Android :: Can't Find

Oct 5, 2010

I wanted to use the ApiDemos in the SDK samples but I have a problem in finding the file, I don't know why is it missing.

Android :: Can't Find


Android :: Java Not Able To Find Classes

Nov 24, 2010

When calling javah on a .java file in my android project, javah was unable to find the android classes (specifically

Here's the terminal output:


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Android :: Java Unable To Find Class At Runtime From JAR I Created

Nov 19, 2010

I am working through a facebook-sdk example and trying to utilize the collection of classes as provided as a .JAR. I am relatively new to java and eclipse so I expect I am making some obvious blunder.

The issue is that everything seems to compile fine, but when I run the project (using the android emulator) dalvik vm is unable to find the first class I reference from this facebook sdk. ( com/facebook/android/Facebook.class )

As an aside, if I copy the source directly into my project as an additional package everything works fine.

Step 1: I exported the com_facebook_android project as a .JAR file. ( right click project, export, java / jar file ) I choose c:datajagjar as my location to save facebooksdk.jar.

Step 2: I hit properties on the project HelloGoogleMaps, Selected Java Build Path, Libraries, Add External JARS... I the directly selected the c:datajagjarfacebooksdk.jar file.

At this point my project seems to be building just fine ( no errors ).

Step 3: Debug the project and receive the error:


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Android : App Crashes - Can't Find A Java Method Despite - No Compiler Error

Aug 20, 2010

My Android app runs fine, but: If I insert a call to WebView.setScrollbarFadingEnabled, it crashes saying:

Could not find method android.webkit.WebView.setScrollbarFadingEnabled, referenced from [my class]
VFY: unable to resolve virtual method 289: Landroid/webkit/WebView;.setScrollbarFadingEnabled (Z)V

I am using Android 1.5, not a custom ROM. My app defines minSdkVersion="3" I always clean before compiling.

Is setScrollbarFadingEnabled unavailable in Android 1.5? If so, why don't I receive a compiler error?

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Android :: Cannot Find Symbol Symbol - Method Log - Java.lang.String

Sep 22, 2010

am getting this error: cannot find symbol symbol: method log(java.lang.String) when using method : log("some test", +test);

I have imported import android.text.TextUtils; import android.util.Log;

Still its throwing same error why it is so ?

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Android :: Call Java File On Click In Another Java Class?

May 19, 2010

i have two files

App. java contains frontend buttons and functionalities lists the imagesin the sd card. i want to call in click event in
package gallery.display;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View.OnClickListener;
import android.view.View;...........

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Android : Can Not Call A Java Method Using Add Java Script Interface()

Mar 16, 2009

I'm trying to call a java method from javascript using addJavascriptInterface(); but seems does not work, it always display "failure"; java code...

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Android :: / Java.Lang Different From Packages In Windows?

Aug 8, 2009

Java packages like, Java.Lang etc used in android, are they different from Java packages in windows ? means specially made for android ?

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Android :: Unable To Find GPS Location On Droid / Way To Find

May 11, 2010

I am working on an application that needs to find GPS location of the user. While testing my code on Droid i am unable to find the GPS location. While googling i found this link to an issue raised with Google.

But apps like Yelp can find the GPS location on droid. Is there a workaround to find the user location on a device? Here's the code I am using code....

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Android :: Java Compatibility With GetFields Method In Android Java.lang.Class

Feb 11, 2009

I'm having some problems porting a Java application to work in Android platform. I detected an incompatibility problem between java sun and Adroid sdk in java.lang.Class. I oberved that: public Field[] getFields() Returns an array containing Field objects describing all fields which are defined. That's array is sorted as attributes are declared in the main Class in sun jdk. For example, next Class is defined as: public class Example { public boolean stop; public int atr1; public String name; ....

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Android :: Android / Java - Call Function In Separate *.java File?

Aug 16, 2010

I do an import of the full package name / java file, and if I do a <classname>.<method>, SOMETIMES I can get it to access - other times I get a lot of can't use a static in a non static bunch of talk. I'll admit I'm new to Java, so what do I need to do? Call a class instance first, then call my methods? I'm rather confused by this, as I want to put all of my 'functions' into a file, and all of my main Activity (UI) into a file.

For example:
import com.example.FunctionsList;
private class MyActivity extends Activity {

9/10 times I get that static/non-static error. If I put all of my functions into, I have zero problems!

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Android :: Call Java Methods From One Java Class To Another In Android?

Nov 3, 2010

i hav two classes...both classes are extends activity.. i need call other class method on main class on android development..its urgent..please.. i done something like subclass sub = new subclass()...its not work..

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.;
import android.view.;
import android.content.Intent;...........

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Using Java 6 Instead Of Java 7 - Installing ADT Plugin?

Feb 5, 2014

I am trying to install the ADT Plugin. It is not working.

This is after Hello->Install New Software
Name: ADT Plugin

Location: https:[code]....

How do I install ADT Plugin?I am using Java 6 instead of Java 7 per recommendation of posts elsewhere. It didn't work.

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Android :: Call Java Class Methods To Other Java Class File On Android

Nov 3, 2010

i hav two classes...both classes are extends activity.. i need call other class method on main class on android development..its urgent..please.. i done something like subclass sub = new subclass()...its not work..
In 1st activity class

import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.; import android.view.; import android.content.Intent;

/** * * @author pavankumar */

public class FirstActivity extends Activity {................

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Android :: And - Is ApplicationContext Not Used

Sep 29, 2009

I was going through the code for and ApplicationContext.

Both these classes define many functions of Context Interface. Take for example

Activity Class has its own implementation of startActivity ApplicationContext class also has an implemenetaion of startActivity.

Now there are 2 observations...


Questions: 1. Who uses ApplicationContext class? 2. Does Activity class ever deal with ApplicationContext class (as given in the javadoc comments of

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Android :: An App To Run Java On HTC EVO?

Sep 2, 2010

Want to know if there is an app to run Java on my HTC EVO.

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Android :: Java To C++ Bridge

Sep 18, 2010

I know there are plenty of tutorials about integrating C++ into Java, but whats about the other way around, a Bridge from Java to C++?

The reason i'm asking this is Android.

Every C++ developer who wanted to write applications for the android noticed at some point that there is no serious (mature) C++ api for android (infact, android is lacking an implementation of the STL).

The only API that is mature enough to write android applications in, is Java. So instead of writing an api from scratch, wouldn't it be possible to use the Java Classes from C++?

I know that this sounds merely like an unrealistic dream, but that way most C++ developers weren't forced to learn a new Language.

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Android :: How To Fix A Java Language?

Aug 30, 2010

I've seen this question asked many times but none of the answers really made sense in what I'm doing... I have an android game (see source at Google source control: It's a card game, and I've used a method that redraws each hand every round - that might be wasteful but I couldn't think of a better way to do it. Code...

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Android :: Debugging Java And C/c++

Feb 20, 2009

I can debug the Android Java code using eclipse and using the Remote Java Application debug configuration. This does not step into C/C++ code however as expected. I understand I have to attach the gdbserver to do this. Can someone provide a step by step tutorial on how to debug the native code of Android?Is there a eclipse plugin that makes this easier?

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Android :: How To Add Layout To Another In Java?

Sep 27, 2010

How can I add a layout to another layout in java? In xml, you can do it with include. How can you do it in Java without the help of XML? (I need to know this because the number if includes changes dynamically).

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Android :: XML Parsing In Java

Jul 11, 2010

The API I need to work with does not support xpath, which is a bit of a headache! The xml I want to parse is as a String. My questions: Is there a Java equivalent of "simplexml_load_string", where it makes the string into an xml document for parsing? Which is better for parsing, SAX or DOM? I need to get a couple of values out of the XML and the structure isn't that deep. [3 levels]

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Android :: R Java File In Src / Gen?

Dec 19, 2009

When i started learning android i learned that files goes to /gen folder recently i saw it on /src file (in WROX-Professional Android App Dev- sample code downloads). How does this work and also in some code i saw (xml layout) android:id="@+id/"(i don't remember in which web page i saw this code) I don't understand this, can somebody help me with this.

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Android :: Way To Use Java RMI Api In Phone App?

Nov 5, 2010

We are implementing a sever-client architecture and some of the client apps are supposed to run on android OS. The first idea that came to mind was to use Java RMI, but the RMI api is obviously not implemented for android.So
1) Is there a way to use the Java RMI api in an android application? Can I just import it from the standard java library?
2) What are the possible substitutes for RMI which will work for both android and desktop applications?

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Android :: Java API For OpenGL ES 2.0?

Aug 25, 2010

I am learning Android development, specifically to eventually do OpengL 2.0 ES on it. So far I have read that the NDK supports Opengl 2.0 ES. However, is there also a Java API for it? If there is a Java API for it, which one is recommended? I know both C++ and Java, so it is not a big deal if I have to use the NDK, but I would prefer to work only in Java if possible and without a big performance hit.

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Android :: Is Not Being Generated

Jul 23, 2009

I've been working on a project for several weeks now, and just tonight I started having a problem. The file is no longer being generated. I've attempted to clean the project (the first time I do this it removes the file but doesn't regenerate it) and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SDK. I've also tried resetting adb to no avail.

This problem does not occur in my other Android projects. They clean just fine and regenerate the file like nothing is wrong. This particular project is the only one suffering from this problem.

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Android :: Java Self Naming?

Apr 5, 2010

I am about to start developing an Android application and had a question if in Java there self naming. For instance say I had a variable named dog that held the value of scruffy. Could I then create a variable named scruffy from that variable. In PHP it would be $$dog. That would make a variable with the name scruffy.

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Android :: Modifying The UI Within Java - Not XML

Jul 11, 2009

So I have the basics down... I can create a UI with the XML, I can show it and change the screen to another UI (another XML file) but how do I add to the UI?

Hard to explain...

Say I have a header (just 2 textviews) that will remain at the top and below that is a search box and button (main.xml). The user searches and I have it display the search UI (search.xml). This UI will have the same header (2 textviews) and below it will have several textviews each one containing a search result... Kinda like if you search for an app in the market. There's no way of telling how many results would be returned so I figured I would have to create each textview on the fly within the .java file. I'm not sure how to do this. Most likely would require a loop of some sort, but whats the syntax to create a new textview and display it right below the one above it? I'm working with linear here so I would assume just creating a new textview it will by default go to the next one down which is what I want.

Also, say I have 30 results... How do I get those to scroll but leave the 2 textview header in place? Would I create a ScrollView and put the new TextViews in that?

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Android :: Alternatives To Java?

May 14, 2010

However I'm not a big java fan, although I can live with that, I would like to know if there're reasonable alternatives for the android virtual machine. I've done a medium sized project using clojure, however from the reviews I read, it's very slow when running on android. How about scala ? I read that some people did experiments with it in android, is it "fast enough" ? How big is the learning curve ?

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Android :: Where To Go To Learn Java?

Dec 26, 2009

Duplicate: Question 167179: Java Tutorial

I want to learn Java because I want to program for the Android but don't know the best place to look. Where did you go.

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Android :: How To Get TTL Of UDP Packet In Java

Nov 24, 2010

I am using a Java application to send UDP packets to an Android device. There I have another Java application that receives these UDP packets and displays its data - very simple.Now I am working on some routing algorithms - therefore it would be nice to know how many hops a UDP packet did since it was send. My idea is to just read out the TTL (time-to-live) value of the packet and display it. Do you know if this is possible with pure Java? The class DatagramPacket doesn't give any hints at all.I guess that this is not possible because this information might already have been removed at a lower layer, but I just want to be sure. :-)

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