Android :: Remote Viewing Of Web Cam

Oct 1, 2010

I have a web cam hooked up to my PC at home.Looking for an app where I can monitor it from my phone when I am away.

Android :: Remote viewing of web cam


Android :: Viewing Files On A Remote Server

Jul 28, 2009

Is anyone aware of a way to view the directory structure and files on a remote server or PC? Is there an existing app for this?

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Android :: Total Control Remote Edition (IR Remote) Video

Jul 26, 2010

added a quick demo video of our upcoming Android Infrared (IR) Remote.Initially it will support a full IR dbase of 300,000+ IR codes, IR learner for any code not in the dbase, Pre-Built GUI so it is simple to setup. Will add rs232, relays, and other tcp options also after initial release.

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Android :: Looking For An App To Remote To Desktop For Remote Meeting

Aug 1, 2010

Looking for an App to remote to my desktop.I am trying to see if I can access magicjack on my desktop and make true voip calls.

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Android :: Need App For Viewing MS Office

Mar 23, 2010

Do you guys know the best apps to view MS office other than Office Suite?

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Android :: Viewing Contacts By Last Name?

Sep 10, 2010

I jsut recently noticed that Google upgraded the web based contact list with the ability to view by the last name.Is there a way to do this with my Android phone?

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Android :: Viewing My Contacts

Aug 24, 2010

I just got an HTC desire and so far its much better than my iphone. I'm just stuck on one think, how do I view my contacts? I've gone through all of my apps and it appears that the only way is to create a new message and then add a contact to there.

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Android :: Teathering My Htc To Pc And Viewing Net

Sep 6, 2010

to try to cut a long story short got a bit mifffed at using the hero to view the net and bought a broken laptop (now fixed with new operating system installed and new ram) to use at work so i can use the net in large screen after using for a few days i note the its using up a lot of mb of my data to use the net with the laptop is there a way to setup a firefox just to view the text with out the ads and pics and still have full function of the net

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Android :: Need App For Viewing Webcam

Jul 3, 2010

Im looking for an app that will allow me to view my webcam at work for security purposes. Once I close up the office I would like to be able to view my webcam on my phone. Would also be nice if it could be activated by motion.

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Android :: Viewing Set Of Images

Sep 26, 2010

My app downloads a set of images from a website but I need to figure out the how to display them to the user. How can I display these to the user if they are coming from a ListView?Also, they'll need to be able to get back to the ListView.

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Android :: Viewing Attachments In Gmail

Nov 27, 2009

its possible to view attachments in gmail popmail? it says theres an attachment but wont let me view it unless i use the browser..

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Android :: Want App For Viewing Hulu Videos

May 22, 2010

New to the Droid Eris. Looking for an app so that I may view movies and videos from sites like Hulu and such.

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Android :: Support For Viewing SVG Files

Dec 23, 2009

Does android have any support for viewing SVG files or are there any 3rd party SVG viewers for the Android platform?

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Android :: Viewing Requests Made By Another App

Sep 16, 2009

Is it possible to view what requests are made to external sites/ servers by an app? Basically I'd kind of like to throw an application (I did not make) into a debugging type thing to see what requests (to where and what data) it makes. This is to kind of ensure a third party app does what it is saying, and isn't sending data elsewhere.

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Android :: Alternative App For Viewing Photos

Dec 20, 2009

Any recommendations for an alternative app to the stock Gallery application for photo viewing?

Gallery does not allow the user to choose folder (s) to add to gallery which puts lots of un-needed pictures (mainly from downloaded HTML email/email signatures) in the gallery.

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Android :: Want Best App For Viewing Adobe Pdf Files

Jan 12, 2010

What is the best app for viewing Adobe pdf files on an Android smallscreen smartphone?

I searched the forums and other suggested threads and could not find that this has been directly addressed.

Two subquestions:

1) Has Adobe, the actual Adobe company, put out a "free reader" application for Android? (like they seem to do for every other computing platform I can think of)

2) Whether Adobe has or not, what is the best app for viewing Adobe pdf files on an Android smallscreen smartphone? I need to quickly and efficiently be able to view pdf files, and importantly, certain parts of those files. For example, a couple of paragraphs or a graphic that, say, takes up half a "printed" page in a standard Adobe pdf file.

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Android :: Viewing RTF Files In Browser

Nov 15, 2010

I am working on a private website that will serve all kinds of documents: especially RTF, TIFF, JPG & PDF.This site is for mobile devices, on the iPhone it just works, serves all of those file types right out of the browser. It strips the formatting out of the RTF files but that is ok.

In android I can open an RTF file from Gmail and it opens correctly (again stripped formatting) it even says "Opening as HTML" But in the browser it serves it as plain text with all of the formatting characters.I have had to download a 3rd party tif viewer.And when I click the document button it downloads the tif file and the user has to then click to open it.This is at least semi-workable. The same goes for .pdf files, they have to be downloaded and then opened.I was there a way to tell the OS to go ahead and open file type from the browser using a set app? I have a 3rd party RTF viewer installed now but unlike the TIF and PDF, the RTF file tries to open in the browser, it just fails at decoding it.

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Android :: Viewing Logcat From Phone Not Possible In 1.5?

May 1, 2009

After installing Android 1.5 on my ADP I can't check logcat directly from the phone.

When running 'su', in terminal, I get 'uid XXXXX not allowed to su'. 'logcat' gives permission denied /dev/log/main.

If I get an exception/force close in any of my apps I'd like to be able to check the stack trace/logs without having to connect it to a computer. I guess it could be possible to check any created traces.txt files later.

I know I can check logcat with adb logcat, or adb root shell, logcat. Is there a way of checking logcat directly from the phone?

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Android :: Viewing Different Gmail Account In Browser?

Dec 20, 2009

I tried searching for this information but could not find anything about it. I am considering an Android device (one of the ones on the Rogers network in Canada - and yes I am aware of the "they're all on 1.5 with a chance that they will never be updated" issue) but have some uncertainties. From what I have read, I can use the HTC Sync app bundled with the Magic/Dream to get my Outlook (pst) contacts into a Gmail account (which is the primary repository for all PIM info in Android, right?) and then the Google Calendar sync to get my Outlook (again, pst) calendar events. Super. Completely understand that (assuming what I said was right).I've also read (repeatedly) about how you can only have one gmail account in the mail application. I can tolerate that (don't like it, but can live with it). However, if my understanding is correct, Android comes with a Mozilla HTML browser, right? If I opened that and went to would it open the primary gmail account (the one the phone is linked to) or would it prompt for user/password? Further, if it does autologin, what if I clicked the sign out link and logged in as a different user? Would the phone go "kerpluey"? To be clear, I'm not expecting Android to sync ANYTHING from this other account; just wondering if I could access (read/respond) the gmail via the web browser. (Example: we're out and my wife wants to look up something in her gmail account using my Android smartphone is that possible?)Also, I read about some people discussing the installation of a second instance of the gmail app to get multiple account support. Is that even possible on 1.5? What would it do to things like contacts?

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Android :: App That Will Allow Viewing Of Multiple Gmail Calendars?

Jan 31, 2010

I have several gmail mail calendars and unfortunately, the Android phone (HTC Magic OS 1.5 in my case) only allows for one account for the calendar. The same goes for the gmail app, which also only allows for one account.I can get around the email situation by using the mail app... but thus far, I have not had any success finding an app that supports more than one calendar. Every non-Android phone I had in the past could handle more than one calendar! Can anyone suggest the appropriate app that will solve this issue?

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Android :: Builtin Intent For Viewing Image?

Feb 26, 2010

Is there a built-in intent which will let you pass it the path of an image (png or jpg) and show it full-screen with panning / zooming controls? Basically the same controls WebView has, but only for a single image. I saw that iPhone has something like this, just wondering if there's already something like this on android before writing a new one.

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Android :: Image Editing / Viewing Application?

Aug 8, 2010

I'm looking for a decent image editing, viewing, and organizing app. Something thats better than the default that comes with the htc EVO, but nothing over-kill. I'm not looking for CS5 for my phone.

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Android :: Stock Application For Viewing Portfolio?

Sep 23, 2010

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good stock app. Where you can view your portfolio etc.

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Android :: Viewing Database Contents On Device

Dec 20, 2009

How can I view the contents of my databases on the actual phone? I have followed the docs, using the adb and sqlite commands, but while these work fine on an emulator when I'm connected to the device I get a permissions error.

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Android :: Viewing Files Within Package Data

May 2, 2010

Basically I want to know how to get a list or array or any type of data about the files that have been stored in an package specific data section. By this I mean that after using something like:

FileOutputStream fOut = c.openFileOutput(fileName, 0); OutputStreamWriter osw = new OutputStreamWriter(fOut);

How can I get a list of the files saved to the data location of my application where this file and other files or saved so that I can choose which file I wish to read or edit. I've searched and searched for this but have not found anything of use any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Android :: App For Viewing Home Security Camera

Aug 31, 2010

just wondering if there is an app out there to view my home security camera's from my phone . someone was telling me that internet explorer was the only way (windows based phones), thought that didn't seem right . thanks

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Android :: Viewing List Of Fonts Installed

Jun 25, 2009

Is there any way to find out all the fonts available in the there a contentprovider for the same?

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Android : Since OTA 2.2 - When Certain Applications Are Run It Opens In Landscape Viewing

Aug 25, 2010

Has anyone who received the 2.2 update noticed that when certain applications are run it opens in landscape viewing even when you are holding the phone upright?

Happens a lot to me now since the update (OTA)

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Android : Viewing App Features (MIME Types, Etc)?

Sep 28, 2010

Is there any way (and preferably a pre-existing tool) to view the external features of an app, in particular the MIME types an activity supports?

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Android :: K9 - Viewing Email - Does Default To Very Top Of Mail List?

Aug 23, 2010

Im using IMAP. What happens is I scroll down and open say the 20th email on the list. When Im finished reading the email, I click the back button. It automatically defaults to the very top of the mail list - forcing me to scroll back down to read the 19th email and work my way back up. In other words it doesnt take me back to where I had just scrolled.

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