Android :: Can't Install APK Hosted My Own Apache Server / Fix It?

Aug 25, 2010

I've exported an apk from eclipse. I am able to install it without any problem if I copy it to the phone's sd card.

When trying to download via phone's (Galaxy S) browser I get:
"Download unsuccessful".

I have set mime type application/ in the mime.types, restarted apache, still same result.
Also tried code...

Still no luck.

I am able to download and install applications from android market. I suspect that apache is not sending the mime type but this is just a shot in the dark.
How can I fix the problem and be able to install APKs from my web server? (or at least to check if apache sends correct header with mime type)

Android :: Can't install APK hosted my own apache server / fix it?


Android :: Run A Video Hosted On YouTube - A Private Server In Droid?

Sep 27, 2010

I have about 3 videos that i cannot install with my app on DROID due to their huge size. Now we have decided to host them on a private server or YouTube. How can i run these videos in Android?

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Android :: Upload File On Apache Server In Phone?

Jul 20, 2010

Is possible to upload a file on apache server using commons-fileuploader jar file in android.

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Android :: Edit Remote Files On An Apache Server With Droid App?

Aug 29, 2010

I need my app to be able to go to a specified URL and access a file, then insert text at a specific line of said file. Is this at all possible?I

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Android :: Authorize To A Web Server With Android And The Org.apache.http Classes?

Mar 8, 2010

I'm trying to authenticate to a web server from an android class with the org.apache.http.HttpClient.

How can I do this? The code for my connection is:


I want to do a basic authentication with username and password.

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Android :: External Library Needs Org.apache.commons.httpclient Instead Of Org.apache.commons.http.client

Sep 28, 2010

I'm trying to use the Amazon Web Services java sdk jar but it has references to org.apache.commons.httpclient. All I seem to have in my Android sdk is org.apache.commons.http.client, which is a different namespace and obviously causes the build to fail. I'm new to Java and Android dev... is there a way to "map" one to the other or create some sort of symbolic link? If not, does that mean I have to import a "standard" org.apache.commons library?

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Android :: Install Apk From Remote Server?

Oct 17, 2010

When user click on url link i want to install apk file from server.

please guide me how to do i searched on net i am not getting corresponding info.

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Android :: Rebranding Wordpress App For Self Hosted Blog

Nov 15, 2010

I just downloaded the source of wordpress app. I am on the process of rebranding the wordpress app (icons & labels) for my self hosted site. I was wondering, if there is a process / configuration option to remove the wordpress links & wordpress blogging options from my app. It doesn't make sense for the user to download my app from market place & go to wordpress site with it.I want the users be able to use both the default wordpress app & my self hosted app. However, for that, I think I need to change the package name in the android manifest and thus refactor all the old package names of all the java class. But then I will loose the ability to sync & get update of the latest build of the wordpress app.
Is there a way I can install the same code with the same package (as a different application) without conflicting with the wordpress app?Can anyone point me to the direction where I can find more details on the application namespace / package name conflicts?

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Android :: Calendar/Contact Sync W/o Having 411 Hosted On The Web

Oct 1, 2010

I just got myself a HTC Droid Eris (yes I know it is an older model, but it was all I could afford right now). I am desperately searching for a way to sync my Outlook calendar and contacts (notes and tasks would be nice, but lets not push it) from my desktop to my Eris.

I am very uncomfortable using the google platform to host all of my personal information because it resides on the web; unless I am mistaken about this fact.

I would love a Palm Desktop-esque app or program. At least it was a self contained feature that remained on my personal desktop and was not floating around in cyberspace. Any ideas?

Currently I am using my iPod touch for all of my calendars and contacts because it syncs flawlessly with my Outlook; but I didn't pay for smart phone technology to dial phone numbers alone.

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Android :: Update Database With An Xml Hosted On A Website

Nov 3, 2010

Good morning everyone, I am new to programming with Java and Android, I'm trying to make an application to seek an xml in a web address and contains information that should be saved in my sql lite ... The doubt is as follows: I have to download and save the xml file on the device or can just work with it in memory, example: xml = xml.create ( / meuxml.xml); how would you do?

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Android :: Able To Install File Without Adding MIME Type In Web Server

Feb 12, 2009

I kept my .apk file in my "apache" webserver at "Document root" path. This is the only file at Document Root . I had removed index.html file at this location. If I keep the index.html file then other files where not displayed if I open the URL i.e http://<ip_address> using a web browser Now from my Google phone browser I'm able to download the apk file and and install it in Google phone. Note 1: I had not done any settings to add the MIME type "application/" in apache web server. Note 2: I was connecting to my webserver through WiFi. But the same apk file I was not able to download from my Gmail (as attachment) and I got "unknown file type" error in this case. After reading few related topics, I came to know about the MIME type support required in webserver for android applications. Now I'm wondering how come file gets installed sucessfully from my apache webserver even without adding the MIME type "application/". Any clues what's happening here?

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General :: How To Install Bluestacks On Windows Server 2012

Jul 17, 2013

I've just hired a Windows server 2008, but I can't install Bluestacks.

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Android :: Locally Hosted Projects With Android SDK Emulator?

Aug 24, 2009

I develop all my sites on a OS 10.5.8 server with PHP and MySQL, and I've configured my /etc/hosts and httpd.conf files to display my site at in any browser on that machine. I recently installed Android's software development kit which I'd like to use to develop and test stylesheets targeted to mobile Webkit-- but I can't access my locally-hosted projects in the Android browser.

This makes sense, since it's emulating the whole Android OS, but is there a workaround? Or can I only test projects that exist somewhere on the actual computer internet, perhaps in a hidden directory? Someone suggested that I edit my /etc/resolv.conf file, but I don't know the correct way to format a locally-hosted domain in the resolv.conf-- I tried variations of the following, and nothing works:

nameserver localhost

In my hosts file, it is set up like this: localhost [etc]

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Android :: Which Org.apache.http Is Using - And Where Can Get That As Jar?

Mar 8, 2010

At the moment I'm trying to build some integration tests for an android project. I would like to use the same apache http classes I use on the android. Which version is this and can I get a jar of that somewhere?

Trying to use the jar that comes with android only resolves in Exceptions... But most of the tests won't need running them in the emulator all the time just because I use some apache libraries or do they?

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Android :: Apache HttpClient 4.1?

Aug 26, 2010

Has anyone tried to use a newer version of Apache HttpClient on Android? There's an annoying bug in the HttpClient used by Android and I was wondering if I would run into problems trying to redistribute HttpClient 4.1 with my app.

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Android :: How To Use Apache Commons In Application

Aug 19, 2009

How to use apache.commons in my android application.

I put the right import, but when I compile it I get the following error:

: package does not exist import;

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Android :: Http-cleint Tutorials From

Apr 30, 2010

I was trying http-cleint tutorials from While running the application I am getting the following error in console.


I have added android.permission.INTERNET in AndroidManifest.xml.


The java code in is as follows


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Android :: Apache HttpClient Digest Authentication?

Jun 2, 2010

Basically what I need to do is to perform digest authentication. First thing I tried is the official example available here.

But when I try to execute it(with some small changes, Post instead of the the Get method) I get a


When this failed I tried using:


At first I have only overridden "realm" and "nonce" DigestScheme parameters. But it turned out that PHP script running on the server requires all other params, but no matter if I specify them or not DigestScheme doesn't generate them in the Authorization RequestPreperty when I call its authenticate() method. And PHP script returns HTTP response code 200 with a message that PHP script requires cnonce, nc and qop parameters.

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Android :: StrinUtils Apache Class Is Not Recognized ?

May 11, 2010

Why import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils cannot be imported in android by default.

Do i have to include an external library? Then where can i find that library on the web?


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Android :: Can Not Import Org.apache.harmony.xml.ExpatReader

Jun 29, 2010

I need to parse an UTF-8 encoded input stream, so I think the most appropriate method is to use


For that I need to import org.apache.harmony.xml.ExpatReader but I cannot figure out how, I mean which Java package must I install from

Or is there an alternative method to accomplish the same goal?

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Android :: Installing Mysql - Apache Servers?

May 21, 2010

Is it possible to install MySQL and Apache servers on an Android device?

One of the requirement was that the Android app has to communicate with a local server via Wifi (via browser for accessing PHP pages).

Instead of that, the whole server side (including MySQL, Apache), has to be transferred and hosted on the Android device, so that the device doesn't have to use the Wifi.

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Android :: Sending Email With Apache Commons

Sep 16, 2009

I am trying a simple send mail application using apache commons library.

Here is the code.

The email sending code is working fine in a standalone application.However when I try to run it as android application

It gave following error message. trouble processing "javax/naming/AuthenticationException.class": [2009-09-17 05:33:20 - Commons]

Attempt to include a core VM class in something other than a core library. It is likely that you have attempted to include the core library from a desktop virtual machine into an application, which will most assuredly not work. If you really intend to build a core library -- which is only appropriate as part of creating a full virtual machine binary, as opposed to compiling an application -- then use the "--core-library" option to suppress this error message. If you go ahead and use "--core-library" but are in fact building an application, then please be aware that your build will still fail at some point; you will simply be denied the pleasure of reading this helpful error message. [2009-09-17 05:33:20 - Commons] 1 error; aborting [2009-09-17 05:33:20 - Commons] Conversion to Dalvik format failed with error 1

I have added mail.jar,commons jars and jndi.jar to the references of eclipse If anybody know a resolution let me know.


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Android :: Crashing

Jan 27, 2010

I'm using to connect to a nntp server, however running a simple nntp.connect(host, port) crashes the android.

Anyone got any ideas? Do java packages work with android straight out of the box? or do they need editing?

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Android :: How To Connect Mysql Server On External Server In J2me Application

Sep 29, 2010

I have a hosting account at godaddy ruinning Linux. Is has MySQL. I am creating a J2ME application that runs on android and I was wondering if there is any simpler way to connect from j2me application to my MySQL server?
Is it required to install anything at my server? which I cannot do because of the shared account. Any way to just open the connection, update some data in the MySQL from j2me application?

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Android :: Socket Leak In Apache Harmony SocketImpl?

Aug 17, 2010

I have been working with dnsjava to do a lot of DNS lookups, using the Lookup class with its own resolver per lookup, and also with a single shared resolver. No matter how I invoke it, there are always collections of sockets left open at the end of the process, and eventually my process runs out of file descriptors and is killed.

Tracing the code, I found that creating a Selector object causes two additional sockets to be created, and these are the two that are never closed. The dnsjava code is calling the Selector's close() method (I have stepped over that and verified that the two sockets, sink and source, are left open after it).

Is there some way I can force those sockets to close? I don't see any public API to get the source and sink socket references from the Selector class, but perhaps I am missing something?

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Android :: Use Org.apache.harmony.luni.platform.OSNewtorkSystem In SDK ?

Dec 4, 2009

How can I use org.apache.harmony.luni.platform.OSNewtorkSystem in Android SDK ?

I'm working with Android SDK 1.5. And I'm programming a application running on Android Emulator.

This application used a library for communication using TCP/IP.

In debug mode, when create a instance of org.apache.harmony.nio.internal.PipeImpl class a message that is "Permission denied (maybe missing INTERNET permission)" is thrown.


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Android :: No Files Return From Apache Commons Net FTPClient

Dec 6, 2009

I am writing a ftp client on android sdk 1.5 with apache-commons-net- ftp-2.0. I can successfully connect to my testing ftp server but with I use listFiles() it return an empty FTPFile[].

I put the same code in a normal java program and it works fine. I don't know where is wrong. Any compatible problem when apache-commons- net-ftp-2.0 and android works together?

Here is my test code:


It is actually 4 files and 1 directory in the ftp root!

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Android :: How To Enable Logging For Apache Commons HttpClient

Jul 14, 2010

To enable logging for apache commons HttpClient in normal Java application I used:


But on android I don't see logs in LogCat.

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Android :: Make An Array Of Org.apache.http.Header?

Aug 11, 2010

I'm new in Java.

I'm trying to do code...

but said

The type Header is not generic; it cannot be parameterized with arguments <NameValuePair>

how I can do it?

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Android :: Projects Classhpath - Org.apache.http.httpclient Package?

Aug 19, 2010

I am trying to import the code from this tutorial

Into my eclipse,the tutorial is oldand I have trouble importing the packages that it referes.

Are those packages deprecated? or I have to manually download and install them into my projects classhpath? if so can someone give me a link on where to find them?

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