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Android :: Not Getting Next Image On Clicking Next Button

i have a nest button on clicking which a new image should be displayed.But not happening so i have taken an integer array as: private int imageCounter = 0; private int index_count = 0; private ImageView imageView; private int[] imageArray = {R.drawable.image_w_lbl_0, R.drawable.image_w_lbl_1,};

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Android :: Trying To Open New Image On Clicking A Image Button
Can anybody please guide me how to write the code for opening the new image after clicking the imagebutton in android. I have tried something like this:
package com.example.imageButton;
import; import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View; import android.widget.ImageButton;
public class imageButton extends Activity {
private static ImageButton seqIBtn;//these are the three imageButton private static ImageButton vidIBtn;private static ImageButton infoIBtn; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.main); seqIBtn = (ImageButton) findViewById(; vidIBtn = (ImageButton) findViewById(; infoIBtn = (ImageButton) findViewById(;}

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Android :: Loading Image On The Layout On Clicking Button
in my android application there are number of images in drawable folder. in my layout two buttons: back and forward button.on clicking next and back buttons different-2 image get loaded on the same layout(common for all images). Problem:i am able to load images in next button click but as i click on back button no image got loaded.

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Android : How To Redirect To Particular URL While Clicking On Button
I want to redirect to particular URL while clicking on button

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Android :: Redraw Linearlayout After Clicking On Button?
I have a linearlayout that is filled with texviews dynamically when i click on a button , but the content of linearlayout doesn't appear, how can i redraw it?

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Android :: How To Accept An Incoming Call By Clicking A Button
I'm trying to implement my own phone call handling UI. What I want to do is, if a call comes in, the incoming telephone number and a picture are displayed, and, if I press a button, the incoming call will be accepted/answered.

Sadly, the code does not work. At first, an exception is thrown if I press my answer button:
ActivityNotFoundException: No Activity found to handle Intent {act=android.intent.action.ANSWER

Then I added an entry in the AndroidManifest.xml: I run the app again, there is no exception anymore. However, I doubt the incoming call is not really accepted. Because if the press the Android's screen answer button (green button), the incoming call is accepted and a green in call icon is also displayed on the upper left corner of the emulator screen, while my app doesn't.

I also read the Phone app's source code in android source. There is method such as acceptCall() in the Phone class. But these codes seem difficult for me to use, because there are many imports declaration in the code, such as :


And, if I add these imports in my code, there will be too many errors, such as : "The import cannot be resolved" What is the right and simple way for my problem?

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Android :: On / Off GPS And 3G By Clicking On Button Without Going On Setting Screen In Droid?
How can we on or off GPS and 3G by clicking on button without going on setting screen in android?

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Android :: Make DatePickerDialog Not Dismiss After Clicking Set Button?
Is there any way to make DatePickerDialog not dismiss after clicking set button ?

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Android : Connect To Email While Clicking On Button In Droid?
How to connect to email while clicking on button in android

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Android :: Droid Application Fails And Stops After Clicking A Button / What To Do?
I started a small android application to learn. I placed an input text and button on the screen. That shows on the emulator. After i press the button(which has an onClickListener) the application cracks and tells me on the screen of the emulator : "The application... has stopped unexpectably.Try again" and i have a "Force close", which of course closes the application.
I cleaned and rebuild the project a lot of times. i have no errors shown.(using eclipse)
this is the layout/main.xml code...

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Android :: Update Spinner Values While Clicking On Button In Droid?
My app have a spinner and also have reset button. how to update the values while clicking on button?

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Android :: Dynamic Addition Of Text View By Clicking On Button?
If i click on a button on one layout it should add text view in another layout dynamically again if i click that button same procedure should get repeat.

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Android : Way To Switch Over To Next Screen From Main Activity By Clicking On Button?
I am working on an application where I need to go to the next Screen form the Main Actvity when I Click on the Image Button of the Main Activity Screen. I had searched a bit on Net regarding this and found something like the OnClickListener method. I am still stuck for what exactly I want to do actually.

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Android :: How To Prevent Application Being Closed On Clicking Back Button On Emulator/
I have an application with main view having a search button. On clicking the search button, search results are displayed in a text view. When I hit the back button at this view, instead of navigating to the previous screen, application itself gets closed.Could anybody please let me know how to go back to previous screen.

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Android :: Lock And Unlock Settings Like Wifi - Vibration Etc - After Clicking On Button
How can we lock the current state of settings like wifi,gps,bluetooth,vibration,etc...after clicking on button1.and it should be unlock when button2 is pressed.

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Android :: Start An Activity On Clicking Search Button On Droid Handset?
I would like to start MyActivity class when the user clicks on the search button on the handset.

Are there any strategies you can suggest for this? Any code examples would be very useful.

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Android :: Open New Layout And Code (xml And Java) By Clicking Button On Main Scene?
I'm beginning to study Android and have a doubt.How do I open a new layout and code (xml and java) by clicking a button on the main scene?

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Double Clicking Menu Button To Unlock
Double-clicking menu unlocks it, but if you are returning to the home screen, up pops the menu bar because then i have to click "back" to get rid of it.

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Android :: Opening Context Menu By Clicking Button In Android
How to open the ContextMenu in Android by Clicking a Button?

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Android :: CLicking On Camera Button In Android Emulator
The camera button on the android emulator is disabled. I can't click on it and when I hover with the mouse the background is not blue like in the other buttons. I've tried to add "camera support - true" hardware but the button is still un-clickable. How can I click on the button? What should happen when clicking on the button? I don't have an real android device so I might be able to click on the button without knowing it.

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Android :: Use Of Image Button?
I'm new to Android application development. I would like to ask the use of image button in Android programming when simple button can also add the image with the button. How can we generate click event of image button?

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Android :: How To Make A Button From An Image PNG?
I'd like to know how to make a button out of a PNG and display it on my canvas (using drawBitmap?). When I click on this button, it will take me to a new activity. All this will be in the onClickListener. So, how do I take a PNG, make a button with it, and draw it on my canvas? I looked at ImageButton, but I'm unsure how it works or how to draw it on the canvas.

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Android ::How To Set Button To Show A Different Image?
How can i set the button to show a different image after it's been tapped? Either a different image, or maybe some kind of highlighting that shows the button was tapped.

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Android :: Layout - Image Button GONE
each child is horz linear layout w/ 3 children: image view, linear layout container and then an image button
if the image button is GONE - then i get click notifications when someone clicks on the list entry. if the image button is VISIBLE (even if i don't intercept onclick) - i don't get the list click event notification.

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Android :: Button With Both Text And Image
Is there a way to create Buttons that contain both an Image and Text (image on top text below or image left and text right)? And how can this be done within a xml layout file? For example, the application 'Pkt Auctions eBay' (see Android Market) has these type of buttons.So far I have tried and googled all over and found nothing on the matter. Help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Android :: Image Button Fade
I wants to implement fading/floating of buttons like that of MediaController play/pause buttons if screen is not touched for 'n' sec.Is it possible for me to implement this on my custom image button?

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Android :: Image Button - XML - Isn't Working?
I have three images in my drawable folder, and an XML Image Button code:


In my layout folder, I have my main XML:


When I run it in the emualtor I only get the first image. It doesn't do anything else.

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Android :: Adding Image For Button
How to add an image to appear in button in android rather than a text ??!

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Android :: Set An Image For Inactive Button?
I want to set a specific image when my button is not clickable. This button image is already selected according focused and pressed state thanks to this xml:

But I do not know how to define a new image for the button when it is not clickable.

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Android :: Place A Button In Image View
How can i place a Image Buttons on the Image View. If i click the grid view i vl get a image in full screen i want tplace the imagebuttons on the images how can i place that.

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Android :: Image With Button / Text With ImageButton
A 'Button' view comes up with text, while the 'ImageButton' widget comes up with an image but no text, is there a way to relatively easily (e.g. method calls, say), either:

1. Add text to ImageButton (like those buttons that appear in menu item/via the physical menu button)?

2. Add an icon/image to a Button?

without resorting to constructing a new button class? I.e. I could put text within the image, but then I can't use Localization properly/effectively.

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Android :: Combining Text And Image On Button
I'm trying to have an image (as the background) on a button and add dynamically, depending on what's happening during run-time, some text above/over the image. If I use ImageButton I don't even have the possibility to add text. If I use Button I can add text but only define an image with android: drawableBottom and similar XML attributes as defined here.

However these attributes only combine text & image in x- and y-dimensions, meaning I can draw an image around my text, but not below/under my text (with the z-axis defined as coming out of the display). One idea would be to either extend Button or ImageButton and override the draw()-method. But with my current level of knowledge I don't really know how to do this (2D rendering). Maybe someone with more experience knows a solution or at least some pointers to start?

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Android :: How To Apply A Background To Button Into Other Image?
How can I change the background of an ordinary Button into some other image(not just a color change)? ->And about Nine patch bitmap, how to use them, how to create such bitmaps and how can i convert my image into a StateListDrawable, so that I can apply it as my Button background?

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Android :: Aligning Image Button Bottom Right?
How to align an image button bottom right. My code is as follows:

<FrameLayout xmlns:android=" android" android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent" android:gravity="center_horizontal" android:background="@drawable/help"

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Android :: Created Button And Set Background Image
I created a button and set the background image on it.How can I set the text below the graphic to sit on the bottom but not on top of the graphic?

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Android :: Button Contains Text & Image From Internet
How could i get an image and a text from the Internet and made a button for my android application dynamically?And draw them in the position i want. i.e by Java code

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Android :: Button With A Background Image With Text On Top?
I need button that has a replicated background pattern and normal button text on top - how to specify this in layout XML?

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Android :: Set The Background Of Button With Bitmap Image?
For bitmap image..this code is not working


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Android :: How To Assign An Image To A Button In My Activity
I want to assign an image to one of the buttons in my activity??

how do i do that??
and for that where shall i place image.jpeg or any othr image file??

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Android :: Changing Image In A Button After Being Clicked?
Creating a game in Android using multiple Buttons to display an image from the drawable folder. I want to change the button to a different image after the button has been clicked on.

Here is the button code:


I can't find anything about how to change the actual image of the button. You can change the color of the button by using the following code in the java file: b36.setBackgroundColor(0xAA00AA00);

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Android :: Setting Text Of Image Button
In my Android project,I've a image button whose background is set to some image.I want so set some text on the image button.How do i do that?I want to set the text because localization would be used in the project.

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Android :: Set The Selected State Of An Image Button With Xml?
I have an image button as defined below.


I want to set the default state of the button to be selected. So in code I would say:


Is it possible to do this in xml?

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Android : Create An Image On The Fly And Assign It To A Button
I have an array of buttons. (calendar) now i know i set the background with a drawable. fine. but HOW can i create a image (best a nine png (so its stretchable) lets say with 3 rows each a different color) and finaly set it as a drawable? a short demo would be great

1. create simple image (3 rows with different color)

2. assign this image to a button

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Android :: Center Image Button In Linear Layout
How can I center ImageButton in the this Linear Layout
<Linear Layout xmlns:android=""

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Android :: Increase Width Of Button Without Stretching Image?
Kind of a newbie question, I suppose:

I've got a horizontal layout with Button, SeekBar, Button.I'd like the actual space (and active area) of the button to be somewhat wider than the image (a round dot) used for the button.

So I tried setting paddingLeft and paddingRight on the button.

But what I got was the round dot stretched into an oval.

How would I increase the width of the button without stretching the image?

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Android :: Onclick Listener - Two Image Button For Next And Back
I used two image button for Next and Back and i used onclick event for those button i want to which image button fire on onclick and run particular function for next or back in onclick event how will i get which image button fire or onclick event at runtime.

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Android :: Resize Image Dynamically Before I Set Background Of That Button?
I want to resize the image dynamically before i set the background of the Image button... If there is any method?

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Android :: Changing Image Of Button On Pointing Mouse Over It
In the emulator on touching my button I want its image to be changed. I just want to bring my mouse pointer there, without click. This can be observed for other keys of the emulator. On touch a blue image appears on the keys.

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Android :: Insert Both Image And Button In Droid At A Time?
I need to insert 2 images and 2 buttons.action required is that whn i click on th first button corresponding image should be displayed.same action required for other button also but second image should be displayed.

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Android : Can't Load Random Image On Button Press / How To Fix?
What i'm trying to do is just simply have the button load an image at random. However, the button doesn't seem to be working. When i first load the activity there it works fine and there is a random image....But when i press the button it's not loading another like i need it to. Any idea what i have wrong here? It looks fine to me...

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