014

I have Win7 32-bit at home and my china phone can be detected and usb drivers were loaded but when im at the office using Win7 64bit, i keep on getting a hardware malfunction error.

We are using here Dell Optiplex 3010 Desktop while at home im using an assembled CPU.

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Android :: Store Music CD Into Droid Smartphone?

Sep 14, 2010

I'm just looking the easiest way to save some of my favorites music CD into my Android smartphone (OS version is Froyo).
I'm using a Linux Ubuntu laptop : I suppose I need to store the CD on the laptop and after in the smartphone, correct?

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Android :: Google Create Instuctions That Windows Users Understand. Googles Instructionsfor - NDK Install

Apr 6, 2010

Below are the only instructions i managed to find from google on how to install the android NDK, it is written as if we all run Linux and presumes we all understand what these obscure tools are. My comments and questions appear in Italics if somone who knows unix and windows would translate for google that would be great!

Android NDK Installation


Please read docs/OVERVIEW.TXT to understand what the Android NDK is and is not. This file gives instructions on how to properly setup your NDK.

I. Requirements:

The Android NDK currently requires a Linux, OS X or Windows host operating system. Windows users will need to install Cygwin ( to use it. Note that running the NDK under MSys is not supported.

You will need to have the Android SDK and its dependencies installed. The NDK cannot generate final application packages (.apk files), only the shared library files that can go into them.

The Android NDK can only be used to target system images using the Cupcake (1.5) or later releases of the platform. This is due to subtle toolchain and ABI related changed that make it incompatible with 1.0 and 1.1 system images.

The NDK requires GNU Make 3.81 or later being available on your development system. Earlier versions of GNU Make might work but have not been tested.

You can check this by running 'make -v' from the command-line. The output should look like:

GNU Make 3.81 Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

On certain systems, GNU Make might be available through a different command like 'gmake' or 'gnumake'. For these systems, replace 'make' by the appropriate command when invoking the NDK build system as described in the documentation.

Great some strange thing called gnu make.. if your not going to tell me what it does maybe you then at least you could give me a URL to it?

The NDK also requires a Nawk or GNU Awk executable being available on your development system. Note that the original 'awk' program doesn't implement the 'match' and 'substr' functions used by the NDK build system.

Ok another tool, with 1 of 2 possible names, but not the third... and again where should i download this?

On Windows, you will need to install a recent release of Cygwin to use the NDK.
See for instructions.

Woohoo a URL! download took about a day because these install instructions do not specify what parts to download.

II. Preparing your installation prebuilt cross-toolchain binaries:

After installing and unarchiving the NDK, you will need to run the following
command from the root folder:


hello? windows dont run nothing but .exe .com or .dll, just tell me how you want me to run it..

This will test your setup and make sure the NDK can work properly.

Nothing is said about where any of these things need to be installed to (what directory)

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Samsung Behold 2 :: Cannot Install Phone Drivers On Windows 7 64 Bit

Aug 18, 2010

I have had this phone since April and it has been pretty disappointing overall with the whole not upgrading to Android 2.1 and such, but that's not the issue right now. I bought a new laptop about 2 weeks ago and I want to use my phone with my laptop. I download the drivers for the phone and they could not install and everytime I connect the phone to the computer it says the device is not recognized. The phone now can't connect and I can't see the files that are on the phone. I want to be able to put music and videos on my phone and I can't now. It works perfectly fine one my desktop which is an XP, but I wont be able to use the desktop because I will be leaving for college soon.

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Samsung Moment :: How To Install USB Drivers On Windows 7 Flawlessly?

Apr 18, 2010

I created a video on how to install the Samsung Moment USB drivers on any Windows 7 platform 32bit & 64bit flawlessly.I created this video tutorial to aid those having such difficulty installing the usb drivers I hope this helps you out. This video will teach you with confidence how to successfully get the drivers installed. The new updated video is up.
YouTube Location 1

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General :: How To Install Bluestacks On Windows Server 2012

Jul 17, 2013

I've just hired a Windows server 2008, but I can't install Bluestacks.

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General :: Can't Install CS918 RK3188 Driver On Windows 7

Sep 10, 2013

I want to connect my CS-918 Android TV Box to my Pc.I have Win 7 64Bit. I download the Rockusb_v3.5 drivers, in the device i set the USB Debug mode, When i connect the USB cable, In the Windows Device Maneger it recognize as CS918. I tried another cable and the same....Then i click 'Update Driver' select the path of the 'Rockusb' but it does not installing it.

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General :: Can Install Windows 7 On Tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?

Apr 23, 2014

Can I install windows 7 on my samsung galaxy note 10.1 (gt-8010)?

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Android :: Can't Install Android Platform 2.2 On Windows Vista 64 Bit Computer

Nov 1, 2010

I'm new for android's developing. I'm using windows vista 64 bit computer. I try a couple of times run SDK manager.exe from android-sdk-windows package, but I can't install Android platform 2.2 and android platform 2.1 version. Does that mean android 2.2 not working with windows vista 64 bit? Did anyone have any experience for android installing on windows vista 64 bit?

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Samsung I7500 :: How To Proceed Odin That Doesn't Involve Fresh Windows Install?

Sep 25, 2009

I'm trying to flash my new Galaxy using Odin (because I got it sim-free and I don't have the market). I'm doing this on WinXP inside VMWare on Linux, unfortunately. It had only this to say: <1> Added! <1> Detected!
That is, after I filled in the filename and pressed start, the two boxes went yellow and the timer began counting but there was no other output. I killed it after about 45 mins. I've tried this with the II5 (one file) and IH7 (multiple files) firmware versions linked to from this site. Now, I guess the obvious culprit here is VMWare, but it seems odd that it would find the device and then give up (and NPS and mass storage work as well as expected). Also, even if I don't connect the Galaxy to the PC, the only way I can find to leave the 'downloading...' screen is to pull out the battery - is that normal? I did try with native WinXP on an old laptop too, but it's a 7-year-old installation and it wasn't playing ball... so I'm hoping someone here has a suggestion for how to proceed that doesn't involve a fresh Windows install?

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Android :: Android Emulator For Windows (Not To Install Complete SDK)

Aug 21, 2010

Is there any possible way to install Android Emulator itself on the windows. I would need that for the Testing purpose? Note: I dont want to install whole sdk. i just want install the Emulater itself. that emulator is just like that a phone for the testing purpose.

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Samsung I7500 :: Completely Clean Galaxy And Install Windows Mobile / Iphone Software?

May 16, 2010

Is it possible to completely clean galaxy and install windows mobile or iphone software?

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HTC Incredible :: Play Purchased ITunes Music On Droid Smartphone?

Sep 14, 2010

Came across this helpful link. It only applies to those tunes post-DRMed by Apple, purchased after April 2009, but still a good thing.

How to Play Purchased iTunes Music on an Android Smartphone?

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Motorola Droid : CES - Smartphone Touch-screen Analysis Tests Finger Fidelity

Jan 10, 2010

Kind of sad, but I guess it's something we all knew deep down anyways.

Smartphone touch-screen analysis tests finger fidelity | CES 2010 - CNET

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