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Android :: Google Navigation With Multiple Destinations / Custom Route

I was wondering how people navigate with multiple destinations. It seems that Google Navigation doesn't nativity support it. Ultimately, I want to take a route different than the default quickest route to avoid an intersection, and on other GPS's, I would add the detour as a way-point. If this feature isn't available, has anybody found a workaround?

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Android :: Import Custom Route For Navigation?
I can customize a driving route in Google Maps and use it for navigation on the Moto Droid? I'm not looking for the most direct route that the Droid navigation tries to use, but twistiest for a motorcycle ride.

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Android :: Google Navigation Route
I made the switch to Google Navigation after using Sprint's Navigation application for a few years on my previous BlackBerry and love it! It's my primary GPS application. So, here's my query. While I was tinkering with it today, I noticed the option to choose an alternate route. We are going to be driving to LA a little later this evening and the default route Google Navigation chose was longer in both time and distance compared to one of the alternate routes (total of three routes). The default route gave said it is 332 miles and 6hr/9min. When I pulled up alternate routes, the second option was 325 miles and 5hr/49min. The third route was over 7 hours long. Do you guys know what methodology Google Navigation uses to pick the default route? Why the longer route?

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Android :: Program Google Navigation To Take Quickest Not Shortest Route?
Simple question, did anyone figure out how to program Google Navigation to take quickest, not shortest route? I love Google navigation, but it always trying to push me to drive through the streets instead of freeway even if freeway is nearby.

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HTC Desire :: Google Maps Navigation Taking Long Time To Calculate Route?
Before I updated to android 2.2 and updated to latest Googlemaps the navigation was perfect. It calculated the route in seconds and was a joy to use. Since the updates, it is taking ages to calculate route, so long in fact that I exit the programme and start again, and then I just give up and dig out my atlas.

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Android :: Way To Navigate To Multiple Destinations?
is there any way to navigate to multiple destinations? like you can do on google maps?

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Android :: Google Maps Custom Route With Turn By Turn Directions?
Frustrating - but apparently the capability is I can customize a route online with Google Maps, save it to my maps and send it to the phone but it sends the static map.Ridiculously, all this power and I can't take those directions from the PC and turn them into turn by turn directions on the phone.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Clear Recent Destinations In Google Navigator
Is there a way to clear the "Recent Destinations" from showing up in Google Navigator?

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Motorola Droid :: Input Multiple Stops In Navigator And Have It Plan A Route?
Is there a way to input multiple stops in the navigator and have it plan a route? I could finally throw my Thomas Bros. guide out.

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Motorola Droid :: Google Navigation Showing Navigation W/o Destination
Can anyone confirm if Google Navigation can be used to just show your progress/location on a road while driving, without having to have an actual destination input?I know this was shown on a few of Rob's videos as not being possible, but just wanted to confirm if anyone had any further info on it.

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Android :: Draw Route On Google Map?
I'm new to Android. and I parse a XML file from the following URL,-87. and I want to draw a route on Map, I found the information can help me to do this <polyline> <points>se~}FjtxuOKdEJ|JIpA</points> <levels>B??B</levels> </polyline> but how to use? help me, there are so many useless information when I search "Android polyline example" anyone can give me some short examples?

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Android :: Display Route On Google Map?
How to display route on Google map in Android in between two lat long value? Does android supports it and are there any api available as there are for displaying map?

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Android :: Display Route Between Two Geocoords In Google Map?
I'm just writing an App for displaying the route between two coords (lat, long) in google maps view. Displaying an single coord (even with a marker) works fine, but how to do this with 2 ones and the route between them? I must admit that I'm quite new to Android and the maps-API.

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Android : How To Store A Route / Track Using Google Maps On G1?
Is there anyway to store a route or track using the google maps on the g1. I have a garmin that when on automatically stores your route and it can be saved and uploaded to the computer. It seems logical that this would be available on the g1, as it has all the capabilities already available, ie gps and maps. I can't find any mention of it or a way of doing this with existing software. It seems this would make for a very powerful tool if enabled. What about being able to sync routes and tracks with google earth? I have seen the new application "my maps editor" , but it only enables you to manually place lines or shapes.

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Android :: Application (or Google Maps Instructions) For Marking Route
Been searching for the life of me for an app (or some way in Google Maps) to go to a spot on the map and draw a line down the street along a certain route and store the run to My Maps. Am I missing something?

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Android :: Loading Route Directions In Google Maps From PC To Phone
Is it possible to move routes/directions from Google maps on your PC web browser to maps and navigation on your phone?

I have worked out how to export kml files from Google Maps on the PC.

It would have been nice to be able to save routes in My Maps (maybe you can, but I don't see how).

Also, is it possible to build a route with multiple destinations in Google Maps/Navigation on the phone?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Alternate Route In Google Maps
Looking through the searches I can't seem to find anyone who has asked this question before and maybe this is being addressed with the 2.1 update. When I'm in the Google Maps application and I've entered my start and end point the route it give me is on a toll road or a highway I know to be very slow because of traffic. I know that when I'm using my computer for directions I can drag the line to add a via point / alternate route. Is there a way to do this in the current Google Maps on the HTC Droid Eris?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Google Maps On 2.1 (Alternate Route)
I was playing with Google Maps after the 2.1 update and on one occasion for a trip a screen came up that listed (3) different routes with the total miles and time for each route. One was for I295, one for I95, and one was for US202. Since then I can't seem to replicate that screen. Any answers? Suggestions? UPDATE: Found the answer. After selecting Navigate for a route, click Menu and a screen will come up with (3) symbols on the bottom. Left most one is the Symbol for Navigate, the symbol with a couple of arrows is the one to PRESS. This will give alternate route info that you can select. UPDATE AGAIN When I tried again, the option I mentioned above was grayed out and no longer works. I'm not sure what is going on.

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Motorola Droid :: Overlay A Route In Google Maps?
I am looking for a way to overlay a route in google maps.

What I want is to take this map Greenways Oak Ridge Google map and get it to my google My Maps. Then I can pull it up in Maps and use my location to see where I am in relation to where I need to be in case I want to take a different route to need to shorted the ride due to darkness.

Most rides I do I can find these maps but cant do anything with them.

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Android :: Google Maps - MapView - Draw A Nice Flight Route Between 2 Points
I wonder, how can I draw a nice flight route between 2 points on a google map's MapView? look at this:

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HTC Magic :: Make Route On Google Map On Desktop - Send To Phone?
Can you make a route on google map on desktop, then send it to the android phone? It is alot easier to do it, rather on the map.

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Android :: What's Difference Between Google Navigator And Google Navigation?
A client of mine also has an Eris and I was helping her get her navigation system set up and teach her how to use it. I wanted to put the google navigator icon (the blue arrow) on her home screen but could not find it anywhere in her apps. I did find the google navigation (map icon) app and set that up for her. So, my questions are: What is the difference between the two? How come I couldn't find the navigator app on her phone (on mine, it's under "programs")?

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Android :: HTC Weather Widget Destinations
The selection of destinations on the HTC weather widget is, in my opinion, very very poor. I want to add Palm Springs (which is not exactly a hicksville town) and also Mendocino, both in California. Neither are available. Is it possible to download additional destinations, or add them?

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Android :: Google Route Directions No Turn By Turn Legal & License
Dear Android community, i've a license/legal question regarding asking Google directions to be drawn directly into the MapView. Some of you know that asking google will give directions in Json + a Polyline encoded form.What i would like to know is, where is the Terms of Service regarding this functionality? It is for Google internal use or not? There's also the KML which gives similar informations. Please note that it is NOT for real time driving directions but a path to be drawn from a point to another and your position NOT refreshed in real time and of course it is for an app downloadable free of charge.

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HTC Droid Eris :: Google Calendar W/Multiple Cals And Non-Google Email
I have a Google Calendar account that I log into with my yahoo email address. On this calendar I also can view my calendars of other family members.The problem I am having is that I had to create a google account when I bought the phone. However, I can't seem to get my non-google calendar to show up on the phone.I have tried using my new google account to "friend" my non-google calendar account but it's still not showing up.

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Android :: Multiple Custom Versions Of Same App
Whats the best way to deploy several customized versions of a Android application? Currently I have a script to exchange the resource folder for getting a customized version of my app. It works great, but all custom versions still have the same package name in the AndroidManifest.xml. Therefore it is not possible to install two customized versions of the app at the same time.

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Motorola Droid :: Delete Destinations On Car Home Site?
I have many destinations on my car home ap and don't know how to delete them?

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Android :: Using Google Maps Navigation
I'm trying to use Google Maps Navigation from within my application. I've found on the net it can be done with this intent : Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("geo:"+lat +","+lng)); where lat and lng are the latitude and longitude. Unfortunately, I get a SecurityException :'(. Can someone tell me which permission I should ask ?

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Android :: GPS Navigation Without Google Maps
I'd like to show you off-road GPS navigator utility, created for active people. I like no-map Garmin GPS handy navigators, so I created software, that has most functions of such navigator. TripComputer records tracks of your trips and stores your interesting waypoints. You can view them on map view, see stats like distances, speed, time, altitute graph, bearing, azimuth, and many more. Also, if you have internet connection, you can send your selected waypoints and find waypoints sent by others,to use in you own trips.

At this time, TripComputer does not use maps - because in off-road areas, maps are useless. However, topo maps will be supported in future versions. Also, I'm working on GPX files and some geocaching support.

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Android :: Google Navigation - Shortcut
Is there any way to put a shortcut on your homescreen that would open Google Nav with directions to that point?

IE putting an icon on the home screen that says "Home", tap on it, and Google Nav opens up with directions to your home that you've previously programed.

Using Fascinate if it matters

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Android :: Volume Control In Google Navigation?
I can't seem to find the volume control for Google Navigation. It seems that I can only have either mute or full volume which doesn't help if I playing music in the background. Am I missing something or is there no way to adjust the volume in Navigation? Thanks.

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Android :: Change Voice On Google Navigation?
Just wondering if there are any apps on the market that I can get to change the default voice because this womans voice drives me and others mad. I havnt found anything on the market myself yet but would be grateful if anybody knew of an app that will allow me to change the default text to speech voice to a better voice like a normal sat nav.

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Android :: Sprint Navigation Vs Google Maps
Which one do you like better? I used GM the other day and got lost. then tried SN to get back on track. Any real world usage? Opinions?

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Android :: Can't Get The Navigation To Work On Google Maps
I've just had a HTC Wildfire, I can't get the navigation to work on google maps. When I open google maps, there is only a zoom in and out button. Does anyone know if it works on this version of phone.

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Android :: Google Navigation Needs Downloadable Maps?
Suprised that this has not been mentioned already, but in the timesonline article re the release of the GMN they mentioned downloading the maps to your SD card. Quote: The system?s main weakness, he acknowledged, is that motorists using their Google Maps satnav in Europe will be forced to pay data roaming charges. He suggested that users on holiday download a route using wireless broadband internet before setting out, and then tourn off data roaming to avoid racking up a huge bill.

So my question is can you?if yes how, if not when can you? or is it always going to require your data signal and download as you use? Also noticed someone mention that they did not like the voice for the sat nav only for some smart arse to simply reply, change it. I have a had a look and cant see how you can, so maybe said smart arse can enlighten us all

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Android :: Launching Google Navigation Without Destination?
I tried since many hours to launch navigation from my app. I want navigation without destination. I tried with:
Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse("google.navigation:q="));

That launches navigation but with destination not found. I tried too to launch:
processName, packageName with startIntent with, and
with no success too :/

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Android :: Download Google Navigation Full Map?
Does anyone know can you download Maps into Google Nav? The reason I ask is that if you take a wrong turn it takes for ever to download the new route. Does anyone know a way around this or if you can download a full map?

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Android :: Google Navigation And Bluetooth Error
My google navigation will "skip" when I use it with my car stereo's bluetooth. The first second of every turn-by-turn direction, is missing. Any ideas on with the problem might be? I have an HTC EVO and my car stereo is the Dual XHD7714. When I use Pandora with bluetooth, everything is perfect, no skipping; even google navigation works great too when it is running with Pandora. However, when i run google navigation by itself with bluetooth, the first second is missing. Thank you in advanced and sorry if this question has already been answered. I tried to search for it but could not find any mention of it.

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Android :: Google Navigation Screen Timeout
I was using Google Navigation this morning to direct me to somewhere and the screen kept timing out and locking. This was happening every 10 minutes or so.

Surley this is not meant to happen on a NAVIGATION application where you would expect the screen to stay active all the time! how can i prevent this from happening?

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Android :: Understanding Custom Components And Multiple Resolutions
I had posted a similar thread a while back and received no feedback, so let me try to be more clear.I am able to use Androids components to build the most basic layouts, which include images, buttons, text areas, etc. These are like Android Lego! I can build the castle. BUT I want to design my own component, my own Lego, that draws on the screen and uses the available area that the Android components have not used. ie, I want to have a top layer of buttons, and the rest of the screen, whatever it is, I want to use to draw 2d graphics. So, I want to make my own Lego, and use it with the other Android Lego. However, I'm also trying to be a good developer and making this for whatever resolution is thrown my way. What is the best way to do this considering the deluge of different resolutions Android developers must cope with? Is there a way to do a table view and return the remaining screen size? Or, am I stuck making an entire new box of Lego here?

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Android :: Multiple Choice List With Custom View
I've seen example from ApiDemos. In that example, each row takes the view android.R.simple_list_item_multiple_choice. Each such view has a TextView and a CheckBox.

Now I want each view to have 2 TextView's and 1 CheckBox, somewhat similar to the List3 example. I tried creating a custom layout file row.xml like this:


Then in Activity.onCreate(), I do like this:


The result kind of looks like what I want, but it looks like the list doesn't know which item of it is selected. Also, I need to click exactly on the checkbox. In the List11 example, I only need to click on the item row.

So what do I need to do to make a multiple choice list with my custom view for each row?

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HTC EVO 4G :: Google Navigation / Most Of Evo Reboots Itself
Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I travel extensively on the road and always use the google nav. The problem is when a phone call comes in within 30sec. to a minute at the most the Evo reboots itself. This has happened to three different phones. I drive a vehicle equipped with bluetooth and have synced my phone to the car and the same thing happens when I get a call and answer through the car while using google nav. Was also wondering why the heck google didnt think about automatically muting the voice on the nav while in a's so annoying while talking to hear the nav voice talking in your ear. The other caller can not here it but its very loud in your ear while trying to talk.

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HTC Hero :: ETA Of Google Navigation?
Anyone know the ETA of Google Navigation? I'm lloking forward to see what Google has in store.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Sprint Vs Google Navigation
Will the EVO come with the same Google Navigation as the Nexus One or just the Sprint Nav app? Anyone have any comparisons of the two?

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Android :: Speed Camera Application And Google Navigation
I use google navigation which I think is a brilliant navigation system seeing as it's completely free! The only downside is that it doesn't pick-up speed cameras. Does anyone know of any good speed camera apps that can run in the background or in conjunction with google navigation?

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Android :: Beta Version Of Google Maps Navigation
I am looking for a link to download the beta version of Google Maps Navigation and I can not find it at all. I have a Hero and really want this.

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Android :: Google Maps / Navigation - Stuck On Location
Anyone having issues with Google Maps? Stuck on looking for the location.

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Android :: Way On Google Navigation To Get View Down To Street Level
Is there a way on Google Navigation you can get the view down to street level - like the kind you get on a Tom Tom? You know, the arrow very close to the screen & it shows you turn by turn?

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Android :: Minimum Version For Google Maps Navigation
Does anyone know the minimum version of Android that the latest Google Maps with Navigation will work on? I can't find this on Google's website.

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Android :: Google Maps Navigation / No Audio Descriprion
I cant get google maps navigation to speak the route to me, or show me it on street view.Infact, i cant get street view on normal google maps. I have just looked on the market and my google maps does not need an update.Can someone sugest why i cant get street view or an audio turn by turn description in navigation please?

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