Android : Devs Running Games - Apps In Compatibility Modes

Mar 12, 2010

I know several of you wrote your apps and games before 1.6 was out or before you had a trusty N1 or Droid to test on. This led to many apps that rely on compatibility mode, that is, a width (when portrait) that is always 320 to make things work out. For 3D games, this made our games continue to work because when the games are run full resolution, our 1.5-compliant textures get scaled up automatically and become non power-of-two, causing white or black wherever a texture should be drawn (and then users complain that our games are nothing but white!)Well I wasn't very worried about it and I still have a few games in compatibility mode but recently a user contacted me, telling me that one of my games (Light Racer 3D) and a few other 3D games were all white on his Droid. I asked him if he had ever run any kind of tweak utility and he said that when he first got his phone, he installed an app called "Spare Parts" and played with some settings on it. Apparently one of the settings disabled compatibility mode and runs everything full-res, breaking many of our apps and games. Of course users don't know that's what they are doing. They think they are somehow unlocking their phone's potential that their evil carriers didn't give them access to. If only they understood!First of all, if you're the author of "Spare Parts", that's a bad idea. Please don't give users that option. Nothing good can come of it.Second, since there will probably always be some kind of tweak app out there that allows for disabling compatibility mode, it's in your best interest as a developer to update your old apps and make them work at every resolution. Counting on compatibility mode in the long term is a bad idea I think.

Android : Devs running games - apps in compatibility modes


LG Eve : Android 1.5 And Compatibility With Games And Apps

Sep 17, 2010

I'd like to ask you if android 1.5 is compatible with most of apps, as the majority of apps and games I've found don't say anything at the description about If the app/game is compatible with cupcake. For example, will I be able to run Fifa 2010 on android 1.5? (device Lg gw620) Thanks! (and sorry for my silly questions )

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Samsung : Some Games / Apps Running At Lower Resolution On My Nexus

Jul 22, 2010

Really sorry for all the screenshots. I own a Nexus One and Dell Streak and one thing that I find disappointing is that some apps don't run at the native resolution on the Nexus which makes things look blurry compared to my Streak. Examples: (all screenshots taken with the Android SDK) Now, I understand that the PenTile display will have an effect on image quality Vs my Streak but why does the N1 seem to be rendering things in a lower resolution compared to my Streak?

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General :: App That Checks All Installed Or Purchased Apps For ICS Compatibility?

Mar 20, 2012

Maybe either through API level, or by querying market info. I want to check on GB before I upgrade to ICS, which apps will not work. Don't know if relevant but it is for SGS II.

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Sprint HTC Hero : Running Apps After Exitting It - Still Running In Background

Oct 19, 2009

I noticed that if i dont use the app to kill running apps after i exit them they are still running in the background is this normal for the Android? I am coming from Pre so not sure if they are killed when exited.

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Android :: Useful Switchers / Warning For Users / Message To Devs

Sep 10, 2009

Recently the Dev of the AWESOME app "Useful Switchers" made a change to his free app.If you update the app now through the marketplace, it will turn it in to a "trial version" which will expire Sept 14 2009. You will then have to get it for $0.99. Note that it won't be a better version, or a pro version, it will be the same thing. Here is what the Dev (turmeric on these forums I believe) says in the updated description in the marketplace:"Now I develop new version 2.0. If you donate, big thanks for support. I really need some money. I especially make smaller price ($0.99). This version is trial now (expired Sep 14 2009)."As you might imagine the reaction in the comments has been very harsh, and a lot of people are reducing their rating for the app.Before anyone attacks me (or others) with suggestions that we are freeloaders, pirates, or mean for trying to stop the Dev from profiting from his hard work, let me be clear; I _completely_ support any Dev's right to make money from their app. If it is valuable to me, I am even more than willing to pay for it. We aren't talking about a lot of money, it's only 99 cents, and useful switchers is a great app (I use it all the time, every day).

Most people in the MP comments are upset not that the Dev wants to make money, but that it seems like a tricky, underhanded way to do it. The app they have used will suddenly expire after an update. It seems almost like a bait and switch. Yes, the Dev does explain in the app description what will happen when you update, so users who updated without reading it really only have themselves to blame (Caveat Emptor after all). The Dev maybe could have gone about this better, perhaps making it clearer (large words in bold) that the app would change to trial software after the update, and maybe he could have extended the trial period (it ends VERY shortly), but still, it's there to read.
My_ problem with the Dev's actions are really more a problem with the Marketplace in general, and how Google and phone carriers are handling it. You see, I'm in Canada, and apparently in Canada we can't be trusted with our own money, so we can't have access to paid apps (yes, that's me being snarky). Many other countries are in the same boat.So, turmeric, I'm talking to you now (and all other Devs who might read this); Your app is great, and I would GLADLY pay for it... but I can't. Once it becomes a paid app I will not even be able to see it in the marketplace. Even if I were to send you a donation now, if I update the app it will stop working on Sept 14 and I will be screwed.

Some will argue that it's still the Dev's right to change it to a paid app, and boo hoo so sorry, too bad for me. Well, i agree 100%. I agree the dev has the right, but there is something else to consider... customer service and his reputation as a dev.There are LOTS of users who, if they update, will lose the app on Sept 14, and not be able to get the paid version because they can't access paid apps. These people are lost potential customers for _future_apps when they can eventually access paid apps. You will turn they away.So, what are the alternatives? Do what many other Devs have done. Make a free version and a paid "pro" version so those without access to paid apps can still get a very useful app. Or, if you don't like that, and insist on making the app a paid app only, surely there must be a way (as with software for computers) to use an unlock key to get the full version? that way users could download a free "locked" version from the store, and pay the dev separately through his web site for a key that could be typed manually into the app to unlock it.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Free FTP For Devs

Jun 15, 2010

My company site has unlimited space and band with so I figured why not give access to the people who have helped me the most! PM me with the user name and password you would like and I will create you a directory on my server. your url would be

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Games :: Poker Games - Card Apps?

Jul 28, 2010

Anyone find any good poker or card apps? I plan on trying the Texas Hold'em ones but I was looking for something different than that. I would like to find a 13 card poker game but have had no luck. Any suggestions?

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Games : Can't Access Paid Apps - Games?

Aug 26, 2009

I have a non-dev htc magic not unlocked and after a couple days of browsing the market I noticed there were only free apps. Does anyone know how I can access the stuff that cost money? Using demos is incredibly frustrating.

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HTC EVO 4G :: Ebay Has 19+ EVOs For Sale From I/O Devs

May 21, 2010

If you want an EVO right-freaking-now and are willing to (over) pay for it, you can have it! I just counted at least 19 Google I/O developers who are selling their free gifts on Ebay. It appears they come with free network usage for a limited time, but I didn't really investigate that far. The going rate seems to be around $750.

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Android :: Add More Advanced Blend Modes To My Program?

Sep 17, 2010

I am looking for a way to add more advanced blend modes to my program (ones that I could define myself). How would you suggest going about this with Android?

Setting pixels individually is too slow to be a viable solution.

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General :: Difference Between Different Android Bootup Modes

Sep 7, 2012

Android boot modes.I have searched but couldn't get concrete reference.

1) What are the different boot modes of Android?
a) Normal Power up.
b) Recovery Mode
c) Download Mode
i) Fastboot
ii) AP Fastboot
iii) BP SBF Flash
iv) BP Only
v) BP HW Diag & Boot AP
vi) BP Tools

2) What is the difference between these modes?

I think "recovery mode" clears cache, takes "update" from sdcard.But in "Download mode", we can use fastboot protocol to "Flash" the device.

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Games :: Running Gensoid For Sega Cd?

May 3, 2010

How come there is no interest in running sega cd? There are a few good games for it, mainly Sonic CD. Would be nice to play that. Any idea if someone is working on an emulator for that? Or if gensoid will support it?

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Games :: Gameboid Running Little Choppy

Aug 5, 2010

I have a HTC Wildfire and I bought Gameboid, (The emu for the GBA). I also downloaded a Pokemon rom and Gameboid is running a little choppy, its nothing serious, but not desirable, since its not smooth. Does anyone know what settings could smooth it out? I disabled audio.

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Games :: Psx4droid Running On Phone?

Aug 15, 2010

I've just got a HTC Wildfire and am wondering if Psx4Droid would run on it at all or should i not bother trying?

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HTC Droid Eris :: Root Devs Need Volunteers With 1.5?

Mar 7, 2010

This is a call to arms for anyone still running 1.5 on their eris. We (developers) need people to capture the update process using wire shark (or an equivalent). This is needed for a new root attempt, but sadly all of the Dev's have already updated to 2.1 so we can't do this.
First go here and download the RUU:
Next you need to go to verizon's website and login to your account. Click "Suspend/Resume Service" and suspend your phone. You can resume service on the phone after you are done here with no penalties or charges.Please follow these directions, taken from the first root thread.

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Motorola Droid X :: Running Warm In Games

Jul 28, 2010

Been loving the capabilities of this phone but have any of you experienced the lower back portion of the phone warming during game use? I could be overly sensitive because from way back when the white 3gs was showing burn marks on the back.It doesn't feel so hot that it's burning my skin but I can't imagine it's good for the phone to get warm like this.

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Games :: Difference Between Running On 600mhz / 1ghz?

Oct 29, 2010

How playable are psx games when running on a 600mhz phone? How well would it be able to run, say, Final Fantasy 7 as I know it runs smoothly on 1ghz. How big is the difference between running on 600mhz and 1ghz?

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Games :: No Major Games / Apps

Apr 19, 2010

You ever notice that their aren't any I don't want to say good but I guess big games on the android market. Like there are HUGE games on the iphone like my friend has Sims on his iphone now if you ever played that game you know its a big game. Also why do so many companies make apps for iphone only like there is a call of duty nazi zombie game on the iphone. Or like game fly has made an app only for iphone as much as I love android this just bothers the crap out of me!

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Games :: Snesoid Display Running / Screen Positioned To Right

Jul 25, 2010

Im new to the forum so if my issue has been mentioned before I apologies, but I cant find it. Ive downloaded Snesoid for my HTC Desire, the thing is, when I view demos on YouTube of Snesoid running it has the screen positioned to the right and the controller d-pad to the left. You will know what I mean if you go to this link. Code...

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HTC Incredible :: Switching Audible Modes

Oct 14, 2010

I've had my brand new Droid Incredible for less than a day. It replaced a BlackBerry Curve that I had for several years and really liked. One nice feature the BB had was that it would shift from ringing mode to vibrate mode by simply slipping it into its case. Absolutely nothing had to be done to the device itself, other than configuring it to do this. Given that Android phones don't have this feature, what is the simplest and quickest way to move around among ring, vibrate, and silent modes of operation? Any way to do it with a single tap or two?

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General :: Only Running Apps In ICS Recent Apps?

Jun 11, 2012

is there a way to limit the ics recent apps to running apps only?

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HTC Incredible :: Different Keyboards In Landscape / Portrait Modes

Sep 15, 2010

ne0fhyk has created an app (root required) that will allow you to choose which keyboard you want to use in each orientation. i've always felt the stock keyboard was far superior in landscape mode, while swype was ideal for portrait.

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Motorola Droid :: ROMs With Silent AND Vibrate Modes

Oct 19, 2010

Just wondering if any of the ROMs re-added the old 2.1 feature where you could switch from Volume on, to Vibrate only, to Silent mode on the phone. Since 2.2 it's either Vibrate with sound or vibrate in silent, and you have to edit the settings menu itself to get "just" silent or "just vibrate. Do any ROMs add this functionality?

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LG Ally :: Phone Vibration Modes Not Working Since Ota Update / What To Do?

Jul 24, 2010

My fathers phone got the OTA update to version 8 ever since his vibrate functions in games ringers etc has just vanished. The phone has been reset via settings>privacy>factory data reset twice. And i still cant get the vibrate functions from haptatic keyboard or ringers to work. He needs the vibration stuff back for work. If i cant figure it out it will have to be returned as nonfunctioning so unless im totally missing something

this is all of our first android phones my 2 sisters and my mothers ota worked fine i have the v9 update from the updater but my father ota just messed up i guess

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Android :: Are There Buttons Built Into Android That Devs Can Use?

Nov 19, 2010

I want to try to get nice buttons that will work similar to tabs down the bottom of my app, but I am wondering if there are buttons like this built in:It would make navigation better, and developing a lot easier & faster if they are.

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Android :: "Best" Droid Devs Device Which Supports Largest Amount Of Platforms?

Mar 5, 2010

I'm developing an Android application in my school department. We are interested in purchasing a Developer Device to have more testing capabilities than the Android emulator has offer. Which one supports the largest amount of platforms? Which one is faster, more reliable?. What should I be looking for?

If you could give me some info about this or tell me some of your developing-on-device experiences.

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Android :: Power Saver Modes For Android (battery Life)

Jun 30, 2009

Here are the settings I am trying out as my "Power Saver Mode" for my HTC Magic (Rogers). Not sure yet how much of a difference this whole set up will actually make, but I'll try to make it a scientific study. Please take a look, I am interested in comments on the setup in general, and on individual settings (ie. will a particular setting really make that much of a difference to the over-all power usage?).As of the moment I changed all these settings, my battery is at 97% (After I turned on my phone this morning, all these settings were previously opposite so i could get my email, etc).
1. Screen Brightness 15%
2. WiFi = OFF
3. GPS = OFF
4. Auto-sync = OFF
5. "Enable always on mobile" = OFF
6. Background Data Usage = OFF
7. Use only 2G Networks = YES
I am also using these apps:
"TasKiller" to kill BG apps
"Useful Switchers" to modify settings.
It would be nice if there were an app that could work like the power setup in the system tray of Windows where you can choose different power modes for your laptop. A simple app with a Power Saver Mode, Balanced Mode, and Power User Mode that could all be set by the user.It would be nice to be able to run the app, choose the "Power Saver" mode and have it automatically change all the settings as I've listed them above, and then be able to choose "Power User" to reverse them easily so I don't have to go through all the separate steps to do it myself.

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Android :: EVO Apps Running In Background

Jun 13, 2010

I have an EVO and I have a problem with it. I downloaded the app Advanced Task Killer to take care of apps running in the background. However sometimes when I pull it up I find that things like Sprint Navigation, Qik, Voice Dialer, and sometimes others are running without me pulling them up. My question is, how do I keep these apps from doing this, because they kill my battery when they come on and I don't know it?

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Android :: Running Apps In Background

Feb 22, 2010

I am new to Android, previous Crack Berry addict here. On the BB I could load Google Maps (including Latitude) to keep my position updated on Google Latitude online (I use it when I go riding on my motorcycle to give my wife a way to check if I'm still moving (= not dead)). Even if I shut down Maps, I could elect to have Latitude run in the background, so it would still update my position. How do I do this in Android? When I 'exit' Maps, it shuts it down, including Latitude, as far as I can tell. Can Android run Latitude in the background, or do I need to keep Maps open all the time?

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