Android :: HTC Twitter Client - Peep - Is Dead

Sep 1, 2010

Peep no longer works due to Twitter's new authentication. Just giving a heads up for all you that use the Friendstream widget.

Android :: HTC Twitter client - Peep - is dead


HTC Droid Eris :: Peep - Twitter Client

Sep 1, 2010

Is anyone having problems with Peep as well? Since yesterday it is not updating anymore, it displays "Unknown response from server" when I try to refresh.

Tried both 3G and Wi-fi, no luck. Also restarted the phone completely. Facebook doesn't seem to be affected at all.

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Android :: Can Login To Twitter Via Mobile Browser But Not Through Peep

Sep 2, 2010

I can login to twitter via mobile browser but not through peep.

I keep getting invalid username or password.

I had the email from twitter about oAuth, is that the problem?

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HTC Desire :: HTC Peep And Twitter

Jul 6, 2010

In Peep's options what does Use screen names do?

In Accounts & sync what does Sync friend do?

Twitter for Android

In Accounts & sync what does Sync contacts do?

I've enabled and disabled all these settings and cannot see what impact they're having.

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HTC Hero :: Twitter App Peep

Aug 8, 2009

I have got my Hero and am loving it, everything working fine.................

Apart from the Twitter app Peep -

While i'm at home my Hero connects to my wi-fi, and when i'm out and about it connects to my mobile network, which works just great, except Peep doesn't refresh unless i'm connected to wi-fi - as soon as I leave the house and try and look at the latest tweets from friends it just fails to refresh, even manually. It displays the message 'unknown response from server'. However, I can post Tweets myself, it just doesn't show up on Peep. And all other internet reliant apps work just fine, eg weather, bookmarks, Android Market etc

I have tried messing with Peep settings, changing the refresh rates etc, but nothing. Then when I come back home, the Hero swaps over to wi-fi and Peep refreshes as normal. Very confusing, not to mention annoying

Two things I haven't tried yet - Factory reset of my phone/adding an old Twitter app from Android Market...

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Sprint HTC Hero :: Peep - Twitter

Jul 29, 2010

When using PEEP or Twitter app on my Hero... whenever there is a new tweet, shouldn't the apps update automatically to show the newest tweet?

I know you can set the apps to update every 1 hour or so but I just wondered if someone tweets, you would think it would show up whether or not it was the update time.

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HTC Incredible :: Official Twitter App Vs Peep

May 2, 2010

This phone is living up to its name for me, but I will stay on my topic...Has anyone used the new 'official' twitter app on the INC? I think Peep is fine, but was wondering what I would gain vs peep and if sense would loose any functionality. Thought I would ask here before installing.'

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HTC Desire :: Twitter Timeline Wasnt Updating In Peep

Apr 20, 2010

Love my new Desire but having gripes with Twitter on the Peep client. Doesn't seem as if you can install an effective alternative client either.

My twitter timeline wasn't updating in Peep. It said, No Tweets. It lied. I could see @ messages and dms and even new tweets scrolling in the notification bar at the top of the screen, but NOTHING in the main timeline.

Tried refreshing, re-synching, updating location, to no avail.

The only way I've managed to get the timeline to show now, was to go into Settings and Apps and clear all the database data from Peep. Then sign out and sign in again.

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Android :: Notifications Not Working With Default Twitter Client

Aug 19, 2010

The other day I was clearing up some space on my phone so I was removing data from a few apps. Twitter happens to be one and up to that point it worked fine. This is the default twitter app that came with my nexus one and it has all the latest updates.Since that though its not refreshing itself until I press the refresh button and because of that, I think, I get no notifications. I've looked through all the settings and everything looks right. Update interval Is at 5, same as before and syncing is enabled everywhere. But it does nothing until I pressure the refresh button myself. The Gmail client still works perfectly and I get notifications as always when I get an email.I know your probably gonna tell me to get another Twitter client but all I use it for Is reading news so this one has everything I need and a nice simple UI. Plus it came with the phone so I can't uninstall it anyway.

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Android :: Need Twitter Client To Handle Multiple Accounts

Jan 8, 2010

So I've poked around a bit, and am mildly disappointed with what I've found so far in my search. I need a Twitter client that can actually reliably deal with two accounts, and not mix them up. I tweet for an organization as well as my own account, and cannot have it bugging up and switching accounts as I've heard that Twidroid does. FYI, I'm using the free version of Twidroid now, and have no complaints about it thus far, but I have not been wowed by it either. Does anyone have any experience with any other clients, or should I just suck it up and throw down for Twidroid? I don't mind paying for an app, as long as it functions solidly.

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Android :: Writing Twitter Client Using OAuth - Callback Fails

Feb 15, 2010

I am working on an Android application which is to serve as a simple Twitter client. I am using OAuth for authorization and have registered my application with Twitter as new OAuth client. Now when the user authorizes the application, I expect to be taken to the Callback URL(which is pointing to my application); but this is not happening.

My Problem along with source code is described in detail here:

The following intent is launched post authorization: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW dat= oauth_token=XXACTUAL_TOKEN_HEREXX8&oauth_callback=myapp:///tweet }

Some how, the hypothetical URL, I provided while registering my application, gets called.

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Android :: Is Twitter Client For Android Using OAuth

Oct 14, 2010

Since basic auth has been deprecated, is the official android twitter app using OAuth? It still asks for my userid & password & I'm wondering how they are retrieving the oauth token ?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Mail Client Or Gmail Client

Nov 16, 2009

Question about Gmail on the Eris Droid.

Has anyone noticed a difference in settings, functionality, or battery life by using the integrated Gmail client as compared to using the Other e-mail which uses an IMAP client??

You set this up at initial startup.

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Android :: Unable To Log Into HTC Peep

Aug 31, 2010

I logged out of Peep this morning because I noticed that the app wasn't updating despite refreshing and syncing. I have since not been able to log back in. I keep getting an error message saying that the username/email and password I've entered is incorrect. I double and tripled check many times and it was the correct log in info. I was able to connect to Twitter via the mobile version on the internet and by using the official Twitter app. I want to be log into Peep for my Friends Stream. I cleared the data and cache of the app but it still won't let me log in.

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Android :: HTC Peep On The T-Mobile G1

Sep 8, 2009

Has anyone found a way to port the HTC Peep app onto the G1 yet? I tried adding the widget and the app to the G1 but it doesnt recognize it at all. Is this even possible?

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Android :: Uninstall - Built In Peep Tweeter Application

Mar 12, 2010

I was wondering if anyone knows how to uninstall or permanently disable HTC Hero's built in Peep tweeter application? I never used it and I never will and it keeps restarting itself after I kill it's proccess in Task Killer. Also Application Uninstaller from the Market can't do that either.

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HTC Desire :: Peep

Sep 3, 2010

is back up and running

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HTC Hero :: Peep

Aug 29, 2009

I've got twitroid installed on my htc hero but the phone came with peep already on it, it's annoying me that i have 2 twitter applications and want to get rid of peep but i can't seem to...

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HTC Incredible :: Peep

May 26, 2010

I want to say that I know there are better twitter clients than peep. Thee only thing that keeps me on peep is the widget. I like being able to scroll through the tweets like it does on one of my home screens.

With that said, no tweets are showing up in the widget. None.

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HTC Incredible :: Peep On Froyo 2.2

Aug 31, 2010

Will not let me sign on after 2.2 update, i KNOW i have my info right, web and other twitter apps work fine, just HTC Peep

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HTC Desire :: Peep No Longer Working

Aug 29, 2010

For some reason my Peep is no longer working.....won't allow me to sign in using my twitter acct details.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Twidroid Or Peep

Nov 16, 2009

What are everyone's opinions on these two programs? Some of the Hero users have reported that after shutting down Peep, their phones have been much more responsive. Here's a link to the thread: Do not use peep!

I haven't had any issues with Peep, but was wondering if any of you had. I've been using Peep ever since I got my Eris and don't have any major complaints. I can't seem to search for users or view trending topics, but that's not a major concern for me.

How many of you have been using Twidroid? It seems to be the Twitter client of choice based on some of the posts I've read. I just hate to take up memory by having redundant apps on my phone.

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Motorola Droid :: Peep On 2.1 Update

Mar 5, 2010

Since the initial HUGE response to the "Leaked too early (premature) news from Motorola of the Motorola Droids update to 2.1 A silence has fallen over any release information.

Looking for a peep or light at the end of the tunnel on this!

Where is the speculation, conjecture or rumors on the OTA to 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid? When?

This is unusual, as we all know the internet is based on rumor and conjecture and if we don't have that we don't have an internet.

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HTC Hero :: Message And Peep Apps

Oct 26, 2009

I have the Sprint HTC Hero and no matter what I do the Peep app opens and runs by itself! Even after killing the process!

On another note, I took someone's advice on this form and installed Handcent SMS but I can't get the preinstalled Message app to stop running when someone sends a text message! I've gone thru the process of clearing the cache and setting Handcent as the default for messaging but something is still wrong ....

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HTC Incredible :: Peep Not Auto Syncing / Fix It

May 20, 2010

Peep is not auto syncing. When I open the application, it then will sync. I have the update frequency set to every 1 hour. I have notifications turned on. How do I fix Peep.

I did play around with Friendstream, but I disabled it and took it off my home screen.

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HTC Droid Eris :: What Do Twitter Users Feel Is Best Twitter App For Eris?

Feb 17, 2010

What do the twitter users feel is the best Twitter app for Eris? I've been using the HTC Peep but trying to find out if their is something better.

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HTC Hero :: Cannot Connect To Wifi - Uninstall Stocks And Peep ?

Jun 3, 2010

As I'm a new Hero (and android) user I have few questions:

- can not connect to my wifi - my router is a d-link which is visible (with wep2) but when I try to connect the message "obtaining address" persist and then stops everything with no results. I have installed also wifi analyser which is not helping. Any possible solutions?

- how can I uninstall "stocks" and "peep" ?

- should the 3G be on all the time for mms send/receive?

- how do I make my hero change automatically the network (in state roaming)? instead manually

- how is hero working with 2.1. rom version?

- can you advise me for some android apps (possibly free): gps navigator and office editor

In 3G everything is workin fine so I'm satisfied with android.

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Android :: AMF Client Library / RTMP Client Library

Apr 26, 2010

Android AMF client library Aftek has extensive experience in developing enterprise Flex applications. We have used BlazeDS extensively and we believe that it would nice to provide all the benefits provided by AMF for Android applications as well. We have developed an Android AMF client library which would enable Android application developers use the same extensively. The Android AMF client library supports remoting and secured remoting. This will allow all android applications to use the existing backend like .NET, Java, or PHP. The implementation is asynchronous in nature providing success and failure callbacks. This allows application to perform other tasks without blocking the application. We are currently performing some performance benchmarking and plan to release our library very soon. We would also be incorporating the messaging feature as well.

Android RTMP client library:Aftek has extensive experience in developing voip and audio/video and media applications. Media applications has a huge market and there would be quite a few people eager to develop the medial applications on Android. We believe that it would nice to provide all the benefits provided by RTMP for Android applications as well. We are developing an Android RTMP client library which would enable Android application developers use the same extensively. Our Android RTMP client library would support some add-ons that would help developers to deliver robust media solutions.

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HTC Incredible :: Edit Folder On Home Screen To Remove Peep

Jun 28, 2010

Just got my verizon Incredible. It came with some applicaitons on the home screen (Peep) that I want to delete. When I do a long hold on it and drag it to the Garbage can it does not delete from the home screen. After trying it again, I must have accidentally dropped into a folder that was created on my home page to hold documents of mine. So ...

1) how do I get peep hopefully off my system, but at least off my home screen
2) how do I edit the FOLDER on my home screen to remove peep?

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HTC Incredible : Programs Starting Themselves - Maps - Peep - Visual Voice Mail

May 25, 2010

When I turn the phone on programs like blue tooth share, calender storage, facebook for htc sense, flickr, footprints, city ID, friend stream,maps, peep, visual voice mail....are all opened on their own. I have no option to force stop. And even if i use an ap killer to end them, they come back on their own.

I've got to imagine this is effecting my battery and do I stop these from running on their own. There is nothing in settings that I can do?

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