Android : How To Color Key 2d Sprite Backgound

Mar 19, 2009

I am working on a 2d library for creating a game including sprite collisions, sorting and animation converting (.spr to Java classes/ bmp's).

At first I used png's with the background color being transparant (24 bits png image) but I want to use 256 color bitmaps with the background color being transparant.

Is this possible to do color keying in android? I looked at several other threads about this topic but the all ended without a solution.

Also I am now using the canvas.drawBitmap to render my sprites, but will using opengl be faster?

Android : How to color key 2d sprite backgound


Android :: Apps Built With 1.5 Get A Black-backgound Icon In The Market

May 1, 2009

We've rebuilt a couple of our apps with the 1.5 SDK (but targeting 1.1).

The Market seems to have a bit of trouble with the background of the icons. They appear correctly (with transparent backgrounds) on the desktop, and they appear correctly when the app is downloaded from the Market and installed on the device.

However, they appear on black (not transparent) backgrounds in the Market uploader web page, and in the Market application on the device.

It looks to me as though the Market has a problem when it extracts the icon from the .apk at upload time, with .apks built by the 1.5 SDK.

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General :: Nexus 5 - Semi Transparent Lockscreen Backgound When Switching On Phone

Mar 4, 2014

After 2 years I am finally back from iOS to Android 4.4.2 on my new Nexus 5.

I flashed the newest version Paranoid Android and now I am seeking for a lockscreen layout that can replace the iOS lockscreen notifications I got really used to.

Dashclock combined with Dash Notifier seems like a good alternative but I now have some strange lockscreen behaviour of which I don't know if it's normal or because of some settings I missed.

Every time I expand / shrink for security code input I see a semi transparent white rectangle (as seen in the pictures attached).

Is this normal? If not is there any setting I missed, if yes, is there any possibility to avoid this? I don't use any lockscreen replacement at the moment...

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Android :: MyBackup Or Sprite

Feb 1, 2010

Not sure which one to go for so thought I would set up this poll and see which is the most popular.

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Android :: J2ME Like Sprite

Sep 25, 2009

For my useless project of the month I'm working on a 'emulator' to run J2ME programs on Android. But now I'm stuck with the J2ME Sprite implementation. Specifically the transformations used in it.

In my Sprite I have a bitmap with three character images. I would like to paint the second frame mirrored or rotated 90 degrees. What would be the best way for it?

I have following code that paints the given frame without any transformations.

frameX, frameY are frame position coordinates on give sprite bitmap.

Rect src = new Rect(frameX, frameY, frameX + spriteWidth, frameY + spriteHeight);
Rect dst = new Rect(paintX, paintY, paintX + spriteWidth, paintY + spriteHeight);
canvas.drawBitmap(image, src, dst, null);

As I understand I need to make some matrix magic on the canvas, but I have not been able to figure this out.

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Android :: Sprite Equivalent API Of J2ME?

Jan 30, 2009

Does Android has any equivalent Sprint API of J2ME. Drawable does not seem to support clipping regions...

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Android :: Point Sprite Support

Oct 5, 2009

Can someone confirm for me that point sprites are not currently supported in Android? Calling gl.glEnable(GL11.GL_POINT_SPRITE_OES) is triggering a GL_INVALID_ENUM error, so I assume this is the case, but I'd appreciate a confirmation before I proceed with an alternate design.

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Android :: Can't Use Point Sprite API In Droid NDK / Way To Do

Jun 15, 2010

I want use point sprite (OpenGLES Extension) API in Android NDK(r4).
right here
int att[] = {0,0,1};
glPointParameterxv( GL_POINT_DISTANCE_ATTENUATION, att );

But, doesn't work it.

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HTC Incredible :: Micro USB Side Of Cable In Sprite

May 29, 2010

I knocked a cup of Sprite onto the floor and it dumped out right over the micro-USB end of my charger (as in all of it was emerged in Sprite). So it's been a few days and I know it's completely dry, but I was wondering or not if it would be okay to still use it? I didn't know if that somehow messed the cable connector up. Luckily I still have the charger for my old BlackBerry Storm.

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2D Canvas Bitmap Sprite Sheet Animation?

Oct 13, 2011

i want to create a basic animation with a sprite sheet. there is only one row with about 2 pics (that's the first animation).

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HTC Droid Eris :: Restore Files Using Sprite Mechanic

Mar 13, 2010

After following Matlock's post about upgrading to 2.1 I tried to restore all of my files using Sprite Mechanic. (Going back and re-reading his post he says that it doesn't work in 2.1-DOH). After installing Astro I tried re-installing Sprite Mechanic from the backup folder that I made with Sprite Mechanic thinking that was the way to get all of the back-up apps out of the back-up folder and onto the phone. I started Sprite Mechanic and proceeded to push the "Restore" tab and it brought up a list of all backed-up apps. I scrolled through them, deciding which ones I really wanted back and which ones I could do without, and then pushed the "Restore" button. Well, my phone froze up and would only display the status bar across the top. I tried pushing different buttons, but to no avail....

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App Inventor Image Sprite Move To Specific Coordinates?

Nov 8, 2011

I'm using App Inventor to develop a small game as Mole Bash.

The tutorial I'm following shows me how to make an Image Sprite appear on random locations given a certain amount of time.

I'd like to give the Image Sprite a list of 9 coordinates where he should position the image after the given amount of time in a random way.

So, I believe it should go something like this:

Procedure - Moveto - x1 OR x2 OR x3 AND y1 OR y2 OR y3

I can't seem to get the logic command OR on this procedure, since it will only let me give a min and max number for both x and y.

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Android :: ListView With Alternate Color And On Focus Color

Jun 17, 2010

I need to set alternate color in list view rows but when i do that it removes/ disables the on focus default yellow background

I tried with backgroundColor
rowView.setBackgroundColor(SOME COLOR);

also with backgrounddrwable.


But it wont work. is there any way we can set background color and on focus color simultaneously which will work.

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Android :: Selection Color And Text Color In Whole Project

Apr 22, 2010

Is there any process to change the default text color white to "Black" and default selection color of android "orange" to "Blue" for whole project. i am using Eclipse for Android development.

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Android :: Use Own Color Instead Of Default Orange Color For Selection

May 23, 2009

1. I want to use my own color for selecting ui views.

By default, android shows the selected view with background as orange. I want to show the view background color as red.

2. In the same way, I want the same behaviour should be applied to whole application.

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Android :: Setting Color In Two Different Ways Color/color1

Mar 19, 2010

I have seen this example:


What's that * asterisk doing there? What is the difference when using or not?

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Android :: Customize Color Of CheckMark Color In A Dialog

Aug 16, 2010

How to customize the color of the CheckMark color in android in a dialog. Currently , By default, the color of the checkmark is green by default. I would like to customize it to a different color of choice

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Android :: Color Of Text In TextView Changes Color

Feb 18, 2010

In android, when I press on a TextView, the text changes color (from white to grey). how can I disable that functionality?

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Android :: Android Default Color - Primary - Text - Light Is Color Black

May 28, 2009

I got a little textview defined in layout xml:


As you can see the background color is "background_light" (this results in white color) and the text color is "primary_text_light" (this results in black color).

I would have thought that primary_text_light would result in a "light" color like white, not black ;-)

When i change "primary_text_light" into "primary_text_dark" the text color becomes color white.

Is this a bug in the naming of the default colors?

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Android :: Android - Color State List Resources - Specify A Background Color

Oct 17, 2010

To give the user of my app an indication which field currently has the focus I am trying to change the background color of some of my fields depending on the current state, however, I am having troubles understanding Androids Color State List Resources:

There is this example at the bottom of If I try exactly the same, i.e. if I want to adapt the textColor , things do work. However, if I try an only slightly different thing, namely to adapt the background color, things do not work and I don't understand why? Why is this so inconsistent?

To make it simpler to understand what I am trying to do, I append my misc. .xml files:

The AndroidManifest.xml file:


If I run this as shown here, it works, i.e. I get a button whose text color changes depending on whether the button is focuses, pressed, etc.

If I uncomment the lower button, where I just flipped the attribute values for textColor and background I get an exception, stating

... <item> tag requires a 'drawable' attribute or child tag defining a drawable

What the heck am I missing here? Why is that color state list acceptable as a text color but not as a background color? How does one specify a view's background color depending on the view's state?

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Android : How Do I Set Color Back To "Color.BLACK" After User Releases Touchscreen

Mar 27, 2010

I'm programming my first Android application and I've stumbled over a little problem.

I've created my own adapter ("extends BaseAdapter") for my ListView and in my "public View getView(...)" I have the following code:

My problem: How do I set the color back to "Color.BLACK" after the user releases the touchscreen?

I'm looking for something that is similar to Javascripts "onMouseUp" or "onKeyUp" methods. An OnClickReleaseListener() perhaps?

Can you point me in the right direction?

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General :: Difference Between CM Color And Voodoo Color?

May 24, 2012

The SubZero kernel has two versions, one with CM Color and one with Voodoo color. I can't find much information about CM Color. What the difference is?

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Android :: Android Color Picker - Updating Color Array

Oct 9, 2009

I'm trying to create a color picker for Android that looks like a minimalistic version of Gimp's. So, it has a hue slider and a rectangle with saturation/value variants of a color chosen in hue slider.

Question: what is the best way to create the rectangle?

Right now, I'm creating an 200x200 array of pixels, but it takes ~5sec to create and display rectangle with that array. And I need colors in rectangle to change whenever I change the value in hue slider...

Rectangle is bitmap, Can I use color matrices on that and how?

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Android :: Color Id

May 3, 2010

Is there an app for the motorola droid that let's you change the color of the light that flashes when you get a txt depending on the person who txts you...for example the blackberry color id app

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Android :: PNG Color Issue

May 19, 2009

Once I want to put the pictures in my application, I meet this problem. The color presented by Android device or emulator was different from the original png files. I made a simple application to present the two pictures in one page and I fetch the picture as the following link:

And the following two links were the original png files:


Can anyone explain it for me why it presented in different color?

By the way, the picture was made in 32bit colors png format.

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Android :: Box Appear In A Different Color Listview

Oct 20, 2009

How do I get a box appear in a different color listview practically the first field is the title.

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Android :: Get Color From ImageView - X/y

May 23, 2009

I have a ImageView with a Picture in it. When I touch the Picture through the TouchScreen, how can i get the ColorCode (eg. 0xff0033933) from the x/y Coordinate I clicked?

Something like: onTouch.GetColorCode (from the pixel bellow my finger)

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Android : How To Set Color To String?

Mar 19, 2009

I have the String, how can I set color the text in String?

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Android :: Any Other Way To Change LED Color For Notifications?

Jul 3, 2010

I am using Blink on my Desire but it doesn't seem to be working very well. Anyone know of an alternative app to change the colour of the LED for different notifications?

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Android :: Set Button Background Color

Feb 27, 2010

How can I set button background color at run time?

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