Android :: How To Group Message Chat With IPhone IOS4 Users?

Jul 27, 2010

Yes, unfortunately I have friends with iPhones. With iOS4, they can basically do a group text chat that has all the users receiving the messages from everyone in one location and all messages are saved. This is basically like a chat group using text messages. My question is whether android has any apps that can allow us to "join" these chats. I asked my friend to add me as a user to the chat but all that accomplishes is letting me get individual messages from each member of the chat. If I wanted to reply to the group, I would have to reply to each one individually.


Motorola Droid :: Need A Chat Program That Supports XMPP , Jabber And 'group Chat'

Mar 25, 2010

I need a chat program that supports XMPP and Jabber, plus it needs to support 'group chat', that seems to be the kicker. When I was on WM platform the only one I found was Octrotalk, but they only support WM.

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Android :: Need IM Apps To Group Chat

Dec 19, 2009

Are there any IM apps that allow group conversations (for msn specifically) where you can have more than one person in a conversation?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Switch Users On Google Chat To Sign Into Another Account?

Feb 11, 2010

How do you switch users on Google chat.

i want to sign in to another account

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HTC EVO 4G : Way To Video Chat With A Iphone 4?

Aug 7, 2010

Any way to video chat with a iphone 4 ?

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Android :: How BB - IPhone Users See One Another

Nov 5, 2010

I thought this was hysterical and so true haha

How Android, BlackBerry and iPhone users see one another | Android Central

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HTC EVO 4G :: Able To Do Video Chat With Qik Using Phone And An IPhone?

Jun 1, 2010

My wife is getting an iPhone for work (Can't use android device) and I was wondering if it's possible for us to do live Qik video chat using my EVO and her iPhone?

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Motorola :: Blutooth Chat Android To Iphone?

Sep 21, 2010

I wonder if there is any app out there that lets you bluetooth talk between an iphone and an android phone? Something like bluetooth chat, but cross-platform.

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Galaxy S :: Samsung Trying To Attract Iphone Users?

Mar 25, 2010

Do you think that was the method to their madness behind this Samsung galaxy s device? Thinking that they would make something as close to the iPhone as possible for Android? Clearly it was no accident.
- same app screen
- slides app screen the same
- same looking app icons on app screen
- same green phone icon
- same bottom row dock space for 4 apps
- same phone design and size (galaxy being slightly taller)
- etc. (If I missed anything)

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HTC Incredible :: Sending Pictures To IPhone Users

May 19, 2010

Having trouble sending pictures to a friend who has an Iphone, Anyone else having this probelm?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Can't Receive Texts From IPhone Users / Solution For That?

Jul 16, 2010

I gave away my new number to everyone...only to find that all of my iPhone friends cannot send texts to me. They get this error:

"1443xxxxxx Error invalid number. please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code.

It looks like I'm not the only one with this problem either:

Re: Not receiving txt msgs from anybody with an iphone. - HTC EVO? 4G (Sprint) - Android Forums - HTC Community

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Android :: Add Chat Feature To App Which Runs On Both Iphone And Droid?

Nov 16, 2010

I would like to add a chat feature to my application, which runs on both iphone and android platform.
Do you have any idea on how to make this ?

I have seen that tutorial :, but I don't know if it will work using the android NDK

I have also think about writing the architecture client/server in C but I'm not sure if it's the good solution ..

Do you have any idea ?

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Samsung Captivate :: (Wordfeud, Wordwise) Allow To Play With Iphone Users Running Words With Friends?

Sep 17, 2010

Will either of these games allow me to play with iphone users running words with friends?

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HTC Desire :: Send Message To Group

Apr 24, 2010

When I try to do this to a group with more than 6 people, it converts the message to a mms and wants to use there email and wont add any more than 10 contacts.This way is messed up, I have made several groups of 7 different sets of contacts, They all change to MMS Message when selecting any of those groups.I can send a group message by doing the below actions without any problem for some reason though, Which TBH is just more hasse.

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Android :: Useful Switchers / Warning For Users / Message To Devs

Sep 10, 2009

Recently the Dev of the AWESOME app "Useful Switchers" made a change to his free app.If you update the app now through the marketplace, it will turn it in to a "trial version" which will expire Sept 14 2009. You will then have to get it for $0.99. Note that it won't be a better version, or a pro version, it will be the same thing. Here is what the Dev (turmeric on these forums I believe) says in the updated description in the marketplace:"Now I develop new version 2.0. If you donate, big thanks for support. I really need some money. I especially make smaller price ($0.99). This version is trial now (expired Sep 14 2009)."As you might imagine the reaction in the comments has been very harsh, and a lot of people are reducing their rating for the app.Before anyone attacks me (or others) with suggestions that we are freeloaders, pirates, or mean for trying to stop the Dev from profiting from his hard work, let me be clear; I _completely_ support any Dev's right to make money from their app. If it is valuable to me, I am even more than willing to pay for it. We aren't talking about a lot of money, it's only 99 cents, and useful switchers is a great app (I use it all the time, every day).

Most people in the MP comments are upset not that the Dev wants to make money, but that it seems like a tricky, underhanded way to do it. The app they have used will suddenly expire after an update. It seems almost like a bait and switch. Yes, the Dev does explain in the app description what will happen when you update, so users who updated without reading it really only have themselves to blame (Caveat Emptor after all). The Dev maybe could have gone about this better, perhaps making it clearer (large words in bold) that the app would change to trial software after the update, and maybe he could have extended the trial period (it ends VERY shortly), but still, it's there to read.
My_ problem with the Dev's actions are really more a problem with the Marketplace in general, and how Google and phone carriers are handling it. You see, I'm in Canada, and apparently in Canada we can't be trusted with our own money, so we can't have access to paid apps (yes, that's me being snarky). Many other countries are in the same boat.So, turmeric, I'm talking to you now (and all other Devs who might read this); Your app is great, and I would GLADLY pay for it... but I can't. Once it becomes a paid app I will not even be able to see it in the marketplace. Even if I were to send you a donation now, if I update the app it will stop working on Sept 14 and I will be screwed.

Some will argue that it's still the Dev's right to change it to a paid app, and boo hoo so sorry, too bad for me. Well, i agree 100%. I agree the dev has the right, but there is something else to consider... customer service and his reputation as a dev.There are LOTS of users who, if they update, will lose the app on Sept 14, and not be able to get the paid version because they can't access paid apps. These people are lost potential customers for _future_apps when they can eventually access paid apps. You will turn they away.So, what are the alternatives? Do what many other Devs have done. Make a free version and a paid "pro" version so those without access to paid apps can still get a very useful app. Or, if you don't like that, and insist on making the app a paid app only, surely there must be a way (as with software for computers) to use an unlock key to get the full version? that way users could download a free "locked" version from the store, and pay the dev separately through his web site for a key that could be typed manually into the app to unlock it.

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Android :: Way To Consolidate Sending Message To Group

Oct 18, 2010

I love Handcent and I know it's super-easy to send message to a group of contacts but I have two questions that I have not been able to figure out:
1) is there a way to create a group and name it instead of having it appear as just a list of people?
2) whenever I send a message to a group it shows each individual message getting there a way to 'consolidate' this so when I send a message to the group I only see the message I sent once instead of once for each contact it is being sent to?

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Android :: Way To Have Group Contacts / Text Message

Mar 16, 2010

Alright so I REALLY need to create a group contact folder. You see I have to manage about 10 guys and its convenient that they all have cellphones whats NOT convenient is I can't find a way to put them into a group and text them with one group message! I need to make sure these guys show up to where they are needed and texting all 10 of them separately is a pain in the rear end. So far the other threads don't seam of any use.

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HTC Desire :: Group Text - Get Message Pending

Jul 8, 2010

I have come across a compelling problem with my Orange bill since getting my Desire. I set up a group in contacts and a number of times have attempted to send a group text. There are about 8 people in that group but when I pressed send I would get message pending.

Some members of the group would not receive anything whilst others would get a text hours later.

I tried a couple of more times last month then gave up.

This week my bill came with a 10 charge for photo messages, as if I would use this crap way of sending pics when I have access to email. All the group messages were charged at 25p per person.

To give Orange their due, they will reimburse me the money on goodwill but I certainly won't be trying the group thing again.

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Samsung Captivate :: Change Colors Of Message Chat Bubbles?

Jul 18, 2010

I know this is silly, but can you change the colors of the chat bubbles in messageing?

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Android :: Bluetooth Chat - Pass Complete Incoming Message

Nov 12, 2010

I am using Bluetooth Chat sample app from Android website. I want to pass the complete incoming message, (message format included in the code below as this website is parsing the message for me which is my job in the code as well to a function which removes the tags and extracts message name and value and uses it for further action. The readMessage string (in the switch case Message_Read) sends selected characters and omits few special characters. Following is the code from Bluetooth Chat app (from Android website).I am not able to receive the complete message in the format which I have mentioned in the code. It gets displayed in multiple lines and many characters get deleted. Any suggestion why this is happening?

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Android :: Way To Install IOS4 On Phone Platform?

Aug 20, 2010

There is a way to install Andriod on iPhone. But is there a way to install iOS4 on Andriod phones?

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Motorola Droid X :: How To Create Group For Sending Same Message?

Jul 19, 2010

I text my kids with the same message sometimes. Is there a way of creating a group with the 5 of them and a saved message?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia /pro :: Sent A Group Message In X10 Mini?

Sep 9, 2010

How can i sent a group message in X10 mini

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HTC Desire : Good Ole LMFAO - Users Report "fault" On IPhone 4

Jun 24, 2010

BBC News - Users report "fault" on iPhone 4. That is all.

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HTC Incredible :: Setup Direct Message Shortcut To Contact Group

May 6, 2010

i am a youth sports coach and i need to be able to setup a direct message shortcut to my contact group. Has anyone been able to do this? i can setup indivdual short cuts but not a shortcut for a contact group. Am i doing something wrong? Also, is there a way to change the label on the direct message shortcut?

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Motorola Milestone :: Sending Text Message To Contacts Group

Jan 7, 2010

I dont get do you create a group to put contacts into, which you can send a message to, instead of writing to them one by one?

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Android :: IPhone Users Who Switched To Android

Jan 8, 2010

My current cell phone contract will expire in February, and I am weighting between getting an iPhone and an Android phone in the U.S. I am looking for opinions and experiences of previous iPhone users who have switched over to Android.

1. Why did you switch?

2. Are you glad that you switched, or do you regret it?

3. What are the advantages of iPhone over Android?

4. What are the advantages of Android over iPhone?

5. How would you recommend an iPhone vs. an Android phone to other people?

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HTC Incredible :: Facebook Chat - Opened A Chat Window Out Of Curiosity And Cant Close It

Aug 29, 2010

Im using facebook in desktop mode and opened a chat window out of curiosity and cant close it,ive even tried logging out,anyone else done this before and how do i fix it?

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Android :: IM - Chat App That Supports AIM - Facebook Chat - And Skype

Jul 26, 2010

After looking through this site and others, it seems that there are a ton of great apps that support AIM and FB (eBuddy comes to mind), but none that support those two and Skype. So, does anyone know of an app that does this?

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HTC Desire :: Message Alert Icon Shows Message - But No Message

May 26, 2010

I've been having a problem with my desire home screen (in particular the sms icon) and I'm wondering if anyone else knows how to fix it.

Recently my messages icon has been showing the little "1" in a green circle indicating I have an unread message. Problem is, I've gone through every list of messages I have on the device and there are no messages I haven't read and the "1" stays there. The only ways I've found to get rid of it are to either delete the icon and then put it back or to use Advance Task Killer and kill messages application. I'm not using any fancy apps for messages, just the default one.

My email counter is always perfect, this only seems to affect my sms. Also, my girlfriend told me she sent me a message a few days ago, but I never received it. Not sure if that's a happy coincidence, or if the phone got the message, is telling me I haven't read it, but isn't displaying it for me to see. All the other messages from her are plainly visible.

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Android :: IPhone Fanboys Try To "one Up" Fantastic EVO Bashing Iphone Video

Jun 30, 2010

ok, its the Apple Fanbois turn to try and outdo the funniest video on the web..check out their lame attempt to copy it. Code...

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Android :: Send Simple Data From An IPhone To Another IPhone Or Android?

Nov 11, 2010

I'm just getting started with mobile development, and after considerable searching I'm still confused about sending a message from my iPhone to another or an Android.For instance, in building a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game, if I want to notify the other phone of a move, what is the best way to do so? Wifi, bluetooth, 3G? And how? Many methods seem to point to communicating through a web server, but I'd rather send them directly from phone to phone if possible.

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Android :: How To Get Chat App?

Jun 2, 2010

So for the last week me and a couple others have been looking for a group chat app. By this i mean an app that will allow us to create a group that will stay open whether we are logged in or not and also one that does not require members to be invited, rather one that can be named and then have people search for it. We are not looking for an IM like MSN that allows you to temporarily add your friends to a group chat but instead acts more like a private chat room? Theres an app that we are using just now called Cnected but its really really basic, just that bit too basic, cant even see who is involved in the chat.Basically an app like this but with a list of people in the chat and a pm option. Preferably one that logs the chat even if your not signed in would be good but not essential.Also needs to be free. Ive looked at jabber clients and IRC but the group of people are not computer savvy enough to set them up correctly.I just cant believe that out of all the chat apps there are out there, even the big ones like msn yahoo and AIM, not a single one allows you to create a permanent group thats always open and can be searched for.

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Android :: Looking For IM Chat App

Jul 24, 2010

hiya i'm looking for a free IM/chat app so i can chat with my friends from facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. in one integrated system thingy.

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HTC Incredible :: AIM Chat Best App?

Jun 9, 2010

Google Talk is nice, it's too bad it doesn't let me sign onto AIM like the chat in Gmail in a web browser allows. So I'm wondering.what's the best app for AIM on Android? The official app? Meebo? Which one integrates best with android notifications and what not?

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HTC EVO 4G : Way To Chat From Phone To Pc?

Jun 3, 2010

will i be able to chat from my evo to a person using a pc?

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HTC EVO 4G : How To Video Chat With A Cpu?

Aug 3, 2010

Did a bit of searching but never found a concrete answer. And how is it done of possible?

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HTC EVO 4G : Need QIK Video Chat App

Jun 5, 2010

Remember all the hype about them charging for video chat, and then it was decided that basic video chat would be free?

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Android :: Display Custom Message Before Force Close Or ANR Message Will Occur

Aug 11, 2010

How i can display custom error message before foreclose or Application not responding message will happen for an application.


Can i display Custom message like "Please wait....." instead of Application not responding message.

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HTC Incredible : Handcent - Whenever Send A Message It Says Message Failed - Retry Cancel

May 19, 2010

My problem is this, I downloaded Handcent and really like it, however, I can't send messages from home. I have marginal service here (around -98 avg.) but I do get 3G. Whenever I send a message it says Message Failed - Retry, Cancel? I've even had this problem in places with great coverage for both 3G and cell service. The stock messaging app works just fine. So what I've been doing is receiving messages with Handcent and then sending them using the stock app.

So, does anyone have any ideas of what I can do? Are there any settings that can be changed? Does handcent use 3G to send messages?

I'm now trying Chomp to see if that's any better. And, just an FYI, I'm having trouble with text messages, not MMS. I haven't tried sending any pics or videos yet, I've just been sending SMS.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Google Talk - How To Chat

Jul 2, 2010

I am a complete neophyte when it comes to chat. Is there a tutorial somewhere that can walk me through it, from setting it up to using it?

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Android :: Does The Facebook App Have Chat

Dec 26, 2009

I know it has been said in the past that the Facebook app didn't have chat but is it available now?

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Android :: How To Set Up Aim App To Do Facebook Chat

Oct 26, 2010

droid x with 2.2. When I installed the aim app I went to and set up an account and attached my facebook account to livestream... but when i go to the aim app settings the option to configure facebook chat is grayed out.

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Android :: Facebook Chat

Sep 28, 2010

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this, my friend rang me the other day and asked why i was always logged in to fb chat 24 hours a day, dont be silly i said im not, he said you are now!!

I was using nimbuzz and have found out that if i have fb chat set to offline when i go in to nimbuzz it turns it on (as it should) but when i log out it keeps me showing as online on the main facebook website!!

The only way i can get it to stop doing this is to log out of nimbuzz and then log in to the main fb site and set chat to offline (a real pain!)

Does anyone use an app that lets you log out and keeps you logged out?

i have also tried palringo and Go!chat and they all do the same!

I dont want people chatting to me and thinking im ignoring them!

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